Jiwan James Q and A

Through the continued help of Greg Giombarrese, the Media Relations Director of the Lakewood BlueClaws, Outfielder Jiwan James has agreed to answer your questions.  James, 21, was the Phils 22nd round pick in the 2007 draft.  Prior to the 2009 season, James converted from pitcher to the outfield and has shown a great deal of promise.  In his 429 AB’s this year, James is hitting .284/.331/.382 with 3 HR and 53 RBI, to go along with 27 stolen bases.  A native of Williston, Florida, he has impressed with his arm, notching 8 assists from his center field position this year.  The signing of James was considered to be a major coup back in 2007 when he was hours away from attending University of FLorida before signing with the Phils.  Prior to this season, James was ranked the 11th best prospect in the Phillies system by Baseball America.  Feel free to leave your questions below for Jiwan James and expect to see a post at the end of next week with your answers.

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  1. Jiwan,
    I was very excited to read how well you did in the instructional league and how much potential you were deemed to have. Each day, I check the minor league boxes and look at your game first. You seem to be on a pretty good role the past month and a half. What has been the biggest transition for you in your quest to become an everyday player at the major league level?

  2. Jiwan, you have come a long way this season. I congratulate you on matching your performance to your advertised potential. I think we understand that a lot of hard work was required to do that.

    My question: As prospects move up through the system, a set of key factors separates the wild swingers from the successful hitters: Plate discipline, taking walks when pitched tough or when a pitcher is wild, and being aggressive on YOUR pitch, not the pitcher’s pitch. You seem to have made progress this year on this front. Has this been part of your focus. Can we expect to see you, as a top of the order guy (leadoff or #2), walk more in coming years and have a solid OBP for those slots.

    Also, here is my comp for you: Garry Maddox, the “Secretary of Defense” and a solid hitter in majors.

  3. Do you miss pitching? Are you looking forward to Hi A and getting back to Florida? Who’s the best pitcher you have faced so far?

  4. Jiwan,
    I know a lot of the guys in the system are friends. Just read that you and Dom Brown are friends. Wondered if you and Anthony Gose were friends also, and if you were, how you felt when the Phillies traded him?
    Related to that, with that trade, it seems the Phillies are showing confidence in your future. Do you see it that way?

  5. mike77, why don’t you ask him about his girlfriend too. see if he has kids. who cares if he is friends with others in the organization.

  6. I am interested in how he gets along with fellow teammates as well as how trades can affect them as they travel through the system. I think the girlfriend question would be out of line though, lol

  7. jiwan- as a former pitcher, what do you think of colvin and cosart? are you happy you dont have to face them?

  8. Congratulation on what seems to be a highly successful conversion to OF. Since you have lost developing time to pitching, will you be doing anything special this winter to try to make up some at bats? How does your physical conditioning/strength program differ today from what you did as a pitching prospect? I’m guessing that for the rest of your career you will be your team’s emergency pitcher. Do you do any pitching at all at this point in your career?

  9. Jiwan , the phillies have drafted why is describe as toolsy players, the bat is the question with all of the toolsy guys, they seem to have all the things you need, but cant figure if they will hit, is that the hardest part to develop for you , learning to hit off speed pitches and plate discipline.

  10. I have to say, this site has really come a long way in the last few years. It is pretty much the official site for Phillies minor-league baseball.

    Great work guys…we all really appreciate it!

  11. Jiwan, have you made any adjustments to your hitting approach as the season has gone along or is it just getting used to the pitching that you are seeing? or both?

  12. Jiwan so happy you are in the Phillies Phold.

    What do you see as your greatest strengths going forward, and what do you think is your greatest weaknesses that you are working on as you rise through the organization.

    What do the coaches do to help you with them, what plan?

  13. They say power is the last tool that developing players acquire. What do you think your power numbers will be in 2 or 3 years? Do you see yourself as a 20 HR/yr type of player at the major league level?

  14. Keep the personal questions coming. I like hearing how these guys relate to the world they have found themselves in. It’s part of the story and part of the interest.

  15. Jiwan,

    with Anthony Gose leaving for Toronto there you obviously move one place up in the organisational depth chart, if you were given the choice towards the end of this season would you prefer the opportunity to move up a level and play with Clearwater or stay and play in the post-season with Lakewood? Obviously as a minor leaguer your goal is to continuously improve and get to the Majors but opportunities to play in the post season and win rings don’t come along very often.

  16. what does it mean when you list his average three times?

    “James is hitting .284/.331/.382”

    I feel horrible stupid and I know the question doesn’t belong here.. but please help me out!

  17. the first number .284 is his batting average, the .331 is his on base percentage, and the .382 is his slugging percentage

  18. Gillies, Gose, you and some others in the system are real speed guys. Have you guys ever raced? Who are the five fastest guys in the Phillies’ system, one through five?

  19. What is the response from the clubhouse surrounding trade rumors. Obviously, Lakewood has a very talented roster and some of the players had their names in the news. Also what was the reaction after Jonathan Villar was traded?

  20. Jiwan–
    In the recent 18 inning game played by Lakewood, you were 0-9. You were able to come back and be productive over the next days following the ofer. How do you mentally prepare yourself for the next day after such a rough night? Thanks for your time, and continued success….

  21. Jiwan, thanks for taking our questions. What do you like the most about baseball? Who was your favorite player growing up? Whose game do you model yours after? Which of your teammates has impressed you the most?

  22. Jiwan,

    I was wondering if you used your insights as a pitcher to help your hitting. For example, do you ever think to yourself “If I was pitching I would throw at myself a change up” and then use that to help your at-bat?

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