Carpenter Called Up, Kendrick Optioned

The Phillies optioned starter Kyle Kendrick to AAA Lehigh Valley after a very rough outing for him against the Cardinals last night that featured multiple mound visits by Rich Dubee.  Called up to fill in Kendrick’s roster spot is right hander Drew Carpenter.  It is unclear righ now if Carpenter will take Kendrick’s turn in the rotation.  Kendrick, who the 3rd best ERA in the Phils starting rotation, joins Lehigh Valley having gone 5-4 with a 4.82 ERA in 18 starts for the Phils.  Carpenter has been consistent for Lehigh Valley, going 7-6 with a 3.41 ERA in his 18 starts.  Certainly an interesting move in light of the fact that JA Happ sits in Lehigh Valley as well.  Happ has not yet put together a solid start for Lehigh Valley struggling at least mildly in each outing.

14 thoughts on “Carpenter Called Up, Kendrick Optioned

  1. Yeah, Manuel seemed a bit upset with kendrick’s performance last night, carpenter can’t be that much worse.

  2. Not holding much hope for Carpenter but that is why they have him; to be an easily shuttled fill-in starter. Phillies are really using up those option years now. (I think Happ, Bastardo, Kendrick all had not used their 2010 option earlier this season.)

  3. I can’t be that disappointed in KK’s last start. Did anybody else notice the strike zone last night? The ump wasn’t giving pitches at the knees, not below them, but at them. I can’t recall many times when an ump’s strike zone didn’t include that area. It’s tough when you basically tell a sinkerballer he can’t keep his sinker low in the strike zone. And I know we’re not supposed to talk about the big leagues, but I still think of Kendrick as sort of a prospect. He’s definitely not a proven major leaguer yet.

  4. The thing is if Lee wasn’t traded, we probably would not have gotten to know D. Baez up close and personal. Now the “donk” is blocking worthwhile prospects. My position since I came to this site has been against” Free Agents” who should be called “Expensive Agents”. The DL for Dennys and he can take Mr Contrary with him.

  5. Slabs, exactly what I was thinking. Happ went 3 innings, 3 hits no runs or walks, 3 Ks. Obviously, under normal circumstances, they would have let him make a full start. Almost certainly he’ll take Moyer’s place on July 25. Go JA!!

  6. No Wheels, I agree man. I’d rather have Mathiesson up learning / working his way into form and spend money on the draft. Phillies have to have prospects produce to save money and remain competitive. I guess unfortunately they all play for the Indians, Blue Jays or A’s right now.

  7. Happ probably takes Kendrick’s spot on Saturday. Then who takes Moyer’s spot on Sunday? Figueroa? (assuming he clears waivers by then)

  8. Carpenter is not getting the start. He is not a quality pitcher. If Happ is not traded, he will start, if he is traded, it is in part to get Oswalt who would be taking his regular turn on Saturday.

    If I were Charlie, I would put Baez in like 7 straight games to try to blow him up, so I could DL him. The guy is awful. Literally he threw 15 straight balls yesterday to start the inning, yes, Pulos, Holiday and a bad call got him a couple strikes, but they were bad pitches. The first strike he threw was the hanger to Holiday that I think is still traveling. Why not try Schwimer or Mathieson at the bigs, how could anyone be worse?

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