Reading Report 6/29-7/14

Back after two weeks, the first complete period without Domonic Brown, who was the main reason for watching this team.

Without its star, Reading split the last two games in June, lost the first two in July, then went on a 7-game winning streak.  Arch nemesis Harrisburg terminated the streak, taking the last three games before the all-star break.

The strongest offensive performers for the R-Phils over the last two weeks are a strange lot–Fidel Hernandez hit .467 in four games, then was demoted to make room for Harold Garcia, whose FSL record hitting streak ended.  Minor league vet Kevin Mahar has finally hit his stride, hitting .324 and slugging .622 over the last 10 games.  Matt Rizzotti continues to scorch, also hitting .324 with an .850 OPS.  Rich Thompson is hitting over .400 since returning to his hometown from LV.  Finally, Cody Overbeck has been adjusting to AA pitching recently, hitting .313 and slugging .656 over his last ten games.

On the other hand, all-star Freddy Galvis has reverted to his earlier form or worse, hitting just .114 in July and drawing only one walk while Quentin Berry has hit only .189 over the period.  All-star Tag Bozied has just returned to the lineup after missing most of the last two weeks.  Phils won’t have to worry about Berry’s lack of offense anymore  since the Padres claimed him off waivers Wednesday 7/14.

The starting pitching was led by Drew Naylor and Vance Worley, who were 5-0 during the period with Worley’s ERA under 3.00.  The other member of the big three, Yohan Flande, was 1-1 in three starts, although he pitched better than either Worley or Naylor.  Michael Cisco returned to the rotation, going 1-2 losing his two home games and winning an impressive start at New Britain.  JC Ramirez was 1-0 in three starts, pitching effectively but not spectacularly for the most part.

The bullpen is now in somewhat of a shambles with Schwimer promoted, Escalona getting lit up, and Rosenberg still injured.  Matt German, Tyson Brummett, and Chance Chapman are pitching in middle relief (effectively), and Escalona, Ennis, Anderson, and newcomer Justin DeFratus are vying for end of the bullpen duties.

Trenton, Erie, and Akron are next on the schedule, with only the Aeros at home.

14 thoughts on “Reading Report 6/29-7/14

  1. I am not giving up on Galvis by a long shot. He could turn into a serviceable 8-hole hitter at age 25 or even later. It may take a lot of physical maturation, coaching and learning. With his fielding, someone will likely give him the chance to do that.

    That said, his season is disappointing. Very much like previous seasons, where he would tantalize for a week or two with some 2 hit games, even a long ball. But he has not shown the patience to take walks and he has shown the little guy’s propensity for finding a decent stroke for a time and then just running out of gas, losing concentration, not adjusting to changes in pitching strategies against him, or all of the above.

    Right now, it looks like this year will not be even a minor breakout and that he will take a long time to hit, if ever.

  2. I’ve not read anything about Rosenberg since he tried coming back for CLW earlier–he pitched July 2nd for Reading (after a very effective rehab at CLW), then disappeared. There’s been nothing written in the Reading paper about Gillies since late June.

  3. Best of luck to Berry, who was always a class act in Reading. I’m sure he’s thrilled to be going back home.

  4. Vance Worley had an impressive 7 pitch , three ground ball out inning in his Eastern League All Star appearance tonight. He used all three pitches with his fastball at 92, change up at 82 and a breaking ball at 74 to keep the three Western division hitters he faced off balance. Worley had one of the best fastballs in the game. Only Eastern division starter Kyle Drabek had better fastball velocity in the game sitting at 94 in his one inning of work. Worley’s next start should be interesting to watch building on his 9 inning, three hit shutout in his last start going into the All Star break.

  5. Interesting that Manuel is so impressed with Villar’s defense, in light of all the errors.

  6. So, Villar is a legit prospect, correct? I mean, good offense out of a SS, good defense and the appropriate age for his level.

  7. I think Villar has great range, athleticism and a strong arm. He gets to balls no one else can get to. It also causes additional errors especially on throws. He’ll learn to eat the ball sometimes when he digs the ball out in shallow left field and the runner has the speed of Gose. He’ll also improve his accuracy on throws when he’s off balance. If he can keep his throws where a 1B has a shot at it, those errors will go down, especially if the 1B is above average defensively.

  8. Quote from John Manuel- Villar’s defense might be as good as anyone in the minors.

    That should count for something.

  9. I have a way of putting Galvis in perspective. He’s younger (11/14/1989) than Jiwan James, Anthony Hewitt, Landro Castro and Matt McConnell just to name a few. These guys are 2 and even 3 levels below him. You don’t like that. How about Galvis is 3 years younger than Harold Garcia? He’s 4 years younger than Hanzawa. 3 years younger than Fidel Hernandez. He’s the youngest guy on the Reading Roster. He can’t even drink legally in the US for another 4 months.

    I hope I’m not trying to make this argument in 3 years. I hope he fills out, matures as a hitter and his glove continues to be a vacuum cleaner.

  10. Vance Worley. So nice they drafted him twice. Second half will be critical for him since he declined precipitously last year in the same part of the schedule. Stuff is good enough that if his command and control can stay consistent he’ll have a major league career somewhere.

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