Schwimer, Garcia, De Fratus Promoted

Three transactions of note were just announced by the Reading Phillies.  First, friend of Phuture Phillies, Michael Schwimer was promoted to Lehigh Valley. Schwimer, 24, was 5-3 with a 3.60 ERA and 1.20 WHIP in 32 games with Reading.  He threw 40 innings, allowing 34 hits, walked 14 and struck out 58.  As the RPhils closer, Schwimer had 11 saves.  Opponents were hitting just .225 against him, .184 with RISP. Schwimer and Scott Mathieson give Lehigh Valley a formidable late inning one, two punch.  Starting pitcher Nate Bump, who is among the IL leaders in several categories was placed on the DL with Lyme Disease, making room on the roster for Schwimer.  It is expected that Bump’s spot in the rotation will be taken by JA Happ.

23 year old Harold Garcia, on the heels of his Florida State League record 37 game hitting streak was promoted from Clearwater to Reading and should take over the regular second base job in Reading.  Fidel Hernandez was sent back to Clearwater to make room on the Reading roster. Garcia, who missed a portion of the beginning of the year injured was hitting .335/.397/.492 in 179 AB’s for CLearwater.  He had 3HR and 32 RBI’s in his 46 games, while stealing 17 bases.  Garcia carries an outstanding .396 avg. with RISP into Reading. Additionally, he has been very solid in the field.

Taking over for Schwimer in Reading as their closer will be 22 year old Justin De Fratus, called up from Clearwater.  De Fratus is 6’4 RHP is 2-0 with a 1.79 ERA and 15 saves in 29 games.  He has thrown 40.1 innings, allowing 31 hits, 11 walks and has struck out 43.  Opponents are hitting just .215 against him, .150 with RISP.

65 thoughts on “Schwimer, Garcia, De Fratus Promoted

  1. Oh god, hopefully either Mathieson, De Fratus, or Shwimer can take over as closer in 2012.

  2. excellent…they all deserve it…glad to see the promotions as opposed to recent demotions of some of our top pitching prospects

  3. I believe this is the end of Herdon, think they will call up mathieson to take his place.

  4. Its good to see the all this progression in the organization this year. Next year should be interesting with our BP with Math, Zags, Swim, and Bastardo fighting for roles. I love the possibility of a cheap Bullpen.

  5. Bad timing for Fidel Hernandez who was off to a great start after being moved up to Reading, with 7 hits in 15 trips, unfortunately all singles.

  6. Fantastic to hear especially since I’m heading to Scranton Sunday for the LHV game. I’m bringing 12 brand new baseballs for Schwim to autograph!

  7. Talk about going from the frying pan into the fire. In FL yesterday, it was 82 degrees. In CT, where Reading is playing, it was 102 degrees. It’s not that much better today.

  8. It is odd to see the distaste for Herndon on this web site. He pitched a perfect 10th and probably shouldn’t have been out there for the 11th. If the Phillies score in the bottom of the 10th he is the winning pitcher. His current ERA is 4.08, about the same as Hamels and better than Moyher, Baez, Blanton, Bastardo, Lidge, Madson etc. I think that everyone is rooting for Mathieson, and injuries surely played a role, but his major league record so far is awful.

  9. Alan you live near south philly ? if you do stop by my house I will give you a pair of underwear for him to sign. ty

  10. Herndon will be around till the end of the season. Mathieson will be called up in September, not before then, unless there are more injuries. Not sure he has any decent secondary pitches. His one appearance in Philly didn’t show any. Madson should be back today most likely. Zagurski will head back to AAA.

  11. A cheap bullpen does not mean it is better. There is a reason why some bullpen guys are getting paid $2-4M per year. Case in point, Romero inducing a groud out from Brian McCann, Zagurski serving up a dinger to Eric Hinske.

  12. So which of these guys are going to be traded for Ben Sheets?

    Seriously, if Sheets is now throwing 94, 95 and, of course, is expensive, then a trade with the Phils makes sense, assuming it’s not for one of our very top prospects. If Sheets is rounding into form, he can be a very effective pitcher for the playoff run.

    I am thinking that the trade might be something like Rizzotti, Herndon or Zagurski and Schwimer. That trade really wouldn’t hurt the present team or change the succession plan and it would be like a gift for Oakland.

  13. Saw this on another site. Should things not work out for De Fratus in AA there is always the Food Network for him. I guess he & Chance Chapman are kitchen helpers.

    ImpossibleSpring Training Tangle (Airs tonight)
    Episode IE0813

    It’s game-on for Robert in Clearwater, Florida… home of the Philadelphia Phillies spring training camp. As Robert approaches the mound he is greeted by 1980 World Series Champion and current Phillies coaching staff member, Dickie Noles. Dickie explains that this is the only time of year that the minor league and major league players practice side by side. In honor of that, Robert has 7 hours to make a meal for 200 ballplayers using major league and minor league ingredients.
    Tune In:
    Jul 07, 2010

    10:00 PM ET/PT

    Jul 08, 2010

    1:00 AM ET/PT

    Jul 10, 2010

    4:00 PM ET/PT

  14. Catch … you are correct, that trade wouldn’t hurt the present team … but that trade would also not get Ben Sheets. There is no value in what the Phils would be giving up.

  15. Sheets is no more than a rich mans Herndon is healthy. De Fratus has Papelbon/Rivera potential..

  16. Tom:

    Oakland is always looking for pure hitters to fill the DH/1B slot cheaply. Rizzotti has the ability to do that. Oakland also likes fresh, young arms in the pen – our prospects are not as bad as you perceive them to be.

    The real issue is how desperate Oakland is to relieve itself of the salary. Remember, Ben cost them nothing but salary, has not performed particularly well to date, and is now mostly a drain. I actually think the prospect package I mentioned to be somewhere in the range of what it may take to get it done. You could mix and match some other pieces (Mathieson instead of Herndon), but I think that’s the likely value range.

  17. Don’t disagree that Oakland likes that type of player, but can’t see them giving up an asset for what looks like an outlier surge. Due to his past track record, Rizzotti has little to no trade value and will certainly not be the centerpiece for any trade of significance. If he continues this pace this year and into next, that would change, but right now, no one in their right mind would give up a significant asset for him.

  18. @mikemike — make sure they are clean undies, I hear Schwimmer won’t sign the sweet spot if they have track marks…
    @snakeman — I’m glad you watched one outing, which was less than an inning, from Mathieson and can conclude he isn’t ready yet, that is a very special magical ability you have. Very special.
    @PoopyPants – love the name, but please note, on this site there are a couple of rules. Don’t talk about the major league Phillies, and don’t compare recently promoted AA relief pitchers to Rivera, it just makes you sound silly.
    @JoeDE — please report back with a the dish by dish report, I can hardly wait.

  19. These promotions were all expected and all deserved. There may not be too many more promotions for awhile. Also, while I do think Defratus can be at the back end of the Phillies bullpen in a few years, comparing him to those two is a bit of a reach. Rivera may be the best in history and Papelbon has had a few terrific years so far. We need all the promoted guys to do well to increase their value for whatever comes next.

  20. De Fratus has the same makeup and comparable stuff to Rivera. I know thats most likely the best case scenerio for his career but we can’t ignore it. If he can ever fully establish his cutter to LH batters we might be on to something.

  21. De Fratus has the same potential as the best closer in MLB history….riggghhhttttttt.

    I mean, how have the scouts missed on that one.

  22. Stats! I don’t need no stinkin Stats to know comparing a single A relief pitcher to guy that can be desribed as: a hall of famer, one of the 10 best yankees EVER, best reliever EVER (or maybe second best) is not a fair comparison.

  23. Okay, I’m sorry, but I laughed when I saw the DeFratus/Rivera comparison. Rivera is the greatest relief pitcher who ever lived and DeFratus is a nice pitcher in A ball. It’s a little like comparing Singleton to Babe Ruth. Can we all have a serious conversation now?

  24. Never ever compare a prospect to a HoFer.

    DeFratus is a good reliever prospect…lets leave it at that.

  25. Guys … just don’t respond to Poopy. He only makes comments to get under your skin. Just stop and maybe he will go away. I’ve vowed to never respond to him again.

  26. So long as it’s all in humor … he annoys most of us though!!!

    Also, note on Cosart from BA

    Cosart Sidelined

    In a more serious piece of Phillies news, righthander Jarred Cosart will be shut down for at least the next three weeks with elbow soreness. The 20-year-old was 7-3, 3.79 in 71 1/3 innings for low Class A Lakewood, but he hasn’t pitched since June 26, when he had to come out in the first inning of a start at Delmarva. A 38th round pick in 2008 who signed with the Phillies as a summer follow, Cosart has been held back by injuries before as his 2009 pro debut was delayed by shoulder soreness. He went on to go 2-2, 2.22 in 24 innings in the Rookie-level Gulf Coast League last year and was one of the best pitching prospects in the organization coming into the season thanks to his low to mid 90s fastball and a curveball with plus potential.

  27. Cool now I can go back to Reading Games. Once Dom Brown left there was not much left to look at. Anxious to see Garcia

  28. I can’t believe the same person that called me illiterate in the last thread just compared DeFratus to Rivera based on his A ball stats. I feel dirty.

  29. Hey knoles, I think that special ability I have, is very similar to the same abilities the Phillies talent evaluators have. I think I saw about 20 pitches, and 1 off speed pitch in that game. MLB hitters can sit on a 96 MPH fastball all day long.
    He needs secondary stuff to go along with that FB. You can get away with blowing people away at the AAA level. That won’t cut it at the MLB level, most of the time.

  30. oh OK snakeman thanks for the education. Help me out son, since you are the equal to the Phillies talent evaluators, there are two more questions from a simpleton (i.e. me) that I’ve been thinking about
    1) how many signs from the catcher did he shake off that night? (for example did he shake off all the breaking pitches the catcher asked for?)
    2) why would the Phils talent evaluators have called him up in the first place for one darn inning of 20 pitches if they already KNEW, like you obv do, that he can not pitch in the Majors?

  31. I agree that DeFratus is best compared to Riveria. Domonic Brown is a rich man Willie Mays. Galvis is Ozzie Smith with ARod’s bat. Hewitt’s best case is Bonds. Savery has lots in common with my milkman

  32. And BTW, you can’t compare Singleton to Ruth, Babe Rizotti already has that claim to fame. Singleton is like Hank Aaron if Hank Aaron had super powers

  33. I am only glad to help out when I can. All kidding aside, I like the story of the guts and fortitude that Mathieson has, and the hard work it took for him to make it back. I just think the reason the Phillies waited as long as they did to call him up was they wanted him to A) prove he would hold up after multiple surgeries, and B) work on something other than a blazing fb.
    What’s his ticket back here? The Phillies in a week or so, will have Madson and Durbin back. Where would Mathieson fit then?

  34. Maybe Singleton is more like Gehrig. Now the Phillies can have their own murders row in a couple of years!!!

  35. You guys need to stop with the ridiculous comparisons, mine at least had SOME factual evidence. Rizzoti being compared to Ruth is one of the more ridiculous things ive heard this week. If he keeps it up he can have a Rick Ankiel type career maybe, but thats it.

  36. Having seen Mathieson a dozen times or so this year…I have to agree with KNoles. His secondary stuff is vastly improved. If he stays healthy, he will have a long career in the back of a major league bullpen. Just one mans opinion.

  37. Mathieson has alway had a very nice slider. I don’t know why he didn’t throw it much in his one ML outing this year.

  38. For all the Mathieson haters out there…Think about it. How long had he been out of the game and how many surgeries? And here he is finally back in the SHOW before a home crowd nonetheless I believe. In my estimation, and my feeble understanding of the human psyche, believed that he was JUICED on adrenaline. Very difficult to harness all that emotion and I think the staff understood that which is why he threw straight heat. Give him another call up and appearances under his belt and I think you see a much different pitcher. For what its worth.

  39. Congats to Schwim on the promotion, and of course to the rest of the guys. I assume most people will be keen to see how Garcia performs at Reading.

  40. Reports of an unusual number of scouts at the Reading series in New Britain including Steve Bye Bye Balboni scouting for the K.C. Royals.

  41. Are poopy pants’ comments meant as a joke or parody of one of the regular, easily excitable, posters?

  42. Also seen Mathieson a half dozen times and he is by far the most dominating pitcher in AAA we have seen this year (Sorry missed Strasburg) To say his offspeed is not developed is inaccurate. He induced ground ball seeing eye hits in his 2/3 of an inning, threw strikes and was sent down strictly because Ruiz was hurt. With all the mental issues of going through Tommy John, this would be a piece of cake for him, although I would think he would be mad as can be at the Phillies. Talked to him a bit here in LV and he is quite an intelligent well spoken gentleman. Fan fave here for sure, although Dom B is fast becoming a legend.

  43. Don’t think there are many Mathieson haters around here just those who don’t see a home for him in the current bullpen or believe he has some more work to do on his secondary stuff.

    I think he will be a good ML reliever moving forward but right now, there’s no home for him on the 25-man roster, especially with Durbin/Madson soon to return.

  44. I think they have their minds made up that Mathieson is next year. September maybe, Arizona maybe or winter ball. However they make up decisions ,current events don’t seem to factor in.

  45. Nothing against Scott but there really isn’t a spot for him without axing Baez and that’s not gonna happen as he has a 2 year deal.

  46. On Baez, a 2 year deal for 5.25 million. The Phillies will let this play out, probably using Baez sparingly. He’s another hard thrower, but it looks like the hitters wait for the heat and jump on it.
    Just because you comment on Mathieson, doesn’t mean you are a hater. He’s dominating at LV, and you wonder what the Phillies have him working on right now.

  47. Well Contreras only has a 1 yr deal and eating 2.5 million for Baez might be worth it…I think Mathieson will have his try out in September…I think the game he pitched this year was not a true look..I think he was throwing on emotion. I do like the prospects for bullpen guys in our system;Mathieson, Schwimer, DeFratus, Zagurski, Stutes, Escalona, etc. This is not including anybody below Reading as we have talent especially in Lakewood with Ellis, Wertz, and Lugo (who is only 20 and an ERA around 1)

  48. Hey Snakeman, am I inferring correctly from your post on Baez that you think he throws a lot of fastballs, and probably needs work on his off-speed or secondary pitches? If so, he sounds like an expensive version of Mathieson yes/no? You may not be a ‘hater’ but your self proclaimed infinite wisdom on player evaluations after watching 20 pitches is annoying…

  49. There will be plenty of job openings in the pen next season as Contreras, Durbin, Figueroa, and Romero (assuming they don’t pick up the option) are all FA’s.

    I expect several of those spots to be up for grabs for the likes of Mathieson, Schwimmer, etc.

  50. There will definitely be bullpen competition, but you will still need a bullpen guy with experience. I’m expecting at least 1 bullpen guy is re-signed.

  51. Nice to see Schwim called up to LV. We suddenly have four legit prospects to watch, Brown, Schwimer, Mathieson and Mayberry. I just hope he can improve on his 6.59 ERA vs LH (2.0 vs RH), quite a difference. I’d think that would be a goal to work on. I thought they wouldn’t make this move until they promote Mathieson to Philly but I guess not.

  52. I know there’s a lot of Scott mathieson fans on this site and I am one too. The phils couldn’t count on him due to his injury history for the 2010 season. I hope he stays healthy this year and he’s pitched well so far. If herndon didn’t pitch so well in st this year he may of been called up earlier this season and be on the team now. He’s caught in a #’s crunch. I think he’s got a real nice future with the phils.

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