‘Pigs Weekend Update

A look at the ‘Pigs weekend with a few notes at the end.

Friday–An ugly night for Lehigh Valley as Syracuse starter came within four outs of a perfect game in the 7-0 Syracuse victory on Friday night.  The Chiefs scored a first inning run off of Lehigh Valley starter Brian Mazone and added two more in the 4th on their way to the victory.  Mazone (5-8) went 6 innings, giving up 3 runs on 6 hits. He walked 2 and struck out 9, a season high.  The perfect game was broken up by none other than Domonic Brown, who singled up the middle in the 8th. In a game where the ‘Pigs gave up 7 runs, their pitchers struck out 17 Chiefs, a franchise record.

Saturday–A ridiculous 24 hour road trip to Pawtucket Saturday evening that ended with Lehigh Valley getting shutout for the seocnd consecutive night, this time 8-0.  The RedSox scored all the runs they needed in the first inning off of ‘Pigs starter Ty Taubenheim when Aaron Bates smashed a three run homer.  Taubenheim ended up going 6 innings, giving up 4 runs (3 earned) on 3 hits. He walked 3 and struck out 1.  Lehigh Valley managed 6 hits, struck out 11 times and went 0-8 with RISP.

Sunday–The final rehab for start for JA Happ for Lehigh Valley Sunday evening and it was a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde type of outing for Happ who went 5.1 and gave up 4 runs on 4 hits.  He walked 4 and struck out one in the 6-4 IronPigs win.  A Domonic Brown sac fly gave Lehigh Valley a 1-0 lead in the top of the third, however, a two run fourth for Pawtucket gave them the lead right back in the see saw affair. The Sox lead lasted until Domonic Brown launched a two run homer to dead center, giving Lehigh Valley a 3-2 lead in the 5th.  The see saw went back in the Pawtucket direction in the sixth, when they scored two more knocking Happ out of the game, giving them a 4-3 lead. Back the ‘Pigs came in the 7th, when a Brown ground out RBI and consecutive RBI doubles by Andy Tracy and Neil Sellers  gave Lehigh Valley the lead right back at 6-4. ‘Pigs relievers pitched well with Mike Stutes (1-0) going 1.2 scoreless and Scott Mathieson adding two impressive scoreless innings of his own earning his 15th save.

–Entering the game Sunday, Lehigh Valley had gone 20.2 innings without scoring.

–The control issues of Ryan Vogelsong have now followed him to the bullpen. In his last 3 outings he is 0-1 with 1.1 IP 5H 8R 6BB 1K. 

Domonic Brown has hit safely in his last 9 games.  He is hitting .395 since joining Lehigh Valley with 3 HR and 10 RBI. Additionally he gunned down his second runner since being called up with a laser throw from right into second base on Sunday evening.  One other noticable impressive point….in the Lehigh Valley dugout just prior to the game, Brown was going up and down the dugout high fiveing and showing energy that has very rarely be seen in the ‘Pigs dugout.

–In the 17 games prior to the game Sunday evening, the #3 hitter in the Lehigh Valley lineup (Mayberry) had driven in three runs.  On Sunday, the #3 hitter (Brown), drove in four.  Prior to Friday, Brown had been hitting #6.  The recall of Cody Ransom caused the lineup juggling.


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  1. another 4 rbi’s for Brown and a line shot HR. plus an outfield assist. This kid is amazing. Don’t TRADE him Ruben.

  2. There’s not a chance in hell that Dom Brown gets traded. He’s the best prospect in baseball, hands down. He can play RF or LF and he’s been absolutely out of his mind this year in AA and AAA at age 22. The kid is a freak of nature and is only barely beginning to tap into his true potential. I hope somehow the Phillies are able to pull off a deal in the offseason to dump Ibanez and hold onto Werth so that we’ve got Brown-Victorino-Werth in the outfield come 2011. Kid is just plain sick.

  3. Agreed – Brown is special. I wrote something during ST that I’ll repeat again. Brown did something I’ve never really seen from a power hitter. During ST, he got a pitch and began to swing and, 3/4 of the way through his swing, he must have sensed that he was not going to hit the ball on the right part of the barrel and, right then, he pulled his hands in and struck the ball cleanly. Now, I’ve seen truly great contact hitters do that – guys like Ichiro, Tony Gwynn, and Wade Boggs. But Brown didn’t just serve up the ball like a contact hitter. He drove the ball right out of the park. It was truly extraordinary and it was one of those “oh my God, I cannot believe what I just saw” moments for me. Brown has the ability to be one of the best players in baseball and, given his humility and work ethic, I don’t see why he can’t become that player.

  4. Also agreed that the Phillies are probably going to have to trade to trade Ibanez or, more realistically, eat some or all of the last year of his contract. They’ve done it before (Eaton, Jenkins, Garcia) and they may have to do it again.

  5. Congratulations to Kyle Drabek, who threw a nine inning no-hitter today. The first in the history of Toronto’s AA affiliate.

  6. I hope you are right about Brown but management decision have not been exactly spot on the last 10 months

  7. mike 77 never heard that before ibanez does have a no trade clause, so does Halladay, unless maybe you know something that the writers dont know who reported the clause. Brown is untoucable like Heyward was, on bba he is top prospect along with Trout the kid from new jersey.

  8. Let’s see Ibanez will pull 11.5 million in the last year of his contract (which was backloaded) and if they offer arbitration to Werth and he accepts or they sign him again, that should cost at least $15 million. The suggested release of Ibanez would deduct nothing from the payroll, and adding the Werth contract bumps up the payroll from the projected $140 million payroll to around $155 million and they will still need around 3 relief pitchers , if they don’t pick up Romero’s option for 4.5 million or offer arbitraiton to the current type B free agents, Durbin or Contreras, and they might want to add a couple other relievers to upgrade, and they don’t bring Moyer an extension and need a starter, so they may not resign Werth. If they don’t plan to re-sign him, they might just as well deal him now. Utley won’t be back till after roster expansion, So that old gang might not assemble again. Brown will move to full time RF (if he is not deemed up to this he should stay in the minors) and they can platoon Ibanez in LF with Francisco (to guard against too much Left-Handed-ness , and if you have been paying attention it is already beginning to start). That seems to be the move they could make, and if there is any truth to that Dan Haren rumor, then Werth and Blanton going might make some sense.

  9. who would take blanton at three years ten million a year? please find a team, I hate fat joe. but brown will replace werth and that is a savings of what 11 million plus we lose moyer contract, enough to sign haren, the relief pitching will come from the minors in the form of either mathieson, stutes, rosenberg, and maybe a mystery guy from the older guys from lhv

  10. Blanton’s contract averages around 8 million a year for 3 years and most of the first year is gone. Does not look fat to me, as his gut goes mostly straight down, and he is able to whip the center of his body around very well. He’d be taken by numerous teams. Even without Moyer’s contract they still have $140 million committed to payroll next season. Those relievers are longshots at best.

  11. Joe Blanton`s contract is backloaded, he`s due to make around $20M the last 2 years of the deal. He is still a decent starter, and teams will trade for him, but the Phillies will need to eat at least half of the remaining contract.

    For those who don`t know, there are also other Phillies contracts out there that are backloaded. I believe the salary for 2011 is already $136M, which takes into account losing Moyer and Werth to FA.

  12. marfis sometime they will have to stop paying middle relief pitchers 4-5 million, must develop them, and if someone would have taken blanton last year, we would have lee for one year. if you are right it would suprise me, that anyone who wants to win would take blanton, at 8-10 he is at best a fifth starter in my opinion.But some guys always fall in love with a player and overvalue him, hope we can find someone. in a perfect world will would be able to replace ibanez with brown, francisco{who I dont like} for werth and add a lee type starter.with mathieson, and swimmer in bullpen or stutes

  13. Ibanez has a limited no trade clause that allows him to submit a list of teams he doesn’t want traded to. I’m not exactly sure how many teams he can name but I think it’s around 8-10 teams.

  14. Mike,

    You are so off basis on the Lee trade in pains me. No part of that deal was about money, it was about replenishing the farm system with Players who can replace Victorino, Lidge and a spot on the rotation in a couple of years.

    If any ONE of those positions gets filled be someone in the Lee deal it saves the team 10 mil a year for 3 years. If we somehow manage 2…well…lets not get Greedy.

  15. I really hope we save money 2013 with a young prospect.

    Good to see someone’s still drinking the koolaid on the Lee Trade.

  16. Blanton’s deal isn’t backloaded. he’s scheduled to make $8.5M in both 2011 and 2012.

    The Phillies big payroll jump in 2011 is caused by Roy Halladay. He’s scheduled to make $20M per season starting next year, which is more than double what the Phillies are paying for this season if you count the $6m Toronto included in the deal.

    After 2011, their payroll becomes much more manageable as both Lidge and Ibanez’s combined $23M drops from the roles.

  17. Just noticed we’re all in the wrong thread…no more trade posts on the ‘Pigs thread guys.

  18. 3up3kkk, you should take a look at Cot’s contracts website. It has a nice list of the Phillies salaries for the foreseeable future. Under Blanton, it says $3M for 2010, $10.5M for 2011, $10.5M for 2012. You will also see for 2011, the salaries for Hamels and Victorino also increase.

  19. “You are so off basis on the Lee trade in pains me. No part of that deal was about money, it was about replenishing the farm system with Players who can replace Victorino, Lidge and a spot on the rotation in a couple of years.”

    How is that working out. You can’t still believe that. Lee would have gotten more later . eg. right now

  20. Clyde, I think you are off base on the Lee deal. Although I don’t think it was “entirely” about money, money was a major factor. To say no part of the deal was about money, goes too far in the opposite direction of the WIP knuckle heads.
    It was about money, it just did not have anything to do with. Joe Blanton or Cliff Lee’s salary THIS year. If money was no object, they would have kept Lee, signed him, then replenished the system with international signings such as Aroldis Chapman.
    It was about the money when considering they did not want to sign any pitcher to a 100million dollar deal and they did not want to spend 30 mil replenishing the system.

  21. Anyone who believe that clyde to me works for the phillies. No one can believe that two undrafted players and a first round bust wasnt a panic move over money. Today reports are lee will bring the mariners at least a top catchng prospect, plus teams will over bid to get him. you dont trade a pitcher coming off the year he had to a deaf a ball outfielder. a first round guy who one week is a starter next a relief pitcher and a undrafted low 90 righthand pitcher . They didnt want to take on 9 million for one year, plain and simple.believe the phillies bull, but most know it was money, pure and simple

  22. Guru,

    If you’re looking at the spreadsheet on the Cots site for future obligations, it is wrong. They are prorating his $6m signing bonus over the 3-year life of the contract which is incorrect. They do have is listed correctly if you look at the individual player listings.

    Here’s a link to the official release when Blanton signed the extension that explains how he gets paid by season.


  23. You should email Cots…he’ll fix it and he appreciates the corrections as he tries to have the site as accurate as possible.

  24. See Tracy was hit by a pitch and had to come out of the game. Don’t think Dorta is the answer at first. Wonder if Rizzotti goes up if old Tracy gets DLed.

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