13 thoughts on “Phillies sign Venezuelan shortstop Francisco Silva

  1. 16 years old from Maracay (Maracaibo) right in the home territory of the VSL entry. At 5’11 175 and only 16, what’s the chance he outgrows the position. A good representative growth might put him at 6’1 190 and maybe fluctuations to either side. Size wise, I guess he will stay at SS, and development will tell if it means much.

  2. Just was looking at gcl game a pitcher named whatcott is pitching, he is twenty five years old, never heard of him, any info?

  3. It seems that we fans fail to recognize just how much of a turnaround this franchise has experienced over the past several years, admittedly starting with Wade’s good player drafts and continuing through the present administration.

    Amaro looks like he’s determined to retain the elite status and has realized, along with ownership, the ul;timate value to have greatly superior scouting, coaching, and player/prospect evaluating. T^his also continues at the higher levels of management.

    The outlook and aim is to retain themselves in that place for the next 5-10 years.

    Thus, our expectations of making deals with mostly Hispanic countries for such signings may be finding the guys (kids) there who dpn’t receive great publicity, but who fly somewhat below the “elite” radar. Coming up with those types as seems to be happening is a tribute to their people who shake the bushes instead of relying on “reports” and views of the well-known prospects.

    It looks like the plan is to sign middle-infielders (especially SSs) from these players instead of relying on the MLB draft. Perhaps because they always draft late for being a consistenmt contender, and many superior/quality SS prospects are gone by then. (Though J-Roll was a 2nd rounder).

    Well-Informed decision making should keep the franchise very well for the foreseeable future.

  4. Jordan Whatcott was an undrafted senior out of University of Utah. Signed June 20th. Turned 25 in June. We’ll see……

  5. Whatcott from Utah? If he’s LDS (Mormon) then it’s possible he did his two year mission and didn’t play any ball during that time. If it was the last two years, maybe everyone else forgot about him. And it would also explain most of his advanced age.

  6. alot of times these guys are just signed for a 1000 or 2 just to fill in the roster

  7. There is a serious baseball study I saw cited somewhere stating that Latino players are steered disproportionately into middle infield positions. A few become pitchers and a few power hitters, but most athletic-type infielders. I’ll try to Google it when I have time tomorrow, but it could be the basis of a strategy for finding them in the Latin countries. Not PC, but once scouts and local agents steer them in that direction, you have to recognize that the area is a hotbed for infielders.

  8. On the subject of Latin American signings, the Baseball America International Blog has a 2 part rather lengthy write-up on Teams’ Latin American signings in relation to players making the BA top prospects lists. Philly came out right near the top of the list, It seems to me they were tied for 1st with the Yankees with 10 prospects, and all while spending near the bottom overall. Believe article was written by Ben Badler- International Blog.

    As far as the insidious plot to steer Latin American players away from the power and glamour positions into a stall in the Middle Infield sweatshop. If you look at the top athletes in that region, for the most part, that is what their body type and levels of skills call for for them to have the best chance of them sucessfully advancing to MLB. This is determined by scouts in Latin America especially the Dominican Busceros who are out to make a buck, and will put them in a position where their skills can be shown well enough to attract a large signing bonus with hope for the team that they can suceed to the MLB level.

  9. Maybe andyb (or anyone else) can help me out with this. I noticed on the VSL transactions page that the Phils recently signed two players. On 6/26 they signed Wilmer Oberto (OF) and on 7/3 they signed Jesus Briceno (C). Both players are 18. Are they prospects that we should care about or are they warm bodies to round out the VSL squad?

  10. All Four of the listed Catchers at VSL (Astudillo is now listed as 3B and Mayorga as DH) were all born in a 4 month period in 1992. None of them seem to get regular playing time and it is pretty much split. There seems to be 4 OF’s that play alot ahead of Oberto as he begins playing professionally. One might guess that since they did not sign at 16 or 17 they would not be top prospects. But I guess you have to see who gets the playing time and results to guess where they rate. To know where they stand now, you would pretty much have to be the Venezuelan Scout.

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