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In his last 3 starts, Vance Worley is 0-3, with a 18.00 ERA (26 ER in 13 IP) You have to wonder if the long minor league season is starting to get to Worley of if he is injured.  While Worley is struggling, Mike Stutes is bouncing back from recent struggles in Reading and he has gone 3-0 with a 1.00 ERA in his last three starts.  After some mid year bumps in the road, Stutes is at 8-5 with a 3.71 ERA on the year.

Reliever Chance Chapman has not allowed an earned run in his last 10 outings for Reading.

Dominic Brown is 1-17 in his last five games after starting quickly after returning from the DL.  The other recent returnee, Freddy Galvis has also been struggling, going 2-23 over his last 6 games.

It is worth looking at the line on Lakewood closer Brian Rosenberg.  He is 7-2 with a 1.05 ERA and 16 saves in 32 apperances for the BlueClaws.  In 43 innings of work, he has walked 10 and struck out 50, allowing the opponent a batting average of .201 (1.75 with RISP).  With how well Michael Schwimer has been pitching recently for Clearwater (no earned runs and 10 strikeouts in his last 4 appearances, spanning 5 innings) combined with the thinning ranks of relief pitchers at the top of the organization, it is time to move both Schwimer and Rosenberg up a notch. 

D’Arby Myers has multi hit games in 4 of his last 5 games (including two 3 hit games), raising his average to .268 for Lakewood.

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  1. I wonder if a light bulb finally went off in darby’s head or is this just a fluke?

    I really dont understand why rosenberg hasnt been moved up yet and it def seems like Worley needs to be shut down.

  2. Noticed that Domingo Santana had another HR yesterday. This kid could definitely be someone to keep an eye on as he’ll undoubtedly be young for whatever league they decide to start him in.

  3. worley has pitched alot this year and last. probably has a tied arm. They should just shut him down for a few weeks. I agree that both schwimer and rosenberg need to be moved up

  4. Not sure if this really qualifies as prospect talk, but Pedro’s first start in the minors was cut short by rain today. Only pitched 1 1/3 inning, giving up 1 hit.

  5. Santiago hit that homerun off of Zumaya from the Tigers. I was really excited until I realized it was Joel’s brother.

  6. Ive seen Vance after games….no visible signs of an injury

    Hes not pitching as bad as the ERA says, the pitches he throws will slip from him sometimes. He just hit one of those stretches where it seems like every ball is dropping perfectly right in between players

  7. Vance Worley pitched 160 innings last year college 103 and then pro. But remember between college and pro he had a break. I don’t know how long but maybe should be considered. Savery seems to be having the same thing. Let’s hope none get hurt.

  8. 23 1/3 scoreless for Rosenberg…Simply is outclassing hitters at this level and deserves to be bumped up…Hate to see him go though.

  9. Flande had a nice outing. 6 1/3 scoreless, 4 hit innings with 7 Ks and a walk. That’s 2 in a row. Maybe it just took him a few starts to get into the groove.

    Santana’s numbers are very interesting. He’s 2nd in the league in HRs and RBIs. He’s only played in 17 games and all the other guys who are high up on the leader board (sounds like Golf) have 25 or 26 games. On 8/5, he’ll be 17 years old. He needs to make more contact but, did I mention, he’s 16 years old?

  10. Domingo Santana has had a striking out thing, not so much at the beginning of season, but picking up after a time, and settling at around the 50% of AB’s rate lately. That, I believe has led to some rest games and resulted in the fewer games played thing. Lately the last few games he is back playing regular and has started to hit HR’s again , it seems. Hopefully he can stay in GCL, stay in the line-up till the end of season, and see where he goes from there. I think he will start in Extended Spring Training next season, Lakewood would be a tall order, maybe they look him over for that.

  11. The Murphy thing. Maybe the question should be does anybody know if Murphy is ignored. I don’t know if he’s ignored by the organization, and that should be what matters. Ignored on here, alot of people on here think anyone over a predetermined age is washed up. And Murphy stayed in school long enough to put him older than alot of players he plays with. And he’s really just been a 1B-DH type. His teammate Jeremy Hamilton also plays 1B and given his supposed defensive abilities would have a higher probability of success to some. So, his chances of making it through to something substantial seem to be questionable. Given he hit his 10th HR, given some kind of projection to the majors, maybe he becomes a RH hitting, plays only 1B relatively high average player, if he continues at his current level of production through the higher levels. Maybe not even a starter. Even so, Murphy has warranted a move to AA, for next season, and that is what he and observers can look to for now, and if he does well, maybe he can gain some regard.

  12. I suspect that the organization wants it closers to close. As such, Rosenberg and Schwimer are probably proceeding in lock-step through the system. They’ll likely be promoted at the same time. Since Overholt is, I believe, now in AAA, it would seem that the time is now to bump R and S and see how they adjust to a new league.

    Now, if Trevor May, who is extremely young, is the real deal, his development and the presence of some other fine pitching prospects, certainly alters how I feel about a trade of Drabek.

    As for Drabek, here’s my question – and I pose it to anyone who has seen him pitch. Is he a potential ace or are we looking at someone who, at most, will be a solid no.2. In the world of major league baseball, particularly playoff baseball, the difference between an ace and a solid no. 2 starter is a huge thing (although, admittedly, with the Phils’ hitting the difference is not quite as important as it would be for other teams like, for example, the Angels, the Giants or the Rays).

  13. Schwim and Rosenberg are in lock-step. I think the only thing holding up their upward movement is Zagurski. He’s getting back to form and they want him closing. I think they should move Zags up and then the others can follow. Also Rosenberg has more 2 inning saves than Schwim. That makes me think Mike is grooming more as a closer and Rosenberg might be more of a setup guy. That would be fine with me.

    Also there are a number of baseball people who think Drabek will be a shutdown closer and not a starter in the show. I’m wondering if that changes anyone’s mind about the Halliday deal. If we could look into our crystal ball and see 2 years from now Drabek is a closer and not a starter, would this change anyone’s mind. I’m not saying it will happen… just saying…. Sorry about the trade talk but it went directly with the closer discussion around Schwim and Rosenberg.

  14. If Drabek is a closer, the deal is entirely different and, in my view, much more reasonable. The Phillies will have other options at closer, but they desperately need a right-handed ace in the rotation – right now, the only other prospect for that role is Jason Knapp and he’s at least 2-3 years away.

  15. Bellman: I’ve seen comments on here regarding Drabek being a closer, but haven’t seen them from a scout or writer? Do you have link? (i’m not doubting you, just curious where it keeps coming from)

  16. from what i,ve seen of both if drabek is a closer it definately makes the deal much more palitable. he reminds me very much of hughes in n.y.

  17. I cant see Drabek as a closer as of now
    Saw him in the 6th inning of a Reading Phillies game and he was still touching 96

  18. I was at the Baysox game where Worley got “shelled”. He looked pretty good through the first couple of innings, struggling some with control. It wasn’t until the skies opened that he really fell apart. The heavy rains really affected his control, to the point where he walked several batters and hit two or three more. Finally, when they did pull him, whoever relieved him gave up a grand slam on the first pitch.
    On a funny note, Caccitore (sp?) rode the umps pretty hard about not calling a rain delay, and the umps engaged him in a lot of back and forth. The game may have been a blowout, but I rarely see 2 or 3 innings of arguing before an ejection.

  19. Two things ,Cholly says Drabek reminds him of Tom Seaver and Doming0 Santana’s stat’s for full season =250 k’s and 50 hr’s

  20. IMO, Drabek will remain a starter. He has multiple effective pitches and is a real bulldog on the mound. He’s also an excellent fielder and hitter. Will he be a 1 or a 2?? That’s tough to answer. He could become a 1 but its probably more likely that he’ll be a 2. As everyone can see, Hamels is having a tough time being a real 1 this year also. In terms of advancing BJ and Schwimmer, add Austin Hyatt to that list and move all three up a rung together. I wonder if consideration was given to Zags going to the big club when they brought up Register…

  21. You know Bedrock, I also haven’t seen the closer thing written by any scout. I know I read a sports writer mentioning that he’d heard it but heresay doesn’t count. I only threw it out there as a thought because we were talking about closers.

    The mentioning of it made me think of Papelbon. ?Darn good closer but he was a starter throughout his minor league career and when he started with the Red Sox.

  22. does anyone seriously think of drabek as seaver, my number 7 of all time. i hope your right. in not trading anyone how does an outfield of taylor, vic, and brown sound. with marson catching. a rotation of hamels, drabek, happ, blanton, knapp sound in 2011. with howard ,utley and maybe rollins. just the positives of not trading.

  23. fyi – I just saw that Diekman had another shutout inning. Check out his recent stats. What a transformation this guy is going through. he’s putting himslef back into propsect considerations. Has anyone heard anything about anyone working with him? Its very odd to see such a mid season change for a guy that couldn’t throw a single shutout inning in two years to having ten in a row suddenly. He either learned a new pitch or stopped throwing an old one.

  24. John, How does 3 straight World Series sound? And then you draft really well and guess what? You can have prospects just like those guys in 2011.

  25. Im all for that! and when you get a chance can you give me directions to Fantasy World, i always seem to get lost once on Interstate Reality…(how many years did it take us to get our system into the top 10? the part where u say “we just draft really well and have prospects just like those” is much more easilt said than done)

  26. Diekman reportedly has dropped down and is throwing side arm. Must be a similar motion to German.

    Great back end of the bullpen closing tonight with Schwimer and Mathieson picking up two innings saves for Clearwater, Chapman and Rosie one inning saves for Reading and Lakewood and Hyatt a two inning extra inning win for Wpt.

    Nice outing by Korey Noles in a 6 inning one hit start for Wpt. Saw him in spring training. Nice breaking pitch then. Reminded me in build of a red headed version of Whitey Ford.

  27. When you finally spend money in the draft after taking signable seniors in every round but the first two for a decade, you see results.

  28. Is Mathieson on the big clubs radar this year?hes sure pitching lights out(albeit for a A level team)

  29. I was going to say the same thing about Mathieson. He seems to be pitching really well right now. Might not be a bad option out of the bullpen once the rosters go to 40 players. Also, I can’t stop gushing about Steven Susdorf. I really hope people in the organization are taking notice of his stats. I really think he needs a shot at Reading this year.

  30. pb 3 staight ws would be more than great. but even with halliday its not gauarenteed, and i obviously believe they can win without halliday. i would make the deal but i would make sure my current team knows it,s the best in bb. ais last year they were underdogs to t.b. but did such an unbelievable scouting job on t.b. they breezed. no one in the n.l. scares me at all, and only boston imo matches up with them. maybe cal. a.

  31. No talk about Dom Brown hitting two homers yesterday?? There really was good pitching everywhere in the organization yesterday. Chapman is really throwing the ball well now while Schwim, BJ, and Hyatt continue to be too good for their leagues and we all keep our fingers crossed that Matheison stays healthy. Comments about putting him in the majors this year scare me. Two TJ surgeries and all I want is for him to finish the season healthy.

  32. Felix Cespedes in the DSL threw a 9 inning perfecto yesterday. He struck out 14. Unfortunately, the game went 12 innings and ended in a loss for the Phillies. Felix was not around by then but that must have been something to watch. A DSL Phillie was thrown out at the plate in the 9th too or it would have gone in the books as a perfect game.

    Cespedes is a 6′ 3″ 18 year old righty. He’s one of the guys AndyB has mentioned. His last outing was a 11 hit, 8 run outing in less than 5 innings. Coming back and throwing a no-no is really great. He’s 0-4 but the DSL team is pretty terrible from the won – loss side of things. He has a 3.38 ERA with 73Ks in 58 innings and only 14 wlaks in 10 outings. He’s jumped up on my radar screen.

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