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A few tidbits to get it going:

Jason Knapp has begun a throwing program in Lakewood, in hopes of returning over the next couple of weeks.  He last pitched July 11, before being placed on the disabled list.

Kyle Drabek, coming back from one of his few bad starts, was a small notch below dominant last night, going 8 innings and giving up just 2 runs on 6 hits.  He walked one and struck out 7.  Neil Sellers continued raking for Reading, hitting his 10th homer of the year, while raising his average to .322 with another multi hit game.

Jason Donald continued his rehab in the Gulf Coast League, appearing as a designated hitter for the second consecutive day yesterday, going 2-2 with 2 runs, rbi, and a SB.  Hopefully, we will be at SS today and be back in the Lehigh Valley lineup for the weekend.

The minor league catching corps has grown thin with recent injuries to both Reading starting catcher Tuffy Gosewich and Clearwater starter Joel Naughton.  Both were recently placed on the disabled list.

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  1. It’s been a while since Hewitt’s been in a game…anybody know what’s up?

  2. I understand Sellers is organizational filler. But he’s only 27, and he’s hitting the piss out of the ball at Reading. His fielding is definitely shaky, but why not give him a shot at the big club to be the righty off the bench? The “Bruntlett sucks” campaign has been beaten to death, but come on, Bruntlett sucks. I’d like to see Sellers get a shot to see if he’s for real.

  3. Is it possible that Sellers is a late bloomer- think Chris Coste. I see that Sellers hit .275 with 19 hr last year for Reading. Since he plays a position where promising candidates are scarce in the Phillies organization, I wonder why he wasn’t promoted to AAA ball. I think that age 27 is a little early to be dismissed as organizational filler.

  4. I know the Phils picked Sellers up in the minor league Rule 5 draft a year or two ago. I think he’ll be a free agent after this season (his sixth minor league season) so it’s unlikely he’s in their future plans. Although given the lack of corner infielders in the system above Lakewood, it might not be a bad idea to bring him back next year and see how he does in AAA since this is his third year in AA (2nd in Reading) and he seems to be doing pretty well.

  5. Philly Jamaal,
    I wouldnt waste time on Sellers, although Ibanez was still in the minor leagues full time till about 27 to 28. There are not many cases like that and would be a waste to spend the time on to develop him.

  6. And by cases i mean productive major leaguers, even though coste was in the minors till 33 cases like this are extremely rare.

  7. Looks like Drabek’s is becoming a righthanded version of Hamels only with more velocity with his mid 90’s fastball and his change up based on last nights game account in the Altoona paper:

    “He just kept us off balance and kept the ball out of the meat of the bat,” Curve manager Matt Walbeck said. “We took a few good swings, but for the most part he had a lot of deception working for him.”
    Drabek showed an impressive fastball in the 93-95 mph range and noted his “changeup was probably one of the best things I had going for me.”

  8. Let’s see who’s catching where. Marson and Hoover @ LHV. Nelson & Kennelly must be the backup @ Reading. Arzeno and Guerra are on the Clearwater roster. d’Arnaud & Kyle LaFrenz are at Lakewood. Doss, Gugel (who’s played at Lakewood earlier) and Valle are back stops at Williamsport. Aviola, Diaz and Marlon Mitchell are in the GCL.

    Losing Tuffy and Naughton stretches the system a little (Guevara was already on the DL). I’m assuming they won’t be out too long because d’Arnaud could have gone to CLW to give him a little taste of A+. Valle could move to Lakewood again. It might mess with him though. Guerra’s near 22 and played in the VSL last year. I’m a little surprised he’s the backup catcher at CLW. I guess he’s more age appropriate and doesn’t disrupt the whole system.

  9. It’s funny because people in the Draft Pick thread were mentioning how they saw him taking batting practice against Pedro in that simulated game.

  10. Great catch. I guess they signed Singleton to little fan fare. They need him. As for the Sellers fans, after you watch him play 3B, you quickly realize that there’s a 0% chance of him playing there in the majors. He’s your basic good, not great, minor league hitter without a position. His only chance for a cup of coffee is with an american league team as a dh. I still like Slayden’s bat more but they’re comparable. Drabek’s pitching style is nothing like Hamels’ except in their results.

  11. PP,

    great catch there. and he’s 1-1. good start!!

    Good to see Knapp back to work soon too. Don’t overdo it though. I’d be fine to basically shut him down and start him at Clearwater next year.

  12. My only major concern with Drabek is his numbers against LH hitters. They’re batting .342 off him at Reading so far. He needs to adjust and start getting them out at a more reasonable rate.

  13. Has anyone noticed that Diekman has only given up 1 run in his last 13 innings?? I had basically given up on the young man but I’m going to have to reserve judgement now since it looks like he may have figured some things out.

  14. Yeah, I’d be happy if they limited both Knapp and Drabeks innings.

    Welcome back Jason Donald. A stolen base is nice, hopefully that means the knee is 100%.

    Welcome on board Singleton…I hadn’t heard that we signed him….

  15. The Singleton announcement is on the Phillies page under transactions – apparently he was signed on Tuesday. I agree that they are probably trying to fly under the radar. Nice job to get him under contract. Now let’s hope they get a few more of the higher profile draft picks inked.

    As for the catching situation – given how D’Arnaud is clobbering the ball now at Lakewood, should he get a Clearwater promotion. I guess it depends on the extent of Naughton’s injury – wasn’t D’Arnaud’s promo last year on the heels of a Naughton injury.

    Oh yeah, and unless I missed it mentioned here somewhere else, Collier was sent down to W-Port. I guess that’s no surprise – he has really struggled this year.

    – Jeff

  16. James,
    I was gonna asked about singleton because i noticed a singleton taking ab’s in pedros simulated game the other day he was wearing 15

  17. An Edgar Garcia sighting in the GCL game as well. That has to be considered good news!

  18. I would think they’d shut down Drabek around 150 IP. That’s a nice round number that he’ll reach in about 4 more starts. (He’s currently at 122.1 IP on the year)

    PP, your thoughts on this?

  19. There’s a good article at csnphilly.com on the current status of the remianing high school kids we’re hoping get signed under the by line “Singleton”.

  20. John Sickles on Minorleagueball did a nice write up on Michael Taylor for anyone who wants to check it out.

  21. Jayson Stark,
    Rumblings and Grumblings-today:

    • Taylor-made: Another big decision the Phillies may have to make is which of their highly touted outfield prospects — Michael Taylor (currently in Triple-A) or Dominic Brown (on the DL in the Florida State League) — to include in a Halladay deal. One scout who has seen a lot of the Phillies’ minor league system says all the people who think Taylor is the more expendable player aren’t paying attention.
    “I like him better than Dominic Brown, to be honest,” the scout said. “I just think you have a lot of guys who will never change their opinion because he wasn’t a high pick. But this guy can hit. He can run. The ball jumps off his bat. He’s got good bat speed. He’s not a dead-pull hitter. He hits gap to gap. You can’t throw the fastball by him. He stays on the breaking ball and drives it to right-center. He can throw. He’s not a bad outfielder at all. And he plays hard. There’s nothing not to like about this guy.”

  22. Wondering if Susdorf gets a promotion to Reading. It looks like he’s done all he can do at Clearwater. I thought Taylors promotion cleared that move for him or Brown.

    I picked up tickets to all 3 Trenton games in August so I’m hoping there is still some prospects to see.

    Still not sure why Slayden is not with the Pigs and when are they going to dump Bruntlett and reward Cairo?

  23. Walker and Carpenter got called up. When is Zagurski ready to join the pen? I’d prefer him to Walker

  24. Great to see Edgar Garcia surface. He is a
    legitimate prospect to add to the mix, particularly if he is uninjured. Conversations with Pedro (if they occur) could really help in his development.

  25. Carpenter and Walker back up, Durbin and Romero to the DL. I’m surprised they’re calling Carpenter up, but I guess they see him as a Durbin type of reliever in the big leagues. I’m also surprised Escalona isn’t one of the guys going up.

  26. Oh man if Garcia can even log a few innings at Reading this year, that would be huge for the whole system, especially if we lose Drabek and more in a deal. I’m looking forward to having legitimate prospects at every level lining the pitching staff. This is very exciting stuff.

  27. He was listed originally as the starting pitcher when I clicked to watch the game…

    So I was curious as well…

  28. phuturephillies Says:
    July 23, 2009 at 11:30 am

    Look who’s in the lineup for the GCL team playi

    Now what is Mr. Singleton going to do for an encore. WOW

  29. Drabek’s peripherals are good on both sides. If one side of the infield is weaker where one type of hitter might hit the ball more often, that would account for part of it.

  30. Its a pretty big split is all. Clearly he’s having a bit of trouble getting lefties out at AA. I dont recall such a large split at Clearwater but then the hitters aren’t nearly as good at that level.

  31. john from philly.ne Says:
    July 24, 2009 at 7:08 am

    nepp, .342 by lefties against drabek. thats alarming.

    Look at it this way He is having success when he fixes that
    number. Chese!!!

  32. Looks like D’arby Myers is starting to hit the ball. Good to see. 3 for 3 tonight. Home run away from the cycle.

  33. Yea maybe its finally clicking for Myers and he should be starting full time the rest of the year at Lakewood since Collier went down to williamsport. But he is having a great month of July. It definetly seems as if he saved himself as being with the team next year again but I didnt think that was going to be the case earlier in the year.

  34. that damn happ, trade the bum. i told you his fip and babip were no good.

  35. Assuming Dominic Brown is nor traded, when would you expect him to be moved up to Reading?

  36. Anyone know why Korey Noles got a late start in short season baseball? He did ok last year.

  37. Gotta like Domingo Santana after 50 at bats in the GCL. He’s hitting .444 with runners in scoring position with 17 rbi’s including a grand slam, a three run homer and two 2 run homers. But with no on, hitting just .192 with one home run. Overall when he puts the ball in play Santana is 14 for 27. He’ll be 17 on Aug. 5th. Could turn out to be a good $300,000 investment.

  38. According to the Cube, Korey Noles was at Williamsport last year. This year he started in rookie ball. Mistake??

  39. Rickey Branch
    Sound like he may need to concentrate more when there is no lone on base. Maybe he needs more of a challenge next year.

  40. well, how many at batas has he had with no one on? I mean, if its only like 20 at bats, then thats a sample size thing. actually, all of his numbers are skewed by sample size

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