Daily Discussion, Knapp Placed on DL

According to David Murphy of the Philadelphia Daily News, Jason Knapp has been placed on the disabled list with “shoulder fatigue”.

Both Freddy Galvis (0-5) and Dominic Brown (3-3) played yesteday for the GCL Phils, and both should be expected back in the Clearwater lineup soon.

A guy worth taking some note of is Jesus Sanchez at (A) Lakewood.  Sanchez, who was a catcher up until last year has gotten progressively better during his first year on the mound this year and is starting to put up numbers worth watching.  Sanchez has allowed seven earned runs in his last six starts.  He is 4-1 with a 1.91 ERA in those outings, with good control (6BB/23K).

Toronto Assistant General Manager Anthony LaCava was in Lakewood on Monday sitting behind home plate.

 Jason Knapp had an uncharacteritic awful outing on Saturday, lasting just 0.2 of an inning.

Lakewood closer Brian Rosenberg has not allowed an earned run since May 31.

Five Reading Phillies will be taking part in the Eastern League All Star Game tonight.  The players include: P Vance Worley, P Joe Savery, OF Michael Taylor, 3B Neil Sellers, and OF Quintin Berry.

185 thoughts on “Daily Discussion, Knapp Placed on DL

  1. Has anyone seen Sanchez pitch? I wonder what kind of stuff he has other than Heat. His success is quite good, but I can’t help but think he is getting by purely on a fastball.

    Also, Mike Cisco is a guy that I’ve been rooting for since he exploded onto the scene last year. I’d really like to see “A Closer Look” at him. He’s put up some pretty good numbers at Clearwater the past two months (especially if you give him a mulligan on the one poor start). A scouting report on his stuff would be much appreciated.

    Oh yeah, it’s nice to see D. Brown pick up where he left off. I doubt he’ll get to see Reading this year, though.

    – Jeff

  2. Saw Worley pitch on Sunday. Must have a “dead” arm. Pitches were up and had nothing on them. Fastball sat in the high 80’s occcasionally topped at 91. He has become more ineffective each month as the season has progressed. He had a 2.22 ERA in April and so far his ERA is 8.10 for July.

  3. I am glad the big guy up in the clouds is a phillies fan,,he might of had something to do with knapp’s bad outing,amen!

  4. Taylor will also participate in the Home Run Derby preceding the all-star game. Which in Trenton, for a right-handed batter, should be tough with that huge blight (I mean, wall) in left field.

    Also, wow, came all the way from Toronto for .2 innings. That’s unfortunate.

  5. Is anyone else but me amazed at how many Phillies fans don’t know our prospects? Beyond that I listen to a few radio personalities that don’t know our prospects either.

    I also see that Keith Law jumped from relative obscurity to getting a feature on Mike&MIke in the morning on ESPN. I didn’t realize the guy had a degree from Harvard and worked for the Blue Jays GM at one time. Anyway he seems to think highly of our current crop of prospects as they pertain to getting Halladay.

    My point: I love baseball I love the Phillies. I think I get more enjoyment from watching our “home growns” come up through the system and have success than I would seeing the ORG strip the system for 1 guy.

    Prediction: The Yankees swoop in with an offer that not only includes prospects but includes taking the Vernon Wells contract off of their hands. I think the Yankees are that desperate to get back to the WS.

  6. Speaking of Re-Hab, though both Galvis and D. Brown, progressing, no word of Donald for a time, and no return to a full-season league. Is it likely to suspect a re-injury? Not that anybody would consider that newsworthy.

    Domingo Santana 0-3 with 3 strikeouts, batting average wise, Dugan and he are not far apart. Hopefully they both progress with extended playing time. Brian D. Gump appears to be taking the other OF spot with alot of production, so far. In fact, Brian D. Gump started in CF, while Dugan moved to LF.

    Santana’s 3 HR’s are a benefit, but he is no longer the Short Season leader, as Sebastien Valle hit 2 yesterday to move to 4. He is doing very well at Williamsport , so far.

    The numbers that work against Sanchez, 5’11 160, if that is ,indeed, his current size. I believe a scouting report , on here, given when he was a catcher, said his arm was rated as an 80. Have to check that. I would not be surprised to see him move up at some time.

  7. Good call on Sanchez, I noticed his stat line and (young) age when looking over their team but hadn’t recognized the name. Another guy who put himself on the radar so to speak

  8. A Toronto scout watching Knapp gives me hope that there could possibly still be a deal but it would have to be with the prospects the Phils are offering and not the ones that Toronto is initially asking for. Listening to Halladay’s comments the last couple of days makes me think that he’s ready for a trade and that one will get made. Remember back to when the Phils had to trade Schilling. They had to move him and as a result got the best offer they could which didn’t turn out to be all that good. I think that a package of Carrasco, Savery, Donald and Knapp could do it. The Phils have the minor league pitching depth to handle that and it wouldn’t touch their top three propspects or Marson (who looks like he’s back to himself now).

  9. Maybe a three corner thing might work. Maybe younger guys to the third party. We might need our upper level players.

  10. Knapp wasn’t on the mound Monday. He had that bad outing last Saturday. LaCava might not have been there to see it.

  11. Echo to what JR said, Knapp got roughed up in Kannapolis and not in front of the Jays AGM…As for Jesus Sanchez

    Right-handed pitcher who is in his first season as a pitcher, had pitched one inning last season with the GCL Phillies after being a catcher with the Yankees and the Phillies organizations (Abreu trade).

    Converted to pitcher during the instructional league last year pitching coach Bob Milacki said “I did not know this was his first year as a pitcher”

    Admittedly, Sanchez said he was nervous at the beginning of the season on the mound…especially with runners on base. He was not good at holding runners and looked flustered when there was the threat of a stolen base on the paths…His first few starts were rough and clearly a work in progress because this was his first opportunity on the mound in a real game…However…

    For a while, Sanchez has looked calm and controlled on the mound, he even got a new blood red glove as a gift and has settled down very well. He is not nervous anymore and it shows in his results. Fastball, Curveball, Change…Fastball from 88-91 but he has good movement on the Curve…Some of the league’s top hitters are often fooled by the pitch, in my opinion, because he disguises his pitches very well and they all look the same out of his arm. His control has made great strides and thats the key towards his success. Not sure what his arm can handle, this is his first year in a pitching role and I don’t know how many innings he can go. That in no way is an indication that he is slowing down, but just thinking about it, I’m not sure.

    He could be someone to watch, great kid, has a good head on his shoulders and clearly the most improved player since Opening Day on this team.

    Anything else feel free to ask.

  12. Does anyone know if the AA All Star Game is being broadcast at all tonight? I think ESPN is picking up the AAA game.

    I’d settle for an audio stream, but I haven’t found any press mention of it yet. Maybe the local Trenton feed will have it?

  13. Vance Worley’s future could be in the bullpen, as Keith Law suggested. Worley suffers from chronic elbow issues and his velocity declines with overuse. With an apparent need for a right-handed middle reliever that can induce groundballs and miss bats in the Phillies ‘pen, should they make this move sooner rather than later? If he recovers velocity and starts pitching like he did earlier in the year, maybe he could prove useful down the stretch.

    What about Neil Sellers? I don’t recall ever hearing that name before. 27 year olds in AA generally aren’t considered prospects, but he plays perhaps the most possibly intriguing position and Baseball Cube rates his power as 80 and his contact as 72. We have a number of late bloomers on our roster in Werth, Dobbs, Moyer and Ibanez, so he certainly wouldn’t be the first. If Donald leaves in a deal, stays at SS or becomes more of a utility player, could Sellers fill an organizational void at the hot corner?

  14. Nice story in yesterday’s Reading paper on Sellers:

    “I worked real hard on speed and strength,” said Sellers. “I did a lot of first-step quickness stuff. I think that’s helping me get that first-step read on the ball.”

    “Sellers has looked like a different guy with the glove this season. His range has improved, his hands appear steadier and more confident and he’s ranked among the Eastern League’s top fielders at his position.

  15. So, if the Toronto poo-bah was actually behind the plate Monday , maybe he came to check out Jesus Sanchez. No so much on Ryan Bergh or Robert Roth? Maybe Jesus Sanchez is being considered as the 4th or 5th guy included in a package for Halladay. Maybe not, but it would make a good internet rumor.
    Or maybe he wanted a close up view of the receiving skills of Travis D’Arnaud. and from there he can also view: Gose, Collier, Mattair, Harold Garcia?

  16. Marfis–
    If you believe the Asbury Press (NJ), he was behind the plate Monday, if don’t he could have been anywhere.

  17. Wonder if the Toronto scout is there today? If he is, he saw Gose steal his minor league leading 49th base in the first. Then in the top of the second he made a running diving catch in right center and later in the inning throw out a runner at the plate.

  18. Thanks for the firsthand report, Josh. Much appreciated!

    Jeff O: I’ll definitely think about doing A Closer Look feature on Cisco at some point, but I need to hear some scouting reports first. He’s just as much a mystery to me as he is to everyone else at this point. Most 36th round picks don’t sign, let alone look much better in pro ball than they did in college. Maybe a mechanical adjustment was made; maybe Cisco just needed to get away from metal bats; but whatever the case, he’s an intriguing arm going forward.

    Baxter: Worley could very well wind up in the bullpen, but it’s far too early to move him there, IMO. Given what Rickey Branch said above, I think “dead arm” is a definite possibility; he did, after all, throw 172.1 IP last year after just 54.1 IP the year before. Besides the obvious factors of the walks being up and the strikeouts being down the past two months, I think his ground ball ratio is indicative of Worley struggling with fatigue…

    April: 55.2% GB
    May: 51.6% GB
    June: 33.0% GB
    July: 41.4% GB

    Either he’s struggling to keep the ball down in the zone at this point, or his offerings have lost some of their sink. Now, there’s certainly a chance he winds up as a bullpen arm, but given that he’s still just 21 (the same age as Drabek, incidentally), I give him every shot to stick in the rotation. I still think he has a reasonable chance to be a strike-throwing, ground ball-inducing #3/4.

  19. Rickey Branch
    Thanks for the article very nice. Lets hope the young man at least get a cup coffee or even a real chance. There are no stats for “heart and head”
    I am rewording “something is rotten in Reading ” to “Somethings are ripe in Reading”
    Taylor and Savery need to move up. They have done all they can at AA.

  20. For the sake of talking , Lets say Savery moves to Lehigh and does well. Pedro is going to need a left handed long man at least for a while.
    Does anyone but me think Joe Savery might be up to it?

  21. A Toronto scout in Lakewood is very interesting to me. Other than Knapp’s name, I really don’t recall seeing another Claws player mentioned when names were being thrown out there (maybe Gose but I always thought he was untouchable). I really don’t think it would be Berg so maybe it was Sanchez they were looking at?


    What do you know ???????????????

  22. It’s only another month and a half. Let’s keep these guys together on a very likely playoff team so they know how it feels with the Phils.

  23. A Toronto assistant GM and not a regular scout in low A makes me thing the trade talks are a bit more advanced. And it’s especially interesting they picked a day that didn’t include the best prospect playing.

    Not sure how trades work but I would think the low A part of the deal is one of the last components to a major package. Maybe the major parameters have already been set and Toronto needs to pick from a list.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Galvis back in action. He is still very young and was holding his own with the bat in a tough hitters league.

  24. Knapp could be the price of not giving up Drabek…Perhaps a deal along the lines of Carrasco, Donald, Marson, Knapp would get it done…and perhaps one other. Or maybe Happ instead of Carrasco or Happ AND Carrasco.

  25. Matt
    Not to be disrespectful but this is not kindergarten. Feeling good doesn’t mean …. Would that work at your work?

  26. Nowheels –

    No offense taken. I think there’s value in learning how to win “big” games. Well, more value than playing at a marginally better level anyway (At this point, I’m not convinced that the International League is any better than the Eastern League).

    It’s really not about feeling good, and doing what’s best for their development. Again, the Phillies are a winning organzation, and assuming that the level of play is very close (which it is), why not teach the key prospects something about playoff baseball, even if it is at a minor league level.

  27. So we’re jumping Savery from Reading all the way to the majors as a lefty reliever? Talk about kindergarten.

  28. I just read (mlbtraderumors) that the Phils have offered Happ,Drabek,Taylor & a “mid level prospect” for Halladay. I’d rather lose Brown than Taylor but I think that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

    I agree w/ Nick. It sure appears as if this thing is gonna happen.

  29. Matt – I was just posting what I read… If someone out there can chime in later & tell us if they saw LaCava today, that “could” tell us a little more? I know May is throwing now (5 IP 6H 3R (2 earned) 6K’s & De Fratus goes tomorrow. But I don’t think either of those two are referred to as a “mid level prospect” at the moment?

    PP, I think you could be on to something…

  30. I am surprised that Rosenberg is still in Lakewood. That’s a guy that ought to be fast-tracked given his age…I don’t think he has anything to gain beating up on Sally competition. His FIP is 1.93.

    I don’t see what he has to gain there other than maybe working on off-speed stuff, but as a bullpen guy how much off-speed stuff does one need? All his numbers are excellent.

  31. How many guys at Lakewood are even eligible to be traded? I thought guys selected in the 2008 draft need to be with the organization through this season before they can be traded.

    For the record, any trade that doesn’t include Drabek, Brown, or Taylor for Halladay is a must in my book.

  32. Josh,

    Great write-up, I really appreciate it. Great insight on a player that most of us can’t get much information on.

  33. harrisburghusker, they can be included as a player to be named later, then after the year passes they are moved to complete the trade.

    Personally, Happ, Drabek, Taylor plus a low-A guy sounds right to me. Make it happen, Ruben!

  34. Just think,
    Only 16 more days of Halladay trade rumors. Anyone hear Randy Miller say yesterday that Rube is out of $$ after adding Pedro? If that is true, all of these rumors are for naught. I for one, cannot see giving up Happ and Drabek in the deal as you would need one of them in your rotation for next year. If you could get away with Happ, Knapp, and Carrasco, that would be better in my eyes. Plug Drabek in Pedro’s spot and the 2 time defending champs will have a nice rotation next year!!

  35. Governator, re BJ Rosenberg, I agree with you and I’d be surprised if he didn’t start next year in AA, a la Worley and Stutes (other advanced college arms) this year

  36. i would be happy with a package of:

    A prospects: Taylor, Marson, Knapp
    B prospect: Donald
    C prospect: Gose

    i would rather Carasco instead of Knapp if that is doable. i hate to see taylor go as i do think that he is going to be a bonifide star, but you have to have a guy like him go in a trade of this caliber.

    the intersting thing will be if we have to take back Vernon Wells. because we would then probably have to trade werth or victorino and that might allow us to keep an A prospect. so maybe something like:

    Wells and Halladay for Werth, Marson, Taylor, Donald and Gose.

  37. If anyone has Direct TV or lives in the NYC area, Williamsport v Brooklyn will be on SNY tonight. I think LeBron is pitching and a chance to see Hewitt.

  38. tjc Says:
    So we’re jumping Savery from Reading all the way to the majors as a lefty reliever? Talk about kindergarten.

    If you bothered to read I said Savery to AAA.
    Savery’s ERA for June 1.67
    Savery’s whip with men on about 1.000
    OH yeah he is 12-1.
    I am not sure if he bakes cookies
    The NEED is a lefty who can go innings when Pedro starts . You can see that can’t you.

  39. These Wells propositions I’ve been reading in several forums….I understand the logic as it would make sense for the Jays to use such a valuable chip w/Halladay to try to pawn off an albatross deal (a la some NBA deals), but there is just no way in hell any team would take that contract, even if it meant they could send lesser prospects. It’s just far too much money for a guy who basically sucks now

    And even from the Jay’s perspective, not sure how much better they’d be in the long run to settle for inferior prospects for your best guy just to rid yourself of money

  40. AB
    Depends if you are a GM with your job on the line. GM is where baseball and the business of baseball meet.

  41. Lakewood comes back from a 3-1 deficit in the 9th on an RBI single by Mattair plating D’Arnaud, bases loaded walk to Hanzawa, and a walkoff base hit by Anthony Gose. Rosenberg improves to 7-2 in his inning of relief. I need to get to Lakewood to see a game.

  42. AB’s correct that no team is going to take the remaining $100M, yes $100M, still owed on Well’s contract as part of a deal for Halladay…

  43. nowheels please – were you the one who said that Knapp has nothing left to prove at Lakewood? I can’t remember if it was you or someone else, but the suggestion that Savery has “nothing left to prove” at Reading is wrong. if you have been paying attention to what has been said about him, he needs a lot of improvement on his secondary pitches and his control. this is from the phillies brass/coaches.

  44. “The NEED is a lefty who can go innings when Pedro starts . You can see that can’t you.”

    So you’re saying Savery to AAA now, then MLB in August?

  45. Only thing I’ll disagree with you on AB is that if they Jay’s could get out from under his contract, I doubt they care what prospects the get back.

    The $100 million they still have committed to Wells would allow them to sign a lot of talent to make up for what they didn’t get in prospects (think Phillies and Abreu!!)

  46. So Savery is this week’s “he’s doing well, lets promote him to the majors” guy??

    I’m having trouble keeping track of which minor leagues should be on the 25-man roster.

  47. Sorry to bump again, but does anyone know if the AA All Star game will be televised or have streaming audio on the net tonight?

  48. Yea, 3up I guess he is. We should have a pool going- I bet next weeks its Marson again.

  49. halophan i heard the same thing on the radio from seth everett the jays want drabek,happ,taylor,and someone else for halliday. i dont move happ.

  50. Skunky, by my unofficial count, so far, we have Taylor, Marson, Donald, and Cairo as position players.

    For The pitching staff, We have Drabek, Carpenter, Knapp, Worley, Carrasco, and Koplove (before his release!!)

    Either that’s one heck of a minor league system or the big club really sucks…

  51. Yes Nails I heard Randy M as well. He sounded credible when he said Phillies owners may not sign off on adding close to 5 million dollars to this year’s payroll for Halladay.

    I’m also convinced Drabek is truly off the table in any offer they might construct.

    I’m tired of typing and talking about it though.

    This is my last post re trade rumors!

  52. To the fan requesting info on rehabbing right-hander Scott Mathieson:

    Scott is currently pitching in the GCL and coming back from his second Tommy John surgery. By all accounts, he is throwing well with good velocity and overmatching rookie league hitters.
    In four games for the GCL Phillies, he is 2-0 with a 0.00 ERA and 8 strikeouts in 6 innings of relief work. Reports have been more than encouraging with his fastball topping out at 96mph and consistently 92-94mph.
    A stop in the Florida State League is next, perhaps as soon as this week.
    He’s always been a hard worker with a positive attitude, so it’s nice to see him working his way back from second reconstructive elbow surgery.

  53. Thanks Philsfarm…

    Coming of 2 TJ’s Mathieson’s odds are not good but the initial reports are encouraging. Here’s hoping he beats those odds and gets the chance to use his talents.

  54. I love playing G.M.

    I’ll give Toronto Brown, Happ, mid level prospect & Pedro for Halladay.

    I’d like to see Drabek & Taylor stay w/ us.

  55. Oh, and add Valle to the list of guys who need to be jumped to Clearwater ASAP! Hell, move Way to Reading – he’s got NOTHING left to prove! (sarcasm)

  56. For The pitching staff, We have Drabek, Carpenter, Knapp, Worley, Carrasco, and Koplove (before his release!!)
    1.Koplove was not released . It was his option.
    The rest is your b.s.

  57. Taylor, Marson, Donald, and Cairo
    Taylor, > Mayberry .184
    Marson, >either catcher .235 .214
    Cairo > Bruntlet .139

  58. You had to figure that they’re keeping a tight watch on Knapp’s innings. To me, shoulder fatigue = “we just want to shut him down for a bit.”

    – Jeff

  59. The point with Savery is that there’s no harm in letting him continue to succeed at Reading. The guy is a year removed from ending the season with a dead arm, so there’s no reason to move him anywhere – not to Lehigh Valley, not to the big club. Don’t just take MY word for it (from the 6/17 Daily News):

    “I’m still a couple clicks away. I’m OK admitting that,” Savery said. “My walks are high. We’re trying to shrink that zone.”

    “No,” said LaMar as he left yesterday’s game in Reading. “He will not be moved up until we see more of a mastery of his pitches.”

  60. Today in the GCL:
    – Down Brown goes 1 for 3 with a single and a run scored
    – Freddy Galvis goes 1 for 5 with a single and a run scored
    – Kelly Dugan goes 2 for 4 with 2 singles, an RBI and a run scored; he’s now batting .281 and .324 over his last 10 games

  61. Good on Savery for recognizing that he still has work to do at the Double-A level before he’s ready to move up. His record and ERA are both shiny, and the scouting reports of his stuff are positive, but his peripherals are still far from stellar. He sounds like a hard-working kid, so he knows that he has to keep improving.

    Nowheels: what’s the point to bringing up Taylor so he can ride the bench? And are you really ready to judge Mayberry after 52 plate appearances?

  62. Got a note from Scott Matthieson today that he will be joining the Threshers and expects to pitch on Thursday or Friday…FWIW.

    Good to get to see him back in game shape, and hopefully on his final road to recovery.

  63. I think Mayberry is what he is at this point, but he’s got some good pop off the bench. Keep Taylor in the minors to get more ABs.

  64. taylors in aa because theres nowhere to play him on the big club. he,s ready but thats not the point. if you move him to aaa hell do the same thing as aa. so theyll be forced to trade him, ibanez vic or werth.

  65. Halophan, the post on mlbtraderumors was a prediction by one of the site managers, not real rumor…i’d gladly take your proposed trade if I were the Phils, but I think its gonna take a lot more

  66. I’ve always been impressed with Sanchez’s arm.

    An interesting side-note about Jesus; he can throw 80+ mph left-handed too.

  67. Btw To the ladies club that follows me around.

    What i ACUTALLY said about Knapp moving up was ” I would like to see him move up and his innings limited”
    Check it and while you are checking things look up Marty Bystrom(regarding late season help)

  68. It does appear that they have a gamecast going, but the local station that normally broadcasts the Thunder games is playing their normal oldies lineup (which isn’t bad actually.. much better than 98.1)

  69. if anybody is interested the williamsport-brookyn game is on wfan. way is pitching.

  70. If anyone gets SNY, the mets station, they are showing the williamsport crosscutters vs. the brooklyn cyclones tonight at 7pm

  71. I am right except for Knapp. Just about all in minor leaguers are healthy or getting there

  72. “What exactly are you right about?”

    Hehe. I will, however, come to nowheels partial defense, for the first and last time. He was right about Happ, so far at least.

    I can’t think of anything else.

  73. It doesn’t surprize me Knapp is on the DL. Same thing happened late last year. I thought the Phils would be more careful with him and keep his pitch count in the 75-85 range and make him more efficient.

  74. He’s 18 and pitching a ton of innings…they definitely need to watch his inning and pitch counts for the next few years while he’s still growing. This is likely part of that carefulness.

  75. BTW – watching the 6th inning of the Crosscutters game and Hewitt is really taking it on the chin at 3rd. He’s had some really tough hops hit to him but he’s clearly struggling with his confidence. Every ball is bobbled.

  76. What exactly would be the point of moving him up and then limiting his innings? that’s like putting a dollar at the end of a fishing line a pulling it in real quick when he goes to grab it. Don’t promote someone only so they can rest their arm on a different bench, that’s absurd. A player should only be promoted when they are capable of taking on the next level, unabridged and in stride. Otherwise its pointless.

    As for you being “right,” congratulations. Maybe a couple more times and you’ll be able to see the mendoza line.

  77. Condrey came up as a starting pitcher and is a long reliever, so no biggie pitching 5 1/3. If he can pitch that long, he should be ready to return to Philly soon.

    NY-Penn games tend to be pretty sloppy at times. The league fielding % there is .966, compared to .978 for the International League and .984 for the Majors. (Fielding percentage seems like a good, quick way to measure league quality.) I’m not going to write off Anthony Hewitt but I feel his future is going to lie in the outfield.

  78. Milb.com has Gameday coverage of the AA All-Star game. Vance Worley is on the mound right now.

  79. I’d rather see him making errors getting to balls than not making errors due to a lack of range. You can teach glove skills, you can’t teach range.

    Granted I’m not watching the game so I have no idea why he’s committing the errors.

  80. Alan – I’m certainly not giving up on the kid, it’s fun to get a chance to see him play. He’s clearly a freak athlete and I think due to that he rushes everything a bit. I hope the game slows down for him in the field the way it seems to be starting to at the plate.

    I love that Angel Berroa is playing ss for the Cyclones. They keep referring to him as ‘the former ROY’ instead of saying his name.

  81. As far as the money is concerned, the Phils get like 70 percent of Myers money back through insurance. This out of money stuff is BS.

  82. …and to add. In the few innings I watched he actually committed no errors. The first one he bobbled was called an infield hit and the other he bobbled first then gunned to first and got the guy. He certainly has quite an arm.

  83. Does anyone here ever get out to Williamsport? I make the trip about once a year. Bowman Field is one of the oldest parks in the country. General Admission is $5.25 which still places you close to the field, parking is free. The players have to walk through the concourses to get to the dugouts like in Reading. And it’s rarely crowded.

  84. Not all players have insurance. The premium are so high clubs pass on a lot of them.

  85. when the term “toolsy” is used they should have hewitts picture next to the defin ition…the kid is a beast of an athlete..His sac fly barely swung and the ball jumps off the bat…he also would have a top 3 arm in MLB at third right now…Its a cannon…Hes got a longggggg ways to go, but if all the stars align, the skys the limit..big if tho, of course

  86. I can’t help but think that someone should have taught Hewitt to ‘love’ taking a handoff…he’d be at a BCS school right now, of course.

    It’s the only way I think he would have ever seen a paycheck from a major pro franchise….

  87. I agree…Hewitt does have a waaaaaays to go but wow what an arm he has. First time I’ve seen Valle play as well. Really liked the speed he showed for a catcher on his triple in the 9th.

  88. nowheels please – cut out the sexist comments. no need for that crap. just make your point and move on.

    or better yet, don’t make your point and move on.

  89. mikemike –

    Williamsport is roughly 200 miles from Philly (all highway). Depending on how fast you drive, it can be made in about 3.5 hours. It’s a nice town, it definitely has that “Central Pennsylvania” feel about it.

  90. Jeff(or anyone) does the crosscutters schedule run thru the time of the little league world series?always wanted to get to the LLWS one time.To mix in a cutters game or two would be icing on the cake..Altho they probably ship the cutters on the road during the LLWS, just a guess

  91. The LLWS runs August 21-30. The Cutters are home Aug 22-24. It is not a tremendous conflict as the Cutters and little leaguers play in separate facilities. The LLWS is actually in South Williamsport, Bowman Field is north of the Susquehanna.

  92. Alan thanks so much for that info..It was really helpful, i think im gonna make the trip…Any idea how apart(approx miles) the two facilities are apart?thanks in advance

  93. mikemike
    Two main ways to go
    1. N.E. extension to I80
    2.start early go through Lancaster and get some chow
    Hit the 30 bypass to 283 and Mapquest the rest . much slower more fun.

  94. Did anyone just see what Andrew Carpenter did? He struck out the side on 9 pitches(unless I missed one). He threw a plus slider and painted the corners with his fastball.

    That should probably be added to the original post.

  95. Ryanhoward06, I was going to say the same thing. He looked nasty. If the gun was right (90mph on the fastball), he looked like he would be able to pitch in leveraged situations out of the bullpen in the pros (i.e. not just a 5th/6th inning guy). He was getting swings and misses on the slider – I don’t think I’ve ever read a report highlighting that pitch as a swing and miss type pitch.

  96. Boston Phan- Me neither, but it was nasty. Maybe he changed something when he was up, because ever since he has been much better. If we could only get 2-3 more MPH on his fastball, he could be a very good major league pitcher. You would have to think it is possible with him, maybe if he goes on the Madson program.

  97. ez e, if you are planning to visit the LLWS, take exit 210B off I-80 onto Route 15 North. That will take you directly to the facilities. There is a museum right next to the fields, that is well worth visiting. The LLWS and Bowman Field are less than 5 miles apart.

  98. There is no way wells in part of the deal, the only way i would even consider him would be if tor paid atleast 75% of his salary, maybe. I have to think rube is not going to include happ in the deal , if they insist on happ i hope he doesn’t put a guy like knapp in the deal, interesting point on d’arnaud, i didn’t think he would be on toronto’s radar someone like marson who is pretty much mlb ready would make more sense. but i would still do a drabek, taylor, marson, and carpenter type player. i think the days of trading schilling for some potato chips type of deals are over, unless guys like ed wade are still around…….hmm have rube call up wade and offer up kendrick for oswalt….just kidding but it would be nice to be on the other end of that kind of deal just once. (lidge deal was nice though)

  99. A record that can’t be broken. Nine pitches three Ks,
    Let’s see how we did in the allstar games
    Flande -good
    Worley-winning pitcher
    and my favorite Pitching not only against his peer but much old
    much more experienced player and making they look really
    really bad
    Mr. Drew Carpenter
    back to the form that made him a big winner

    BTW dont miss the Lakewood ninth inning rally

  100. Overall the system is about 30 some games over .500 with only Lehigh under and they are so much better than last year.
    not bad at all. The only trouble I see is Tom Filer. He just doesn’t learn. Anyone with half a brain knew Knapp was pitching too much.

  101. talk about hewitt,s arm he threw one 15 feet over the 1st basemans head in the 1st,but it was a howitzer. how did barnes do?

  102. Sibs
    Good idea 75% off then pay half the remainder and trade him
    off to someone desperate

    Never joke about Wade, he is a treasure chest. Berry would be his kind of player fast.

  103. Ok…went to the Lakewood game Wed. afternoon (well morning). Here are some observations from a non-expert:

    1) May looked good. he got bailed out by the defense early (Gose diving catch/throw, Collier catch) but then they let him down later (Collier missed a fly ball then made a bad throw to 2nd where he should have had a force). May didn’t throw many off-speed pitches realy but threw more as the game went along. Fastball was consistently 92, curveball was usually mid-to-upper 70’s. I am assuming the Lakewood gun is accurate.

    2) Gose is sure fun to watch. Infield single in the 1st–between pickoff attempts and a pitch out, it seemed like 5 minutes until they finally threw a pitch to Garcia (the batter). Gose is now leading off. He also made a diving catch and a great throw home to nail a runner–the throw was a laser right to D’Arnaud (no bounce needed).

    3) Joaquin Andujar’s son started against us and looked very good.

  104. I may be able to shed some light on the Toronto situation. I spoke for about 5 minutes with a guy from the Jays front office (I suck as a reporter since I didn’t get his name). He seemed too young to be an assistant GM but he did tell me he was from the front office. I threw some prospect names at him but he wouldn’t give me any info. I even asked him if he had a choice did he prefer Brown or Taylor, but he said he hadn’t seen Brown and couldn’t answer. Now on to the really interesting news…he was sent from Toronto to scout the Bowling Green players (Rays farm team). I would assume he was looking at Beckham and maybe Andujar. They don’t really have much else. The Toronto guy also told me there are 7 or 8 teams in the Halladay sweepstakes. On a side note, I met Charlie Hayes at the game (his son pitched 2 scoreless innings for the BG Hot Rods).

  105. boy…marson just can’t get no love. i don’t see how he was left off of the AAA all star team. i mean, he is 3 and 6 years younger than the other catchers, respectively. and is hitting about 30 points higher than both, with a much better ob% (50 and 60 points higher, respectively). true he has shown less power then the two catchers, but not that much less. he just isn’t a guy that scouts will love. but he will be a productive mlb catcher for a long time.

  106. The MLBTR rumor (Happ,Drabek, etc) was lifted whole cloth from WIP, when they plucked from their vast roster of off-the-wall pseudo experts, to get the opinion of one Seth Davis (who writes for the Delaware County Shoppers Guide, or something).

    As far as the Wells thing, they are not going to add $30 million in salary. Toronto will not pay extra, because their whole motivation is to lose salary in Wells’ regard.

    On the Condrey pitching 5 innings thing, the boxscore I see says 2 innings. Maybe somebody mixed up a 2 with a 5.
    The boxscore I see on Hewitt, rather than bobbling everything hit his way, shows 1 throwing error. One would think a great athlete , in time, can learn to throw a ball from around 3rd across the diamond to within a yard , or so, of the 1st baseman’s mitt. Many of Hewitt’s errors have been throwing errors.

    Once again as a note: Dugan up to .284 in GCL.

  107. nyphilsmaniac
    That was some rally. Please tell me you stayed.

    They are incredible pack of idiots. Two months ago they didn’t
    know M Taylor from James Taylor. They are all lazy and accept
    any theory that doesn’t require thinking.
    I haven’t called since I got a negative respongs when I suggested McCouth(before they got the immortal Jenkins)

  108. Klaw on Mike and Mike this morning said he didn’t beleive that the Phils had the High end talant the Jays are looking for. He thought that if the cards would be willing to part with Colby Rathmus they would be the front runners. Personally I don’t see how having 3 guys almost universally picked in the top 30 prospects in all of baseball doesn’t constitute top end talent. Maybe because they aren’t top 10 right now. He did mention though that the phils have a lot of depth in the system.

  109. I watched the Cutters game last night on SNY….they had the Mets Dir of Player Development on for an inning or so, listening to the broadcast you would think the Mets have the best minor league system in baseball and Niese is a top 5 pitching prospect. It was like an infomercial.

  110. Well it was the Mets director of player development discussing the Mets minor league system during a Mets minor league game on a network owned by the Mets. Shocked that he had positive things to say?

  111. “Personally I don’t see how having 3 guys almost universally picked in the top 30 prospects in all of baseball doesn’t constitute top end talent”

    The argument that I’ve heard isn’t so much that they don’t have enough high end talent, but that they don’t have enough major league ready high end talent (that they would be ready to trade).* Depending upon Toronto’s perceptions about their needs, this may be true. It’s also why you keep hearing Happ’s name pop up; if it’s true that Toronto won’t do the deal without some major league ready talent in the deal, then you would almost have to include Happ.

    I tend to agree that including Happ in a deal would be a mistake. Query: has any rookie having as good a year as he is having been traded in mid-season been traded?

    *None of their top 3 prospects is major league ready, despite what some people on these boards think. At best Taylor and Drabek will be ready next year; Brown 2011 at the earliest.

  112. I’d be very interested to see a mid season team ranking and how the phils compare to the other teams in the NL East. If anyone familar with their minor league systems did a little piece on this I think the readers would find that interesting.

    From what I read of the mets farm, outside of Mejia, Holt and Niese and I don’t think they have any other notable prospects. And Carpenters numbers are comperable if not better than Niese but Carpenter is a 1 1/2 years older.

  113. Taylor just got a plug on mlb tb along with the top prospects in the game.

    That is Drew (9 pitch) Carpenter.

  114. Two (very random) thoughts:

    1. The only reason they are keeping Taylor in Reading is that they want him to dominate in order to increase his trade value. Aside from that, there’s no reason to keep him there anymore and, thinking that there is no room for him at LhV is nuts – it’s a minor league team, Taylor’s a star in the making – trust me, there’s “room” for him.

    2. Carpenter may turn out to be very valuable middle-innings bullpen guy. The type of guy we use to replace the Clay Condreys and Chad Durbins of the world. We don’t think or talk about these types of guys very much, but, on this team, they are incredibly valuable. The most impressive thing that the Phils did last year was shorten games to 5 or 6 innings. If the Phils were ahead after the 5th, it was generally lights out for the other team. Guys like Conrey and Durbin were extremely important in making that happen. So, yeah, I’m starting to get intrigued by what Carpenter might be able to bring to the table, albeit in an unexpected way.

  115. High end talent the Jays are looking for. It is likely they do not strongly desire a corner outfielder. Wells and Rios are signed through 2014. Their best hitter is a corner outfield/DH, and their top young talent is Travis Snider, another corner outfielder.

  116. One other random thought – WHY THE HECK DON’T WE HAVE A REAL RIGHT-HANDED HITTER OFF THE BENCH AND WHY, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DID WE RELEASE THE ONLY RIGHT-HANDED GUY WHO CAN HIT EVEN A LITTLE? If we don’t have a legitimate righty off the bench by the end of August, it is going to be an even bigger problem than it is now – and it’s a HUGE problem right now.

    Okay, I got that out of my system. Also, I am finding it very hard to believe that Eric Bruntlett is a better player than Miguel Cairo – neither is ideal but Bruntlett is dead weight at the dish.

  117. I watched a few innings of the Crosscutters game and I wanted to add some thoughts on Matt Way. I liked what I saw

    His only standout pitch was a great change with very good depth and fade, which he threw very often regardless of the count. Also had a straight 87-89 FB, little cutter, and loopy slurve which was pretty bad

    His delivery was very funky. Hooks his arm behind his back after he breaks his hands and throws way across his body…his land foot was literally 6 inches left of straight at release point (think Joe Beimel). Gave him very good deception on FB in to righties and changeup away, as the ball appears to jump on them.

    You figure this would make it hard for him to have great command and will put a lot of stress on his shoulder, but he was commanding his fastball in on righties and got some really weak hacks on the changeup, which was just too much for a lot of their young hitters.

    Without that one pitch he probably wouldn’t be worth paying attention to, but with that funky delivery I think he will make a lot of hitters uncomfortable, especially coming out of the pen in the future

    I agree with the comments about Hewitt’s arm….wow. Guy has a cannon. He showed some hard hands though bobbling a few chances….stayed with a couple but played another tough high hop chance into a hit.

    Looks like he needs to do what any inexperienced player at a new IF position needs to improve on, move his feet and get around the baseball

  118. Anyone who saw the AAA allstar game had to be impressed with that outing by Carpenter . It wasn’t just 9 pitches /3ks
    most swing were completely off balance and awkward.
    Look I have been on the bandwagen since Carpenter came back and got it. But not this. I never thought he was capable
    of what I saw last night.

  119. Can Cairo play SS? Bruntlett is only on the team cause he can play multiple positions. He’s not supposed to be a RH bat off the bench but a guy who can fill in at just about every position outside of pitching and catching.

  120. Cairo’s OBP over his last 1,000 MLB at bats is .295. What is this fascination with bringing him back?

  121. marfis the deal on wip came from seth everett a very good bb man and writer. catch as ive said taylor has nothing to prove at reading or really at lhv. but unless your going to trade ibanez,werth,or vic taylor is being forced to be dealt. he is ready now. i dont see how he can stay in the minors for another year. for those really familiar with buckholtz ( boston phan) do you think the sox would deal him for taylor or marson and donald? despite the savery,s worley,s and the like it seems the only real mlb depth are drabek carrasco knapp and carpenter ( who should be up catch, i agree) rather thah this never ending saga over halliday, a deal for buckholtz would solidify the rotation and keep our minor league mlb ready pitchers intact. thoughts?

  122. Alan, it’s not that Cairo’s good, it’s that he’s not an automatic out. He is crushing LHP in AAA this year after his (well deserved) demotion. He is also about 35 points better than Bruntlett in career BA

  123. Miguel’s career batting average is padded by what he did ten years ago. If you could replace Bruntlett with say a Jerry Hairston Jr., I’m on board. But Cairo can’t hit MLB pitching either and Bruntlett is at least a better fielder/baserunner.

  124. You know, I think Taylor is ready, but we’ve all seen a lot of great prospects who took AA by storm and took a little while to adjust to AAA (Jason Donald, J.A. Happ, the list goes on and on). Other great prospects, treat AAA as little more than a major league tune-up (Ryan Howard, Ryan Braun, Matt Weiters). You won’t know until we see him there, but he has a history of needing a little time to adjust. That having been said, I want that process to start immediately. If he’s the stud we think he is and can get 6 weeks of AAA under his belt, we might just be the secret weapon we need for September and the post-season. Let’s move him on already.

    By the way, one other little tidbit on the Sox, I don’t think they are particularly going to need or want Marson. They’ve got a young kid at AA from Yale (Ryan Lavarnway – saw him play in a game at Penn) who can hit (won the NCAA batting crown as a Sophomore), get on base and handle a staff. By my estimation, he’s their catcher of the future.

  125. I still have to disagree, I think Cairo gives you a better chance to have a competitive AB against a left handed reliever (really the biggest role Bruntlett fills right now, righty PH) than Bruntlett and for that reason alone I’d make the change

    I really have no way of definitively comparing them defensively, but Bruntlett is no wizard at SS so I’m guessing we wouldn’t lose a ton there. The idea that Bruntlett can fill in as a defensive replacement as well is made moot by the presence of Mayberry, a far better OF defender, on the team now

  126. John, guys like Donald and Marson looked “ready now” last year, only to flounder early on at AAA (injuries or otherwise). Credit Lou for turning things around – I’m sure he’s gotten valuable experience that will pay dividends at the ML level. Hopefully Donald will do the same.

    Point being, there’s nothing wrong with giving Taylor a crack at AAA to start next season (assuming he’s still in our system), unless his ST performance makes it absolutely clear he’s ML ready.

  127. I saw that Kennelly caught yesterday….is there any chance he could stick at that position as he moves up? It would certainly make him more intriguing

  128. Alberto Gonzalez of Washington might be someone to trade for as a fillin infielder. I don’t know much about him except some nice stats and he has play three infield position.

    There must be many who can help but i need a nap and am tired looking.

  129. Taylor took a few week’s to adjust to FSL last year. Lots of players need adjustment time when changing scenery. Why risk lowering his trade value when he is comfortable? Not much diff between AA and AAA anyway. Hardly matters.

  130. I also watched the Crosscutters game last night and closely watched Way, Hewitt, and Valle. Here are my thoughts.

    I won’t go too much into Way because AB beat me to it, but he did look like a solid pitcher. Threw a ton of pitches (87 in 4 2/3) but his defense extended a lot of innings. I also noted an approximate 13mph dif. between his FB and his CU, which was really fooling the hitters.

    Hewitt – I’ll start with his defense. He really has stone hands at third, but moves well. He may have been a little nervous after a couple of early bobbles and it just snowballed. He had a mental mistake at one point where he picked up a ball that was destined to roll foul, and then didn’t even attempt a throw, allowing the runner to reach. In the 6th, there was a first and third situation with one out and the batter hit a double play ball right to him, which he dropped and was only able to get the out at first (because of the cannon arm). Would’ve been out of the inning, but cost a run. The next batter hit an “infield single” that was a very generous scoring, as Hewitt simply dropped the ball. Similar issues in the 8th where he bobbled a grounder but then gunned the runner down. Overall, he definitely needs a lot of work in the field. His defense cost his team at least two runs (one unearned on a throwing error in the first, one that was “earned” because he got the out at first on the double play ball).

    Hewitt on offense – his first AB he looked overmatched when the pitcher threw him three sick curveballs. His Sac Fly did definitely show his power as he really smoked the ball with little effort. He does appear to have a very long swing. I can see the potential on offense for sure as he wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected after seeing other’s opinions of him.

    Valle – (pronounced VEE-yay – which may be interesting only to me) – his defense was decent. He was good at blocking the balls in the dirt. Brooklyn seemed to be running a lot when Way was in the game, but then stopped after he left, which led me to believe that they were stealing most of their bases off of the pitcher and not Valle. He set up early and had a nice target for the pitchers, not a lot of movement.

    On offense, I was surprised at how fast he was. He’s also definitely a right-handed batter (there was some debate of that for a while). He beat out an infield single in the first and then scored on a double, showing above average speed. I wasn’t as impressed with his speed on the triple because the right-fielder played the ball horribly, and even a guy with Burrell’s speed could’ve made it to third. But, the fact that he was busting it out of the box and picked up his coaches well was a good sign that he is a good baserunner. His single in the sixth was a lazy pop-up that should’ve been caught, but landed in the Bermuda triangle between the SS/LF/CF.

    That was basically it. I didn’t take notes on any other players, so I apologize to whoever asked the question above for a report on Barnes.

  131. if anyone who has an opinion about buckholtz for taylor i,d like to hear it. the point im making is even if taylor goes to aaa i think a reasonable assumption is that he,d tear it up. and then where would he go? the only place would be the phils or a trade assuming they want to keep werth,ibanez and vic. in other words instead of this constant halliday talk does anyone think boston would trade buckholtz for taylor. bey,s a free agent and drew who knows. just a thought would the sox deal buckholtz for taylor?

  132. Anonymous and tjc, thanks for the update. Any links to the news?

    Seems so odd to me to move Taylor now if he is in discussions at all for being traded. What if he struggles initially at AAA? Why take that risk? Anyway, congratulations to him, well-deserved!

    And Tim Kennelly!!!!! Yeah baby, the bandwagon is pumped to get on a plane and bring it North. AB, I have not been able to find a scouting report on Tim anywhere, but it sure does not seem like the Phils see him as a catcher. If they did, he would be catching 3-4 times a week. He’s played all over the diamond, and will likely be Taylor’s replacement in RF.

    I have to assume the countermove at Clearwater is Brown coming off the DL.

  133. greg good report but that throw in the 1st inning was insane. it must have been 15 feet over the 1st basemans head. thanks for mentioning barnes.

  134. Greg I agree with you on Valle’s throwing, couldn’t say one way or another how his arm/footwork were because Way was giving him no chance at all….runners were guessing on first movement and he was slow to the plate so Valle had no shot. He is a little guy for a catcher but athletic back there

  135. nowheels-I did stay for the whole Lakewood game (even with a 3 hour ride back home). We couldn’t touch their pitchers all game (except Harold Garcia’s HR) until the 9th. Then their closer comes in and we start getting hits. He didn’t help himself with the 2 walks (Hanzawa’s was 4 pitches). The game almost ended well before Gose got up because when Collier lined to first, Mattair almost got doubled off.

  136. Thanks for the pronunciation tip! I thought it was like valley. that was helpful. Could be a philly top 5 prospect in a couple; he’s mashing!

  137. Hey john, i thought of the same gut a few days ago for the exact 2 people because they have expressed interest in both this year. they scoffed @ donald for buck. butthe 2 might get it done. I’d even include carpenter as well if we could get him. The only problem is that he is more of a future help and doesn’t have much playoff exp. He is MLB ready right now though the sox just don’t have any room right now. I would still love to do this trade! Also what about hughes of the yanks with a sim. upside and even younger but no room @ the inn either.

  138. Lol. You sure? MiLB lists him as a lefty.
    Full Name: Sebastia Valle
    Born: 07/24/1990
    Birthplace: Los Mochis, Mexico
    Height: 6′ 1″
    Weight: 168
    Bats: L
    Throws: R

  139. Everyone missed this but KG answered a million Phillies questions yesterday.

    ardsfan89 (St. Louis): What’s the ceiling on Daniel Descalso? Also, can you think of any other college bats that went from looking miserable to looking superb as Descalso has done? Its been quite the turn around.

    Kevin Goldstein: He could be a solid starter, I don’t think he’s a future stud or anything. Bats going from looking miserable to superb actually happens quite a bit, but it’s always exciting. Look at Michael Taylor of the Phillies.

    myshkin (Santa Clara, CA): The Phillies’ emphasis on drafting toolsheds really seems to be paying off. Are they doing anything exceptional on the player development front? Is it a matter of scouting the right toolsheds? Are they just getting lucky?

    Kevin Goldstein: You buy a lot of lottery tickets, and sometimes you are going to scratch yourself off a winner. I know they get criticized a bit for having blinders on for upside only, but I like that strategy quite a bit.

    heeler (Peoria, IL): Michael Taylor….good major league outfielder or future all-star?

    Kevin Goldstein: I think at a minimum, he’s somewhere in between that — an above-average every day guy and occasional All-Star.

    Carlton (West Philly): Are Jason Knapp’s secondary offerings good enough to have a front end rotation ceiling, or is he more likely to end up a reliever?

    Kevin Goldstein: That’s the frame and delivery of a rotation guy. The secondary stuff needs work, but what you are starting with is really pretty special.

    jeffstoned ((Brooklyn)): It seems to me that in prospects-for-veteran trades such as the one Ricciardi might be contemplating for Roy Halladay, teams look more for potential aces (Kyle Drabek) than potential all-star regulars (Michael Taylor). One, do you think this is an accurate observation, and two, do you think it’s a wise philosophy? (Also: Zen Arcade ranks among humankind’s greatest accomplishments.)

    Kevin Goldstein: I do think that’s accurate. When you hear people talk about Philly untouchables (even though it’s all speculation) it’s Drabek always, and even Knapp sometimes, but never Taylor. Aces are harder to find that All-Star outfielders, and I think that’s the big difference.

  140. DMAR said:

    “Is anyone else but me amazed at how many Phillies fans don’t know our prospects? Beyond that I listen to a few radio personalities that don’t know our prospects either.”

    No, I’m not amazed – let’s face it, we’re baseball geeks. We’re the baseball version of the football dratniks who know the back-up running backs at UNLV or the basketball guys who know every “Mr. Baskeball” in Indiana since the 1950s or the good 8th graders playing in the Sonny Hill league. We’re on the fringes of sports society and we love every minute of it, but, our view of the world is a bit warped. We’re the odd ones, not them.

  141. Klaw seemed brutal in the chat today.

    Drabek is a 2/3 at most, and his fastball is straight. – First time I’ve ever heard that.

    And Tayor will be average in the big leagues, and won’t hit for power.

    That’s what he’s got from his “scouts” recently. Some days it seems like he just pulls stuff out to piss people off lol.

  142. Domingo Santana 1 for 4 with 2 RBI and a run scored for the GCL Phils today…Dugan extends his hitting streak to six games with a 1 for 3 effort with an RBI. 18 yr old Aussie Todd Van Steensel had his first nice start of the season, surrendering 1 run on 6 hits in 6 innings of work, striking out 7 and walking 2.

  143. Van Steensel is somewhat of a surprise. In his three starts he has a 1.93 ERA and has struck out 16 and walked 2 in 14 innings.

  144. Berry wnt in Mahar’s place to the AA all star game because of a minor injury to Mahr on Tuesday night last week in Akron. Both Mahar and Roadcap, who let Mahar make the final decision to play in all star game, came up the with the same conclusion, that Mahr need a few days to get over what happenned. Nothing major, but had to get taken care of. Berry was then the next choice.

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