‘Pigs Weekend Update

Lehigh Valley goes into the all star break having lost two out of three this weekend, and witha record of 43-47, nine games behind division leading Scranton, in fifth place of the Northern Division of the IL.

7/10/09–A disappointing 5-4 loss to Scranton, with Gary Majewski  (0-4) imploding in the 8th inning to take the loss.  Kyle Kendrick started and pitched six shutout innings before hitting the 7th inning speed bump, allowing 3 runs.  His final line:  6.1 IP, 5H 3 ER 2BB 4K.  The ‘Pigs carried a 1-0 lead into the seventh, at which point things started going downhill for the ‘Pigs quickly.  Mike Cervenak (2-4) got the scoring going with a 4th inning homer (6), After the Yanks three spot, LVbounced back with 2 runs in the 8th and one in the 9th, but it wasn’t enough to hold off Scranton.  Lou Marson had yet another multi hit game going 3-4.  Miguel Cairo also added 2 hits for the ‘Pigs.

7/11/09–LehighValley bounced back Saturday with a 7-5 road win over Rochester.  Rochester jumped on ‘Pigs starter Brian Mazone with a four run third inning giving them a 4-0 lead.  Mazone left after four, having given up those 4 runs on six hits.  He didn’t walk a batter and struck out three.  The game remained 4-0 until the ‘Pigs put up a six spot in the sixth inning, the key blow being a JJ Furmaniak grand slam, his 4th homer of the year. Lehigh Valley added another run in the 7th and held on for the 7-5 win.  Jake Woods (5-1) got the win in relief, while Steven Register earned his 4th save of the year by pitching 2 scoreless innings.  Both Terry Tiffee (3-5,r) and David Newhan (3-3, 2RBI) had huge nights for Lehigh Valley, while Mike Cervenak added 2 hits as well.

7/12/09–Rochester bounced back to win Game Two of the quick two game series on Sunday 5-3, splitting the games with the IronPigs.  Carlos Carrasco was on the mound looking to bounce back from an awful outing his last start, and had a decent start, going 6.2 innings, and giving up 3 runs on 6 hits.  His control was much better, walking just one and striking out six.  His issue of the day was the home run ball, of which he gave up two.  Cedric Bowers, (2-2), who has been excellent almost all year took the loss in relief for the ‘Pigs.   Rochester knocked solo homers in both the first and third innings, while the ‘Pigs kept the game close by scoring two in the second on a two run error. The game stayed tied at 2 until the seventh when back to back doubles drove Carrasco out of the game, giving thr Red Wings the 3-2 lead.  An RBI double by David Newhan tied the game back up at three, however two runs by ROchester in the 8th iced the win. Newhan had a big game going 3-4 and Mike Cervenak had his third consecutive multi hit game for Lehigh Valley.

Transactions:  Reliever Francisco Butto was sent down to Reading for the weekend to give them an extra arm as they lost both Kyle Drabek and Yohan FLande to the Futures Game.

Notes: Fridays start was Kendrick’s 8th quality start in his last 10 starts.

Sergio Escalona has allowed 1 ER in his last 9LV appearances

Andy Tracy was selected to participate in the International League Home Run derby.

Reliever Steven Register has not allowed an earned run in his last 7 appearances.

Expect to see Jason Donald back in the ‘Pigs lineup, absent a setback, sometime next weekend.

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  1. For anyone who has been watching the LhV games – please provide any input you can on Marson. I know he doesn’t have a high slugging %, but does he hit the ball hard, just w/o elevation? Also, it appears he is starting to draw walks again the way he did last year. I welcome you to share your comments. If he’s not part of a trade for a starting pitcher, it looks like he’ll probably be up sometime in September for good.

  2. Marson has been hitting the ball extremely hard into the gaps. He has begun walking a ton again, but has not been hitting for power. I agree that he will be a September callup for sure.

  3. As an aside, I dont ever think Marson will be a power guy…5-10 homers at the most per year, but alot of success can come with the way he hits.

  4. On this team getting on base is all Marson has to do. It will probably take an injury to him up . Its not like the catchers could do worse.
    Gary Majewski started so well. It was like he was on the doorstep. BTW Koplove is still pitching well and is missed

  5. If you translated a .378 OBP and .377 Slugging from AAA to the Majors, do you think you’d really get better than .340/.374?

  6. If Marson hits 8th, handles the staff well, gets on base a lot, and hits line drives, he will be a big plus on this team. My view is that he needs a little time with a quality hitting coach to learn how to elevate the ball – I think he could be more than a 5-10 hr guy – catchers so often develop power late.

  7. I do think he will do better than .240 obp for June and .211 obp for July. Don’t you

  8. marson is quietly putting up a very good year at AAA and could end up with a great year at the tradjectory he is currently on. i think that the concerns about his power developing are premature.

    he is young and very athletic and will develop power with age. joe mauer didn’t hit more than 5 home runs in a minor league season (and had a slugging % lower than ob% in several minor league seasons). Mauer already has 15 hr this year, his age 26 season.

    i am not saying that marson is the same prospect mauer was. the point is that these kids develop strength over time. and until thier body develops, the worst thing that they can do is try to be something they are not. marson is doing the smart thing, which is playing within his current capabilities. his .298/.377 are very good hitting stats for a catcher, and will be higher at the end of the season.

    too often, people forget that you have to project with these kids. not just with marson, but with many others, people just assume what they are in AA is what they will be. if they don’t have a tool now, they can’t develop it. that conclusion is counter to historical data. there are plenty of examples on our current mlb team that prove that point.

  9. If marson is good enought defensely. Then want is the power question, ruiz has no power, either does bako. This team already has 4 -20+ homerun hitters in there lineup and felix is another , rollins is having a off year but he is another so out of 8 positon 6 will hit for power, so why can’t marson and his single hitting style be good for the big club,

  10. I have seen a lot of baseball but never a falloff like Ruiz. He looked so good the first two months. Does anyone have an explaination?

    Wouldn’t we all like to know who or what got into Feliz’s head.
    He is nothing like last year. At this point take the option. I haven’t looked it up but he seems to be getting to a lot more balls. good for him.
    BTw how does Omar keep his job???

  11. Since this was a LV weekend update, I just figured felix was a new player for the Pigs.

    Otherwise, not sure why Pedro Feliz would be discussed in this thread…

  12. Was talking about marson and his lack of power, and mention we have all these guys now who hit homers , so was about a pigs player,

  13. No problem Mike my grandfather was named felix. lol
    I dont see any agrument against Marson now.

  14. I know .298/.377 is a decent stat line, but even if he ended the year that way with no power, I’d say it was a step back from last years stats. If he hit .298/.377 with 10-12 HR’s this year that’d be a different story completely.

  15. no problem mike. i just wish we were talking about the ace for the mariners. Marson should get callup in sept. then compete for start or platoon. If he is going to be the backup next year i’d rather see him stay in AAA for 1/2 a year more.

  16. Marson won’t start for the phillies for atleast another 2 years at min., probably 3. He doesn’t deserve a call-up this year. However, should he finish the year well, give him a chance to compete with bako in spring training next year and let their spring statistics determine who gets the job. I would want it set up identical to the Happ/Park competition this year. The best numbers wins, no excuses (though hopefully marson prove himself).

  17. When I say backup, I mean a backup/platoon, so say he’d catch in 60 games or so and pinch hit in the rest.

  18. PPFan. Agree power develops later for some. But it’s not a question of strength. It’s more a question of a hitter’s approach, swing, how much leverage he gets into driving the ball. Marson has a good physique and lots of strength now. I saw him drive the ball off the wall in CF in Durham during the pre-Olympic games last year. The ball never got more than 10-12 feet off the ground. It was a tracer bullet that carried 408 feet. Plenty of strength, but like Mauer, he will have to learn to adjust in majors to get more power production from his ABs. I agree with you it will happen over time. Another guy like that was Lieberthal, who hit few HRs early and then around 30 one year in majors.

  19. wow! 2 or 3years are you kidding? supra, marson is batting around .300 after adjusting to AAA. must be hitting .350 since then. I think he is almost MLB ready now but on a championship team you bring him along slowly. On a lot of teams he would be ready to start next year; i think he would be a good platoon with ruiz next year.

  20. I think Marson has certainly shown that he’s earned a September call-up this year and should be given a legit chance to win the job outright in 2010.

    If he proves he has the ability to handle the defensive aspects of the job, then he is an upgrade over Ruiz/Bako even if he shows no power. If he wins the job, then either Ruiz/Bako become the back-up catcher with Marson getting 75-80% of the starts.

    As for this year, you don’t gamble by throwing a rookie catcher into a 2nd half pennant race when it’s not necessary.

  21. It is a gamble because a catcher’s main responsibility is calling the game and handling the pitching staff. There’s a difference between fantasy baseball and the game that’s played on the field.

  22. Come September they will always add a 3rd Catcher. Marson has hit well at AAA, and rising his Batting Average as high as it is now, he has hit at a very good rate in recent play. There is no reason to trade for that 3rd Catcher and for a call-up there is no other choice. Barring injury, they should play him as much as possible in non-critical games, and should be granted the opportunity to win the starting job in Spring of ’10. If Marson adapts to all the required catching perogatives in ’10 he can move to permanent starter status.

  23. Marfis
    You saw him here. What do YOU think he lacks.
    The positive ploy would of been to use Ruiz’s sore neck to DL
    him and give him a chance to get it together. Right now is lost.
    He would not have lost too much time because of the break.

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