Williamsport and GCL Weekly Report

The shortseason teams are in full swing, so let’s get to the recaps. GCL, as usual, has missed a few games due to the rain.

Williamsport: 9-8, 1 GB, T2nd Place in the NYPL Pinckney Division

Batavia beats Williamsport 5-1

There wasn’t much to report on this night. James, Castro, Hewitt and Batts each had single hits with Hewitt also walking and score the team’s only run. Lebron gave 4 ER on 10 H and 2 BB in 5 innings.

Williamsport beats Batavia 4-3

Castro had a 2B, 3B and 2 R to pace the offense. TJ Warren had 2 H including a 2B and 2 RBI. Hewitt had a 3B and an RBI while Porter also added a 2B and RBI. Josh Zeid pitched 3 hitless innings while striking out 4. He did allow 4 BBs and an earned run.

Williamsport beats Batavia 10-7

Jeremy Barnes had 3 H including a 3B and a HR which led to 4 RBI and 2 R. Valle also added a HR among his two hits while Murillo and Warren added two hits a piece. Pettibone picked up his first win, going 5 IP, allowing 5 R (1 ER) on 6 H and 2 BB. He struck out 3.

Williamsport beats Mahoning Valley 2-1

Barnes had 2 H including a 2B and an RBI and a R. Buschini added an RBI and a R to make up the offense. Matt Way went 4 IP, allowing 1 ER on 3 H and a BB while striking out 5. Lugo got the win, striking out 3 over 2 IP while allowing  1 H and Austin Hyatt struck out 4 over 3 IP to get the save.

Williamsport beats Mahoning Valley 4-3

Valle continued his hot hitting, going 3/5 with a 2B, 3B and 3 RBI. Barnes was 2/4 with a 2B, BB and 2 R. Jiwan James also had 2 H, BB and R. Hernandez got his first win, going 5 scoreless innings, allowing 3 H and a BB while tallying 4 K.

Mahoning Valley beats Williamsport 3-0

Porter had 2 H, while Hewitt and James added one a piece on a listless night for the offense. Zeid allowed the only two hits, as well as 2 BB, for MV over 4.2 IP, giving up 2 ER while striking out 3.

State College defeats Williamsport 5-4

Barnes was 2/5 with a 2B. Valle was 2/3 with a BB and RBI, while Buschini added two hits and an RBI. Jiwan James was 1/3 with an RBI, R and 2 BB. Lebron gave up 4 ER on 8 H and a BB in 7 IP. He struck out 4.

State College defeats Williamsport 11-3

Barnes went 3/5 with a 2B. Valle was 2/2 with an RBI, R and 2 BB. Hewitt was 2/4 with an RBI, but committed his 9th, 10th and 11th errors in the field. Pettibone got hit around to the tune of 6 ER in 3 IP. He allowed 6 H and a BB while striking out 2. Wertz gave up 5 unearned runs in 3 IP as well.

GCL Phillies: 3-6, 5 GB, 5th place in the GCL North

Yankees beat Phillies 6-1

Dugan was 1/3 with a 2B. Brian Gump was 1/3 with an RBI and Edgar Duran added two hits and a run. Sosa gave up 6 ER in 2.2 IP on 5 H and 4 BB. He struck out 3. Korey Noles struck out 6 in 3.1 IP.

Yankees beat Phillies 8-7 in 10.

Domingo Santana went 1/4, hitting a grand slam for his first professional HR. He added a walk as well and struck out three other ABs. Dugan was 1/2 with a R and a BB. Villan went 2/5 with a R and an RBI. Ryan Sasaki gave up 2 ER on 3 H and 3 BB in 3 IP. He struck out 2.

Tigers beat Phillies 7-4

Santana was 2/4 with a HR, 2 RBI and 2 R. Dugan went 1/4 with a R. Matt McConnell was 3/4 with 2 2B and a BB. Julio Rodriguez had another superb outing, going 6 innings, allowing 1 unearned run on 3 H and 0 BB while striking out 7. He now has 14 K in 11 IP. Aussie prospect Todd Van Steensel didn’t fare as well, giving up 6 R (5 ER) on 3 H and 2 BB in 0.2 IP.

Phillies beat Tigers 4-3

Santana supplied much of the offense with another HR, this time a 3R shot. Marlon Mitchell added a hit and a walk as well. Kevin Angelle had a mediocre outing, giving up 2 ER on 3 H and 3 BB in 3.2 IP. He struck out 2. Justin Beal picked up the win, allowing only one hit while striking out 4 over 3 innings.

Blue Jays beat Phils 3-2

Santana was 1/4 with a 2B and Francisco Diaz was 2/2. Cesar Hernandez. added two hits as well. Sasaki went 4 IP, allowing an ER on 2 H. He didn’t walk anyone and struck out 5. Mathieson threw another inning, allowing an unearned run on 2 H and a BB. He didn’t record a strikeout.

Blue Jays beat Phillies 6-3

Santana was 2/4 with 2 2B and a R. Jason Donald was 1/3 with a R in a rehab assignment. Not much else on offense for the Phils. Van Steensel got the start and gave up 2 ER on 3 H and 0 BB in 4 IP. He struck out 5. Tall righty Chase Johnson gave up 2 ER in 2 IP and struck out 2.

34 thoughts on “Williamsport and GCL Weekly Report

  1. Thanks for the report, codyrhoads. NYPL hitters live in fear of Way’s change-up. 1 hit in 6 IP tonight!

    Also Jason Donald made a rehab start with the GCL Phils tonight. He did not make an error and did not have a double.

  2. By the way, tonight was the first extended look at Todd Van Steensel, a prospect we signed at the beginning of 2008. Here’s the link to the story that andyb posted at the time. Apparently he was throwing mid-80s then: http://www.baseball.com.au/default.asp?Page=41256

    This link has his signing bonus: http://blacktown-advocate.whereilive.com.au/sport/story/pitcher-signs-up-for-phillies/

    And this link is to where Todd posted on this website following his signing: https://phuturephillies.com/2008/02/04/info-on-two-foreign-signings/

    Finally, this link says he throws 140…km/h (or ~87mph): http://www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph/story/0,22049,23216284-5001023,00.html

  3. Way interests me, for a college senior at least. I think there’s a good chance he could follow the footsteps of Happ/Maloney to the big leagues.

  4. Can Santana hit anything but an extra base hit? He has 8 hits, 4 dbls and 3 HRs. He hit all the dingers with men on base. He strikes out a lot but he’s only 17 years old. He’s a kid I’ll keep my eye on.

    When I look in the box scores every day. I look at Dugan and Hewitt and utter an expletive. I keep telling myself to be thankful for all Susdorf, Knapp, May, Worley etc. etc. etc.

    Thanks Cody for your efforts.

  5. Boston I am reading about these aussie kids, my question is naylor is nothing special, and harmon can’t hit, where is this wealth of talent. Is it me or can you tell me where is all the top aussie talent,

  6. I think it’s way too early to draw any conclusions about Dugan. Small sample size and first professional year – he gets a pass from me.

    Hewitt, on the other hand, makes me wonder, again, out loud, what they heck they were thinking when they picked him. How many Phillies “tool shed” first round position player picks have panned out? Don’t all stand up at once. It’s a long trail of misery. So why keep repeating the mistake?

  7. Thanks Cody – I always have trouble following the short season leagues at the start of the season – it takes me time to sort out which prospects are worth watching. The writeups certainly help. Domingo Santana is certainly getting our attention in the early going, isn’t he?

    – Jeff

  8. I think Santana is 16 for about another month yet. People want to obsess over the highest picks for some reason. Let them develop with the playing time they need and they may get the process right in time.

    Good game from Matthew Way, as has been noted on Crosscutters’ website and http://www.milb.com . 6 innings and one hit. Also , starting to look at Williamsport’s closer Austin Hyatt. 3 inning save, and I believe 6 strikeouts. I think he has had other 3 inning relief appaearances as well. Have to look that up. Could develop into a useful player.

  9. I think it’s way too early to draw any conclusions about Dugan. Small sample size and first professional year – he gets a pass from me.

    Hewitt, on the other hand, makes me wonder, again, out loud, what they heck they were thinking when they picked him. How many Phillies “tool shed” first round position player picks have panned out? Don’t all stand up at once. It’s a long trail of misery. So why keep repeating the mistake?

  10. Marfis, Austin Hyatt appears to be 23 years old already, so it is hard to tell whether his 16 strikeouts in 10 innings or his 0.90 ERA and 0.90 WHIP really mean anything at this level.

  11. Way should move up quickly like Worley and Stutes did last season since his Wpt. numbers are better. His 0.43 WHIP is the best in the NY-Penn and his 0.64 ERA is second.

  12. Seems alot of the people they just took in the draft a couple of days ago are already washed up. Seems like they give people a chance to move up through playing time for a reason. Those older candidates who do not produce will not go far, it is likely. A relief pitcher who does can advance quickly. Especially being able to pitch frequently for a good number of innings. That alone will go along way.
    I say they give them an opportunity to pitch where there is an opening, and, if they do well, worry about the placement later.

  13. Think the Phils may have found someone here in Matt Way based on this report in the Wpt. Sun-Gazette by Mitch Rupert:

    Way threw 50 of his 67 pitches (75 percent) for strikes, threw a first-pitch strike to 15 of the 19 batters he faced, and ran just four two-ball counts.

    “That’s how you draw it up,” Crosscutters manager Chris Truby said. “He used his fastball and change-up to get ahead. And he went six innings and threw under 70 pitches. Credit him for attacking the zone with everything he had.”

    “He was absolutely shoving,” Barnes said. “His change-up was unbelievable. It’s fun to play behind someone pitching like that.”

    After giving up a one-out single on a fastball up in the zone to the second batter of the game, and following that with a flyout to right field, Way allowed just three balls out of the infield over the final 5 1/3 innings he pitched. He struck out five, didn’t walk a batter, and retired 16 of the final 17 he faced. The only batter to reach did so on an error.

    For the most part I felt like I could spot the ball wherever I wanted to,” said Way, who’s given up just four hits in 14 innings pitched this year. “My fastball was good to both sides of the plate. Obviously, I wish I wouldn’t have left that one pitch up a bit. But other than that, I can’t do much better than what I did.”

  14. Ryan Howard, Michael Taylor, Matt Way . . . how’s that for a nice group of 5th round draft picks?

  15. Way sounds alot like Cisco last year with that kind of control. He could move fast if there were spots open which there aren’t. This Santana kid must be a special player if he’s hitting 18/19 yr olds as a 16 yr old. Let’s hope he keeps getting bigger and stronger. As for our minor league infielders, what a sad lot. I think that Jason Donald will bounce back now that he’s had a chance to relax and get back to basics. I still think he claims that utility role next season if he isn’t taded first. Its a shame that Harman can’t hit enough because he has great infielder’s hands, can play multiple positions, and has some power but its looking like he’ll be a washout after this season if he can’t pick it up in the second half.

  16. Well 3 more rbi for Santana today an two doubles for Dugan
    maybe a break thru.

  17. I doubt Harman becomes a washout, he’s still fairly young, he’s Australian so the learning curve is a little different, and he can play multiple positions. Just look at our roster and see how far that got Eric Bruntlett….

  18. I’m sure this will be on your next update but kudos for Hewitt for picking the perfect time for his first HR of the year.
    10th inning game winner in a 1-0 game. Great confidence booster!

  19. HE STRUCK OUT! OMG!!!!1!1!!1!

    For real though, good to see. His average is on the rise in general.

  20. Hewitt had another error. That’s 12 in 16 games. Every time the ball is hit to him you have to hold your breath. The HR was nice but he reminds me of J.J. Henry. If he played the OF that’s who he’d be. I’m not giving up on a top pick already but there’s nothing to get excited about here either.

  21. I can’t remember a short season double shutout that long.
    Usually the defense will give something up even if the pitchers
    Nice start by Long,but is Nicholas Hernandez going to be one of those underachieving college players the Phils snap and still only 20.
    Hewitt has too much on his plate for now. Improved hitting may lead to improved fielding but I am on hold with him until
    next year.

  22. barnes is the kid i saw alot at notre dame. good player and ss keep your eyes on him

  23. Harman is not remotely close to washing out. People on here judge him as a prospect, but what else do they have at AA and AAA? Non-prospects. If they release Harman and next Spring Training rolls around, what would you prefer to do for a AAA team? Sign some more Pablo Ozuna, Jorge Valendia, J.J. Furmaniak, Ozzie Chavez, Carlos Leon, and on and on and on and on, types?

  24. Forgot to include some Short Season stuff, so let’s look at Middle Infield , again. Fwiw, I see they now list Adam Buschini as 3B on roster, though he has not played there, yet. (from 2B before) If this portends things to come, maybe they alternate Buschini there (3B) with Anthony Hewitt and the other DH’s. Then Barnes and Evan Porter become the main guys at 2B and SS. This is the move I suggested when they first signed Buschini, by the way.

    At GCL, I say Jonathon Vilian is showing promise , so far, and should move into the SS prospect array, in a relatively short time. Cesar Hernandez should be the main guy in GCL at 2B , for now, and should advance in status soon, also.

  25. Hewitt has shown baby steps in improvement. It is somewhat encouraging. Ya gotta like a Buschini in Philly. He is plays everywhere..

  26. Santana hit by a pitch in the 2nd inning today and was replaced by a pinch runner. Hopefully nothing serious.

  27. College pitchers should dominate in this SS leagues, right? I would think that pitchers should do much better in these leagues period. I am guessing the batters switching from metal to wood has the largest impact (college pitchers blowing away HS kids too).
    Does anyone know if this hypothesis that pitchers dominate the hitters is generally true?

  28. Marfis, as you’ve noted before, those rosters on milb.com are sometimes wrong. Every game that Buschini has played so far has been at 2B. I highly doubt that anyone besides Hewitt will be playing at 3B, unless Hewitt gets the night off to DH.

    jbourne, in general you are correct. I haven’t looked up the data, but that is what everyone else says about college pitchers in short-season ball.

  29. Mathieson also pitched well last night, let’s hope he can make it all the way back.

    Meanwhile Donald seems to have mastered the art of going 1/3 in the GCL. Three games in a row!

  30. Yeah, I know those milb rosters are often wrong, but I did say they just changed Buschini’s position from 2B to 3B, and that he hasn’t played there yet.

    By the way, Buschini, so far , has struck out at a higher rate than Hewitt. Not higher math , either. Hewitt 20 strikeouts in 63 at bats, which is slightly under 1/3. Buschini 13 strikeouts in 39 at bats, which is fully 1/3. Buschini came through a college program, so Hewitt is improving. He has average up to .222 now , which came up some, has made more contact lately, and errors are not way out of line for the level. Has roughly the same amount of errors as Carlos Valenzuela. Kim Batiste once made like 84 errors in low A, and he made it as MLB infielder. I think Hewitt is getting into the rythm of playing, learning something, and will continue to improve through the season, and be assigned to Lakewood next season.

    Any news on Domingo Santana , being hit by pitch, being run for by Miguel Alvarez , and leaving the game yesterday, this would be a good place for it.

    Ely Izzuriaga, LHP, promoted to GCL, from Venezuela League Phillies. I think he will get chance as starter.

  31. Dugan with 2 singles 2 SBs & a RS…he seems to be settling in down in Florida….

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