Middle Infield–A Second Look

The second trip around for the middle infield.  All basic stats are included.  If there are other stats that are standing out, I have included them as well.

Lehigh Valley

Miguel Cairo–Age 35–,302/.347/.434; 159 AB, 4HR 22 RBI, .341 with RISP, .387 vs. LHP.  8 errors, .957 fielding %. (30 games at SS, 6 at 3B, 6 at 2B, 1 at 1B) 

Jorge Velandia–Age 34–.190/.292/.333; 21AB, 1 HR 3RBI, 2 errors, .933 fielding %, (4 games at SS, 2 at 3B, 1 at 2B). Currently on DL

Jason Donald–Age 24–.230/293/.324; 204 AB, 1HR 16 RBI, 6SB, 52K, .148 with RISP, .217 vs. RHP. .310 vs LHP, 5 errors, .978 fiedling %, (44 games at SS, 3 at 3B, 3 at 2B) .  Has been on DL since 6/12/09.

JJ Furmaniak–Age 29–.224/.284/.337, 3 HR 26 RBI, .218 with RISP, 7 errors, .972 fielding %, (30 games at 3B, 28 at 2B, 2 at SS)

Pablo Ozuna–Age 34, Currently serving a 50 game suspension for positive steroid test.


Ozzie Chavez–Age 26–.234/.279/.255;  0 HR 15 RBI, .224 with RISP, 7 errors, .972 fielding %, 59 games at SS

Brad Harmon–Age 23–.230/.293/.359; 5 HR 33 RBI, .206 with RISP; .295 in May, .161 in June; 4 errors, .989 fielding %, 79 games at 2B

Carlos Leon–Age 29–.221/.347/.308; 0 HR 7 RBI; .115 with RISP; 7 errors, .946 fielding %; 28 games at SS, 10 games at 3B, 4 at 2B.


Fidel Hernandez–Age 23–.286/.311/.337; 276 AB; 1 HR 20 RBI, 10 SB, .188 with RISP, 5 errors, .985 fielding %. 65 games at 2B, 4 at SS.

Freddie Galvis–Age 19, Has been on DL since 5/7/09. .250/.315/.604 ; 1 HR 6 RBI, 6SB; .261 with RISP; 4 errors

Jesus Villegas Andino–Age 22–.277/.340/.285; 195 AB, 4 HR 29 RBI, 7 SB, 14 errors, .933 fiedling %; 47 games at SS, 5 games at 3B, 6 games at 2B.  (Stats are combined Lakewood and CLearwater)

Yonderman Rodriguez–Age 22–.250/.329/.316, 196 AB, 2 HR 17 RBI, 7 SB 7 CS, .255 with RISP, 9 errors, .954 fielding %. 38 games at 3B; 13 games at 2B; 8 at SS; 1 in LF.  Note: I have placed him as a middle infielder as Cody Overbeck is getting the bulk of playing time at 3B.


Harold Garcia–Age 22–.281/.339/.414.  278 AB, 5 HR 36 RBI, 24 SB, .338 with RISP, 11 errors, .964 fielding %.  All games at 2B.

Troy Hanzawa–Age 23–.272/.349/.339; 239 AB; 1 HR 20 RBI; 5 SB 8 CS; .257 with RISP; 11 errors, .960 fielding %.  All games at SS.


Jeremy Barnes–Age 22–.373/.417/.582; 67 AB, 2 HR 8 RBI, 3SB, .300 with RISP, 6 errors, .921 fielding %.  15 games as SS.

Evan Porter–Age 22–.233/.258/.333; 30 AB, 0HR 2 RBI; 1 error, .971 fielding %; 6 games at 2B, 2 games at SS.

Alan Schoenberger–Age 20–.133/.235/.300; 1 HR 4 RBI; 1 SB; 3 errors, .925 fielding %; 4 games at 3B, 2 games at 2B; 5 games at SS; 1 game in LF.  (Combined Williamsport/Lakewood).

GCL– Have only played 8 games thus far.  Look for stats during the third and final trip around the system this year.

Matt McConnell–Age 22

Cesar Hernandez–Age 19

Jon Villan–Age 18

Edgar Duran–Age 18

21 thoughts on “Middle Infield–A Second Look

  1. What injury does Galvis have? He looked like he was making progress with his bat.

  2. Donald will be back after the IL all star break. I belive Galvis had a broken finger but I will double check

  3. Crazy that the no hit guy Galvis has been hitting better then Donald and Harman. I’m not even sure if Harman is much of a prospect anymore.

  4. Gregg/Krukker…Galvis does have a broken finger. I thought I remembered reading that he was expected back within the next week or so, but I could be wrong on that.

  5. Im glad our middle infield is under contract for a couple more years because this doesnt look promising.

  6. Thanks for injury update on Galvis ,i hope he could still work out during time off,I think when he fills out a little more he could be fun to watch.

  7. Clearly, this is not an area of strength.

    The team can only rest on Utley and Rollins’ laurels for so long.

    They are going to have to address this problem in a big way in the next 2 or 3 drafts. They should probably also be looking for trades at the minor league levels. Someone’s going to want our young pitching.

    Come back Adrian Cardenas!!!!

  8. I would make a joke about moving MY to shortstop but someone would think I am serious.

  9. MY? Are we trading for Michael Young and moving him back to SS?!
    Seriously, this is a sad group aside from Donald. Galvis has hit better than I expected but is still the Phillies version of Rey Ordonez. Donald still has some time to get back into the hunt when he comes back from the injury. And the lower minors have little. Perhaps one of the latin signings can turn things around? Rollins is showing his age and suddenly there is a focus here.

  10. Harold Garcia is at least somewhat intriguing no? Some power, good speed…slightly old though

  11. Also, who else would be in favor of giving Cairo another crack at the big club, at Bruntlett’s expense? That .378 against lefties is looking good. And he is an accomplished MLB PH, despite his crap start this year

    It’s not like Bruntlett gives that much more versatility either, I guess he can play OF (poorly) in a pinch, but Mayberry Jr gives them a far better option as a defensive replacement there

  12. If J-Roll was showing his age, he’d be having a career year.

    I would also give Bruntlett’s roster spot to Cairo. Bruntlett is basically useless. Cairo is at least hitting, even though his defense isn’t stellar.

  13. Donald started at SS for the GCL club today, going 1 for 3 with a single and a run scored. As an aside, Domingo Santana had 2 doubles today and is now batting .308 for the GCL Phils.

  14. As others have noted, not many prospects here. Good news is that there is no need for a starting middle IF’er on the big league roster for the next 2-3 years.

  15. I wouldn’t AB. Cairo’s performance over the last five years far outweighs his AAA statistics, and I doubt he can capably play much shortstop anymore.

  16. A Middle Infielder who plays behind Utley and Rollins on this team will not play much and because of that will not hit much. Cairo , though he may be capable of playing all the infield positions and Left and Right, would not be a good long term defensive pick at any, though maybe they could scrape by at 2B and LF. C F no, but Bruntlett played mostly as C F in the minors, and will get to balls and make the catch , which should count more than internet style points. Bruntlett would also cover more ground in the Infield than Cairo. Mayberry may not be counted on, as , with the return of Ibanez, he may be sent to Lehigh Valley. He would not be needed to platoon or as a defensive replacement in that case, and I doubt they will let him sit as a pinch-hitter. There is value in having 3 catchers who know the pitchers and the like, so there may be a good stategy to keep the 3 catchers. Coste may not be quite as good defensively as Ruiz or Bako. So maybe they move Coste to Lehigh Valley, I would think that would be doubtful.
    If they do that, then the move should be Coste to Lehigh Valley, and Cairo added to Bruntlett as Infield back-up. I believe Mayberry goes to Lehigh Valley. So, I say, the bench will either be: Coste, Bako, Bruntlett, Dobbs, Stairs , or, Bako, Bruntlett, Cairo, Dobbs , Stairs. I like option 2. How’s that.

  17. Bruntlett gives them more versatility than Cairo provides.

    Its fascinating how a guy who had just 32 at-bats in June (with 1/2 of those coming in the 4 days that Rollins was benched) is somehow see as a major problem.

  18. Compared to the system’s “glut” of oncoming pitching and outfield prospects, their middle infielders indicate a nearly bare cupbourd.

    TRULY, next drafting needs to help here–a lot–and meanwhile pray that one or more of their Latin signees steps forward.

    Should J-Roll go down with extended injury…horrendous to contemplate.

    And, of course in the off-saeasson ahead, Bruntlett should be replaced and that role upgraded. But having a good middle infielder who can play good defense is primary with offense to be at least “decent.” A veteran ss/utility guy needed.

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