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As I said a few days ago, there are a number of things Im working on with the site right now to try and make it better. I’ve added a Glossary/FAQ which helps explain some of the more advanced statistics used here, as well as how options and service time work. I also wanted to thank everyone who visits here regularly and partakes in the daily discussion. This year, the three draft days were three of the most active days in the history of the site, with 11,000+ hits every day, and 18,800 hits on June 10th, our busiest day ever. June was also the busiest month in the history of the site, with over 200,000 hits.

I’ve tried to get back in the swing of writing more here, of participating in the conversations. And I’ve noticed that people continue to just post whatever random comments they think of in places where its not appropriate. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, its very disrespectful to the people who take time to contribute content for this site for you to just take it off topic with the first thing that pops into your head. So from this point on, I’m just going to delete those comments when I see them. 99% of the people here are respectful, this is just a memo to those who aren’t. If your comments start disappearing, you know why.

And to wrap it up, have a happy holiday weekend, and thanks for continuing to come back.

61 thoughts on “Just a few quick comments

  1. Please keep the Daily Discussions coming. Asking baseball fans to be retraint is a hard thing . We all get excited
    When you get back I would like an extended history in your eyes of Domingo Santana who has hit his third HR today.
    If you please. Happy Fourth and try to “drive like Harry”.

  2. I am going to Reading tonight and am very excited to see Michael Taylor. I read Kevin G.’s assessment on him and it is like a guy who does not swing for home runs, but hits them anyway is a problem. In a smaller CBP, that would be the perfect approach, less k’s. Geez, I don’t want them to trade him, Drabek, or Brown. I don’t know who is pitching, but I hope it is Savery.

  3. please delete all comments from john.ne. not only can he not type or use proper grammar, but his comments are consistently awful.

  4. Anonymous at least he is ashamed to use his name. His opinion are his right, but someone who is afraid to back up his opinion with is name is embarrasing

  5. Dot your Is and cross your Ts and good posters you will be.
    signed Anonymous
    This is supposed to be a place of fun and learning. Whatever personal problems you have Mr. Anonymous Please air them somewhere else.
    I just added Domingo Santana to my bookmarks. I hope his age is true. Power at 16 is incredible. Another fun guy to follow. Congrats to Trevor May.

  6. Please keep the daily discussions coming along. I do not post often but I do enjoy your site. I also have no problem if you decide to delete posts.

  7. I certainly don’t join anon in his call to have John banned. However, I do wish John would put a little effort into composing sentences instead of a stream of conciousness (grammar and spelling don’t have to be perfect; goodness knows I’m not); I’m sure he is capable of it. I’m not optimistic about getting better substance from him, but it’s a free country, he has a right to his opinion.

    He, as well as some others, myself included, probably should also work a little harder to stay on topic.

  8. nameless one i believe names are usually capitalized. larry i,m glad to see a short story rather than a novel.and ill certainly try to live up to your rather bizarre expectations. please lets stick to bb on this birthday of freedom.

  9. btw to anyone who has served our country in defense of freedom, thank you.

  10. Maybe I’m missing something, but isn’t it a plus to have a guy who is so amazingly talented that he can try to hit for average (and succeed) and simply hits a lot of home runs by mistake? Isn’t that the best of both worlds?

  11. is anyone else bothered by fox,s going to manny,s every at bat? it,s not like gehrig has returned.

  12. catch are you talking about utley? he has the sweetest lefthanded swing iv,e seen in a long time.

  13. Yes John…very very bothered. I’m disgusted that Fox thinks Manny should be the face of MLB and is celebrating his return.

  14. Congrats on the upward trending popularity of the sight, PP- and I’m glad to see you contributing regularly again. I personally value reading your oppinions (although I still think you’re dead wrong on Sampson!) and I know most others on here do too. I’m also not entirely opposed to you deleting off-the-wall and off-the-topic posts.

    And yea I don’t understand the MLB’s love affair with Manny- he isn’t even that great of a player plus he’s an asshole and a proven cheater. He provides piss poor defense at arguably the poorest defensive position and his bat is streaky and influenced too heavily by his contract situations. Not to mention he is a general pain the the butt. He and LA deserve eachother.

  15. I found it appalling that I had to watch a convicted cheater be glorified in his return epecially since he has shown no remorse whatsoever and refuses to even talk about it.

  16. Phuturephillies: My first post.
    I am extremely pleased to hear your continued dedication to this site. To lose this site would be a tremendous disappointment to the ever growing list of Phillies fans.

    I love the website and have been reading it for nearly 3 years. I absolutely appreciate your knowledge and comments (and those of your contributors as well!). It is unfortunate that you need to ‘police’ the site but please continue to provide your commentary.

    There is NO OTHER SITE as good as this one to find out some objective (still from a fan perspective though) insight and opinion.

    I know that you go through cycles when the site just seems too divergent from your original plan. It is impossible to make a site pleasing to everyone, especially with this much interaction. It is almost like you are doomed by your own popularity/great job.


  17. Saw the Reading victory last night. A few thoughts: Harman can play 2b, holes on offense. Taylor has all the tools, a bit lethargic in RF on two balls- confounding me on his approach to each. Savery’s stuff is marginal; throws a bit across his body and arm angle is not always right. When it is, fastball is 89 w/ downward movement; big, thick body; breaking ball is ok w/ an ok change; tons of foul balls; not many swings and misses. Brummett closed the game out. Throws 92 and in charge.

  18. Chance Chapman is on a minirun lets hope he has got it.
    Tyson Brummett also . Maybe he likes the pen.
    Btw beating the mets doesn’t seem like something to be proud of.

  19. One thing I never heard before is Taylor is lazy, In fact his defense is always one of the things people who see him rave about. Interesting you thought he dogged a couple of balls.

  20. Approached them oddly would be a better way of putting it. One on the ground down the RF line, he could have picked up, turned and thrown to 2nd; he actually just let it roll by him, turned, ran to pick up the carom and fired it in to the cutoff. Turned a double into a triple. I had a pretty good view of it and was not sure what he was doing. The other ball he picked up off the wall and just turned around and fired it, nowhere near the cutoff man. I have heard all of the reports on his good defense, so maybe this was just an aberration.??

  21. Chapman did not appear to have a great breaking ball, but both he and Brummett have live arms. I was extremely impressed with Harman’s d. He turned 2 or 3 great dp’s and made a super play in the 9th to help Brummett get settled in.

  22. when they had film of carrasco csn thursday i was VERY surprised at his slider. much, much better than the last i saw him. amaro said he wasnt ready mentally to paraphrase. alot of you probably saw it but if that slider is for real carrasco has 2 legitimate pitches. i was very impressed something carrasco had never done for me.

  23. Very interesting thoughts on Harman. To me, he is, perhaps, the biggest enigma in the minor league system. He appears to have raw tools and, apparently, he can field. He gets hot for two or three weeks at a time, but then he regresses to the point where you feel he hasn’t made any progress. When he hits, he hits for power. But he goes into extended funks where he doesn’t do anything.

    He has no trade value, and he’s still relatively young, so I guess they’ll keep him around thinking that, at worst he’ll be organizational filler or a bench guy, but the underlying talent seems real. Perhaps he’s just one of these guys who will never be able to hit good breaking stuff.

    Who knows?

  24. John from philly-
    isn’t that three good pitches from carrasco and an average one if the slider is good?
    fastball is good, change is great, and the curve is average, and the slider did look good in that video, at least from what i’ve been hearing and seeing.

  25. ive never seen the great change-up but so much the better. the slider wasnt average, it was better than average.

  26. Steve Jeltz: I saw the Reading game also, had seat behind home plate. Agree on Harmon, although he looked lost at the plate. I was also a little disappointed in Savery, he will need to build more velocity to be better than marginal.
    Thought Chapman looked much better than I expected.

  27. How about a decent message board function so you don’t go deleting posts. Not really sure what is wrong with commenting on prospects.

  28. RULZ…we technically have a message board – http://phuturephillies.proboards.com/

    It just hasn’t gotten off the ground yet as we all tend to use the comment function for such conversations. Feel free to try and post stuff there and maybe we could jumpstart it again. There’s nothing wrong with commenting on prospects…its more of the “lets talk about the MLB team” or simply to continually harp on a topic like Hewitt in the comments of a post that has nothing to do with him.

  29. No doubt, Harman is an enigma. A month ago, the guy was on fire. Saturday night, he looked lost at the plate. But, he must have the ability to be a solid player b/c you do see flashes. Now, he needs to learn to be consistent; big chore.

  30. is it me or is the story of ibanez strange? heres a guy leading the league in hr,s and rbi,s he goes on the dl and its like he,s never existed.hardly any coverage or even a mention of him. i mean we need this guy back, whats going on? it,s like oh well some guy just pulled his groin well just plug in mayberry and dobbs, maybe hell be back. wierd.

  31. under no circumstances do i deal any significant minor leagers for lee. a year and a half and hes carlton? haren, the best rh in bb, unavailable. peavy hurt. king felix untradable. meche is the guy. unless oswalt becomes available. hes the only ace who will possibly be dealt. minor league untouhables taylor drabek and carrasco is fast approaching that level. i would rather deal minor pieces for meche than major pieces for oswalt. as ive said many times this team will hit its way to a championship. play great defense, run the bases well and this staff plus one is fine.

  32. John,
    Respectfully, How is Carrasco approaching untouchable? I don’t know how much has changed other than his improved slider. He still seems to melt in difficult situations. As you know, pitching is as much guts as it is stuff. Until he proves different, I think he is merely fool’s gold.

  33. John from philly-
    you didn’t know about carrasco’s change? Its his best pitch from all reports.
    also, any one know If carrasco Has replaced the curve with the slider or is using it in addition to the curve?

  34. Re: Taylor’s approach to fielding – I think Taylor frequently takes an intelligent approach to fielding balls. I didn’t have the chance to see the 2 plays where he was viewed as taking an odd approach, but he is rarely the guy who will lay out for a ball so that he may keep it in front of him. He seems to take a calculated risk every once in a while. The two accounts Steve J. gives certainly seem to be an anomale from what I have seen of his defense.

  35. I dont spell well and often cut and paste as in anomale aka
    anomaly. Not to correct but people like us need a hand. thanks
    Did I say the “Cisco Kid was a friend of mine”. Another nice game. How high is his ceiling???????

  36. I don’t really know what Cisco’s ceiling is, but he has been extremely efficient this year after roaring onto the scene last year. I’ve looked back through the archives on this site, and I haven’t read any evaluations of his stuff. My guess is that he beats the odds and makes the majors, most likely as a “crafty righty” type reliever/spot starter.

    – Jeff

  37. FYI – Michael Taylor appears to be out of today’s game. Is he okay?

    Otherwise, another strong start for Drabek.

  38. I think I’m wrong – it looks like he just switch OF positions.

  39. Pitch count at 95 after 7 innings of work so they pinch hit for Drabek in a 2-2 game.

  40. i knew about carrascos change but dont think its as good as i saw his slider. and he hasnt been blowing up like he did earlier in the season. thats why he,s winning. i know he has to mature but it seems like hes doing that. as far as i know.

  41. He’s still only like 22 or 23 and at AAA. He’s been around forever so people are down on him. The fact is he’s pitching great at AAA this year and still will have an impact for the big club.

  42. Great article…Although the writer might possibly be The Lopper, after seeing his photo

  43. Gose must of been dissatisfied with .340 for June. July comes and he is hitting over .400 and approaching .300 overall.
    I for one am impressed.

  44. in case someone hasnt heard the jays are now entertaining offers for halliday.

  45. what site did you read that on john? i’d be interested in reading that. I hope we atleast make a strong offer.
    Brown, carrasco, savery, bastardo, donald. no taylor-no drabek!

  46. I’d be very surprised if a potential deal for Halladay doesn’t include 2/3 of the 3 ‘untouchables’ in the farm. If Ruben is able to get a deal done and doesn’t give up Drabek, he’s doing his job pretty darn well.

    Halladay is arguably the best pitcher in baseball people. If we are able to get him, it’s a good thing regardless. I LOVE the Drabek possibility and potential, but Halladay is a true ace!

  47. Since Halladay is also signed through 2010, there is no prospect that should be untouchable.

    If he was a half season rental, it would be different but his addition to the rotation makes the Phillies a serious contender to win a WS in both 2009 and 2010.

    For that, any prospect they have should be available.

  48. I agree 3up that was just my dream trade. I would include drabek, brown, bastardo and either donald or marson and cry when two become studs. Of course 2 more rings would ease the pain!

  49. there are alot of other teams who would do the same thing. what teams have the players and are willing to accept payroll. boston, yankees,dodgers, cubs angels, phillies who has the most to offer?

  50. just to put something to rest. i just the girl from the a-town paper mention hoards swing being affected by the hr. derby. howard is not like abreu or utley , he has a natural hr. swing. no affect at all. yankees can send jaba,hughes,jackson, and take back wells, contract if they want for halliday. phillies have drabek, brown, carrasco and marson. does anyone know what the teams i mentioned could offer. boston phan?

  51. charlie had a bad night. lidge should never be brought into a non save situation. it was a perfect situation for carpenter. and BRUNLETT please this guy should be in american legion. he absolutely does not belong on this roster!

  52. John…I try to avoid posting about the big club, but come on. Why would you use anything other than your best available relief pitcher in a tie game? Is he really more valuable to your team if you’re ahead by three runs just because that is a save situation? Not only that, but there wasn’t going to be a save situation in the game last night, at least not for the Phillies. It was absolutely the right move to bring in Lidge. Also, it wasn’t Charlie’s (or Bruntlett’s) fault that the team couldn’t score with the bases loaded and nobody out or after a leadoff triple in consecutive innings early in the game. If they score there, the game is over.

  53. it was obviously not scoring with te bases loaded fault. but i said it wasnt charlies finest hour. brunlett should not have ph when he did. if manuel had used mayberry baker would have removed rhoades, and brunlett would not have been the last hope with 2 outs in the 9th.i like charlie but last night he wasnt on his game.ive put up with brunlett but last night was the final straw. i sat there with 45,000 other people watching the obvious and groaned along with them.furthermore lidge does not perform well in non save situations. hes just getting his confidance back why risk it for 1 inning when he,s a closer. everyone there knew it and watching mitch williams this morning, he said the same thing.a closers head is different why do you think marson cant close. it seems completely logical what you said but pitchers arent logical. when donald is healthy if hes not dealt he should be on the 1st train here. brunlett is beyond bad.thers no defending him anymore. and its not just me there were 45,000 people who saw the same things and a great many of them booed.are we all wrong. no werth struke out and dobbs lined out and rollins grounded to 1st all that was obvious but so was bringing in lidge and using brunlett. charlies not perfect.

  54. greg i cant believe you of all people dont recognize the difference when a closer is put in 9-4 game and gives up runs or an 8th inning man is used as a closer and blows up or a closer comes into a tie game and is a different pitcher. unfortunitly its not the era of sutter, gossage anymore and i wish it were. closers are a bit crazy today.

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