Kyle Drabek Gets Complete Game Shutout!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Stone Crabs 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 1
Threshers 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 4 9 0


After picking up three wins in his first three starts Kyle Drabek had to wait until his 10th appearance to get another, but it was a gem. He threw a complete game shutout of the Stone Crabs scattering just five hits over nine innings. He struck out seven and walked just one in the game.

The Threshers offense staked him to an early lead by loading the bases with no outs in the first inning, but were only able to get one run across before the inning was over. The game remained close until the seventh when the Clearwater offense was able to add another two runs with doubles from Joel Naughton, Jesus Villegas-Andino and Arlon Quirosa to give the team some breathing room. THey added an insurance run in the eighth on Michael Durant double that scored Time Kennelly who had been running at the crack of the bat, and that was all the team would need.

Things got momentarily dicey in the ninth inning when the Stone Crabs got back-to-back singles with two outs, but Kyle Drabek got the next batter to fly out to center field and secured the win.

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Kyle Drabek picked up the SCHMIDT LIST player of the game award for his pitching masterpiece.

PLAYER Pos. H/AB Details

Arlon Quiroz
CF 3-4 Double, RBI, Run

Yonderman Rodriguez
2B 1-4

Dominic Brown
RF 0-3 BB
Tim Kennelly DH 1-3 Double, RBI, Run

Michael Durant
1B 1-4 Double, RBI

Cody Overbeck
3B 0-3 BB

Joel Naughton
C 1-4 Double, Run

Derrick Mitchell
LF 0-4

Jesus Villegas
SS 2-3 Double, RBI, Run

Kyle Drabek 9.0 0 5 7 1

It’s Official, He IS Good!

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56 thoughts on “Kyle Drabek Gets Complete Game Shutout!

  1. IMO Drabek is without a doubt the best prospect in our system with DOm Brown a distant #2……Drabek has the ability to be a TRUE ace one day, maybe not as metoric rise as Hamels, but his jersey will be seen throughout CBP in about 3-5 years just as you see the stands littered with Hamels, Howard, and Utley jerseys.

  2. I still take Brown over Drabek. One because Brown is far less of an injury risk, and second because the FSL is a strong pitchers’ league. Brown’s numbers are still top five in almost every significant offensive category. Drabek has probably leaped into the top three however.

    And Threshers Nation, watch your bold tags when making your posts.

  3. Also in other good prospect news Taylor went 5 for 6 with a home run. I wonder if there is a better outfield duo then brown and taylor in the entire minors.

  4. I’m not sure if I’d call brown less of an injury risk – he was out at the end of the year last year with a shoulder injury (that kept him out of half of HWL, too)…and had missed a few games this year before all the rainouts with an indisclosed reason.

    Granted he didnt have tommy john, but doesn’t that surgery typically make that ligament stronger??

  5. Threshers Nation- I guess i’m not sure what to make of the ‘bad news’ portion of your comic- does this mean your a fan of the talent but not the man? Seems a bit out of place. I’m also curious to know how frequently you get to games? Your updates usually include stuff anyone can see in a box score, with some outside the line knowledge- but rarely do you comment on observations of game action- pitchers stuff and what not.

  6. Listen to the game on the Charlotte milb netcast. From the play by play it sounded like he had good breaking stuff. Last Sat. night in Tampa he had a 5 inning no run, no hit game with 7 swinging strike outs going until he tired a bit with defensive lapses to give up some runs in the 6th. If we throw that inning out over his last two starts over 14 of his last 15 innings has given up no runs and 5 hits averaging a strike out an inning with outstanding control and command.

  7. In my opinion there is no way Drabek isn’t the number one prospect in the system, Brown is 2nd but it isn’t close, Number one pitchers are so hard to find, and he is one,

  8. I believe young Mr. Drabek heard that there might be a job opening for a starter in Philadelphia and wanted to submit his application in person.

    Great game for Kyle. Nice to see him get back in the win column.

  9. Reading less innings for a while . Drabek proved to can go 9.
    Time to back off innings for a short while. Taylor needs a challange. We know he grows in steps

  10. I was wondering if someone who had a major knowledge of the draft would know whether Drabek would have been considered a “blue chip” prospect had it not been for his apparent character issues coming out of High School and the surgery? By all accounts his character issues are a thing of the past and the surgery seems to be a major success (knock on wood). I know the term usually is for “can’t miss” prospects, but Drabek fell to us. I just want to know what people know on what his draft position might have been if he was healthy.

    A guy with #1 stuff dominating in his first full year as a professional looks to be moving up the prospect lists. The commentary on him on BP said if he could redo his top 100 Drabek would moving way up.

    This has been said before, but with our park it’s going to be a lot easier to talk hitters into coming to play for us than it will be to get pitchers to come. I consider Drabek as being more important to our future than Brown.

  11. Funny stuff, Jeff, the graphic gave me a good laugh.

    Blues: Drabek was absolutely considered a blue chip prospect despite the apparent character issues; it was just that the immaturity scared some teams. But it can be foolish to completely judge someone from some stupid stuff in high school, and phuturephillies wrote a great piece on that a few years back. Otherwise, Drabek would have gone Top 10 in that draft, and maybe even Top 5; he was pretty clearly the most talented RH prep pitcher (and the 2nd most talented prep pitcher overall behind Clayton Kershaw).

  12. Blues, Drabek was picked at 16 I believe which is fairly high. However, all reports indicated he would have gone higher if not for some concerns on his character.

    I do agree on your assessment on the importance of developing our own pitchers.

  13. For a highschool basebally player, character is a big issue for clubs who have to hand out million dollar bonuses. Its also disruptive when your trying to mold other kids into a habitual professional lifestyle. but I honestly can’t think of any talent that was considered that highly in the first round who dropped like that for strictly personality issues. bobby Jenks slid precipitously back in the day, but he didn’t come near as highly regarded as Drabek.

  14. the fish: I believe Andrew Lambo was considered a late 1st or supplemental round selection back in 2007, but fell to the 4th round due to character concerns. But yeah, it’s not something you see happen very often.

  15. has anyone seen a pitcher from kentucky gary myers ? rh freshman great stuff needs control work. drafted last year but went to college definately worth a shot . anyone?

  16. the fish Says:
    May 30, 2009 at 5:57 am edit
    “Threshers Nation- I guess i’m not sure what to make of the ‘bad news’ portion of your comic- does this mean your a fan of the talent but not the man? Seems a bit out of place.”

    It’s a joke nothing more to it than that. Don’t try to read too much into it.

    “I’m also curious to know how frequently you get to games?” Every home game, and 20% of road games…

    “Your updates usually include stuff anyone can see in a box score, with some outside the line knowledge- but rarely do you comment on observations of game action- pitchers stuff and what not.”

    That’s not my thing. I go to games to have some fun and relax with a beer. I don’t analyze players mechanics….boooring. I write here because I was asked to when the site first started. If someone else wants to write a better Clearwater report that is more insightful than me it will not break my heart. If you personally don’t like my reports, then don’t read them.

  17. Has anyone seen Flande pitch? Another good outing from him. When should we start to get excited?

  18. A good outing for Flande, but not for
    the bullpen as Darren Byrd and Michael Schwimer go 0.2 each giving up three runs on four hits (as many as Flande in 7.0) and the Mets rallied for a 4-3 win.

  19. ” john from Says:
    May 30, 2009 at 3:31 pm
    has anyone seen a pitcher from kentucky gary myers ? rh freshman great stuff needs control work. drafted last year but went to college definately worth a shot . anyone?”

    If he’s just a freshman at a 4 year school then he’s not draft eligable

  20. In terms of long term potential, a AA rotation of Worley, Stutes, Savery and Drabek (plus Brummett) is very impressive. The Phillies’ decidsion to give a shot to Bastardo is truly what winners do. Bastardo has a chance to be great while Carpenter and Kendrick merely have the chance to be serviceable. If Carasco had pitched better this year, he would have gotten this shot obviously. I’ll be very curious to see how he does in his next couple of starts as it will be very telling. Everyone sees what Carpenter has done since he got a taste of the big leagues, he’s pitched terrific. However, he just looks to be a replacement for Condrey or Park at some point to me.

  21. Am I missing something? I thought Bastardo was essentially a two-pitch (fastball, change-up) pitcher, with a slider that is nowhere near major league ready. Doesn’t he project as a reliever long-term?

  22. Chacin got promoted to AAA. Congrats Gustavo!

    Threshers Nation, do you know who’s moving to Clearwater to replace Drabek?

  23. I have a feeling we may have another Marty Bystrom thingy this fall. Certainly enough guys who could fillin and prosper
    even if for only a while against batters that dont know him
    Go Klye make daddy proud like Mayberry

  24. would have rather have seen Worley promoted ahead of Chacin but I’m looking forward to Thursday now!!

  25. Mike do you really believe that Worley is ready for triple a? I just think he would need more seasoning in double A. after skipping a level.

  26. mikemike aa is usually a harder league than aaa. aaa is alot of hangers on. real prospects do not stay in aaa long. worley is probanly getting better at reading than lhv. i wouldnt be surprised to see him go from aa to the phils.

  27. john from – while it is true that AA is a prospects league, and the first real guage of whether a prospect is legit. it is not true that AA is “a harder league” than AAA. AAA is filled with former mlb’ers and guys who are too good for AA, but not good enough for the bigs (i.e. the definition of the need for a AAA league). those “hangers on” are typically very crafty and have found a way to stay playing baseball for a reason. they move prospects up to AAA for a reason – it is a higher caliber player with more experience. it is a truer test of the bigs than AA, which has many players who are not even good enough to make it to AAA, let alone the bigs.

  28. Despite his struggles Travis D’Arnaud has managed to hit seven homeruns and drive in 32 runs in a very very difficult park to hit homers in. His average will be bad all year but there is definitely hope and progress in there.

  29. let me clarify what i mean about aa and aaa. generally at any given period top prospects are moving up to aaa or on to the majors. their stay is USUALLY NOT ALWAYS a shorter stay than aa. i.e. rollins and utley who played an entire season at aaa,as opposed to howard and s. rolen who were there for a cup of coffee.( we all know when howard was sent back it was to aaa, out of ease). so at least to me that you will MOST of the time at aa find your best prospects. at aaa you will have 35 year old guys who out of love of bb or a paycheck populate rosters, God bless em. but generally at aa most if not all of the players arrows are pointing up while at aaa most of the players arrows are pointed sideways. remember also people like seeing ex-mlb,s. but i guess what it comes down to is if offered a ticket to reading or lhv. i would take reading because i would be seeing the future of the phils. you can offer carrasco marson donald and thats fine but id love to see them against worley,stutes,drabek,taylor. i have a feeling reading would win.

  30. Thanks, Threshers Nation.

    I bet that over a significant sample size, LHV would win 2/3 of the games they played against Reading. Anybody out there have some simulation software to test this one out?

  31. John, I’m not making the argument that AAA has better prospects. I think it is easy to look at prospects and assume that it translates to wins, but that is not often the case. I regularly attend Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees games. They have one hitter (Austin Jackson) whom I’d consider a real prospect, and they score 5.59 runs a game. And while you get the occasional 35 year old player, the average age of a AAA player is 27 years old.

    As far as buying a ticket, I’m more influenced by ballpark and convenience than prospects offered. Last week I took in a Lancaster Barnstormers game, and they certainly don’t have any real prospects there. Great time though.

    I bet that over a significant sample size, LHV would win 2/3 of the games they played against Reading. Anybody out there have some simulation software to test this one out?

    Possibly, but any result you get is going to be prejudged by the parameters you enter into the simulation.

  32. alan just an opinion i certainly understand going to any park and having a good time and im aware of the yankees jackson. i guess i just prefer aa ball, although i would love to go toledo,durham and for that matter rosenblatt stadium.

  33. I’ve found Reading’s prospects to be exciting, but their veterans tend to be really bad. The staff there though does such an amazing job that it’s the best experience in minor league ball.

  34. 97 pitches. Amaro in the stands. Pitched to contact. According to R-Phils radio.

  35. Only 97 pitches? That’s impressive. I was listening and he had a few VERY close calls. Balls that almost left, a great outfield assist from Taylor. Stuff like that.

    Also, Brown had another homerun tonight.

  36. Just got home from the game. Everyone was there. Dallas Green, Chuck Lamar, and of course Ruben.

    There were a plethora of other scouts there. The guy who was sitting right in front of me(Ruben and crew were 4 rows down) was with Seattle.

    It looked like he was only interested in Drabek.

    There were two balls that were hit very well, but didn’t make it out. Both were mistake pitches right over the plate.

    Some other notes

    -The ump was pretty tough
    -Drabek broke two bats. Both were shattered as the ball ran in on them.
    -It was pretty chilly which is why he wasn’t here to start the year lol.
    – Taylors assist was an absolute gun. The runner was about half way to second when the throw reached the second basemen.
    -The first pitch registered at 99, but the Stalker gun in front of me said 95. The Reading gun was messed up all night.

    Overall it was a fun night, even though the weather wasn’t great. He’s fun to watch. The only comparison I can think of would be Oswalt. 😉

  37. RyanHoward06-

    Just wondering what makes yuo compare him to oswalt. he reminds me most of ben sheets witha better fastball. thats just on stuff though. sheets and Drabek both have high 70s hard breaking curves and mid 90s fastballs (sheets is usually 92-95, everything i’ve heard about drabek says he throws a little harder) and a change up. Oswalt tends to throw mostly fasballs and change ups, with an occasional high 60s or low 70s curve, if thats right from the last game i saw him pitch in. Do you mean they have the same kind of approach on the mound? similar command and control of their pitches? (if they do then drabek would be amazing) I don’t mean to knock your post, i was just kind of curious to what you mean.

  38. Why did I get a very chilling feeling when you said “there were a plethora of other scouts there”…

  39. I think I heard someone say that Akron is one of the better hitting teams in the league, so if that’s the case then the start makes it even better. 3 hit ball and letting his defense help him out…not too shabby in my book.

  40. Jpd- I meant what you said in the final couple of sentences. I will admit that I haven’t seen a ton of Oswalt, but there stature, delivery, and fastball remind me of him. Even though I didn’t take it as knocking on my post, please do all you want, as I want to discuss this stuff.

    Blues- He was certainly the main attraction. Just because scouts were there doesn’t mean he is being dealt. I’m sure some clubs wanted an report.

  41. thanks. thats what i thought you were talking about. stuff-wise though, drabek just makes me think of ben sheets, only his fasball is better. I just hope that he doesn’t get hurt like sheets does.

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