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In Andy Martino’s article today in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Charlie Manuel mentioned the possibility of a right handed bat being called up from AAA Lehigh Valley for the weekend series against the Yankees to DH.  It seems right now, that John Mayberry is the leading candidate, with a darkhorse candidate being Pablo Ozuna who is coming off a 13 game hitting streak and hitting .298 thus far this year.  Ozuna has very good speed and major league experience but is not on the 40 man roster.  Mayberry is certainly more of the long ball threat, but his 40 strikeouts in 133 at bats or of concern.

Chance Chapman, who has been fantastic for Clearwater so far this year, going 3-1 with an ERA of 0.77 in 11 appearances was called up to Reading yesterday.

The Paul Bako signing is an interesting one, when you consider the trickle down effect.  Scott Proefrock, the Phillies Assistant GM, was quoted in todays Inquirer as saying the Phils felt they needed to add depth, because of the possibility of injury, as they feel that Lou Marson is not major league ready.  Bako, who is likely to start at AA Reading is a very good defensive catcher who has his offensive struggles. 

A tough night last night for two of the Phillies pitching prospects with Tyson Brummett getting rocked, giving up nine runs on twelve hits in two innings of work.  Jason Knapp struggled with his control for Lakewood, going 3.2 innings, and allowing two runs, while walking five.

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  1. I would elect Mayberry to move up for DH purposes and stay up. Plus he’ll be able to luanch a few out of that bandbox in NY. Escalona moves down. By the time JC is ready we’ll know what to do with Park and whether we should move up Koplove or Majewski.

    Knapp needs to get back on track.

  2. Koplove has been very impressive all year in Allentown. Majewski started very hot, but has come back to earth recently.

  3. Looking at the 40 man I can’t imagine it being anyone but Mayberry coming up for the AL games.

  4. Gregg, thanks for the updates.

    Pretty rough treatment for Marson. I hope he can shake it off and get back on track in AAA, he had two really good seasons in 08 and 07.

    Airborneranger, if you’re reading this, do you remember the radar gun readings on the Cloyd game you attended?

  5. it’s gotta be mayberry, ozuna is just another cairo. Mayberry is major league ready, lets see what we’ve got! I’d also send escalona back down but to LHV instead and keep mayberry the whole year unless he struggles mightily

  6. I would also vote Mayberry. Despite his shortcomings or his long swing or whatever, calling him up to DH against southpaws in a bandbox is a hell of a chance to see what he is worth at little risk. It’s not like we have a better DH option on the major league roster. Success for Mayberry means he could stay.

  7. I’m happy to finally see Chapman get moved up. Hopefully, he’ll continue to look like a future major league relief pitcher. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ozuna. Mayberry’s long swing just doesn’t make him look like a major leaguer to me. Ozuna is definitely not Cairo. Cairo could never hit and Ozuna used to be a very good hitter and he’s hot now which is what you want for a short term call up who could earn himslef a longer stay with a good performance. As for the 40 man, wasn’t Cairo released from the 40 man opening up a spot?

  8. anyone still believe that Knapp doesn’t have things to learn while at Lakewood?

    this is all a part of the learning process for him. struggling is fine. it humbles him and builds character.

  9. Anyone but Bruntlett for DH. Last year they rested Howard as DH but to his credit that was a different defensive player

  10. They need to get another bat on the bench, that’s for sure. Mayberry would be my choice. I’d like to see Koplove up as well, but I’m not sure who he’s replace at this point. Especially with Romero due back soon.

  11. a good start for chapman today – 1 ip, no hits or walks and 1 k.

    another ho hum outing from savery. 6 ip, 3 ER, but a high whip. i am actually starting to think that savery is out of position as a starter. i think that he might be a good lefty reliever. this is not a slight to him. his split against lefties vs. righties is very favorable to lefties. he really struggles against righties. did so last year as well.

  12. whip is what again? sorry I forget. how does that relate to being a starter or relief pitcher.

  13. Walks and hits per innings pitched – a better judge then ERA in many people’s minds.

  14. Boston, Cloyd was within the 88 to 92 range, with great location.. Lots of called strikes. He threw some unhittable Lidge sliders that just lock up the hitters.

    About Knapp, I got the impression he and Bob Milicki, the pitching coach weren’t on the same page. Milicki had made two trips to the mound prior to him being removed. They weren’t hitting him hard, only two hits over the 3 2/3 when he was pulled.

  15. P P FAN
    I said the same thing a week or so ago. I would do it this way tell Savery of the need for relief and move him to AAA.
    Then it doesnt look so much like a demotion. It is worth a shot this team needs long relief. Next year the question is revisited . Would you use him as a DH also???

  16. According to Lauber, the Phils claimed RHP Steve Register off waivers from the Rockies and have optioned him to LV. Another arm w/ major league experience.

  17. Bizarre day in Reading:

    1) Reading’s hitting coach comes back from a weekend vacation and Harman strikes out 3 times in 4 at bats after striking out only 3 times in his prior 55 at bats.

    2) DH Michael Taylor singles in the lead run in the bottom of the 8th to give the R-Phils a 4-3 lead. He raises his batting average with runners in scoring position to .429.

    3) Mike Zagurski goes out for a rare second inning of work in the 9th even though he has lost 5 mph off his fastball since TJ and is now a pitch to contact rather than a strike out pitcher. Through a combination of a walk, sac bunt errors and singles he is unable to retire the 5 batters he faces in the 9th and loses the lead and eventually the game when two runs score.

    4) Chance Chapman then is called on to make his AA debut and pitches out of the 9th inning ,1-2-3, with only one of three inherited runners scoring.

  18. Reading starting to slide……

    It was fun while it lasted. Expect another .400 winning percentage season.

  19. Escalona looked good against Jay Bruce in the Phils game tonight. Small sample size of course, but from what I’ve seen, they’d be crazy to keep Taschner instead of this guy.

  20. You wouldn’t use Savery as long relief if the reason you are moving him into a relief role is because of his lefty/righty splits.

  21. ArmChairGM
    Savery’s splits as a reliever may be completely different.

  22. So do questions about the teeny smiley face over by the left margin next to “Williamsport” under the first Org. Reports heading belong here? haha

  23. Caught the last to Lakewood games. Some observations. Correa topped out at 95 with lots of ground balls. Doesn’t have command of his off speed stuff.. Pitched better then line indicated.

    Sanchez between 89 and 91 all night with not very good location. Pitches don’t appear to have much movement. Was hit hard. Very raw.

    Position player. Sadly other then maybe Gose I wasn’t very impressed. Both catcher Valle and D’Aruand have defensive issues. Valle isn’t going to get big enough to be an everyday catcher. Mattair steady if not spectacular at 3b.

    I came away very impressed by the pitching prospect at Lakewood. Defrautis was nearly unhittable. Bergh and Rosenburg had very good outings.

  24. Good to hear that Correa is still a prospect. What kind of velocity were you seeing from Rosenberg? Bergh is a big ol’ low side armer isn’t he? (i think i saw him warming up but i wasn’t sure)

  25. Thanks Ranger. I like to here this kind of 1st hand account. We can all look in the box score and say that a guy had 3 hits and must have had a good game when 2 of them were broken bat dinks and the other went exactly 7 feet.

    Your account still leaves a crack in the door for Mattair. His glove is keeping him alive. Does he look like he has a clue in the batters box? Is he hitting the ball hard… at all?

  26. imo the phillies cannot win with this staff. either moyer or blanton must go. in watching both i believe it is obvious moyer can no longer be depended on to get major league hitters out. every start will be an adventure with the ump. playing a ridiculous part. the difference between moyer and blanton is blanton can hit 90 with 3 pitches. his problem has been throwing a hanger in all of his starts, but i dont think there is any question blanton is the better pitcher. therefore we need to change 1 spot. with a deal for an ace with our plentiful minors or bastardo or carrasco pitching to the best of their capabilities { or worley} the phils can walk away with the nl east. without this change imo we are no match for the dodgers staff. we must have that guy who every 5th day your pretty sure of a win, maybe add chris young to the list.

  27. Rosenburg has low 90’s stuff with good command. Chances speed well. In fact other then Knapp they all had exceptional control. Bergh is tough on right handers with his delievery. Of all the pitchers I saw Sanchez is probably the least developed.

    Mattair is going to have to hit. He’s not going to advance without showing some offense no matter how much leather he has. My guess, it’s not going to happen.

    What I liked about Gose is he is a plus defender, hangs in against lefthanders, and has plus, plus speed. Sort of a smaller quicker Quenton Berry.

  28. Boy detroit looks like they knew what they were doing, paying 7 million for porcello. He is twenty and starting in the majors and is on a pitch count, and is 5-3 and getting better. Meanwhile Savery who we took is in double a and now getting talked about as a reliever. I quess it’s after the fact but I wanted him draft day over Savery and would love to have him. workmann and gibson in our system all it took was guts and money.

  29. Great Lets hope they dont use Mayberry as a hood ornament.
    You knew they wouldn’t bring up Ozuna ,you cant have Bruntlett upset UC likes em
    Btw In light of Carpenter best game ever and if he can repeat that start in some fashion. I propose he starts again when he is allowed. Lets see if it was nerves screwed up his first inning. it can be done before Romero get back so the picture is clearer. Maybe Blanton needs a DL stint to get some of that excess off and a rehab with Huppert to work someting out. Right now he is worse than even I predicted

  30. There has been a lot of discussion about FB. Versus GB.and so on, I watched happ yesterday for four innings, Happ threw mostly all fastballs, in 89-90 range, and he was successful with just fastballs. One, is in your opinion that they never saw him, so didn’t know his stuff .or was it his location of his stuff in the zone , to not overpower a team and just throw fastballs, to me is very hard to do against that team, in that small park.

  31. Very quietly hanzawa the shortstop we took last draft is starting to hit at lakewood. He is a little old but could be a good ulitity player , based on what I read he has a really good glove, his bat was the question that needs to be answered.

  32. Mike if you noticed most of the FBs hit the outfielders had to come in not out. Remember he only gave up 2 HRs at Reading.
    Since they held back breaking stuff because he was rusty things should get better if that is possible.
    Troy is rocking

  33. happ always has primarily a out of the zone fastball pitcher. in other words his #1 is close enough that hitters cant lay off but out of the zone enough so that he doesnt get killed. always had good velocity. what i liked yesterday was his off speed stuff, more and better than usual. but thats to be expected as a starter. 3 starters hamels myers happ one more has to make it from minors or trade. as i said with all due respect imo moyer is cooked.

  34. I believe the moves made next week will mark Ruben as a Gm
    He must be HAPPy as hell with himself over the Mayberry performance .

  35. going to see Knapp tonight. hope he does better than the last time i saw him at home.

  36. Mike how far a ride is it for you to lakewood? I really want to go to a game. They said from south philly it’s not too far?

  37. mikemike,

    i live in Toms River nj. I’m real close. I usually get to about 10-15 games a year.

    Knapp wasn’t quite as bad as his line seemed. He gave up a 3 run HR in the first then shut them down until the 5th. also two in herited runners scored.

    he touched 96 on the gun at times. not sure how reliable the gun there is though. The other pitcher made it up to 92 with his FB.

    I’m going to stop going to Jason’s games because he always gets killed when i go!

  38. Mile I live in Delawer County if you can get my email from pp
    drop a line and we can go to Lakewood. Could be fun

  39. Outman last night no strikeouts, 5 walks, 4 hits one earned run in 7.2 innings, what was he throwing, he must have been wild, and effective. I just thought to myself no strikeouts, is strange for him,

  40. In other words , he won without his best stuff, 2 in a row(1errand) 5 out of six quality starts. Holy Blanton

  41. No sense worrying what Outman is doing. The Phillies made the trade to solidify the starting rotation for the stretch drive in 08, not the future. They have left handers with Outman’s stuff in the system. That’s why he was expendable.

  42. I was just interested in how he got away with the 5 walks and 4 hits in 7.2 without a stikeout. thanks all.

  43. Maybe Ranger Maybe not but noone has his name. I just wonder how much cheaper they could of gotten Blanton on
    a salary dump . maybe include some cash But u r right tje future is ahead . Just needed some venting time

  44. Anyone notice at Madisen threw 9 pitches last night. What does he have to do to get a second inning even just to stretch
    him for later

  45. nowheels,

    i noticed that too. i also noticed that when Lidge blew one of his two saves vs the Yankees I think he threw 5 pitches. I’m glad they’re not undermining Lidge but how long before Boras (Madson’s agent right?) starts squawking that Madson should be a closer.

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