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An area that probably deserves a bit more discussion is the back end of the bullpen.  Have at it.

Lehigh Valley:  Mike Koplove, 32, 13 games, 1-2 with an 0.55 ERA and 2 saves.  Opponents avg: .200; WHIP: 1.28.

Gary Majewski, 29, 14 games, 0-2 with a 3.93 ERA and 2 saves.  Opponents Avg: .282; WHIP: 1.47

Tyler Walker ,33 (tomorrow), currently on DL, 6 games, 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA; Opponents Avg: .059; WHIP: 0.27

Reading: Sergio Escalona, 24, 13 games, 0-0 with a 2.20 ERA, 10 saves; Opponents Avg: .242; WHIP:1.40

Matt German, 24, currently on DL; 11 games; 0-1 with a 1.17 ERA, Opponents Avg: .182; WHIP: 1.17

Mike Zagurski, 26, 8 games, 1-1 with a 2.25 ERA, Opponents Avg: .179; WHIP: 0.87 (stats are combined CLearwater/Reading)

Clearwater: Jared Simon, 24, 11 games, 1-1 with a 10.13 ERA, 6 saves, Opponents Avg: .354; WHIP: 2.06

Michael Schwimer, 23, 12 games, 0-0 with a 1.45 ERA, Opponents Avg: .188; WHIP:0.96; 11.57 strikeout/9

Chance Chapman, 25, 9 games, 3-1 with a 0.87 ERA, Opponents Avg: .167; WHIP: 0.87. Note: Doesnt appear to be currently on CLearwater Active Roster.

Lakewood: Ryan Bergh, 24, 10 games, 2-1 with a 1.80 ERA, 4 saves, Opponents Avg. 226; WHIP 1.20.

Brian Rosenberg, 23, 10 games, 2-1 with a 2.13 ERA, 4 saves, Opponents Avg: .172; WHIP: 0.86; 12.78 strikeouts/9

Justin DeFratus, 21, 11 Games, 0-0 with a 1.73 ERA; 1 Save; Opponents Avg: .227; WHIP: 0.88  Note: Has walked only one batter in 26 innings.

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  1. Overall, these results are very impressive!

    Not surprised by Zagurski’s success and I have been a German proponent, although I am not sure whether his success will carryover in the Bigs.

    Schwimmer (23), De Fratus (24) & Rosenberg (25) are in “My Top 30”; i.e., their early success is not only good for the organization but also a little self-satisfying.

    Congratulations to all that are succeeding and to the organization for both recognizing the talent & assisting in the development.

  2. DeFratus would appear to be a candidate for promotion this year, no?

    Looking at the relievers in the upper levels, I now see why Amaro talked on record about looking for another arm. I’m no Jack Taschner fan but Mike Koplove doesn’t seem to be appreciably better.

  3. Gregg, thanks for putting this together. A lot to ponder here. I didn’t know we had so many relievers doing so well at all levels.

    I know Koplove had some success when he first came up to the majors, but that has been fleeting of late. He could certainly be useful in the MLB pen right now. It would be a great story too as he is a Philly guy.

    I’m pretty sure others who know more than I have said this already, but it’s beyond time to move Chance up. If his stuff plays up in the pen and he has two quality pitches, let’s make it happen. Perhaps that’s why he’s not on the active roster?

    Schwimer’s numbers and age stand out somewhat too. Love the K rate. Hopefully he will get a chance at AA this year.

  4. I wonder why they don’t move schwimer he is a older college reliever, who is having success. See if he can handle higher level. Are they worry about him failing and having to go down that it might ruin him?

  5. Developing bullpen arms is beyond intelligent. It saves money enabling the FO to spend in other areas instead of the last few spots in the pen. I’m most excited with Schwimer and Rosenberg because I think De Fratus has the talent to start. A lot of promise in that group though.

  6. Maybe you can answer this question. I am new to the minors and how they do there business, But looking up Spencer and Cardenas notice how oakland does there business. they took our three prospect and moved them aggressly, also took a shortstop out of north carolina in the second round last year put him in A ball hit 277 now he is in doubleaa hitting 300. did 277 so dominate they moved him?

  7. Each team has their own ideas about player development and I would expect them to say that developing players is just as important as acquiring them. In Oakland’s case, I wonder if the promotion was related to Cardenas moving up to AAA. The phillies might want to advance Schwimmer, but who’s spot would he take?? If one of the primary relievers at Reading gets injured then he’ll likely get advanced, until then he’s better off getting solid work at Clearwater and maybe a spot will open up after the all-star break.

  8. mikemike…. The kid played at a big baseball school in UNC… which means he has had alot of exposure and experience. It’s not too uncommon to challenge college drafted players at A ball to start. We did the same this year with Stutes and Worley. Last year they pitched great for Lakewood and then we aggressively jumped them up to Reading. It happens, but its a big judgement call on the kids skill set, stage of development, and maturity.

  9. Even though Basardo is currently starting, I think that he is a bullpen candidate and the way he has been pitching, a back end candidate at that.

  10. I guess that donald was my reference, that’s why I asked the question, he played at a top program, but they started him at batavia for a whole year, then A for whole year and then so on even though he had better numbers then this kid. and I think they both were 2 round choices. just a thought.

  11. Around 7pm tonight it’s Knapp Time!

    Also, Mayberry has a near-perfect 3,500 SLG so far today…

  12. MikeMike,

    How an organization moves players is also controlled somewhat by need. Oakland is a small-market team that turns over its roster frequently, therefore they often need to push players through their minors at a faster pace because they are needed at the big league level sooner.

    Compare that to a big market team like the Phillies. They have most of their core team signed through 2011 so there is no reason to push position guys like Donald, Marson, Taylor, Brown, etc..

    On the pitching side they do have a bit more urgency and you’ll notice that they’ve be a bit more aggessive with promoting guys like Worley, Stutes, and even Savary and Drabek.

  13. I see Bowers had a great 1/3 of an inning today. Bunt single and 3 BBs… literally a walk off loss. Marson also had a throwing error in the same inning.

  14. Unrelated to the reliever question…I was thinking last night about the high school guys that were drafted last year that have not showed up yet (Shreve, Pettibone, Cosart to name a few). Any body have any news about them in extended spring training, or whether they will start at the GCL or WPT?

    Adding some success from those guys to the success we’ve seen so far from the more advanced guys would certainly seem to be an embarrassment of riches.

    You can never have too much pitching…

  15. Also, any news on Mathieson? Has he picked up a baseball yet after the 2nd TJ surgery?

  16. The problem is among those relievers few can get it into the 90’s. When I saw Escalona earn a save a week or so back his fastball was at 88 to go with his curve at 84. Zagurski was once in the 90’s but since TJ and hamy problems he is in the high 80’s. Many of the rest are major league retreads or side armers. The Lakewood play by play guy the other night was pointing out that DeFratus rarely walks a batter and pitcher too much in the zone. Schwimer and Rosenberg are old for their level of competition.

  17. it looks like arlon quiroz has been subbed in for brown in clearwater. does anybody know what’s going on? thanks

  18. @Colin_K

    I would expect all three guys you mentioned to start at Williamsport. Shreve would be a candidate for a quick promotion if he shows he’s healthy, because he is older than Cosart or Pettibone…but the Phils will want to make sure he’s fully healthy first.

  19. Any guesses as to the Williamsport rotation? Off the top of my head I’m thinking Shreve (if healthy), Pettibone, Cosart, Reginal Simon, maybe Trevor May or Ebelin Lugo?

  20. ” the Lakewood announcer said De Fratus hardly walks a batter and pitches too much in the strike zone” ha ha ha. Is that a bad thing? I just checked his numbers & he’s given up less hits than innings pitched & has more k’s per innings pitched. Doesn’t sound as if he’s getting lit to me? I think the move to the pen this year was to help him maintain his velo.

    Lakewood needs to send Rosenberg or De Fratus to Clearwater I think.

  21. Rickey, as far as DeFratus goes, I’d much rather have a guy who throws too many strikes than not enough strikes. It seems to me that if he’s got the control, he can learn to throw one out of the zone once in awhile and see if he can get a guy to chase.

    As far as Escalona and Zagurski, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if they can hack it in the majors when they get their chance. Without plus velocity they probably won’t be back of the bullpen guys, but since they’re lefties velocity isn’t quite as important and they can possibly at least be helpful relievers in the bigs.

  22. DeFratus how would I find out what he throws ,like velocity, curve, or changeup. I really don’t understand too many strikes in the zone? Yesterday I mention because of success and age schwimmer , should be in my opinion[which means nothing] go to reading, and someone posted who’s place would he take, after thinking about it can’t figure out that answer, if he goes to reading then someone from reading go to l.v. what is wrong with taking all those orgization filler relievers and releasing one to make room for a prospect. Knapp has one negative I think in he has 27 walks I believe to me that is too many, how many walks per 9 innings at that young age is good.

  23. mikemike – were you drunk when you wrote that post?

    not only is it borderline illegible, but, your facts are way off. Knapp has 12 walks in 37 innings or just under 3 per 9 innings. That is a tad high, but he also has a 4.4 to 1 strike out to walk ratio (or 12.9 per 9 innings). he had only 1 walk batter in 4 of his 7 games. He also is only 18 and in his first season of pro ball. So I am sure he needs some more innings, but I would not exactly be concerned by his walks.

  24. Ironically, I was thinking last night that Knapp’s Walk rate was really low for a player his age with a big fastball. He seems far less wild than most players with that skillset. Under 3 is fantastic for an 18 year old at his level. God, I hope he stays healthy.

  25. 5 of those walks came in the two games prior to last night, his only poor outings of the season. His hit totals were way up in those games and his K numbers were way down. The nice thing to see if that he faced Kannapolis two starts in a row and was much better his second time around (last night).

  26. I believe Knapp has been hitting a fair amount of batters though. In a way that may be good. Knowing that a guy is throwing in the mid-90s, and he may be plunking you has to be frightening for a batter. Nice outing last night by him.

    – Jeff

  27. Knapp had good separation on his velocity last night. The Lakewood play by play guy said the Kannapolis stadium gun had his fastball in the 90-93 range and topped at 96, the second highest he had seen other than 97 on the Lakewood gun, His off speed breaking stuff was at 75-78.

  28. PP fan that’s my problem, I don’t read before I post sorry. What I did was take the 37 innings with 12 walks and tried to project it over a season. so in 100 innings he would walk about 31 batters at his age and inexperience is that normal or high. That was my point. Illegible is just me sorry not much school.

  29. Hit By Pitches are an interesting item. A pitcher has to own both sides of the plate. He has to move guys back from time to time so the outside corner is his. A lot of guys fear coming in on hitters. If Knapp’s throws that 96MPH fastball inside, he’ll move them back. If he hits one once in a while, it’s part of the dance.

    Sometimes a pitcher has to plunk someone in retaliation. It shouldn’t be vicious. It just says, you hit my guy and I need to tell you that it’s not acceptable. In the NL, you’ll see a pitcher throw a purpose pitch to the opposing pitcher. In the AL, it seems the designated plunkee is the catcher. I saw Sabathia pitch about a week ago and he plunked the catcher. I think it was Jim Kaat in the booth who said, that was the payback for an earlier HBP on one of his guys. He didn’t throw his big heater and he hit him right in the rump. No fight. Total understanding what it was about. The ump didn’t say a thing. Statement was made.

  30. mikemike you math is correct in 100 innings he would have approximately 35 walks as a starter with 200 innings he would have around 70 walks. if he strikes out 150 in 200 innings thats 2 to 1 ratio good but not great and if he allowed 130 hits with 70 walks thats a very good whip of 1.00. whip is walks plus hits in innings pitched. the more you post the more you learn buddy.

  31. 3up your post above about moving players is right, the problem is the phils actually thinking this current rotation will win the east let alone the nl or ws. boston generally has the best model of moving players while being competitive. i will say it again unless the phils make a move for a number 1 they will not repeat. forget these guys like koplove carpenter et.al. the list goes on and on. we have maybe 10 legitimate prospects. carrasco donald, marson, worley stutes mayberry bastardo, drabek brown taylor knapp cloyd. i hate to say it but the rest of these guys grow on trees. take these prospects offer 3 to boston for buckholtz, 3 to arizona for haren, 3 to s.d. for peavy. 2 for oswalt. see what shakes out. just keep donald and 1 of the 2 ofs if possible.

  32. alright now Happ’s pitching in the 12th inning so speculation is that someone’s being called up.

    wonder who???

  33. John, I don’t understand your infatuation with Jason Donald. You would seriously trade Drabek, Brown and Taylor, but not Donald? He has intangibles, but an average bat and a below average glove- and he doesn’t even have a position that the Phils need. It would be insane to keep him over a higher ceiling player if a trade were to arive. He is, to me, by FAR our most expendable prospect of note.

  34. skunky we dont have another middle infielder so right there he is more valuable than any other position. as far as his bat he,s a .300 lifetime hitter, yes minors, hes not a below average glove and just my opinion in the long run he will be more valuable than any other position player in our system. and i trust ryne sandbergs opinion. of course i could be wrong but i dont think so and he should be on this team right now instead of the non threatening bruntlett. i will bet as soon as he is called up his average rises dramatically. he,s at a level now than he is better than. ive seen it a million times.

  35. Anyone know how series Taylor’s injury is? As Danimal mentioned, I see in the play by play that he was hit by a pitch and then substituted.

    I’m hoping that it’s not a hand injury or something like that. I’ve seen it a thousand times on HBP’s.

  36. Meant to say “serious” not “series” but you guys could probably figure that out.

  37. Watching Carpenter , What does he have, below average fastball. I didn’t see anything that would show he is a major league player

  38. MikeMike –

    He is what he is at this point – a guy who can play the role he’s in tonight. It seems like they have 3 or 4 guys though that can do that (Him, Kendrick, R Lopez, and Lehr), so I’m not sure that they really need him. If he wants to, I’m sure he could pitch for a while in AAA. Nothing wrong with being an Org Filler guy and then try and get his way into coaching.

  39. Yea Carpenter wasnt overly impressive, pregame jitters likely played a role but he was alright, and did what you would probably expect which is gave them a chance to compete in the game. For a first start I have no issue with how he did tonight

  40. Are you watching the iron pigs on T.V., This kid Hanson is good. Why isn’t he up with the braves. The braves rotation is going to be something. with this kid. I guess a lot of teams take guys like carpenter and hope he gets more velocity . To me I have lately been seeing a lot of right handers with 88-89 fastball and okay bb.

  41. mikemike-

    wow..just looked that kid tommy hanson up…his numbers are very impressive in the minors thus far (14 K no hitter in AA?!)….hey at least we’re developing some good projectable hitters b/c we’ll need them.

  42. The reason I asked why he isn’t up. is I wonder if its about arb years. a lot of talk the other day about that. which I still don’t understand.

  43. Its a maturity/give Glavine a chance to return thing. Also the Braves aren’t eager to start his clock as they want to get him some more reps in a controlled environment.

  44. hanson is one of the top prospects in the country he almost started the season with the braves. he made the phils look sick in spring. carpenter kept the ball down nice location good cutter and slider. good job. number 4 or 5 . i hope taylor doesnt get hurt often he was hurt earlier wasnt he?

  45. John are you kidding, Carpenter is a 4 0r 5 not on this team. maybe the pirates, has nothing that I Could see and saw him last year against the mets for that inning. he stinks. Can’t throw hard enough for hitters to look fastball and slip in a breaking ball. terrible pitcher, not his fault just doesn’t have big league ability.

  46. I thought that was it. Mayberry three times strikeout against hanson. If the phillies just for argument sake called up Worley for one start. Does that changes his arb years?

  47. carpenter di throw one especially nasty looking 85 mph cutter or slider- I’m not sure that he can throw an 85 mph slider, but that is what is looked like. threw it in to a left hander, and got a swinging strike three out of it. his sinker wasn’t to bad, he just had trouble locating it at times, and it seemed like he tended to miss low, at least.

  48. Right now very depress after seeing Hanson for the braves and our answer is Carpenter

  49. I don’t think Carpenter looked bad for a first ML start, and he was a little better than his line might indicate. He had a rough first inning (understandable) and was noticeably better after that. Mikemike, I don’t know that John was saying Carpenter is a 4 or 5 currently, but could be one at some point. It looked like his pitches had some good movement, which he’ll need since he doesn’t have great velocity. It was his first big league start, I think he’ll learn some things going forward and could eventually be a back of the rotation starter or major league RP.

  50. mikemike, bringing worley up would make this year one of his 3 options. i’m sure someone knows this better than I do, but i believe players are eligible for arbitration if they’ve played 3 “full seasons” or have played 2 “full seasons” plus 86+ days the previous year. however, it might be that all the days a guy spends with the big club have to add up to 3 full seasons (190 X 3 i guess). i’ve been trying to find out a lot of stuff like that, but i’m still not sure.

  51. Ugly night on the farm, Jesus Sanchez has a ton of K’s thus far. Any reports on his stuff?

  52. Well, Flande had another good outing I think…so its not all bad. Not that I’m really big on Flande.

  53. I dont think Worley is ready right now but I could care less about arb years. I thought the idea was to win.
    With Esconla going to Philly one would think that opens up
    Reading closer to Schwimer.
    I hope Taylor’s knee is ok Other than Jitters in the first
    Carpenter did ok til he gassed

  54. Jpd the pitch your describing was his splitter, it looked good all game. The bottom really drops out of that pitch for him. All in all not a terrible start for him against a fairly tough line up.

    Phillers: Reading outfielder Michael Taylor was hit by a pitch in the left knee in the first inning and removed from the game. He was diagnosed with a knee contusion and is listed as day-to-day

  55. ” Pat Burrell Says:
    May 16, 2009 at 11:46 pm
    Ugly night on the farm, Jesus Sanchez has a ton of K’s thus far. Any reports on his stuff?”

    89-94 mph, raw with his control and secondary stuff.

  56. once again political baseball. we all know why carpenter was called up. no threat. he did a decent job thanks andrew. but with carrasco blowing up in his last two games he wouldnt be up. so who really should have been called up. bastardo but who would that affect ? jamie, so no bastardo. worley who would that affect jamie so no worley. i love the guy but hes becoming what has always been called a blockade. i really hate to say this i really do but as long as moyers on this staff you wont see anyone new. happ is getting screwed because if he is successful whos out? jamie.

  57. Thanks for the update on Taylor. When I saw he left the game, I was worried about a wrist. A scrap or cut can be fixed easily but a busted wrist is scary.

  58. Bellman
    Knees are always a problem with huge guys(Dawson)
    My fingers are crossed.
    This team is so hard to figure because of what you pointed out. Esconla? Does the fact that they didnt bring in Happ in the fifth when Drew tired(as vital a situation as Friday night)
    (saved by the rain) mean that Happ is in the rotation. Hell
    I dont know I am still stuck on Iguchi. I wake up in the middle of the night yelling no no so-so. And frankly my wife is getting sick of it
    Bisenius is still on the 40 so that isnt hold Bastardo back. Gotta go I am getting a headache

  59. Question do you think Mattair and D’arnaud will be sent back to williamsport? I mention this before feel bad for mattair he is overmatched right now, and could lose his confidence if not sent down and hopefully starts to hit against lesser prospects.

  60. in reading pps recaps it seems d,arnaud is coming around, maybe im wrong.

  61. I totally missed the fact at Escalona is left handed . I am selling my Taschner stock.

    Sending either down cant help confidence much hopefully John is right . There are a few weeks left

    ps. lucky rain last night maybe we have a fan in heaven . Is that you Harry??

  62. nw escalona cannot start bastardo can. thus everyones safe but taschner no loss. if bastardo or worley are bought up with happ that means 2 starters must sit down. with only happ only 1 must sit. therefore if happ starts instead of park who would bastardo or worley start in place of. moyer or blanton. 1 would sit down if god forbid bastardo AND worley were bought up and were successful who would sit down. moyer and blanton. which of course moyer and blanton would never accept. but i have a feeling hamels myers happ worley and bastardo is a better rotation than now. but even to try it you would lose moyer and blanton psychologically, but if they continue throwing bp theyll have no choice. we really needed myers to do what he did yesterday.

  63. See they sent back Carpenter to AAA and called up Escalona from AA. Wonder why they did not give Sergio a shot in ML spring training games if he is so promising. When he pitched recently his fastball was at 88 with a good 84 mph breaking ball. Wonder if that is major league stuff?

  64. Escalona is surely a very short-term solution until JC comes back from suspension in 18 days. That’s assuming its not a couple days thing where he’s just there to rest the pen till the next off day. He could stay up till JC returns at the price of Taschner being demoted. Who knows what they’re thinking. My guess is very short-term BP relief.

  65. John,

    You would sit Park the way he has pitched lately? Sure, it’s only 2 starts, but it seems a bit odd to sit a guy after 2 straight good starts. It certainly won’t happen.

    As for Blanton/Moyer, I have to say that even I’m getting to the point of thinking that Moyer is done. Blanton is another story. If I were the man in charge, I’d give Moyer one more start to get it together, and then give Happ a try in his spot.

    As for Bastardo and Worley, I think that is a better (less bad?) suggestion than your previous Carrassco/Kendrick suggestion, but I still think it would be a mistake – basically, it would be the equivalent if throwing in the towel for the season, at the added cost of possibly messing with the development of two promising pitchers.

    Can you at least admit that your panic with regard to Myers was premature? Even a few days ago you were suggesting that he be replaced in the rotation by Kendrick of all people.

  66. As a follow-up, in terms of recent performances, there is a huge difference between Blanton, who has been bad, and Moyer, who has been horrible. In May, Moyer has allowed 8 more ER than Blanton in 6 2/3 fewer innings. Along those lines, here is an interesting factoid – for May, if you take Moyer out of the equation, the Phillies starters’ ERA is a decent 4.16.

    The point is that the one guy in the rotation that you can make a real case of sitting right now is Moyer.

  67. larry i guess i would replace park with happ after that fine outing today. i never suggested myers be replaced i said i would use him as a chip for haren but great outing by him this weekend. as for bastardo and worley far from throwing in the towel theyll be a better team with them my opinion than with moyer and blanton.

  68. I’m thinking Valle will be sent to Williamsport. D’Arnaud is 9th in the SAL in RBIs. His batting average is terrible but he is knocking in runs anyway he can. Having Gose and Harold Garcia flying around on the base paths has something to do with it. But I think the flip-flopping between C and DH every game is messing with both of them. Let them both catch every game and they can get into a rhythm.

    Mattair is another issue. I was very high on him and he’s still young but I’m not sure what they can do to get him hitting. Before yesterday’s game, his batting average was barely registering and he had 16 Ks and no BBs in his previous 10 games. A #5 hitter has 10 RBIs. He was 3 for 3 with a BB last night but no RBIs, no runs scored. It’s a weird line. He leads the SAL in BBs but a lot of them came in a 10 game stretch a long while back. I think opposing teams started telling their pitchers to throw him every piece of junk they had; make sure they’re strikes and make him earn it. He’s faltered. Sorry if I sound bummed.

  69. I never knew that draft choice get seven at bats and next year are released. Saw that two outfielders were let go today one Rio-nunez had only 7 plate appearance is that normal. I don’t know a thing about this kid but wonder how bad he was to not get some at bats, and how can someone that bad one be drafted and two what kind of scout would recommend that they take him? just interested.

  70. Big game all around for Lakewood tonight. However what is interesting is the rapid development of starter Tyler Cloyd’s command. In his last 35 innings he has walked only one batter. For the season in 8 starts he has issued only 6 walks to go with 49 strike outs in 51 innings of work. Last year at Williamsport he walked 21 in 65 innings. Seems like Cloyd would be a good prospect to replace Drabek in Clearwater when the weather finally warms up enough for him to head to Reading.

  71. Rickey, I agree, Cloyd has had some nice outings of late and is certainly old enough to be at A+. He had excellent control in college too (1.6 BB/9, 6.4 K/BB in 2007).

    Found a nice Q&A with him from FoxSports 1310AM in NJ: http://misterballz.blogspot.com/2009/05/meet-tyler-cloyd.html

    His comments on D’Arnaud are interesting and certainly a good insight into what pitchers think of D’Arnaud.

  72. Nepp I tried to read the arb uses I need a lawyers help
    Talk about double meeting

  73. Ruddy Rio-Nunez was from Quebec , so I guess they missed one. Was a late-in-the-draft pick. They can’t add 50 players every year.

    Also released was the “board and/or some posters generated top 30 guy, Damaurri Saunderson.

    Also Pedro Carpio, the catcher, Ferrell Gomez, and Australian signee, Angus Roeger.

  74. mikemike,

    Even if the player only got 7 at-bats in a game, it is obvious that his performance in bp, spring training, etc. was enough to convince them he wasn’t going to make the grade.

    Don’t know anything about him but I’m guessing he either was strictly an athlete they were hoping to get lucky with or was picked up late as a favor. (Most famouse example was M. Piazza being drafted in the 62nd round because of family ties with Lasorda.)

    I’ve played with/against a couple of guys like that who obviously weren’t good enough to be drafted but were given a shot due to relationships with someone in an orginization.

  75. I guess all of the people who were questioning Damarii Saunderson making the top 30 are feeling a bit smug right now. 8^/

    Of course, we don’t know why he was released – family reasons, lack of passion for the game, decided to go to college. It could have been anything – but at least he won’t be viewed as a huge loss or a blown draft pick.

    – Jeff

  76. Saunderson won’t be eligible to play at any regular U.S. Colleges because he has already played as a professional.
    He was a 15th round draft choice, so I guess some might say it was a wasted pick. But, as I said before,almost, you can’t hit on 50 guys every year.

  77. You can’t but a fifteen round choice should be a little better than less than 50 at bats and gone. The scout in this case was way off wonder who scouted him and recommend him.

  78. Here is the scouting report from PGCrosschecker.com on Saunderson.

    – Saunderson is a very athletic outfielder with a very projectable, loose body. He’s a 6.9 runner in the 60 who also throws 87 mph from the mound from the left side. Saunderson has flashed his power and bat speed with wood at showcase events, although his swing mechanics and approach are very raw. He hit .418-3-33 this year and has signed with junior college power Iowa Western for next year. Under the old draft-and-follow rules, Saunderson would be an ideal player to draft and watch develop for a year. He has one of the more unique family backgrounds in the draft. His father, Kevin Saunderson, is widely-acknowledged to be one of the originators of the Techno Pop-style of music and is a very successful musician and producer with his own music label, KMS

  79. I Like to follow the unsign draft choices, like coy, workman. gibson and so forth, I tried to see coy and can’t find him on arizona state, am I looking at the wrong college?

  80. To be closer to home (apparently his father has health troubles) Johnny Coy transferred from ASU to Wichita State for the 2nd semester. I don’t think he could play this year but should be eligible next season for both hoops and baseball.

  81. Thanks Squire. after all that coach did to make him not sign. promising him to start. and could play basketball. But his father and family come first hope his dad is okay.

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