Carlos Monasterios Gets Complete Game Shut Out in Clearwater

Game 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H E
Flying Tigers 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0
Threshers 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 7 0

In tonight’s first game of the double header Carlos Monasterios picked up a win for the Threshers going the distance. He held the Flying Tigers to just three hits in seven innings while striking out four and walking just one in his first start of the young season. The Thresher offense was held quiet as the team picked up only one run in the game, but thanks to Carlos’ efforts that proved to be enough.

The offense has been hot for the team this season picking up at least 5 runs in every other game this year. Tonight looked like it would be another big night for the team as they loaded the bases in the first inning with just one out, but they left all runners stranded, and things stayed quiet until with one out in the fourth inning Yonderman Rodriguez crushed a triple to the right-center gap, and then with two outs Arlon Quirozcrushed a double to score Y-Rod.

Carlos Monasterios earns the SCHMIDT LIST player of the game award for his outstanding pitching effort.

PLAYER Pos. H/AB Details

Fidel Hernandez
2B 1-3

Freddy Galvis
SS 1-3

Dominic Brown
RF 1-3

Michael Durant
1B 0-3

Matt Rizotti
DH 0-3

Yonderman Rodriguez
3B 2-3 Triple, Run

Derrick Mitchell
LF 0-2

Arlon Quiroz
CF 2-2 RBI, Double

Derrick Mitchell
C 0-2

Carlos Monasterios
7.0 0 3 4 1

Threshers Drop Second of the Year in Second Half of Twin Bill

Game 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H E
Flying Tigers 0 0 2 0 0 1 3 6 12 1
Threshers 0 0 1 0 0 0 2 3 5 0

Unfortunately in the nightcap the Threshers pitching could not match Monasterios’ effort from the first game, and the offense remained relatively quiet for the team as well. Chance Chapman got his first start of the year, but only lasted three innings giving up two runs on six hits with three Ks and no walks. He was relived by Chris Kissock who had two solid innings of middle relief giving up just one hit with three Ks and no walks in two innings of work, but then the Flying Tigers added four off of Joe Rocchio who went the final two innings with a line of four runs on five hits with one punched out and one walked.

The offense remained pretty comatose getting just one hit through the first six innings, but they did pick up a run in the third when Michael Durant got his first walk of the season, and the scored on the one hit, a Fidel Hernandez double.

The team tried to mount a late rally as they picked up two runs on four hits in the bottom of the final frame, but it proved too little too late.

The team can’t hang their heads too low though, because so far the team has looked sharp. They own a 5-2 record and maintain sole possession of first place.

Chirs Kissock earns the SCHMIDT LIST player of the game award for his relief pitching effort.

PLAYER Pos. H/AB Details

Javis Diaz
CF 0-3 RBI

Freddy Galvis
SS 0-3

Dominic Brown
RF 0-3

TIm Kennelly
C 1-3 Double, Run

Matt Rizotti
DH 1-3 RBI, Run

Yonderman Rodriguez
3B 1-3

Derrick Mitchell
LF 0-2 BB, Run

Arlon Quiroz
LF 1-3 RBI, Run

Fidel Hernandez
2B 1-3 Double

Chance Chapman
3.0 2 6 3 0

Chris Kissock
2.0 0 1 3 0

Joe Rocchio
2.0 4 5 1 1

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11 thoughts on “Carlos Monasterios Gets Complete Game Shut Out in Clearwater

  1. Thanks for the QUICK reporting.

    If you keep this up, it’ll be that much better of a season for the Phils’ fans of the Threshers.

    Warm there enough for you?

  2. Well, I do those write ups on my own blog every night. I usually don’t put them up here unless it is something special. If you really want daily Threshers news you can visit the Threshers Nation site and get it there.

    I try to keep my posting here mainly to the weekly recaps to avoid monopolizing the coverage.

  3. also, FYI if you click on the “Schedule” link to the left of the page it takes you to a page that shows a link to all write ups for past games. I think all games dating back to the 2005 season are still available.

  4. Thanks Jeff. I looked through the box and Montasterios was the star. Very impressive outing. Maybe there is still hope for that Abreu trade. Durant seems totally overmatched here (1H in 20 ABs with 12 Ks & the hits a single). Is that the case? Is there anyone in the organization ready to move up? Hamilton maybe? Although he had 2 Errors in Lakewood yesterday. He’s got the power bat but if it misses everything, it isn’t any good.

    I’d like to see Mattair move up. He’s on fire right now and looks like he’s ready for more of a challenge. How’s Yonderman look at 3B? He certainly isn’t a 3B candidate. He has no power. He’s a pixie hitter. Mattair hasn’t shown much power but he’s a big kid and I expect that will come.

  5. it is good to see monasterios doing well, but the abreu trade was about two things. 1. dumping salary; 2. changing the culture on the team. both were successful and the second led to a world series. it was a good trade regardless of what monasterios does. but it would be great to see him in the bigs one day. even if as a reliever, which is where i think that he is going.

  6. Cant disagree with you PP fan. Although I trace Abreu’s attitude to the special treatment Wade gave Doug Glanville
    u know the guy who was going change the leadoff position bu not taking strikes. Maybe i am off but….
    BTW since I am an old gasbag i like the BOLD letters

  7. Zagurski made a cameo tonight for the Threshers, pitching a scoreless, hit-less inning to start things off. Good to see him back in game action.

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