Phillies take Robert Mosebach in Rule 5 Draft

Head over to and you can watch the Rule 5 draft for free. According to the Phillies scribes, they don’t expect the Phillies to take anyone. The Phillies will pick 21st due to 40 man rosters loaded to capacity ahead of them. I’ll post the picks made, including anyone the Phillies take, or any Phillies prospects that get taken.

[Update 1] Phillies take Robert Mosebach, RHP from the Angels. Here are his numbers. I’ll look for more later, he’s a starter with awful peripherals, but is still young. He also served up 56% groundballs in 2008, so that’s something.

[Update 2] Phillies take 2B Kyle Haines from the Giants and Javis Dias from the Padres in the AAA phase. The Phillies also lost John Suomi to Kansas City, Brett Harker and Ronald Hill to the Marlins in the minor league phase.

[Update 3] Scott Lauber says the Phillies liked the reports they got on him in Arizona and plan to use him as a reliever in the spring.

Check below for the results…

Major League Phase

01. Washington – Terrell Young, RHP (From Cincinnati)
02. Seattle – Reegie Coronoa, SS (Yankees)
03. San Diego – Everth Cabrera, SS (Colorado)
04. Pittsburgh – Donnie Veal, LHP (Cubs)
05. Baltimore – Lou Pomisano, C (Milwaukee)
06. San Francisco – Luis Perdomo, RHP (St Louis)
07. Atlanta – PASS
08. Cincinnati – David Patten, RHP (Colorado)
09. Detroit – Kyle Bloom, LHP (Pittsburgh)
10. Kansas City – Jose Lugo, LHP (Minnesota)
11. Oakland – Ben Copeland, OF (San Francisco)
12. Cleveland – PASS
13. Arizona – James Skelton, C (Detroit)
14. Florida – Zack Kroenke, LHP (Yankees)
15. St Louis – PASS
16. Houston – Gilbert De Lavera, LHP (Kansas City)
17. Minnesota – Jason Jones, RHP (Yankees)
18. Chicago White Sox – PASS
19. New York Mets – Darren O’Day, RHP (Angels)
20. Milwaukee – Eduardo Morlan, RHP (Tampa Bay)
21. Philadelphia – Robert Mosebach, RHP (Angels)
23. Boston – Miguel Gonzalez, RHP (Angels)
24. Tampa Bay – Derrick Rodriguez, RHP (White Sox)
25. Chicago Cubs – PASS
26. LA Angels – PASS

Round 2

San Diego – Ivan Nova, RHP (Yankees)
New York Mets – Rocky Cherry, RHP (Baltimore)

AAA Phase

01. Washington – Ricardo Nanita, OF (White Sox AA)
02. Seattle – Patrick Ryan, RHP (Milwaukee AA)
03. San Diego – PASS
04. Pittsburgh – Andres Santos, LHP (Yankees AA)
05. Baltimore – Robert Valido, SS (White Sox AA)
06. San Francisco – Matt Yourkin, LHP (Florida AA)
07. Atlanta – PASS
08. Cincinnati – Francisco Lizarraga, SS (LA Dodgers AA)
09. Detroit – PASS
10. Colorado – PASS
11. Kansas City – Luis Ortega, RHP (Washington AA)
12. Oakland – Yusef Carter, OF (Cubs AA)
13. Texas – Elio Sarmiento, C (San Francisco AA)
14. Cleveland – PASS
15. Arizona – PASS
16. Los Angeles Dodgers – Anthony Hatch, 3B (Toronto AA)
17. Florida – Ryan Klosterman, SS (Toronto AA)
18. St Louis – Russ Haltingwiner, RHP (Kansas City AA)
19. Toronto – Cody Haether, OF (St Louis AA)
20. Houston – Andrew Locke, OF (Dodgers AA)
21. Minnesota – Henry Arias, RHP (Cincinnati AA)
22. Chicago White Sox – PASS
23. New York Mets – Carl Loadenthal, OF (Atlanta AA)
24. New York Yankees – PASS
25. Milwaukee – Mark Holliman, RHP (Cubs AA)
26. Philadelphia – Kyle Haines, 2B (San Francisco AA)
27. Boston – Jason Rice, RHP (White Sox AA)
28. Tampa Bay – PASS
29. Chicago Cubs – PASS
30. Los Angeles Angels – PASS

Second Round

Pittsburgh – Rafael Quintero
Baltimore – Josh Peralt, RHP (Washington)
Kansas City – John Suomi, C (Reading)

34 thoughts on “Phillies take Robert Mosebach in Rule 5 Draft

  1. WS teams usually don’t need to fill their roster with Rule 5 guys. Still, I would like to see them take some longshot to see if he explodes in ST. I assume Gillick is in on the discussions as its a scrapheap type of thing and that’s his best skill.

  2. Robert Mosebach was ranked 49th best prospect in all of baseball by Baseball Notebook in 2007. Not sure what this means…

  3. Very underwhelming. His numbers don’t look to great. Is a college guy though, 24y/o. Maybe they see something. They do get paid for doing that kind of stuff after all.

  4. Haven’t found anything on his stuff yet, but I’d venture to guess that he’s a guy the Phils have liked for awhile and think they can straighten out. I have to think they’ll try to swing a trade with the Angels to keep him in Lehigh Valley, since I see little chance for him to make the 25 man out of spring training. Maybe he’ll eventually make a groundball-inducing, innings eating fifth starter; I’m sure that’s the hope anyway.

    A bit surprised we didn’t lose Slayden, but that’s a good thing. Disappointed to see Morlan get popped right in front of us, though I somehow doubt we’d have taken him anyway.

  5. he just added a change up last year. led his league in innings pitched last year in double a and the year before in single a.

    innings eater but has a great slider, curve, fastball, and is still working on the change.

  6. Phillies keep Slayden and Overholt, which I’m sure they are happy about. Harker isn’t much of a loss. Hill was actually kind of intriguing, but its nothing to make noise about.

  7. phillie fans need to learn this chant for him:


    clap clap, clap clap clap


    clap clap, clap clap clap

  8. Surprised, but happy, to see Slayden stick.

    I won’t be surprised to see Mosebach offered back. If they don’t get a guy like Juan Cruz I bet he’ll be Clay Condrey’s competition in ST with a shot to make the team.

  9. What’s the point of taking Haines and Dias? They don’t look like they have any skills whatsoever.

  10. Yes, Barb and Baldwin part of the Moyer deal. That is why I think it is funny when people get all bent out of shape when we trade prospects in A ball or even AA. How is Matt Maloney doing. Remember when everyone was all upset that we lost him for Loshe.

  11. “How is Matt Maloney doing. Remember when everyone was all upset that we lost him for Loshe.”

    Maloney just finished a rather fine season at AAA.

    Age 24: 140 IP, 1.30 WHIP, 132 K, 39 BB

    In 522 IP, he now has a career 1.20 WHIP, 3.38 ERA, and 3:1 K/BB.

  12. Thanks Padraic. I think the Lohse trade was good for the Phillies, but Maloney isn’t a slouch. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the rotation for the Reds this year.

  13. Look at those HR rates… pretty outstanding. Clearly a sinkerballer. I wouldn’t be surprised if he threw pretty hard (he’s a big man after all), and the phillies think maybe he might throw even a bit harder in relief, giving them a innings eating middle reliever who does NOT give up HRs and can take advantage of their outstanding infield defense (Mr. Howard not withstanding). Nice flier pick.

  14. A shot in the dark worth taking.

    Little cost; possible unanticipated rewards.

    NOW, this fan has great confidence in the team’s scouting staffs.

  15. Big time ground ball pitcher, certainly an interesting pick. I presume they’re hoping to stash him in AAA this year.

  16. Taking someone in the Rule 5 draft is never a bad thing…its no cost, no risk. If he makes the team as a 12th pitcher, great! If not, no loss.

    Am I the only one who wasn’t surprised that Slayden wasn’t taken?

  17. That home run rate really stands out. The only blemish comes from the Cal League, which is about the most brutal pitching environment in the minor leagues.

  18. I guess teams didn’t feel like Slayden could stick on the 25 man. He’s always been old for his level and 17 homers at a hitters friendly Reading doesn’t project much power. Not a very high ceiling and nothing really to “fix” with him that would make his performance jump another level. Hey, good for the Phils that no one took him though.

  19. Scott Lauber’s Blog

    Lauber has the details. And I quote…

    “Spoke with Phillies pro scouting coordinator Mike Ondo about Mosebach. He said the Phillies got good reports on him during the Arizona Fall League. Mosebach has been a starter throughout his career, but he was used as a reliever in Arizona and his velocity and command were improved. Probably a long shot for Mosebach to make the Phillies out of spring training, and thus, he could be offered back to the Angels. But the Phillies believe he has enough potential to give him a shot.”

  20. I like Slayden as potential Dh or pinchhitter he hits lefties
    very well and u know managers are programmed . I wish him luck and a look in the spring.

    As far as sinkerball pitcher in my mind if they dont approach
    2.5/1 they wont help here on that merit alone. Romero is our best by a long sot

  21. Nepp, I’m with you on Slayden not being picked. He just doesn’t have any one skill that jumps out. Most teams have a Slayden clone in the upper levels of their organization, a guy with a good bat who can give you an injury filler.

    There is little reason to pick up a player with the upside of a 4th/5th OF in the rule V draft.

  22. So far so good Just Ruben please get off the DeRosa kick
    Reading this site and try to drive in the rain on 95 makes me so hungry for spring.
    For Mosebach to make the team Eaton has to go. I guess
    it can wait til spring now. The man needs a groinal implant
    or a visit to Oz.
    An idea fire Dubee and make Moyer a player/coach . Just kidding sorta

  23. I’m with you about letting Dubee go. I cna’t understand how he still has a job. Tell me one young pitcher (other than Cole) that has been able to stick and improve while on with the bug club.

    Kendrick slowly went backward. Zagurski went backward. Happ (thankfully) hasn’t been exposed to him enough. That doesn’t even account for Myers, Eaton, etc.

    One story from a few years ago always bothered me about Dubee. It was when Joe Girardi had to call Jon Lieber to tell him what he was doing wrong.

    Having Dubee exposed to the talented young pitchers we have worries me. I don’t want to see Carrasco, Happ or anyone else ruined by him. At least they seemed to have taken steps to fix Reading.

  24. 3up3kkk…I’m sure it was Dubee’s fault that Zagurski had surgery. Oh, and the moon landing was staged. Also, the government has been hiding proof of aliens for years. These things are all indisputable truths.

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