Heres the plan

I wanted to just give a brief update and explain whats going to happen over the next month or so. I’m pretty much going to just be doing a post every day recapping the events of the spring training game the day before, highlighting the performances of the prospects involved. If any other news comes up, then we’ll get that in of course, but I’m going to spend the bulk of my time between now and opening day working on player profiles, trying to get as many of them as I can completed. I’m also going to be getting in touch with my correspondents for Lakewood, Clearwater, Reading and Allentown and giving them some details on future plans.

So heres what I need from YOU, the loyal reader. If you come across any biographical tidbits/articles/pictures/videos of our prospects online, and I don’t already have the info posted on that player’s profile, please post it. If I’ve already created a player’s profile page, you can post a link there or you can post it on the new “Info Dump” page at the top of the blog. You can also get there by clicking here.

Thanks again for all of the contributions from all of you, thanks for continuing to come back, and I’m really looking forward to this season, both for the big league club and all of its affiliates.

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