Daily Archives: February 27, 2008

Upcoming Player Interviews

For those of you who aren’t already familiar with me from my work last year, my name is Jeff, and I provide the weekly updates on the happenings within the Threshers organiztion for James here at Phuture Phillies. I also run a Threshers site with daily game recaps and player profiles along with player of the game awards, and end-of-the-season awards. Check out the site here. I’ve talked with a few of the players from last year’s FSL Champion Threshers team and set up some upcoming interviews with Andrew Carpenter, Jason Donald, and Lou Marson. Like most of you I am a fan of the game and not a professional journalist, so I’d like to get your input on these upcoming talks to make sure that what I ask and write about are of the most interest to those of you who frequent this site. I want to throw out this opportunity to you all to allow me to be the surrogate for the questions that you would ask if you had the opportunity to talk with these players.

You can use the comments section here or drop me an email and get your input into the upcoming articles.

I hope to have the interviews up within the next week, so let me know soon if you’d like some input.