Reader Top 30, #4

So far we have

01. Carlos Carrasco
02. Adrian Cardenas
03. Joe Savery

Is today Outman’s day? Costanzo has been making a push. A darkhorse? We’ll see. Have your say in the comments.

Eligibility reminder

For the purpose of this poll, consider “eligibility” to be less than 50 AB/25 games for a position player, and less than 25 IP/20 games as a pitcher.

63 thoughts on “Reader Top 30, #4

  1. Our right fielder of the future, Dominic Brown. Think Darryl Stawberry. He started for the Mets at 21. That puts Dominic here in 09. He is a lock for the next super star in the Hamels, Rollins, Utley, Howard tradition in the system.

  2. I go with Outman over Costanzo because: (A) he’s a year younger; (B) he’s a lefty with big time strikeout potential; and (C) despite his second half, Costanzo’s strikeout totals still give me pause. I’ll probably go with Mike next.

    What’s the rule on injured players? Just slot them in wherever we see fit? (I know Mathieson is above the eligibility requirements laid out, but Drabek will find his way onto this list somewhere).

  3. Im gonna go with Jason Donald. I love Outman but I think he will eventually become a reliever and I think that knocks his value down a slot or two for me.

  4. It is a little jump from 3 to 4 in terms of prospects as we go from A level prospects to B level prospects. I am picking Outman because of his age and I think he has a little higher ceiling than Costanzo and Carpenter, the two other prospects closest to him on my list.

  5. Costanzo. While yes he strikes out a fair bit had does show that once he adjusts to a league he seems to put it all together in the second half. And once he gets to the bigs he won’t have to “adjust” every year – so I am focusing on his second half numbers which are pretty darn good!

  6. Lou Marson, catcher.

    I don’t know that he’ll ever hit in the sweet spot of the order, but he’s going to be one heck of a starting backstop. Someone else pointed out earlier: all he does is win. First Lakewood, now Clearwater. I think Marson is going to have a long, memorable career.

  7. I voted Carpenter for #3 and now I’m voting for him #4. As Kyle Kendrick and Jamie Moyer are showing in Philadelphia, sometimes a winning attitude and average stuff is just as good as great stuff. Carpenter has already won 2 professional championships. He set the Clearwater wins record. The guy just wins.

  8. Here’s where it starts to get tough. I’d say Mathieson or Drabek if healthy, but they’re not. Someone above said Mathieson not eligible by rules, I thought he had little enough major league time that he met this poll’s eligibility rules. Can someone explain.

    Anyway, it is Drabek or Outman, and I’ll go with Outman.

  9. Since I went with Costanzo at #3, I’m going with him @#4.

    Outman, Donald, Marson, Carpenter, etc are all on the horizon.

    I wonder when we’ll finally get a player from AAA on this list. Other than Happ and maybe Bisenius, there ain’t much there.

    I’m starting to get more and more intrigued about Dominic Brown, though. He’s definitely going to be someone to watch when he goes to full season ball next year.

    – Jeff

  10. I’m glad someone mentioned Bisenius, although he’s probably off anyone’s top 10 or 20 chart. He seems like a guy who is struggling with his command, but if you look at his game-by-game breakdowns, he often dominated. It wouldn’t surprise me if he wound up as a late inning option for the Phils next year – he’s got arm.

  11. while its very close between all the guys mentioned thusfar, I have to go with Costanzo because he’s the only one who’s passed the AA test. Outman wasn’t bad in AA, but he didn’t do too great either.

  12. Costanzo, his 2nd half numbers were absolutely phenomenal and he did everything asked of him. His K/BB rate improved greatly and even his defense seemed to gain some consistency. Donald is easily my #4, but it’s gotta be Mike at 3.

  13. Since I believe that a good pitcher can always get you a good bat in a trade and not always vice-a-versa, I’ll vote for Outman (the best pitcher’s name ever) over Constanzo. That’s a vote for a 95 mile an hour fastball over 27 homeruns. Isn’t it nice that the Phillies finally have at least 10 guys who look like can’t miss major leaguers? Whether they’ll be stars or back ups, who knows. By the way, its Marson, not Marston and Carpenter wasn’t on the Lakewood team to my knowledge.

  14. i go with costanzo–last time we had a guy hitting that many bombs in the minors, remember how he turned out?

  15. Lefty+Stuff+Results- Josh Outman is the best prospect but its close between him/Costanzo/Carpenter.

  16. Carpenter. He’s done nothing but win. He’s about where Outman is from a development perspective and yet is a year younger, 2 inches taller and has the frame to mature even more.

  17. Kyle Drabek’s ceiling is so high right now, he should be completely healthy now and starting to reach his full potential. I’ll go with Drabek.

  18. Drabek just had TJ surgery. He clearly is not completely healthy and will likely pitch poorly in limited 2008 action. It will be 2009 before Drabek gets a chance to make his move. Still, he has close to Hamels talent and may not need a lot of minor league IP.

  19. I know that he just had TJ Surgery but by say, September of ’08 he should be making cameos. But I meant that by the time he pitches again he should be completely healthy. I saw his last game and he was just getting rocked before getting pulled out. Though the errors by Fidel Hernandez were horrible.

    Outman, Donald, Costanzo, MARSON (no T), all were considered.

  20. Well I would like to think outside the box for a second… Kendrick I guess is off the list? Is Scott Mathieson still considered for this list? Jason Jaramillo put togther a pretty solid season, nothing flashy but you know he will be a major league contributor. If we are looking at just potential then you have to look at names already mentioned Constanzo, Berry, Brown, Donald, Marson, Carpenter, Golson, maybe even Harmon had quite the run at the end of the year… But none of our every day position prospects are at an elite level even if we do want to try and dream … the best hope would be Costanzo, but his strike outs are a worry. So that leaves us with pitching… and for me that means either a lefty or a righty… Outman VS Drabek. Lefties are a premium and Outman looks pretty good… but if this is based on potential Drabel still has the bulldog mentality and fireball fastball, control and bloodlines on his side… Drabek should be next. One day he will be our Ace…

  21. Clearly this is a tough one. This is where you have to debate upside versus results. In a results world you’d have to rank Andrew Carpenter here. In an upside world, I think you gotta go Kyle Drabek. So what I’ll do instead is pick the guy who is the best balance of results and upside as I see it right now.

    Josh Outman #4

  22. Gonna have to go with Outman due to age, being a lefty. Costanzo had a nice second half but the strikeouts and poor defense scare me.

  23. Costanzo – too many reasons to list, but I will mention a few. His power, his improved defense (ask those who saw him dive, scoop and throw out the runner at first or snag a line drive), his good looks – but most of all the way he treats his teammates and the fans. He is always the First guy out of the dugout to congratulate the run scorers. He is the Last player in the tunnel, still signing autographs on programs, hats, shirts, etc. and having his picture taken with everyone. He is the MAN. All the fans love him. He is the kind of player that brings in the crowds.

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