51 thoughts on “Reader Top 30, #3

  1. #3-Costanzo…
    Check out Baseball America’s Organization reports for Sept 21 by Jim Salisbury online… He wrote that Carpenter & Costanzo were the Top Minor League Pitcher and Hitter in 2007.
    By the way it’s Lou Marson…not Marston

  2. Joe Savery at #3.

    This guy was projected to be one of the top 2 picks in the draft before his senior year. If not for the injury he probably would have been there. From a pure upside standpoint Savery shouldn’t rank below #3.

  3. Lou Marson. He has only caught the staffs of the Sally and FSL champs the last two seasons. He is a winner!

  4. I think a lot of guys are really, really close here at #3 but based on age and being left handed J. Outman has to get the edge. Yeah he hit a slight wall in AA but he has been consistent in the past and shows no signs that his struggles in AA are nothing more than adjustments to the league. So…

    #3 Josh Outman

  5. Now it gets tougher, so permit me a paragraph to think about it.

    Donald, Harman and Carpenter all drastically improved their stock. Savery is tempting but there are some health concerns. Ditto for Drabek. Costanzo has some serious pop in his bat, but there are some other concerns with strikeouts and moreso errors. Jaramillo looks like he could platoon nicely with Ruiz. Marson is better than Jaramillo. Damn. Tough call.

    #3 Costanzo.

    The strikeouts don’t bother my so much, if he hits 30 homers and draws a decent amount of walks. The errors worry me, especially since Howard isn’t exactly Rico Brogna over there at first. So, I don’t think he is the answer at 3b, but I’ve heard rumors floating around that Mike Lowell wants to come here, and he could be a temporary fix at 3B while we see if Mattair is the real deal. I’m guessing that by 2010, Costanzo will be putting up Burrell like numbers in LF for the Phils. (And even though Burrell is somewhat of a disappointment, if Costanzo duplicates the .270BA. .380OBP with 25-30HR and 100rbi that we get from Burrell, then we’re doing okay)

    – Jeff

  6. Joe Savery.

    He’s a big, strong, athletic lefty who would be a prospect for his bat if not for his arm. I have my reservations but until we see what next season brings he gets the benefit of the doubt. If all goes well he should be in the Phillies rotation by early 2010. If he struggles on the mound he might get a shot as an outfielder, but his ETA would be pushed back to 2011 or later.

  7. I tried this once before, so here goes again (not sure rankings are the same when I wrote before)

    3. Outman
    4. Costanzo
    5. Harman
    6. Donald
    7. Savery
    8. Brown
    9. Happ
    10. Mathieson/Drabek

  8. Savery. 4 is where the list starts to get tougher for me. Outman, Costanzo, and Carpenter are all pretty bunched together. But Savery is both polished AND has a high ceiling.

  9. outman.

    savery hasn’t done enough to warrant this high of a projection. a good college career doesn’t mean that he’s going to be a great MLB player.

  10. Marson. I just don’t think there are that many 21 year-old catching prospects who have the on-base skills, defensive chops and power potential this guy brings to the table. His BABIP was pretty high, but some of that might reflect selectivity. Marson could be a future all-star, and I’m not sure I see any other guys like that in the prospect ranks aside from our #1 and #2, and perhaps Savery.

  11. I’ll be the first to vote for Donald. Those voting for Savery are doing so based primarily on scouting and physical potential, and I guess that’s OK, but as a pitcher he has to get through the injury bug, and he really hasn’t thrown enough against pros for me to be all that confident in him. donald doesn’t get nearly enough appreciation for being the kind of all around player he is–no weaknesses, good patience, good power, good glove, good arm. Better bat IMHO than Costanzo.

  12. Mike Costanzo.

    After a sluggish start he went on quite a tear over the last three months or so. I am of the belief that his defense will come around enough to be suitable at third base.

  13. Mike Costanzo
    If not 3rd…definitely 4th…
    I agree with Reading Phillie…There is a reason why The Reading Phillies are spending a few million dollars to re-do their playing surface-(Horrible Bounces) From what I saw Costanzo’s errors could have been avoided with an occational scoop by the firstbaseman on a tough play and throw from 3rd. He play hard like Utley!!!

  14. In retrospect, I should have included Marson in the top ten. I’d say he’s in the 5-9 range. Good young catchers are rare and he’s got a chance, but, at this point, in my mind, he looks promising, but there’s certainly nothing overwhelming about his statistics. In the worst case scenario, he will probably be a standard issue major league catcher. In a best case scenario, he becomes something like Brian McCann, which would be fabulous. But, in any event, it’s nice that the organization has a lot of options behind the plate – no more Rod Barajases.

  15. Oops, forgot to respond yesterday.

    Savery likely has the biggest upside of anyone left, but based on what Outman has done thus far, I’ll have to go with him third. I guess Savery would be top 5 by default, but I don’t know where to put him necessarily.

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