Andrew Carpenter throws a perfect game

How about that? Carpenter threw a 7 inning perfect game tonight, as Clearwater defeated Fort Myers 2-0. Of his 21 outs, 7 came via strike out, 4 on the ground and 10 in the air. I guess he read the blog earlier today and wanted to make a statement. Mr Happ, I’m not sure how you can top a 7 inning perfect game, but the ball is in your court.

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  1. Well I guess he does read your blog, just as I do, thank you for your great service to all of us.

    Happ, Castro, Outman, Carrasco, Carpenter, Savery, Sampson, Drabek. We have some starting arms here. Very different than any time since Monty/Giles took over. I do believe that Gullick has been a steady hand here. Give us back Gio, and bank the 1st Round Draft Pick for losing Rowand this winter, and things pitching wise look particularly rosey.

  2. Turns out yesterday’s question by phuturephillies was well-timed, huh?

    I’m holding off getting really excited about Carpenter until he replicates that success at AA. He’s pitched very well at Clearwater, but for a polished college pitcher, that’s what you’re hoping. His K/9 rate (6.2) isn’t quite where you’d like it to be, and his GO/AO (0.99) dispels any notion that he’s the next Kyle Kendrick.

    Still, you can’t argue with results, and 16 wins is impressive at any level. Some just have feel for pitching, and “stuff” be damned, they’re going to find a way to succeed anyway. Let’s hope Carpenter falls into that category.

  3. How about Darren Byrd at Lakewood as the next Kyle Kendrick? His Aug. 1.42 GO/AO is at the Kendrick line.

  4. I’m baffled why the Phils would send Bisenius, Outman and Happ to the AFL. These pitchers’ arms need rest, not more work, especially Bisenius. Bisenius’ year was ruined this season because of last off-season’s abuse. I’d wager at least 2 of the 3 will be hurt next year if the Phils do this. Talk about using common sense!

  5. The list of AFL Phils scheduled should not be surprising to those who followed discussion here and elsewhere in the past several months. Of these there should be 3-4 who contest seriously for spots on the ’08 staff.

    IMO, the biggest question mark now has to be Happ. He seems to be the only one of them who has hit a wall during this season. Lots of strikeouts, lots of hits and runs, too many walks. Last season’s several ending months showed a guy who was on the verge of the big club’s staff. His problems this season SEEM to be his control…which, for me, is a possible cancellation of his ever being effective in the bigs.

    The AFL is a good venue for his effort to regain his previous command; failing that, his future IMO looks more dim than we could have hoped.

    One guy who should be on the big club in this Sept call-up is Bisenius. His recovery from his arm ills appears to be complete; his last several relief innings show few hits, less runs, and more Ks. He seems to be ready and could be helpful down the stretch.

    Good for Marson. Hope he can locate some more power in Reading next season; his catching and game-calling skills are superrior according to reports. Golson is a satretch; only as a 1st rounder does he get this AFL assignment.

    Watching the AFL this fall/winter should be fun!

  6. i’d like everyone here to take a look at aaron laffey’s season numbers.

    the average major league pitcher has a GO:AO ratio of about 1.20. this stat is not OPS+ or ERA+; it is not adjusted so that the average major leaguer is at 1.00. 1.40 is barely above average.

    the fact that kendrick is succeeding is not because of his great GB ratio, it’s because the defense behind him has been great, and he hasn’t had to pitch against some of the better national league lineups; at least not in his last 10 starts.

  7. Actually steagles, I don’t know if that’s correct. I have the gb:fb data available for every minor league level in 2006

    Groundballs: 259,637
    Flyballs: 165,403
    Line Drives: 79,241

    I believe that line drives are counted as flyballs in box scores. If you add those two together, you get 244,644. If you count GB against that number, the ratio is 1.06 GB:FB, not 1.20

  8. i don’t have access to that kind of data, but the stat i was refering to was ground outs/air outs (GO:AO), not GB% or GB/FB.

    again, my unresearched impression has been that the average major league GO:AO is 1.20, while the average GB% is 47.

  9. Happ has problems with righthanded hitters. All 11 of his home runs given up at AAA have been to them. He might be better suited to become a lefty relief specialist.

  10. To Steagles:

    The stat you are referring to is the same as phuturephilly. A line out is considered an Air out (AO) and any groundout is GO. The reason Kendrick, by the way is pitching well, is because he keeps the ball low and he has good control with a good defense behind him. He has pitched enough games that the league knows his stuff and he is not suprising anyone. Further, what offense in the national league does he have to pitch well against before you can give him some props. He has pithed well against Colorado in Colorado, Florida, and the Brewers. All good hitting clubs by the way. Are you want of those people who think just because you say it, it means its true. Nothing but negative comments comes from your post.

  11. The Laffey numbers are impressive. Durbin last night I believe had 10 ground outs, 3 fly outs and 6 strike outs plus some shoddy fielding at the corners. That ratio is close to Laffey numbers but Durbin GO/AO is now only 1.52. even after last night. The key with Kendrick has been his composure to induce ground balls in crucial situations.

  12. I leave town for the weekend and miss out on being the one to post the best Clearwater Threshers news ever. Damn! Congratulations DEFINITELY go out to Andrew!!!

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