Daily Archives: August 29, 2007

What to do with Scott Mathieson

Here is today’s point of discussion. Mathieson is currently rehabbing in the minors, and is looking to be ready sometime in early September to pitch in the big leagues. The Phillies want to use him in the bullpen for the rest of this season to help out the big league club. The question is, what should his role be in 2008 and beyond? He features a very good fastball, 92-95 before surgery, and reports have him dotting 97 in his rehab appearances. His slider was great in the minors last year, not so good in his major league foray, but still grades out as at least major league average, and will probably be a tick or two better. His changeup is a fringe pitch right now, but again, room for improvement and should be at least average. So, do you have him start next season in AAA with the intention of him being a callup to fill a rotation spot due to injury or ineffectiveness? Do you start him in the major league bullpen next season, with the thought of possibly turning him into the team’s closer down the road? You make the call.