Ok, so, what now?

Remember yesterday when I mentioned the long list of injured Phillies pitches and those being called up to replace them? Well now that our best starting pitcher is headed to the DL, who will replace him? The obvious answer is that no one can really replace the excellent performance we’ve gotten from Hamels this year, but there are a few candidates.

JA Happ: He’s been throwing better of late, control is still spotty, but he’s one of the few options we have in the upper minors

Carlos Carrasco: I really hope they don’t go this direction. Carrasco has really struggled of late at Reading, but threw a gem last night. I’d let him build on that, and if they want to use him at the ML level, I’d wait till September 1 when the rosters expand and put him in the bullpen where they can manage his innings.

Andrew Carpenter: Carpenter has been our more reliable starting pitching prospect since June 1, but he’s only in Clearwater, and that seems like a big jump, even for a polished college starter.

Happ really seems like the only viable option, unless they decide to use newly promoted Fabio Castro as a starter and then bring up a pitcher from Reading or Ottawa to use in relief, maybe an Anderson Garcia or  Joe Bisenius, even though he’s struggled. Remember, moves like this are complicated based on the management of the 40 man roster, so if they choose to bring someone up that isn’t on the 40 man roster, it will probably lead to them having to outright someone off the current 40 man.

Who do you think should start in place of Hamels, and who do you think should take the last spot on the current 25 man roster when he hits the DL?

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  1. On the phillies website at the bottom of the article anouncing Durbin starting tonight they have the pitching match ups dor the next 3 games and named Castro as the starter for sat.

  2. I’d probably give Castro the start tomorrow–he’d be on his normal rest, and otherwise it’s got to be a “bullpen special,” which I don’t think thrills anyone. If Hamels does go on the DL, though, I think it pretty much has to be Happ.

    The other alternative would be to trade for someone else’s dreck and hope Josh Towers can fool a new league for a month.

  3. The news about Hamels is extremely worrisome. No one on the Phillies is more valuable than Cole. Not even Rollins, Howard or Utley, though you could make a case that Rollins is equally important.

    I think Castro was brought up to replace Hamels, not Zagurski or Hernandez. I also think this is why Hernandez went on the DL, to protect his place on the 40 man roster. He and Adam Eaton have the same injury–it’s called numbers-itis. I could be wrong, but the promotion of Castro makes more sense with an opening in the starting rotation.

    I’m not sure Hamels is going on the DL right away. There must be a chance that skipping a start or two is all he needs. The MRI will tell. So there’s no need to call anyone else up to replace him yet. Again, I think that’s what the Castro promotion was all about.

    What a mess. If these Phillies get to the post-season it will be a miracle. There’s something to be said about rallying around adversity, but this is getting ridiculous. At least the rosters are set to expand soon, which should alleviate some of the numbers crunch.

  4. Good question although Hamels is not yet been plaed on the DL. There are not many lefties left to chose from. Brtio is down there though he has been awful this year so i wouldn’t think that to be an option. Maybe the likes of Garcia, Mateo, or Geary again… I’d rather take a shot with Garcia or Mateo rather then Geary

  5. Victorino and Utley are both supposed to come back this weekend. They might just go with an extra position player, at least for the time being.

  6. Has Gacia been rehabbing? If so what are the chances of him being brought up eventually and tossing a few innnings? For some reason I am not worried about the playoffs. Maybe because they have let us down so, so much in the past I think now with all these injuries they are just bound to win. Plus they have a very favorable schedule the last month unlike the other contenders for the wild card.

  7. Looking forward to Castro’s Start.

    To win this we need a Marty Bystrom, type story line. If Castro cannot handle it over 2 starts then Happ it is.

  8. SirAlden, we already have a Bystrom story in Kendrick. Durbin also deserves kudos for the job he’s done so far. But at some point the well will run dry. I agree that Happ is next in line after Castro. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

    No matter what happens this season these Phillies have played with as much heart as anyone could have hoped. These Phillies are easy to root for. Charlie Manuel deserves a lot of credit for setting the tone, but ultimately it comes from the players. Aaron Rowand in particular has that winners aura about him. The Phillies almost have to bring him back but it won’t be easy with so many other clubs going after him.

  9. My problem is that Fabio gave up 2 homers and Happ gave up 1 in their last starts. They are not ground ball pitchers but are stretched out. But Charlie had Fabio warming up last night with Mesa in the 7th so I wonder if he is in the mix to start? But they must start someone. The pickings are slim from the 40 man roster.

  10. This is almost starting to remind me of that one year in the ’80s when the Cardinals made it to the WS while barely begin able to field a full team due to injuries. They had to bring Dan Driessen out of retirement just to have someone who could play 1B in the postseason.

    The thing is, even if Hamels is out, we’re not necessarily sunk. There are so few games left in the season that we could lose all our best players and in-game luck could still carry us over the finish line. Who knows, maybe we’ll be led into the postseason by our rotation of Castro, Durbin, Happ, Kendrick, and – I don’t know… Eude Brito?

  11. Interesting to note that while the Phillies are explaining that Hamels has pitched more than ever (167 innings), Kyle Kendrick is at 180 plus when you include his Reading starts.

  12. If Castro is getting the next start, who replaces Hamels on the 25 man roster? A bullpen guy, it would seem. But who?

    How about after one start, they bring up Happ and return Castro to the bullpen.

  13. Castro did well, for 5 IPs. A number of walks, but enough to earn a 2nd start – and I’m a HUGE Happ supporter.

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