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It’s official, Zagurski up, Coste Down, Myers on DL


Press release.

Not really surprising, you can’t run the risk of hurting Myers further by having him out there less than 100%. Good luck to Zagurski, pray he throws strikes, and if he does, he should be up to stay. As for Coste, this isn’t surprising either, as he hasn’t really gotten AB’s since being recalled. The sad thing is, this means Barajas will remain a Phillie for a while longer.

Update: Mike was hitting 92-93 tonight. His velo is definitely up from 2005 and it looks like it’s up even from last year. If he throws like that consistently, he won’t be going back to the minors.

Ottawa Lynx Week Seven

One of the genuine nice guys in baseball called it quits this week and a familiar former Lynx was brought in to replace him. Thirty year old Ron Calloway called it a day May 18th after eleven seasons in professional baseball and his third season with Ottawa, (2001-2002, 2007). Ron had one stint in the majors, with the Montreal Expos in 2003, and finished with a career .278 average. Good luck to you Ron Calloway in whatever you decide to do next. You will be missed.

The following day, Ottawa recalled thirty six year old outfield veteran Pedro Swann from Reading to replace him on the roster. Swann, earlier in the season, hit .333, (3-9), with three RBI. This is the seventeenth season in pro baseball for Swann.

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