Some light Saturday morning reading

More of the Jamie Moyer-Kyle Drabek relationship and some other time honored cliches in this piece, and then another nice article about Joe Bisenius and his chance at making the big league bullpen.

Also, I missed this one a few days ago, but the Phillies signed 16 year old Australian outfielder Angus Roeger. I have no idea what kind of player he’ll be, that article is somewhat vague, but the Phillies apparently like his bat. He’s 16, so we’ll check back in a few years.

5 thoughts on “Some light Saturday morning reading

  1. The Aussie signing is interesting. The Phillies don’t sign a ton of HS players who have good size and good bat and yet are presented as having a position, reasonable speed, and not likely to be a defensive liability. Sounds like a high upside guy. Also sounds like a significant international bonus signing.

  2. If nothing else, he has a pretty cool name. Interesting though. Are the Phillies one of the more agressive teams in Australia?

  3. Great name: Angus!! Hope to see this guy in thePhils’ outfield: “Angus grabs the fly ball near the wall.” LOVE: ANGUS!
    So…where does a signed 16 year old play in ’07? Is there an age limitation on guys coming to professional baseball in the USA?
    Limitations on Aussie baseball dictate that he comes under the “care” and direction of OUR own coaches…!

    Whither Angus…?

  4. the australian baseball website is usually on top of mentioning high bonus guys- i don’t get the feeling Angus was considered a ‘top’ prospect, probably along the lines of Kennelly and Naughton.

  5. he’s a friend of mine and wont play until hes finished year 12, so he will head over in 2008, when hes 17-18 years old. Its The Philadelphia Phillies from the States he has been signed to for around half a mil.

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