Daily Archives: February 23, 2007

I need YOUR help

That’s right, YOU, the readers of this here blog. As we get close to the start of the season, guys will start getting assigned to various clubs, non-roster free agents will sign minor league deals, etc etc. I can’t always keep up with every transaction or move, and I can’t read every article. I’m going to create a page at the top, similar to the questions/topics page, where you, the faithful readers, can dump links to stories, post roster assignments/transactions you see, etc etc, and when I get a chance to make the necessary updates, it will make my life easier and make this site more complete. I’m still overwhelmed by the shear number of visitors every day, trust me, I’m trying to crank out the best product I can, but as with most every web site, the content is greatly improved with participation from the readers. Because, well, you are the ones I’m writing this for, not for me.

Also, a few other notes. In the coming days, you’ll notice an article or two appearing here not written by me. I’ve gotten many inquiries about our teams in the Venezuelan Summer League, and it’s an area I really don’t have much expertise in. I’ve enlisted the services of reader AndyB to help write up something on the VSL team,¬† and I’ve given him free reign to post anything related to that aspect of the Phillies system whenever he can. So, please give him feedback when his stuff appears here and contribute anything you can. Also, once the season starts, I’m going to attempt to get to some games, even though I live in Baltimore, and take plenty of pictures. If you make it out to a game and have a digital camera, I’d love to see your work, and if you’d be interested in sharing, I plan to set up a photo account online to share/host pictures, I’d be more than happy to include yours. If you have questions, just hit the email link on the right hand side of the page and get in contact with me.

I’ll try and toss up a few more grades this weekend, we’re almost near the end. If you notice any that I’ve missed so far (not including guys from the GCL team), please let me know.