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Thanks to minor league/draft guru SQUIRE for bringing it to my attention, but the JuCo season is under way, and some of the Phillies prospects are off to a flying start. In 3 games, Rashad Taylor has scored 9 runs, hit 3 HR and drove in 11, while also drawing 4 walks. Not a bad debut, eh? You can follow his progress here. Personal favorite Dan Faulkner’s season doesn’t start for a few more days, but some other DFE’s are already in action. Yazy Arbelo hit a HR in his first start of the season, and you can follow his progress here. I’m updating the side bar that currently has the minor league rosters to include all links for the DFE updates as well, so you can have easy access to that info all season long.

6 thoughts on “Quick Draft and Follow Update

  1. Lets hope taylor puts up monster numbers all year, and gillick isnt afraid to pony up and ink him.

  2. I really really like what you are doing here!!!

    And…for we who are unitiated into the nuances of Phuters, it’d help if you could shy away from acronyms like JuCo and DFE. JuCo I could figure out easily enough, but DFEs??? Dumb Fielding Errors? Disgusting Farcical ERAs? Dugout Foul Effluents?

    Thanks for what you do!

  3. If you click the draft and follows link on the right side under minor league rosters, you’ll see an entire explanation. DFE stands for “Draft Follow Evaluate”

  4. My son Nick begins his season today (2-13-07) against Chandler-Gilbert CC. I believe Nick’s team (Mesa C.C.) is the team to beat in the conference but should face stiff pitching this year. The Thunderbirds should face Tim Dennehy (soph) drafted in the 2005 draft by the Indians in the 19th round and 2006 draft by the Yankees in the 27th round. Mesa has a rematch with Chandler tomorrow at home. It should be fun. Nick shares an apartment with a classy kid Joe Dispenza. (another nice Italian kid) Joe was drafted by the Dodgers in the 42nd round. Both boys feel that Mesa has a real shot at Middleton, Tennessee at the end of May. However, no one is looking too far into the future with today’s challenge at hand.
    Mr. Morreale

  5. I just came back from a week in Arizona watching my son, Nick Morreale and his teammates play some ball. Nick was 8-10 and 3 walks with a 4 RBI’s in the games I was able to see. He is splitting the catching duties with another young man who was also drafted in the 2006 Draft by the Mariners. In talking to Coach Cirelli, he plans on using Nick at Third base when not catching to get his bat in the lineup. The baseball is very competitive down there with most teams in the league having 3-5 draft picks each. The pitching is always 88-90+.

  6. JE
    Just a comment that makes scouts think a bit. We mentioned recently about eyesight. Most information sheets from colleges and pro teams ask if glasses or contacts are worn. This is asked for obvious reasons. Another aspect taken into consideration is the wooden bat. Many players don’t realize that their swing has to be altered a bit to accommodate hitting with wood when trying to hit a 90+ mile per hour fast ball. A shorter more compact swing is required to insure striking the ball on the sweeet spot more accurately. Hitting a ball with alumminum can still get the ball threw the infield even if you miss the sweet spot. Wood is much less forgiving. This adjustment can take a number of at-bats to perfect, consequently, affecting stats. Playing in an all wood conference should make the scouts job a bit easier in judging how the player stacks up to the average major leaguer but more difficult to determine how they stck up to another player who plays with alumminum. Interesting delemma.
    Mr. Mo

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