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Phillies trade Jimmy Rollins to the Dodgers, receive 2 prospects

Its finally official now. The Phillies send Jimmy Rollins to the Dodgers and get back RHP Zach Eflin and LHP Tom Windle.

Here is video of Eflin.

Here is video of Windle.

My analysis: Eflin looks like a #4 starter in the majors. He is durable, none of his pitches are truly plus or better, but his overall package is solid. He looks like he’ll pitch at 90-93, so his command will need to be sharp, but he has done well since turning pro and he looks pretty durable. Windle looks like a reliever to me, but I’d give him every chance possible to stick as a starter. He has good raw stuff, but hes not a finished product and has a bit more to do. Given the Phillies struggles with player development, I’m at the point where I will take the low end of the probability scale on most guys, but Eflin at least seems pretty low risk.

Rollins had 1 year left on his deal, and I’m sure he’s happy he gets another shot at a ring, which he wasn’t going to get here.

Thanks for all of the memories, Young James.

next steps for

hello, its me. i wanted to quickly say a few words about what i plan to do moving forward and what has happened since i left. a few weeks ago, i wrote a quick post saying that the site would not die, and that i was debating making a return. so, now that ive had some time to think about things, i wanted to update you. as some of you know, brevity was never my specialty, so the rest of this entry is below the fold

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Baseball America’s Phillies Top 10 list

BA released their Phillies Top 10 today. You can find it here.

The top 10 is:

01. JP Crawford
02. Aaron Nola
03. Maikel Franco
04. Roman Quinn
05. Carlos Tocci
06. Aaron Brown
07. Matt Imhof
08. Jesmuel Valentin
09. Yoel Mecias
10. Franklyn Kilome

Please do not post the scouting reports from behind BA’s paywall. They will be pissed if you do. Here is a summary

The good:

* JP Crawford is awesome, and one of the best all around prospects in baseball
* Aaron Nola has elite command, he’s more than a soft tosser, but he has to refine his secondary stuff
* Franco has legit power and a great arm, but he’s really aggressive and has holes in his game
* Roman Quinn is one of the fastest players in baseball

The bad:

* After the top 4, it gets really bad# in a hurry
* Jesse Biddle couldn’t make the top 10, in what will be a system BA ranks in the 20-30 range. That is really troubling.
* The Phillies drafts over the last 4-5 years have been brutal. We’re feeling the effects right now.

If you’re a believer in divine intervention, say a few prayers for the bottom half of our top 10 so that things look a little better at this time next year. Also, a few people have asked me about putting out a top 30 list this winter, since I may start writing again. I’m going to decline to do that, simply because I have not paid as much attention to the system (or baseball as a whole) over the last 2 years. If I get back into it again, I will write a top 30 next winter. I will say, from what I know, that I’d rank Quinn above Franco right now, and even with his struggles, I’d have kept Biddle at #10, as I don’t think hes lost all hope, and I think hes a better bet to contribute in the majors on some level over a guy who hasn’t gotten out of A ball yet. But there isn’t much else for me to add.

Now, please discuss.

What’s next? Here is what is next

I wanted to make a quick post here, just so everyone is clear. Gregg reached out to me a few days ago and mentioned he may be ready to move on. When I started this site more than 7 years ago, I never intended to move on to anything else. 2 years ago, I had lost the desire to write on a regular basis, at least with regard to minor league prospects. I’m still not sure that I’m cut out to do it anymore, but the site won’t go away and the site won’t die. I’ll continue to renew the domain name and will keep everything here as an archive, at the very least.

I have a very demanding job and that limits my ability to write. I don’t know if my next post will be tomorrow, next week, or next month. I’ve had the urge to write on occasion the last few years, but I never acted on it. Now that the site is in flux, I may get that urge again. For now, I hope that everyone who comes to and uses the site decides to stick around. I can’t promise the level of content here over the next few weeks/months/years, but all of the hard work that went into the site for the last 7+ years won’t be discarded or deleted.

Until the next one…

Succession plan, thank you Gregg

Hi everyone. Before I get to this, I just want to say thank you to everyone who left their kind words in my previous post. I did not take this decision to move on lightly, this is something that has been on my mind for a while. I have new projects that I want to devote my time to (non-baseball related) and there are aspects of my life that I have not spent enough time on that require more of my attention. In many ways, this site was like a child, and I would rather pass the child on to a loving parent than to become a deadbeat dad. Saying that…

Gregg has agreed to take over control of the site. My only request from Gregg is that the site was never to be sold. Gregg will now take full control and be providing content. Anyone else who has contributed here (and I am eternally grateful) should contact Gregg about continuing on and helping out. Gregg is free to move forward with the site as he sees fit, including content and layout. You can follow Gregg on twitter (@PhuturePhilz) and you already should be, as he regularly tweets updates from the day’s games. Gregg is working on creating a new email address for the site, and when he has all of that set up he will let everyone know how to contact him.

As I mentioned, the site will never be sold, so it won’t “go away”, and everything that has been written here will remain here forever. Gregg has been around for years, he’s kept you completely up to date on the happenings in Reading and Lehigh Valley, and in a way he’s been a better parent for this site than me in the last 2-3 years. I have no doubt that the quality of the site will not drop at all, and in fact, I believe it may actually improve. I am very thankful that Gregg agreed to step in. I would hope that you will extend him the same respect and you would continue to show the respect for the site that you have in the past. As I previously mentioned, I’m extremely proud of what this site has become, and I will be proud when I check in down the road 6 months from now and see the discussions raging on in a respectful, well thought out tone.

I may pop in to the comments section at some point to offer my two cents. I may even write a guest post, but I simply can’t commit to anything right now. Its been a really special 5+ years, I’m really thankful for all of the support, the kind words, and everything else. You can follow me on twitter (@giventofly41) and you know there will be Phillies related tweets, as well as the other random nonsense. So, thank you, and I’m sure our paths will cross again down the road. Be well.

– James

The end of the line

Hey everyone. As you know I have a tendency to get a bit wordy and wander off on multiple tangents, I’m going to really attempt to keep this short and sweet. Over the last few months, I’ve debated in my head what direction this website was going to go. Some of you have been around since it all started back in December 2006, and some of you have only recently found the site. For the majority of my life, I’ve been an idea person. I have a lot of ideas, my brain works really quickly and in many cases, this prevents me from actually being able to focus on really important things. For 99.9% of all the ideas I’ve ever had, I get involved, I learn stuff, and then I get bored and move on. This site started in the exact same fashion. It started with a few posts, a few page views, and then 6 months later, it was actually a thing. And a year went by, then two, then 5. When I hatched up this idea back in November 2006, I figured I would start it, get bored with it, and then move on to something else. But this site has been the 0.01%.

However, I’ve reached the point where I can no longer keep updating and providing content for the site. In the last few months, putting together even a recap of box scores has become a chore. I used to get deeply involved in the discussions here but had to stop, because it simply became too frustrating and I did not have the time with my new job. Now I barely have the time and motivation to cut and paste 4 box scores a night. Though my mind tends to wander and I jump around a lot, I always commit myself 110% to everything I do, and when I realize I can no longer give 110% I move on. I’d rather go all out and try to do the best I can and move on to something else than stick around and half-ass a project, its just not my nature. The support I have received here over the last 5+ years has been amazing. From the emails to the dedicated users who regularly post in the comments to all of the people who have volunteered their time and energy to the site. I believe what I’ve compiled here makes this site unique, and it will be something I’m forever proud of. The site won’t be removed or deleted or anything else. I’ve received a few offers in the last 6 months to sell the site in its entirely and have it integrated in to some network of sites. That was never my intention, and it’s not my intention now.

I have reached out to someone about possibly keeping the site going. When I have a clear idea as to what will happen going forward, I will provide you with an update. Its been a pretty incredible ride, and I’m extremely thankful for all of the people who’ve come here and provided positive value, as I really believe this turned in to a great little community. If this site does not keep going, I know that a few of you will take the lead and form a new site/place to continue the discussion. I wish I could email all of you individually and thank you for your support, just know that I truly do appreciate everything and maybe our paths will cross again at some point down the road.