Minor League Free Agent List

A mixture of names talked about often and more obscure names have become minor league free agents this week.  The list goes as follows:  3B Cord Phelps, SS Tyler Pasternicky, SS Edgar Duran, SS KC Serna, 2B Brodie Greene, 1B WIllians Astudillo, C Rene Garcia, OF Kelly Dugan, P Jason Berken, P Ethan Martin, P Colin Kleven, P Stephen Shackleford, P Reinier Roibal, and P Steven Inch.


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  1. Still a bit odd to see Dugan there if only that his biggest obstacle was his ability to stay on the field, not necessarily his on-field performance

  2. Shackleford was fine but hes old for AA and had underwhelming stuff. He also got serious dead arm as the season went on. Hes fine to have in the org but not a priority to sign. Roibal is the one Id really like them to keep around

  3. Astudillo may make the Org top 30 according to the recent BA chat. I wonder if they remove him from the list, now that he is a minor league FA.

  4. No mention of Tyler Henson and Seth Rosin?

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    1. I’m glad to hear that Roibal has been re-signed. I saw him in Reading and he has a very good arm and appeared to be quite effective. Sat 94-96 with the FB. He’s a very good arm to have in the mix.

  5. Sad to see WIllians Astudillo on the list. Was pulling for him, if only because he was so unorthodox.

    Ethan Martin had the right “look” when he arrived. Top 100 prospect.

          1. MLB and BP had him in their top 100…..not sure where BA had him.
            Doesn’t BA put out a top 500 list, similar to what they do on Rule 4 draft prospects?

    1. Martin would have remained a major leaguer had he not hurt his shoulder and lost about 5-6 MPH on his fastball. When he came up he was throwing 93-97 – sitting 94 and 95 for stints of 2 innings or less. He also had devastated secondary pitches, but struggled with command. Now he sits around 90. Shoulder injuries are a killer and why, when you build with pitchers, you need a lot of arms.

  6. Our 2013 selves would’ve been so disappointed to see Martin and Dugan on this list.And yet our system is as healthy as it’s ever been. Who would’ve thought?

  7. Other org players who declared free agency on 11/6 and 11/7 include – Tyler Henson, Russ Canzler, Anthony Vasquez, Koyie Hill (who coached in Clearwater during the 2015 season), and Destin Hood.

  8. Failed prospects combined with a few journeymen. I would have thought the Phillies system would have been a good one for Dugan to stay in so I wonder if they told him that they didn’t have playing time for him. He was passed by….
    Joseph was offered a job here and decided to stay but Joseph, Martin, and Dugan all becoming FAs at once is a real turning of the page moment for the system.

    As for Astudillo, he just doesn’t have a position nor any power to be a real DH. Its time for him to let others get playing time. Crazy bat control though….

    1. I would have given Dugan a chance to make the team out of ST before outrighting him. It’s not as if there is such a deep talent pool at the OF position that we were best removing him from the roster. He OPS’d nearly .800 in 600 or so PAs at Reading, and hadn’t yet reached 150 PAs at LV. He just turned 25 in September.

      1. I spoke with his father a couple years ago during ST. Comments he made led me to believe that he spoke with the GM on a few occasions, and whenever he wanted. Maybe the change in GM had something to do with his decision to leave the organization? (Am I being too subtle?)

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