Cleaning House

Next to go is OF Ben Revere who was traded this afternoon to the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for Pitchers Alberto Tirado and Jimmy Cordero.

Cordero, 23, is a big RHP that split time this year between High A and AA (New Hampshire) in the Blue Jays organization.  In 32 games combined, he was 0-1 with a 2.70ERA; 1.20 WHIP to go along with a 3.6/8.3 walk to strikeout ratio.  Cordero is known as a flame thrower who can consistently hit 100 on the radar gun, but is also someone prone to control issues.  He has been a reliever throughout his tenure in the Jays organization and profiles as a set up guy in years to come.  Cordero’s command has been markedly better this year, than in years past.

ALberto Tirado, just 20, was the Jays #17 prospect entering 2015 according to the Jays Journal.  .  Playing for High A Dunedin this year, Tirado is 4-3 with a 3.23ERA and 1.30 WHIP.  He allows a troubling 5.1 walks per 9 innings while striking out a hitter and inning(9.0/9). Once rated a top 10 prospect, Tirado had a difficult 2014 with both control issues and fatigue eating away his effectiveness. He has thrown better this year, but with continued command issues.

As an aside, I don’t quite get the call up of Jordan Danks to fill Revere’s roster spot.  While Danks has a spot on the 40 man roster, he has done nothing this year to warrant a call up.  He has been sub .250 all year with little to no run production and is among the IL leaders in strikeouts.  While really wanting to see Aaron Altherr, I understand the concept of wanting him to get more AAA AB’s.  Brian Bogusevic is really the guy that should be complaining.  He has been among league leaders in avg, runs, and stolen bases all year and plays very good defense.  In any event, maybe this will help solidify the #1 pick in the draft.


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  1. Jim Salisbury ‏@JSalisburyCSN 18m18 minutes ago
    Scout friend on 2 arms Phillies got from Toronto. “both legit arms. Both throw EZ 95. Need to figure it out, but legit arms.”

  2. seems like a sensible return to me-
    danks? chris heisey was dfa’d yesterday- rather see someone like that.

    when do they expect Williams to start in Reading? heading up to Boston this weekend and see Reading is up at New Hampshire, so tempted.

  3. If those pitchers came get there stuff under control it would be great. Danks wow I put the blame on David who wanted to see all the AAA guys come up.

  4. love it! if we keep buying lottery tickets we will eventually hit on one. Many of these guys who dont make it as starters will help form a nice bullpen. I think zolecki said tirado was their #9 prospect. i hope he meant updated this year and not pre season last year. Either way nicely done!

  5. I’m not really a fan of the return for Revere- two pure relievers with spotty control- but I expected something like it. I think his unique skillset hurts his value in a trade.

    1. I have a buddy who is a Blue Jays fan and he’s pissed that Tirado was traded for Revere.

      1. I was reading Bluebird Banter and a lot of their commenters were upset with AA for giving up so much over the last week or so, but they were pretty happy with the Revere trade.

        Tirado has a great arm but I’m just not a fan of trading a solid regular for relievers, and Tirado still has a ways to go before he’s a major leaguer. If there was still a chance he could start I would probably feel differently.

        1. I here ya, but Revere is a different case. He’s arbitration eligible and offers a skillet that is not worth the amount he will get in his next two arbitration years. He’d likely have to be non-tendered at the end of the season to avoid paying him 8 million to slap singles, offer avg obp and below avg defensive value. I’d look at the trade as they got something, for somebody they were going to discard anyway.

          1. Yeah, his upcoming raise definitely hurt his value, but I think you’re selling him a little bit short. His OBP the last two seasons is certainly above average in the current offensive climate. Defensively he seems to be a better fit in a corner than CF. I think he’s an average regular, if not slightly above. Even though his skillset is unusual I think it’s worth the raise he’ll get next year.

            At the same time, I doubt they could have done much better if they had waited.

            1. But the thing is Revere’s skills are too hard to build around, for a team like the Phillies. Revere can only play LF because he doesn’t have the instincts to play a good CF or anywhere near the arm to play RF. Only a team (like the Blue jays or Angels) that have power hitters at non-power hitting positions, can afford to have a player like Revere in their line-up playing LF. A team like the Phillies can’t have Ben Revere in LF, making 8 million dollars. It’s waste of resources.

            2. VOR, I’m not saying that the trade shouldn’t have been made – mainly because he’s going to be a FA right about the time that the team MIGHT start to be competitive (best reasonable case). But your points are both wrong.

              (1) I think there’s a good chance that his defense in CF has improved to the point where he IS a viable center fielder.

              (2) 8 million is not that much. It’s a (slight) bargain for an average major league regular, which Revere is.

              (3) Even setting aside #2, for the Phillies in particular, with their commitments and resources, 8 million is nothing. Meaningless. Certainly for 2016 (no, they are not going to make a big FA splash in 2016, nor should they), and almost certainly not for 2017. After that he is a FA – which as I said is the real reason to trade him.

              (4) He’s not blocking anybody.

            3. I am hoping that there is no free agent splash for the next two years.

              Let the process play out and everyone make it to the show. At that point reassess and make the right moves to fill in the holes.

  6. Well, Altherr also plays CF. Maybe Altherr will be called up no later than Sept. It is noteworthy that in these trades there is an attempt to fill out our pitching staff and relievers. Seems to set up our draft choice for a #1 pitcher in next June. The breaking up of the old crowd is just about complete. If I remember well, the Phils can sign free agent(s) without losing their #1 draft choice. But who would want to come to the Phils in their present condition?

    The apparent alternative would be to grab some Latin players at the top of the prospects list with the $$ saved from salary reductions. Like the Cubs did 2-3 yrs ago.

  7. Why couldn’t Altherr back-up in CF? I’ve seen him play there this year and he looked comfortable. My only guess is they want to give Herrera, Asche, and Brown August to see what they can do with extended playing time in the MLB and Danks will mainly be a defensive sub and last bat off the bench,

    1. Right, if Altherr comes up he should play everyday not be a backup.

      Danks can be a backup no problem and if Herrera gets hurt you call Altherr up.

      Meanwhile, Altherr continues to play everyday in LHV and work on why his K rate is skyrocketing.

  8. Now the Phillies should be able to tank enough to have the number I draft pick next year.I f they could hit on that pick,(either a potential ace or a star player) it would expedite the path to contending.
    Wouldn’t it be frustrating if they would play .500 ball the rest of the year with their current roster and slide all the way to # 5 ?

    1. It would be frustrating, but interesting to watch. Amaro did what he had to do and traded everybody who needed to be traded. I still expect Harang to be traded in August. So if the Phillies win with the young guys, it’s actually a good thing.

    2. Barf don’t worry there are really more than one good pitcher next draft. First or second or third I don’t think it matters. right now I take puk or pint. both have great stuff.

      1. Groome is the guy you want at 1:1. I’ve said this on here before but I’ll say it again . . . A few scouts have said that he’s Brady Aiken pre injury/injury concern with more upside.

        1. Hanson from Oklahoma is in the mix 6-7 235 RHP throws in the upper 90’s. The righthanded version of Puk. Groome also could be in the mix.

          Only real disappointment for me would be the pool difference between 1st and 4th team is about $4-5 million overall and the 1st and 4th pick is about $3.5 million.

  9. For Ben Revere – I’m fine with two big, lottery ticket arms – that makes sense. It’s now really on the Phillies’ developmental staff to work with and improve these young pitchers. They have had limited success so far. Certainly the team’s top 30 will be the most interesting in years – this is certainly the best and deepest prospect pool we’ve had since I’ve been following the site. If they have a good international signing class next year and a strong draft, it will probably be a top 3 or 4 system. Right now, they are probably in the top 10 or close to it.

    1. Ben revere lack of arm and power. Really worried me. but what would have been worse is having to offer him arb. and if he accepted paying him 7 million for the type of player he was, just wasn’t worth it. He lacks imo baseball sense. he has tools but doesn’t use them to make up for his lack of power. Two make be bullpen arms is fine with me.

    2. We have like 5 or 6 top 100 prospects and a real blue chipper in that group. We are probably top 10 already. Maybe back end top 10 right now.

  10. You can’t just bring him up to be a backup. When he’s here, he needs to play the majority of the time. I actually think they are making the right move with him. I also can’t wait to see him here. I’m hoping they can ship out Dumb Brown soon. While they’re at it, ship out Dumb’s personal excuse maker Marlon Anderson, who last night said on the postgame show it was no big deal getting picked off of 2nd in the manner he did, because the pitcher was up and he probably wouldn’t have knocked him in anyways. That was the stupidest comment of all time.

    1. I am willing to bet if CSN did one of their viewer/reader polls and ask if Phillies fans would like o see Atherr in RF for the remaining portion of the season or Brown/Frenchy…I would bet it would be over 50% for Altherr.

      1. Although Altherr plays all three outfield positions he is more at home in left and center. However, he needs AAA time yet to work on those pesky strikeouts. L-C-R should be Bogusevic, Herrera, Francouer – for now, until Altherr gets those Ks down. I’m not sold on Asche as anything more than a fourth outfielder and Ruf should be playing 1B. Danks performance this year should have been “rewarded” with a release, not a call-up.

  11. I do realize I’m probably the only loser who still watches the post game, so no one probably saw his comments.

  12. I like the value for Revere. On a 100+ loss team, he was not needed. Two relievers who can get the ball to home plate while breaking the sound barrier is a good return. Danks being called up is an absolute shock to me. I understand the 3 guys left on the team have to play everyday but I’d like to see if Altherr is ready to play in the big leagues. If he’s not ready then leave the OF that’s there now for next year too. Won’t matter anyway but we’ll see if Altherr is ready to play in the big time.

    1. Do Dom and Cody need to play every day? I am more than willing to just give up on both at this point.

            1. Quinn needs to stay healthy.
              He was initially suppose to be back prior to mid-August, from what I recall, to finish out this season and maybe into a winter league. He is not eligible to go back to the AFL I do not think.

            2. Quinn is so injury prone that I have real doubts regarding his ability to stay healthy. Altherr/Herrera will be absolutely needed as back-ups at least if not LF.

          1. Would probably not IMO be an optimum result.

            Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying he’s a non-prospect. I’m still not entirely sold, especially as a center fielder. If he makes it as a solid or better regular, then it will IMO likely be in RF. And 4th OF is more likely – though that is probably also his floor at this point.

            Why do I feel this way?

            (1) AAA performance, while superficially about as good as his AA performance, isn’t really. K% up, BB% down. No, he’s not going to BABIP .354 in the majors. And players with mid-range power who have a 3-1 K-BB ratio as a 24 YO in AAA, while they certainly can be successful major league hitters, don’t project as better than average major league hitters.

            (2) His age definitely does not preclude ML success – as I said, he should be at least a solid 4th OFer – but it decrease the chance of further development beyond this year’s breakout.

            (3) His CF defense, from RELIABLE reports, projects as below average for a major league CF. Oh, I’m sure people will point to all of the usual raves (often from sources of questionable objectivity), but it’s one thing to say he is average or above compared to minor league CFers, quite another to say the same in comparison to major league CFers. There are a LOT of players in AA and AAA playing CF who aren’t “real” CFers (see recent acquisition Williams). Being good in comparison to those guys isn’t saying much.

            Now, IF I’m wrong about #3, the picture changes significantly. And it’s possible even if I’m right, he could be the CFer by default for a few years. Williams as I said is not really a CF, Quinn, as much as I like him, has injury and other question marks, and Herrera (not mentioned above) isn’t and won’t be even a second division regular. But I’m not sure this would be a GOOD result. The best case scenario is probably Quinn, if he overcomes his injuries and otherwise developes as hoped for.

            Highest upside OF for 2019 (from current players in the system) is probably Williams/Quinn/Randolph.

            1. Yeah, I think you’re wrong on #3. I’ve seen Altherr play CF. He covers as much ground, has a better glove, and has a better arm than both Revere and Herrera.

              BTW, typing RELIABLE in upper case doesn’t validate the opinion of vague sources. And questioning the objectivity of anyone who might disagree is not a valid argument.

              And, I don’t think Altherr isn’t being compared to major league centerfielders, I think he’s being compared to Herrera and Danks now that Rever is gone. If not for his rule 5 status, Herrera would be learning his craft in the minors somewhere. Maybe Clearwater at the start of the season. And Danks probably has earned his release.

              As I said, I’ve seen him play. I think I have been nothing but objective in my reporting on this site. I rarely insert my opinions into my reports. And, I would rather see Altherr everyday in CF for the rest of the season than Herrera. If he’s not going to play everyday in Philadelphia, leave him in LHV to get his at bats. But I’m also on the fence on whether or not he’s a prospect.

            2. Jimmy, I value your opinions. One clarification, one push back.

              The clarification – of course he’s better than Danks and Herrera. The reason that I want to see him stay in AAA for now is to work on his hitting. I think from a development standpoint, another month or so in AAA makes more sense than bringing him up now.

              As for defense, you really haven’t addressed my specific concern. If anything, you have avoided it. Saying he is better defensively than Revere and Herrera isn’t necessarily saying much. The question is, compared to major league starting center fielders, would he be average, above average, or below average? The point being that the minimum standard for major league center field defense – even below average defense – is quite high. Even assuming that Altherr meets this standard (which he probably does), that does not make him an average major league center fielder defensively.

              I’ve read at least one scouting source (wish I could find the link) which said that he would be below average. Not because he was bad, but because the standard of major league center field defense is so high.

              For some perspective – our old friend Anthony Gose, as I recall, got raves about his defense coming up. Certainly faster than Altherr, and I haven’t heard any criticisms of his arm or route running. Yet he is essentially an average major league center fielder defensively. Serious question – I assume you saw Gose also, is Altherr a better defender than Gose? As good? If you tell me that he’s as good or better, that’s a point in his favor. If he isn’t as good, that supports my argument.

      1. I believe Dom and Cody need to play every day just to erase any doubt of their abilities especially Brown. They need to show that they deserve a bench spot next season

        1. Watch out as Dom Brown is hitting about .250 and his average is rising. The homerun he hit last night was a monster and he his playing good defense along with hitting the cutoff man. The Phillies may have been correct to hold on to him as maybe the light bulb has gone on and he is putting it all together to reach his potential.

          1. If you notice he is hitting in the 5 spot again.

            Our manager starts guys low and as they get hotter slides them up the card. He did this with Franco who moved from 6 to 5 to 3 and now Brown who has moved from 7 to 5.

            I am not sure who will apply for the managerial job but our interim manager has done a good job sliding guys up and down the card based on performance.

            It is the complete opposite of Sandberg who had Galvis hitting 8th when he was the best hitter on the team and the Phillies were struggling for runs.

            Sandberg was too lazy to change any of the names on the lineup card and just penciled Utley into the 3 spot every chance he got.

            1. Speaking about the lineup I guess you noticed the top of the order(1-3) Ruiz and Galvis -all Latin American players signed or Rule 5 drafts by us. Keep up the good work in Latin America Sal!

  13. Its not the best top 30 but it updates instantly…go to the Phils site top 30. It looks pretty nice now. I’d drop Windle a few and flip flop Imhoff and Biddle, and its not to bad.

  14. This week they added 7 new players to the Top 30. Since beginning of June with the draft they have added 9 new Top 30. I don’t have the time to go back a year to see how many more new additions were added but it must be another 4 or 5 which brings them to 13 or 14. Talk about infusion of talent. Still need to be patient. This is a process.

  15. I see this for a future lineup 3 years from now.

    Randolph – Quinn – Williams
    Franco – Crawford – Kingery – ????


    Suddenly the future is not so dim.

    1. You may include the number one pick next season….most likely a pitcher…if from college, like big lefty AJ Puk, that selection could slot into the number one or two pitching rotation.

      1. I want Pint or Michael Shawaryn when he shoots up and ends up an elite prospect. I’m majorly worried about Puk and Hansen.

  16. Puk
    J. thompson

    I think I’m ready to anoint hoskins in your scenario. agree with all of them as our likely future core

  17. Revere how much does anyone want to bet he hits 315 with with 25 stolen bases and gets 45 runs by the end of the yr He’ll be in front of a line up that will hit him in. This job was to get on base and steal a base. He did that in Philly but he was stuck on 2nd more times then not. The pitchers we received from the Jays for him are high risk which I hope work out. I do think we need still need to make a couple more moves like Dom Brown so that we see if Altherr can do it.

    1. Jays manager says he will platoon and bat at the bottom. I really don’t feel there is much of a drop from Revere to ODB (especially as Herrera matures and develops). ODB is already a better CF (with limited experience), has much more power. Revere definitely has more speed. Both have strikeout issues and don’t walk. Given the money difference, I’m glad we got something for Ben.

      1. Herrera never stole 40 bases he has to learn that, plus he has to hit the outside breaking ball. Revere has hit 300 twice. Herrera nearing 100 k’s, Revere was never came close to 100 k’s last yr he was 1 of the hardest to stikeout. ODB is a nice player he’s not a leadoff hitter. 9th hitter in the American league sometimes us a fast player . He was the only outfielder of the Phillies right now that could be traded . No other OF has any value. ODB is rule 5 he can’t be traded.Would you trade for Dom Brown, Francoeur , Asche.

      2. There are, I think, several things wrong about this comparison. But the one thing that is absolutely, clearly, 100% objectively wrong – and wrong as in “opposite of the truth,” as opposed to “a little off” – is “both have strikeout issues.” Herrera certainly does, especially for a player of his type. But Revere has one of the best K rates in major league baseball (9th best in baseball over the past 5 years). His contact skills are elite – probably 70 on the 80 point scouting scale. That is, along with his speed, the reason he is, despite other limitations, an average major league regular (or even a bit better than that).

        That’s objective fact. My opinion, which could be wrong, is that:

        (1) Revere, even without the massive edge in K rate, is overall a better player;
        (2) When also factoring in the fact that Herrera strikes out more than twice as often as Revere, Herrera will never be half the player Revere is. He’s a below replacement level player. With a year in AAA next year, it’s possible (but by no means certain) that he’ll develop into a decent bench guy. IMO the chance that he’ll have even one season as a major league average regular is, at best, one in a thousand.

      3. Revere only has 58 (I think) swinging strikes all year and one of the lowest strikeout rates in baseball. Not striking out is arguably the thing he’s best at.

      4. The Jays sent a player down so that Ben can play everyday. The Jays are the biggest threat to the yanks. They have Price and Tuto I hope they can bey the Yanks.

  18. Age and prospects:

    One reason that I don’t comment here anymore – a secondary reason, mainly I’ve just been too busy – is that so many of these arguments are people talking past each other, with people not really open to changing their minds. The whole issue of the relevance of age/level is one of those arguments. The people who don’t buy the argument likely won’t.

    Now, I could make a snarky comment about the many recent examples of older prospects who didn’t make it. But in fairness, there are counter examples. It DOES happen. But usually not.

    Rather than rehearse all of the many arguments on point,let me try another way to state it, very relevant to Altherr;

    People often look at prospects and assume than minor league performance is directly transferable to the majors. E.g., they see Altherr hitting .294/.351/.485 and assume he can do the same in the majors. And a major league CF or RF with those numbers, unless his defense is truly abysmal, would be pretty valuable.

    The reasons why this is not an accurate way to project major league performance are obvious. But the rejoinder goes something like this: there are plenty of major league players who IN FACT are as good statistically in the major leagues as they were in the minors.

    There are two reasons why this argument doesn’t one. One is not germane to the current discussion: that is, while it HAPPENS, it’s not the norm.

    But the relevant argument is this: a 20 year old, or 21 year old, in the upper minors has a lot of development left. With that further development, he might reproduce his minor league stats in the majors. But a 24 YO prospect in the upper minors has (usually, for most players) a lot less room for further development – and hence is less likely to perform as well statistically in the majors as he did int he minors.

    Altherr in the majors is IMO likely to hit around .250/.295/.415. If he was an average or better CF defensively, that might be okay. But in RF – even with decent defense – that probably isn’t going to quite cut it.

    1. Altherr is average or better defensively in CF, according to most recent reports. I do agree with you about his hitting though (and your point in general). But, like you said, some guys manage to make that transition and Altherr is potentially one of them. We won’t know until he gets a chance. He might also find himself useful in a platoon or 4th OF role.

      1. The real fact of the matter is that most people on this site are aware that Altherr is likely to end up as a 4th outfielder. But in this Phillies season, people want to see the kid get a shot because like you said, there are exceptions to the rule.

      2. Not really disagreeing with this, except the defense a little. (Again, average or better compared to who?) I was more responding to the minority that have higher expectations.

        I do think he should get a chance – the question is when. I think he could use a little more time in AAA. Bring him up in September, and give him a real shot next year.

        1. I Might as well talk about Altheer too. I have seen him play about 5 or 6 times. He imo is a good outfielder. The big concern is his bat. I just don’t know if he will hit. I have seen him hit a fastball, and look silly on breaking balls. One thing you have to realize too is a lot of triple a pitchers don’t throw real hard. Its very hard to really get a real good judgment on this kid. that being said he should get a shot.

          1. rocco……Altherr, IMO, projects to a similar production level of John Mayberry/Ben Francisco…a 1 or 2WAR player over his career. Good defense….inconsistent bat with some pop. He would be wise in the fall to also pick up a first basemen’s mitt and dabble a little over there to increase his added value.


          Compared to other centerfielders. He’s not a gold glover, but he’s fast and fluid in the OF and he can play the position. That’s my understanding from what I’ve read anyway, I haven’t watched him in person. Maybe you have. If he gets bigger and slower as he ages then that might change but for now he seems like he can handle it.

          And I agree about the “when”. This way he can get some more time in AAA and the Phils get more time to look at Asche and Brown.

          1. I have watched him in the minors from Wiliamsport through Lehigh Valley. He’s a tall, lanky kid with deceptive speed which gives him that fluidity of motion you mention. He plays all three outfield positions equally well. He does have some things to work on so is probably better off in AAA for now. However, IMO he is a better LF than Asche, Ruf or Herrera, a better CF than Herrera or Danks and a better RF than Brown or Francouer. That being said, the guy who should really be torqued about the Danks promotion is Brian Bogusevic. He would be leading LV in all offensive categories if he hadn’t taken time off for the Pan-Am Games.

            There definitely are better outfielders in the system but they are all several years away. Williams, Quinn are both 21 and Randolph only 18. Cozens (21) has been pretty good and Tocci, who is only 19 is coming along. Another 19 year old, Jose Pujols is a hitter but Ks a lot and doesn’t seem to know how to position himself in RF. Even though he was just promoted to LV Dugan’s injury history doesn’t bode well for a future MLB career.

  19. Groome , Nola , Kilmore, Eflin, Leibrandt. There’s a couple of different ways it payout , I haven’t seen the new pitchers yet so it could change.

  20. Cesar Herandez base running is a tick below , little league. He gets picked off bases and doesn’t watch the coaches. He’s very lucky the Braves are even worse.

  21. Now that the trade deadline has passed, it’s a good time to repeat that each of the 30 teams has a lot more money and resources to invest in, and gather information about, prospects than BA, BP,, Keith Law, etc. combined. The Phillies, for example, know more about the prospects of the other 29 teams than a Keith Law, somebody I like and follow closely. Law himself admits this.

    (A concrete example of what I am talking about is the 2014 draft when the Cubs picked Schwarber No. 4 overall. Klaw thought he should have been a back-of-the-first-rounder. Today, Schwarber may have the best bat among all rookies.)

    I raise this point because I give the Hamels’ trade a B, based on available public information, but, perhaps, the Phillies rank the acquired prospects higher than and consider the trade an A.

    Based on what little I know, I would have scored the Hamels’ trade an A if the Phils had obtained Mazara instead of Williams. A few, however, think that Williams is a better, all-around talent than Mazara and will have the better career. For all we know, the Phils may also prefer Williams to Mazara.

  22. I agree about Schwarber. I Watch big ten baseball on tv. and when I heard he went 4th it really stunned me. I would love to talk someday to the scouts on this kid. The big ten pitchers are not very good. from what I have seen. I just couldn’t believe a kid from the big ten would rank so high. I am basing it mostly on the competition he faced. and little I had seen of him.

    1. On a whole, the Big Ten pitchers are probably tied for 3rd behind the SEC pitchers and maybe PAC12. Whatever conference Texas, OU and OSU are in these days is probably on a par with the Big Ten.

  23. Larry, There are a number of people who have enjoyed your posts on this site, even if not always agreeing. I, for one, modified my belief in prospect return after your explanations. I think, however, if we go back, the Phils exceeded what you thought the Hamels return would be, although certainly far short of what some thought and some still think they should have gotten. I would give them a B. I like what I read about Williams and have always liked Jake Thompson. So, the Catcher, to me, if he pans out, makes this a really good trade. I don’t think the Phils could have ever “won” the trade, because the team that gets the star, in my opinion, always wins the trade. But, I am satisfied with the return.

  24. A question for all of you, the Giants were the ones very close to getting Cole, and the rumor is Susac, Crick and Beede. How does that compare? Houston’s offer was very good, so it is rumored, but Cole was never going there. He had agreed to go to the Giants, who were on his no-trade list.

    1. Susac seems like a solid player, but I’m not sure his offense will end up being good enough to start if his K% stays as high as it is. And he’s already 25, so not super young. I don’t know that Beede is as good as any of the top 3 prospects we got from Texas and Crick is already in the bullpen. I don’t think SF had a package they could offer that was as good as what we got from the Rangers.

      Plus, I hate the Giants so I’m glad that didn’t happen.

  25. I am very pleased with these last three trades. IMO trading Pap and Hamels by the deadline was a must and they were able to bring in a lot of talent that could help us get back into contention. I would’ve preferred a SP for Revere, but a couple of relievers who have the chance to pitch at the back end of the bullpen seems fair.

    While the Hamels deal could easily be a bust, I think that it could potentially be one the Rangers regret. If all goes well we landed 2 solid position players a #2-3 starter and a couple MOR/bullpen arms. I would be very surprised if we don’t get at least 1 or two average-plus mlb player from this trade. I’m looking forward to tracking these prospects’ development and hopefully seeing them in Philly sometime soon.

    The big club is playing good baseball since the break and its fun watching these young guys enjoying themselves. I really like seeing Franco and Galvis. They both made some nice defensive plays last night vs. ATL, especially Galvis. With Galvis, Cesar, Kingery, and JPC we should have a SS/2B combo to move forward with and possible have an extra INF to move.

    Did anyone else get the impression that Hamels seemed very interested in resigning with the Phillies down the road? During his interview yesterday he made some comments that gave me this impression. I was just curious to see if anyone else noticed.

    1. Yes, I noticed that when he said that he will keep his house in Philly and would like to return. Think the pressures of losing were getting to him and we should be competitive when his contract expires.

      1. Hopefully, after Cole wins a Cy Young and a ring or two in Texas, the Phillies can trade for him in 2018 or 2019 as the final piece in a rotation that takes us to another world bleeping championship.

        1. I would love to see Cole come back in a couple years when we are able to contend. He mentioned he’d like to pitch for as long as he can so hopefully he can stay healthy. His change up being his best and most used off speed pitch should bode well for his elbow. I think he could be a guy who could be effective as he ages. He knows how to change speeds and keep hitters off balance. It would be pretty neat to see Hamels pitching for us again in the post season, especially if he was throwing to Alfaro.

      2. The Revere trade, of the three, seem to disappoint me. People says the Philies got market value….I believe they did not. Revere improved each year here, cost controlled for another year, and approx. 4WAR player as a Phillie. Both pitchers are fairly far away, and Cordero will be 24-years old next season, with both having C&C issues…..granted they are 95/96 veloFBs….but they need to limit BBs and for Tiradio HBP issues

        I hope Tirado and Cordero contribute at some point, most likely as relievers, but to me the Blue Jays may have got the better of that deal.

        1. Was not his probable arbitration raises a point of concern? I liked Ben Revere and don’t think he needed to be traded unless it was to open up time for Aaron Altherr but he has no clear cut replacement in CF.

        2. Agreed that trade gave member’s of the past of the past . Great arms bad control but their young so they have time.

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