Aaron Nola promoted to Philadelphia

The Phillies have called up 2014 1st round pick Aaron Nola and he is expected to make his major league debut next Tuesday against Tampa at Citizens Bank Park.  Nola’s quick rise through the system has been well documented with him going 10-4 with a 2.39 ERAin 18 combined starts between Reading and Lehigh Valley this year.  His outing last night for Lehigh Valley was perhaps his worst outing of the year (3IP 7H 5ER 2BB 3K), however it should be nothing more than a blip on the radar screen.  Over the last year, Nola has proven that he has big league stuff and big league stuff that is ready now.  With the horrendous condition of the Phils pitching staff and the manner in which Nola’s production has come (great stuff and great pitching IQ), it is time.

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    1. If he’s lucky, Biddle will be called up in September – but there’s no guarantee of that right now. And I’m a well known Biddle fan so I’m not saying that to shoot him down.

      1. Agreed that a September call up would be a lot more realistic, and that’s if he’s pitching well. If not, then he’ll most likely repeat triple a to start next season.

        1. One thing to keep in mind is that he’s had 9 days to work with the LHV coaches since his first start and my impression is that they are waaaaaaaaayyyy better than those at Reading.

    2. He’s done nothing to earn it though. He needs to go on a nice 5-6 start run to be in the conversation for a cup of coffee this year IMO.

  1. Hope and expect Nola will hold his own but I don’t agree with the move. Seems to be a move designed to create some interest around a terrible team.

    1. It’s sooooo obvious that this move is designed to blunt the perceived bad publicity of the Cole Hamels trade that is soon to come. If anything, this tells me that there’s a pretty good chance that Hamels gets traded by Tuesday. I’m completely serious.

      1. I’m not sure Hamels actually will get traded by the deadline, but we’ll see. Many scouts think Nola is big-league-ready, and has been for a while, so I’m fine with this move.

      2. I get the feeling Hamels won’t be traded. Indications are that the Astros and Rangers arent interested. Yanks unlikely to give up Judge. That leaves usual suspects Dodgers, Red Sox, Cubs who aren’t going to give up their top guys, like Seager, Urias, Schwarber, etc. Question is would the Phillies accept guys like Holmes, Deleon, Margot, Owens, McKinney or even Happ (as a PTBNL)?

        1. If they cannot obtain a defensible package for Cole freaking Hamels – then shame on them. That would be a huge pile of baggage to leave on Andy MacPhail’s doorstep. Honestly, I cannot understand why teams are not falling over themselves to obtain Hamels. His contract is now below market value and the team acquiring him will have him for 3 1/2 years plus an option year. His contract runs through Hamels’ projectable best pitching years – there’s no fat on that contract. As a amjor league team, you simply could not sign another comparable FA pitcher to a similar deal – you’d have to give a guy a Hamels’ age and pedigree at least 6 or 7 years. I think whoever obtains Hamels is going to look like a genius and I find it hard to believe that there won’t, in the end, be a nice little bidding war for him. For it to go down any other way wouldn’t make sense, but who knows?

        1. I wouldn’t worry about the PR aspect of it because Nola is ready for the majors. If they were sacrifcing necessary development time for publicity, that would be another matter altogether.

          1. I worry they go the track of Marlins/Red Sox/Padres this offseason to drum up interest and rush some guys.

            Then again, scouts say the Phillies are slow with respect to moving prospects.

            Maybe it would be better to move some guys up.

            My worry is about blind spending.

            1. David….blind spending? What top ranked FA will want to come to a last place team….even at a market rate salary?
              I think you need not worry about that. Appears the Phillies are leaning to shave the payroll.

            2. I’d like to see them come away with Heyward this offseason. He’s young enough to be an impact player during the next wave.

              Assuming Brown is non tendered I wouldnt mind them taking some flyers on 1-2 year stop gap outfielders if they miss on Heyward.

            3. Romus, shaving yes but will there be a panic this offseason to pull a Red Sox/Padres/Marlins?

              That is what you have to worry about. New ownership and new GM feels the pressure to make a splash by spending and trading adding lots of payroll.

            4. Andy MacPhail has never been known for rushing people, blind spending or rash moves – slow and steady is his approach. Can’t believe Nola comes up without McPhail’s blessing.

  2. I had heard right after the All Star break, of course they bring him up right after his worst start as a pro.

        1. Though Danny Ortiz golfed a great CB for a HR leading off the 4th
          I think he guessed right on that pitch.

    1. Yes and no. No, it’s not rushed in the sense that he’s fully ready to be a big league pitcher and the sooner he starts, the sooner he can make adjustments and learn how to excel. But it is rushed in the sense that there’s no reason that this team needs this player in the majors right now. If they had wanted to retain more control of the player, they would have just waited until mid-April of next year to promote him. They have lost another year of control through this promotion although, frankly, the possiblity of paying Aaron Nola a lot of money a year earlier is the least of this team’s concerns right now, so I’m okay with the move even if the precise timing of the move (to get good publicity and blunt bad publicity) is questionable and frankly laughable on a team this bad and this irrelevant.

      1. The Phillies have the means to support a top 3 payroll in the league. There is nothing stopping them from retaining Nola well into his prime.
        There is no reason to hold him back that isn’t unfair to the player.

  3. front page article in Inquirer this morning about Comcast Sports Nets terrible ratings, and Nola called up by noon. coincidence?

    1. and they just sent out a ticket deal for the game on their e-mail list.
      poor season ticket holders- the one team they might be able to sell a ticket for close to face value on stubhub.

  4. Tickets for this team is are a dime a dozen. Putting Nola on this team one of the worst in baseball . It screams let’s put people In the stands . He’s not going to get run support or great defense. I hope that he isn’t put a lot of pressure on himself to win games he should worry getting better each start. More then half of the team could be traded in a week or too. When Crawford , Kingsley, Hoskins or Martin , Altherr , Eflin , Dugan that will be his team.good luck to him I hope he does well.

    1. I love how almost no one knows how to spell kingery. People are either oblivious or spell check is killin everyone. Ha

  5. before yesterday’s performance- I would say yes!! but then he just came back from the futures game (didn’t pitch) – but probably was out of kilter, I would be concerned about McClure – his approach and lack of ability to in the pitching coach department — from what I understand it not as reassuring as those in the minor league system.. hope it doesn’t turn in a downturn for the young pitcher,

    1. Good point. The only thing I’m worried about is McClure screwing him up. Why don’t they just fire this guy already?

    2. Nola was apparently working on some things in yesterday’s start. That being said, I’m less than enthusiastic that McClure will be his MLB pitching coach the rest of the season. Ugh.

  6. I suspect Aaron Nola will be on a IP limit this year.
    Maybe max 75 more then they will shut him down.

  7. It makes sense that Nola will be pitching on a short leash. Maybe 5 inns/game since his innings pitched are accumulating way beyond his college innings/season. Make haste carefully; it would be “tragic” if his arm became overloaded causing strain or other injury.

    Having him in our MLB rotation should increase attendance when he pitches. Risk vs. reward. I hope he is “babied” through the end of the season.

  8. I think if they have brought up nola just for attendance. That would be so wrong. I cant believe they would bring him up for that reason. Middleton would be just another monty or giles if he would approve nola for attendance purposes. I don’t believe he would. have more faith in middleton.

    1. I think Cole gets moved…..he suppose to start on Sunday. If he gets pulled to start before Sunday, then he may be going.
      Bringing up the future in Aaron Nola….softens the blow of the trade.

    2. or it could be Middleton is saying not to hold up bringing him up just because it would make him more expensive in 2022.

      so, if they traded Hamels and didnt call up Nola, is Adam Morgan your ace?

        1. C’mon, we have an ace in waiting- did you see that Reading start from Jerome Williams…

    1. I would be happy from the Dodgers with RHP Holmes, RHP Deleon , OFer Verdugo and a PTBNL.
      They will not give up Seager or Urias, then go for the next 3/4 best.

      1. I would take a deal with Holmes and Deleon as the headliners. Can’t have enough good pitching.

    2. I agree 100%. Top prospects or wait.

      NO need to rush. The contract is team positive. Go after a rental and it will be more expensive to sign them in the offseason unless you just want a rental.

  9. Rhys Hoskins, courtesy of BaseballBetsy, from last night::
    …you just have to like his swing and power bat!

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