Phillies Release 9 Minor Leaguers

The Phillies have begun their post season minor league cleanup by releasing 9 players, none of whom are a big surprise.  The following players have been released: P Mark Meadors, P Gregorio Santos, P Jeb Stefan, P Francibal Alejo, 2B Olvy Marte, 2B Robinson Torres, 3B Trey WIlliams, OF Nick Ferdinand and INF Anthony Phillips.

Trey Williams was the name from the list that the Phils probably believed had the most potential as their 7th round draft choice in 2013.  Williams hits .197 in the Gulf Coast League, spanning two seasons.  Jeb STefan was the Phils 22nd round pick in 2012 and showed some promise in ’12 and ’13 in Williamsport and Lakewood before an awful year this year in Clearwater.

Quick additional note that the Phils have outrighted SS Andres Blanco off of their 40 man roster.

15 thoughts on “Phillies Release 9 Minor Leaguers

  1. Only 1 that’s a little surprising is Williams. To be honest, most of the other guys I forgot we’re even in organization. I thought they may give Williams 1 more year. Although, based off what he’s done in the GCL over 2 years it’s tough to be critical of the decision.

  2. A 7th rd pick out of the organization after two years of short season ball is certainly disappointing. He’ll turn 21 next March. The next move was probably a double-jump to Lakewood.

  3. I remember how highly touted Williams was. After his junior year in HS, he was expected to be a 1st round draft choice. He pissed that away by his “somewhat lethargic play and seemingly careless attitude.” He went to a CC in his area instead of taking a Pepperdine Scholarship because he wanted to get drafted faster. He is the son of former Major Leaguer Eddie Williams. He had the talent and the pedigree but couldn’t get his head on straight. His tools after the draft were considered very good and some thought he’d be an all start sort of player. It takes more than just talent to play the game. Attitude and the want and need to succeed can make a ball player great. He might get his head on straight and possibly we’ll see him again in another uniform.

    1. Good points. I went and looked at some of the draft write ups after the Phils took him in the 7th rd. Most of them echo what u said. He slipped because of attitude and had a rep of being lazy. With that being said, the production hasnt been there with the Phils. If he had those issues but was hitting .300 theres no way Phils are giving upon him this early.

      1. Actually I mostly plagiarized an article. I should have footnoted my source but was just too lazy.

  4. I remember how many on here love Williams. I thought by there comments we got a steal. just shows you how tough it is to draft, and when you have a moron like amaro, its harder. Was eddie Williams the first basemen for orioles??

    1. rocco…mixing up the Eddies….switch-hitting power guy Eddie Murray played first base for the O’s at one time

  5. IIRC, Meadors was drafted coming off of an injury and thought to be much better than his low draft position. I guess that they concluded that he would not amount to a prospect when fully recovered.

  6. I remember watching Williams when I lived in the valley and was following Giolito and Fried. Williams was absolutely lost vs right handed breaking balls. Im not even talking against Giolito or a frosh Jack Flaherty. It was 65 mph loopy breaking balls. He could hammer Fried’s left handed fastball. This is why Williams got really overrated early by Perfect Game. But it all eventually evened out.

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