Eric Longenhagen Scouting Reports

I was going to consolidate all of Eric Longenhagen’s scouting reports that have appeared on Crashburn Alley, but Bill Baer has already done it, so go read them. Now.


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13 thoughts on “Eric Longenhagen Scouting Reports

  1. Would be nice to have a repository with links to all the Phillies Minor League scouting reports around the net. Save me a lot of searching. I’m glad all of Eric’s are in one place.

  2. Great reads covering Dugan and Perkins. I’m really getting excited about that Reading outfield in 2014. With Altherr in center I’m hoping for at least two of the three to be vying for an OD roster spot in 2015, even if only as part-timers

    1. Yeah, that’s the first time I’ve read anything about Dugan being a possible plus defender. Even if it’s a minority opinion it’s better than reading about how he might not be able to stick in the OF.

  3. Where does Juslan Kamara go this spring? GCL or EST. Is he eligible for a foreign country academy like the DR or Ven, or not due to his Deutsch citizenship?

    1. I believe he is eligible for an academy but there is almost no chance that his path is not to be in extended spring training when he gets stateside and then play in the GCL

  4. I’ve read some of the reviews thus far (will read more today) and am generally in agreement with them, especially Morgan, who must recover velocity to return to his former lofty status. The reviews are especially comprehensive and detailed – really, really good stuff.

    I’ll go on record again, however, that I believe Biddle’s ceiling is a LOT higher than these reports would indicate. I agree that his likely destination is as a workhorse #3 starter (he’s not a 4 if all goes as expected – that’s his floor, assuming he is healthy), but if he just gets a little bit better at a few things, he has the ability to be a really solid #2 and an outside chance (10-20%) to develop into an ace. If he can move his FB to regularly sit in the 92-94 MPH range, touching 95 and 96 (and it’s not that big of a stretch to think he can do that – I watched at least one start last year where he was actually doing that), and he can improve command of his pitches, he could develop into an ace. Again, until you see it working live, it’s hard to express just how well he throws the curve. It has the ability to develop into the best curve in the majors, a true plus plus offering – yes, that good. I saw him pitch live twice and NOBODY PUT THAT PITCH IN PLAY – not even once.

    I’ve been thinking about how the Phils can turn this around and not go into a complete rebuild mode – Biddle becoming a solid upper rotation starter is a big part of that projected turn around.

  5. It was really hard to read some of those scouting reports, disapointing really. I guess i was much higher on some of our prospects than i should be. Sucks to hear that Biddle is a mess. Luis Encarnacion will have to move to first. Ive seen the scouting video of Luis and he was a mess at 3rd. So will Dylan Cozens as “he’s already a sub-par defender in right” with “A well below average hit tool right now” Zach Green “He’s not a great defensive third basemen” “The bat is ok” “I’m not enthusiastic about his ability to hit going forward”. Maikel Franco’s “approach continues to be atrocious but he continues to hit” Things that encouraged me was Kelly Dugan, Yacksel Rios, M.Canelo’s Defense.

      1. Probably not. The downside is that it takes a truly excellent bat to be a solid 1B prospect. Outside of possibly Franco, I don’t think any of these guys qualify. Obviously too early to opine on whether or not Encarnacion possesses a starting 1B’s bat, but in any case he is 6 years away from the bigs, so there isn’t all that much interference with Franco. The problem is Howard. Franco is likely ready in 2015 and Howard is still under contract. For the others, If they can handle the OF D a bit less bat is required for corner OF. That may work for Green and Cozens. Green still strikes out far to much for what he is. Cozens is very promising, but raw. I think they are both 4 years away. By then, Ruf, and likely Brown, are gone. Rather than ending up with too many MLB-caliber starting 1B and corner OFs, I strongly suspect we have too few. I doubt we get 3 major league starters out of these guys. We’d do well to get two average starters.

        1. We differ on the long-term prognosis of Green and Cozens. I do see them as major leaguers. Their bats will get them there. Green and cozen’s physical skills are so advanced for their age, I can see them being fairly high ranked prospects in a few years. Superstars? Probably not, but serviceable enough to make it. And Luis Encarnacion must have impressed some LA scouts to warrant a large bonus and he was ranked 4th by MLB in the international market
          Unfortunately, those two, along also with Encarnacion will have difficulty in getting comfortable at a position. That is why I see LF, or maybe RF, and 1st base as their only options in the future.

  6. Encarnacion didn’t look nearly as bulky in his video as I was expecting based on reports we have been reading. Sounded like he could barely move for 16 year old which was not the case at all.

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