Phillies Promote JP Crawford to Lakewood

With three weeks left in the season the Phillies send JP Crawford north to New Jersey.  The move allows them to showcase the new star in the system while freeing up some GCL ABs.  This could mean Quinn won’t be back for the regular season or that they would like to work him back at the GCL complex.  Either way a nice chance for Crawford to get his feet wet.

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61 thoughts on “Phillies Promote JP Crawford to Lakewood

    1. Hahaha laughin at work, guy next to me asked what i was laughin at. I couldnt even explain begin ti explain to a non follower..

  1. Love it. Gives him a chance to see what he has to prepare for, during the off-season.

  2. If all goes well, does Crawford stay there next year? Also, does this mean a move for Quinn??(I know its a hot topic)

  3. He was being compared offensively in his high school draft year to what Trout did likewise in his high school draft year in the AZL. This is another compare. Trout was promoted from the AZL Angels to their low-A team for the last week of that year. Then he went to Low-A for his 2nd year and was promoted to High-A about 60% through the season.

    If the Phillies are aggressive and if Crawford performs. Is being an MLB starter at age 20 outside the realm of possibility?

    1. I would not be opposed to it. I think if they do it, they can’t pull the Dom Brown crap and yo-yo him between majors and minors.

    2. The last few years, the Phillies seem to have used the 1st half of the Lakewood season to have their big time HS and Latin prospects work on their weaknesses. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a little regression or struggle from Crawford at the beginning, and have him stay at Lakewood the whole year. If that happens, he would be 20 when he starts Clearwater.
      I don’t think it would be possible for Crawford to make the majors during his age 20 season… unless he has no weaknesses.

      1. Actually that’s my bad anyway because I thought his birthday was in June so he’d be 17 at the start of a season, but it’s in January. So I would revise my statement to mean age 21(after 3 years in the minors) as MLB starter. But that would be aggressive promotions on a “Mike Trout” level. That’s probably not very Phillies-like unless he just dominates so much that it is warranted.I think the most likely for the Phillies is probably 4 years in the minors with 3 full years in full-season leagues.

      2. I could see him following the Maikel Franco route, assuming he handles each level: 2014 in Lakewood (as VOR noted above, there’s a chance he struggles initially because of the tinkering they are known for there), 2015 in Clearwater with a mid-season promotion to Reading. If he continues to prove himself, you could realistically see a September 2016 promotion.

    3. One difference between Trout and JP.
      Trout was moved off shortstop out of Millville right to CF by the Angels. Making it easier with his speed and glove to progress.
      Crawford appears to be staying at shortstop, so the ascend may not be as meteoric as Trouts thru MiLB. Though the hit tool would be a ideal comparable to have.

      1. Another difference: Trout’s birthday is in August, whereas JP’s is in January, so JP is 7 months older than Trout was at the same level.

  4. I would not be opposed to it. I think if they do it, they can’t pull the Dom Brown crap and yo-yo him between majors and minors.

  5. Moving Crawford to Lakewood is a huge testament to how much the Phillies think of his mental toughness.

  6. As a point of reference, any insights into how many other 2013 high school draft picks have been promoted to a similar level?

  7. I like it. I wasn’t really too gung ho about moving him to Williamsport since I figured he’d start at Lakewood next year anyway, but this makes sense. As VOR said, give him an idea about what he’ll be facing next year so he can prepare.

    1. I posted his promotion over at the game day thread at and Crawford is getting some high praise and Addison Russel comps

      1. I don’t think Russel is the right guy here to me. Russel has much more power but more questions about whether he can stick at SS, but I get the point.

        I don’t know what recent SS he compares well to, the closest has to be Profar, but Profar was a lot younger through the same levels but it is the same average to plus tools across the board (Profar’s are better than Crawfords) and a really good instinct for the game.

        1. Has Crawford’s GCL performance lead scouts to raise their assessment of his tools, or just how polished he is? In other words, has he raised his ceiling, or just made it more likely he reaches it, and gets there faster?

  8. Even though Franco has amazed with his excellent numbers from Clwtr through Reading, he may be coping with pitchers approaching him differently so he will have to adjust to that, probably needing more time to work on going after breaking pitches of lesser speeds. He’s got several more weeks to show he can do that before they are likely to move him up to AAA LV. Is winter ball on his schedule?

    Crawford could move into 1st place in post season considerations of our own prospects. Why not? He is now possibly the brightest light in our team’s dingy farm system.

    He must have been shocked to get that news after going 0 for 6 today in the GCL. From this short term perspective, he looks like our best draftee in many years. Now, picking at #5 or #6 (or even earlier) let’s get that can’t miss STAR pitcher on the way to fixing our continuing pitching shortfalls.

    It would be a giant surprise to see Crawford slip through our minors to join the bigs in 3 years, but it could happen. It would be next to miraculous. But there is SO MUCH to learn to be ready for MLB, especially for a position that is so demanding.

    1. Dammm as bad as this team is , we could get top pick in draft. Love the move on crawford, lets see what we got ,Hope some of the people on here get to see him first hand now that he is closer to us.

      1. If this team had played as bad since the all-star break from the start of the season they’d be in the driver’s seat for worst record with every other team looking back to them and quite honestly I think they would have made many more changes to the roster. The fool’s gold “We’re going to go on a run, these guys can still contend.” lingered far too long in the mind of RAJ.

        I think absolute worst this team finishes is 4th. I just don’t see the 3 worst teams in the league playing markedly better enough to get enough wins for the Phillies to catch them.

        1. FG projected reverse standings:

          1. Astros, 56 – 106
          2. Marlins, 63-99
          3. White Sox, 65-97
          4. Brewers, 71-91
          5. Twins/Phillies/Cubs, 72-90

          So better than 4th will be tough, and we’re in a real dog fight for that 4th spot.

          1. Ramsay we can do it. i have faith in amaro and his stupid moves, release young today. this team cant score runs. so 72 wins would be a real stretch. most likely, we get to 65 wins. and tie for third.

            1. Have to believe his bat will get him the number two guy drafted, behind Carlos Rodon..

            2. Gatewood is exactly the kind of guy the Phillies never get. But your suggestion has me thinking about June.

        2. As long as they finish comfortably in the bottom 10, I’ll be satisfied. Gives them the opportunity to sign a top RF free-agent, while still getting a top prospect.

        3. Phillies beat .500 or less teams at a high rate. And are 18-37 vs .500 or better teams
          Remaining games….41—–Versus .500 or less team=29,—-Versus .500 or better team=12
          Looks like they will surge a bit and finish around the 10 spot.

  9. I like Crawford too, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. He had nice numbers in the GCL, but let’s see how he handles tougher competition.

  10. Law called him “a shortstop with a chance to hit and add value on defense, great for a team that doesn’t mind taking a player who might not see full-season ball until 2015.”

    Wonder where Law places him in his top 100 list now.

  11. What is Lakewood like by the end of the season? Are many of the better prospects promoted so the quality isnt as good?

  12. From John Sickels over at minorleagueball

    ***The Philadelphia Phillies promoted 2013 first-round pick J.P. Crawford from the Gulf Coast League to Low-A Lakewood in the South Atlantic League yesterday. His pro debut has been excellent thus far: .345/.443/.465 in rookie ball, with 25 walks and 25 strikeouts in 142 at-bats, 12 steals, and strong positive reviews for his defense at shortstop.

    A promotion was rumored for days. . .the GCL was not challenging him . . .but it was generally assumed he’d move up to Williamsport in the New York-Penn League. The jump to full-season ball will prove most illuminating. The Lakewood team is mired in last place with a 46-75 record so he’s not going to get any post-season exposure here, but the fact that they are moving him that high at all speaks well of the early impression Crawford has made.

    Gradewise, I’d rate him a B+ based on his early pro performance, scouting reports, and draft status. The obvious recent comparison would be Addison Russell in the Oakland Athletics system, another high school shortstop jumped aggressively to full-season ball two months after being drafted, although the two are dissimilar as physical specimens.

    I had Russell as a B+ entering ’13. It is too early to consider where Crawford would slot on a Top 50 list, given that will also depend on how other guys are rated, but he’d definitely be on it, very likely in the Top 30 and probably in the Top 20.

    By the way, that photo isn’t from the Lakewood Blue Claws. The photo is Crawford in his high school uniform: he went to Lakewood high school in California.

    1. Sickels had Franco at 32 and Biddle at 44 on his mid-season updated prospect list which was just top-75. If he’s saying he sees Crawford as top-30 and possibly pushing top-20 isn’t he saying he sees him as the Phillies top prospect?

  13. Lakewood is 108-151 under Morandini in nearly two seasons. That’s .417 ball. Anybody think there might be a change there next season?

    1. Part of that is the college talent is being jumped past Lakewood under Joe Jordan, it has also been two down years of overall talent on mound and limited lineup depth

    2. I don’t think they’ll hold the Blue claws record against Morandini. The last 2 years they’ve had very young teams. If anything, I think they move Morandini up to Clearwater, with his current group. They may want to move the Venezuelan, Nelson Prada up to Lakewood, to manage Tocci, Tromp and Pujols.

    3. I mean, does it really matter what their record is?

      He should be judged primarily on how well he helps guys develop.

      1. Wins don’t factor in much but player progression does. I see Moridini teams lacking in both. The phillies suffer from being too loyal at times and this is case of manager who would be replaced in most organizations but Phillies will stay with him.

        1. Interesting. You must be a great fan of minor league development, to know how other organizations handle their minor league manager assignments.

          1. nobody really took step forward from that lakewood team. We should be talking about how Larry Green and Mitch Walding deserve a promotion. I even held out hope Art Charles would tap into that power potential. Tough year for that team.

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