Box Score Recap – 7/22/2013

Adam Morgan back at Lehigh Valley 71 pitches, 46 strikes, 4 innings. Works for me. Sebastian Valle with his second 2 HR game in the last 4. Impressive. Less impressive? Your Clearwater Threshers were no-hit by three Jupiter Hammerheads. Spoiled a nice night from Severino Gonzalez – 1R, on 6 H 2BB and 7K in 6 IP.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


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  1. Decided to post a question on Roman Quinn’s thinking I would get the cliche I’m happy to play anywhere answer, instead I got this. Maybe it’s not too surprising.

    Honestly where do you feel more comfortable, center field or shortstop?

    Quinn: Centerfield

    1. I admire the honesty, but he’s got plenty of time to get comfortable. There’s only one other viable shortstop propsect in the low minors.

    2. The last episode of Fringe Average addressed this in response to a question about defensive comfort translating into offensive output. The consensus was “if it works for the player, it works,” regardless of any rational reason for expecting it would.

      I’d like to see him stay at short another season, but if it’s impacting his offensive production, long-term he belongs in center.

      1. +1 … If he shows improvement at SS next season, I leave him there and see what happens. But if the struggles continue as bad as they were this season, move him. It’s still an important, up-the-middle position, and you want his speed (and his bat, which I think will really click once switch hitting becomes comfortable) in Philly

        1. I expect he’ll be back late in the season and be able to attend the Instructional program in CWater in the fall. My guess is that they’ll decide there what to do with him next season.

  2. I was at the ironpigs game tonight. morgan didn’t look bad. 1st three innings it seems he was throwing about 75% fastball and 25% changup. But he was keeping everything low in the zone. Line would have looked better if overbeck didn’t make 2 errors in back to back plays. They only charged him for one. only saw one hard hit ball of of morgan. a double that hit the base of the left center wall.

  3. Whats the deal with Cesar Hernadaz getting the day off? Would be wild if he was traveling to the big club to start the next series..
    Or maybe it was just a day off to shag alot of balls before the game.

  4. Why is Vargas not starting at GCL? Being a high priced signing who was at GCL last year, I figured he’d be at WPT and probably starting. He’s young but I thought they’d try to get his stamina up.

    Pujols with a sad start but at least he did get a HR.

    Gillies got a start in CF, maybe he’ll get called up

    1. I asked the Vargas question to myself. I think the answer is that he’s coming back from an injury. He’s only pitched in 6 games (8 IP). He has been unhittable with only 1 hit in those 8 innings but he also has 12 BBs. He’s clearly rusty and they are bringing him along slowly. He is aveeraging a K per inning so that is a good sign.

      Feliberto Sanchez, the pitcher who started last night’s GCL game, doesn’t appear to be a starter. Maybe because the draft this year was mostly about the hitters, There weren’t enough solid starters to handle the GCL. He played in the DSL last year and was unspectacular. He averages about a half a K per inning and walks almost as many as he Ks. He’ll be 20 at the end of September. I’d say Sanchez is keeping the starter spot warm for Vargas.

  5. Rosin coming along. Big, strong and apparently durable. I would be comfortable with Pettibone, Lannan and Rosin handling the 4 and 5 next year. Perhaps K.Kendrick can bring back something of value in a move to another club.

    1. OT: Yes. Kendrick’s name is never mentioned, but he is one of the first pieces I would move. He is a Free agent and he needs a 13 million dollar qualifying offer for draft pick compensation. This meaning the Phillies will instead sign him to a multi year deal for significant money because they never chance arbitration.

      1. Kendrick has one more arb year left. But I do agree that he should be piece to move if possible.

        1. Its fairly simple to determine who needs players like Paps, Michael Young, Chooch and even Utley right now….but as for Kendrick not sure who would want or need him now, before the deadline. In the off-season I guess it would be an easier proposition to move him.

      2. Phils need to extend Kendrick before he starts thinking he’s a $14 million dollar player. I could see a q.o. after next season if Kendrick starts 30 games and keeps the ERA in the 3’s, but I suspect they much rather extend him this winter, or trade him. I’m sure this has been discussed here before, but what would it take to extend Kendrick thru the 2016 season. Would he sign for 3 yrs and say $21-24 mil?

          1. Do you think he is a Joe Blanton value guy? If so he will command what big Joe got from the Angels, however he is a few years younger, so it would be in that 8/9M per range. I could see him at 30M for 3yrs, based on the ‘Ruben formulae’.

  6. Decent game for cord Sandberg: 1-2, 2 BB. Still in left field. His slash line on the year: .250/.378/.309. In his last ten, he’s hitting .167 but has an OBP of .359. His walk rate on the season is up to 15.7 percent. I hope this is an indication of a good eye at the plate, rather than his being a deer in the headlights and holding his swing against GCL pitching.

    1. Chris King mentioned that he made a spectacular catch yesterday, also. Not that it’s indicative of his defensive skill. I made a spectacular catch once in 7th grade. Pretty sure my eyes were closed.

      1. I made one of those ESPN highlight catches where I ended up on the other side of the fence in the 7th grade. Of course, the guy on 2nd and 3rd scored on the Sac fly. I was all tangled up in my underwear.

  7. Clearwater got no hit but only struck out 5 times. How’s that for some bad BABIP luck. 22 balls in play, and not a single hit. Crazy.

  8. Asche has gone deep twice tonight. It’s not even August and he’s matched last season’s HR total. Could he be in Philly by the month’s end?

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