Box Score Recap – 7/8/2013

A couple notes – Seth Rosin worked just 3 innings, as he’s lined up to pitch in the EL All-Star Game. The LV team finished a game from April that Jon Pettibone started. Some funky stats in there.

As for results and a little analysis – Cam Perkins being very Cam Perkins – 3-4 with 2 doubles in game 1 of that double header. Andrew Pullin also being very Cam Perkins with an identical line in game 1 for WIL – he also had a double and 2 singles in the nightcap, while Dylan Cozens stroked his 4th homer of the season in the opener. Mauricio Robles has limited runs in his AAA stint, but his peripherals are not great – 8H, (which is quite good), but 13BB and just 8K in 16.1 AAA innings.

And finally, JP Crawford was 3-5 with a double, his first pro XBH, and then he went storm chasing. Ok not really, but he did tweet this . Wild.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.



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    1. Yes, I didn’t get it until I saw in the small print that the game began on April 10.

      JP Crawford is making me very happy, and I will remain so right up until the moment a cabal of national prospect writers convenes to decree him fatally flawed in some mechanical way that is undetectable by the naked eye and statistical evidence.

      1. I know, it’s awful. The national writers are so biased. Most posters on this site carefully examine every daily box score and scouting reports for all other 31 teams’ 6-8 minor league affiliates in order to gain the proper perspective on our own system’s players. We never do silly things like take our prospect’s best possible comp and proclaim that player a future star. We always acknowledge the volatility of small sample sizes and we never take an short stretch of time where our prospect has performed well and use that as evidence that a prospect’s turned the corner…Meanwhile those national jokers whose job is dependent upon being right as often as possible blindly blast our prospects because they hate us. They’ll even stoop so low that they’ll nitpick something as stupid as how our prospect swings a bat or which pitches they swing at.

        1. So, an example of a small sample size is not watching a prospect for 4 or 5 at bats in person, then extrapolating from that his entire hitting approach, and universal pitch recognition?

        1. I know, I was just making a joke. Sarcasm doesn’t always come across online.

  1. still recovering from Law comments on Franco. Lets be honest…we hold onto Franco too much as prospects because of huge void of star power in Phillies minor league system. I do believe Amaro fleeces atleast one team at trade deadline and that combined with what looks like very solid draft the Phillies minor league system is in recovery mode.

    1. I look at it this way: Franco is doing so well that it is almost a good thing to knock us fans down a peg. As he progresses further the expectations get higher and higher. This is how a guy like Dom Brown goes from heralded prospect to complete bust after 100-200 PAs at the MLB level. The lay fan (not one who follows scouting reports or the farm on a daily basis) only hears how good a guy is doing on the farm and where he ranks. Franco is getting national attention now for his stellar season and it’s a great thing that there isn’t just one prevailing opinion on what kind of player he will be.

      I’m sure there are Phillies coaches who are working with Franco to improve aspects of his game. If he’s doing so well now with those deficiencies, I imagine he can improve if he makes those adjustments to his game.

      Don’t get offended by differing opinions. Learn from them

      1. Along these lines, imagine what the Keith Law report may have said about the Giant’s
        Sandoval ? Sometimes the unorthodox swings, styles, etc. are overcome by the sheer ability of the player. The fact is – these are still very very young players who can overcome what may be an unusual facet of their game by their sheer strengths.

        1. Yes, sometimes they do but 99% of the time, that player fails. KLaw is simply noting that. He does not have any grudge or ax to grind against the Phillies. It was an honest assessment of what he saw in person.

        2. I wouldn’t go quite so far as Nepp did (99% failure rate). But I think the point to realize about guys like Law isn’t that you have to accept their conclusions. IMO you can disagree with him, or you can take his opinion as a caution but no more than that, but to ridicule such opinions just because of the player’s raw numbers … that’s not a valid response. Nor is the “Law is biased” response.

          1. I think it was somewhat biased , he saw one game and no doubt already had previous opinion “Arm bar swing”, I think its kinda wrong to judge a player on one game. Although he still loves Sano , and probably wrote a glowing report on him after watching him hit a pop fly and strike out twice , they all pander to their cohorts and fellow scout friends , No way Law writes a glowing report if someone he respects says otherwise. I could be wrong I am a lot , but oh well

    2. I usually like Law and don’t think he is a Phillies hater by any means but his comments about Franco completely mystify me. Franco does have his warts- there is a lot of set-up in that swing and he is very much a fly ball hitter. But things like “too aggressive”, “poor “pitch recognition,” and “only goes for things he can crush.” says to me a high strikeout guy who has a very lucky BABIP *cough Altherr cough*. In the videos I have seen Franco has been hitting the ball the other way and has been hitting breaking balls. That to me doesn’t look like poor pitch recognition. Everyone, including me, was saying AA would be the true test, but some still refuse to give him any love even after he has succeeded there.

      1. agree with almost everything you just said, wait I agree with it all

  2. Perkins does seem to be not missing a beat since coming back from his injury. Reading is a little crowded in the outfield with prospects(Dugan) and pseudo-prospects(Collier and Hewitt). Perhaps a trip to the AFL for Perkins in a few months?

    1. I honestly don’t see anything gained by keeping Perkins at Clearwater. The Phillies should make decision on Hewitt and move Perkins into his spot at Reading. I don’t anticipate an increase in power at minor league levels.

      1. C only thing that I could think of is that they view perkins, less than hewitt, or collier. Which to me is crazy, but I am only a fan, there is no other logical reason, It would seem. , The crazy part to me is that perkins, if he goes to reading and continues, might be the answer for us in left field. which imo we really need someone,who is low salary to give us help, to persue help in the bullpen.

        1. They just don’t want to give up on Hewitt because of draft status. Maybe he is a throw in at the trade deadline.

          1. They don’t want to give up on Hewitt because he still has good tools, he is a hard worker, and by most accounts a pretty good guy, who just cannot recognize a breaking pitch. Joe Jordan isn’t attached to preview regime high round players. I think he will be bumped from a starting lineup soon for a better prospect but he is a guy the organization likes having around.

            1. Let’s not forget that Hewitt is in AA now and is having the best season of his career to this point. Not that I’m very hopeful that Hewitt will keep increasing his numbers on the next two steps of the ladder, but it seems like now would be an odd time to throw in the towel on him. I’d sooner send Collier back to A-ball than cut Hewitt.

              Also, they still have Jiwan James kicking around in the GCL. I’d guess he’ll go back to Reading soon. Obviously, if they see Perkins as a significantly better prospect than those two and they think he’s ready then he should be moved up either way. But that comes down to what the Phils’ think of their own players and we don’t really have that information.

            2. D Mitchell might be the odd man out soon and that would be a shame because he’s been a great organization guy for several years now. You have to assume that both Jiwan and Perkins will both be at Reading soon (Jiwan very soon and Perkins in a few weeks).

            3. “Hewitt is in AA now and is having the best season of his career ”

              Handzus – I look at this a bit differently. While I recognize that he has taken a big step forward this year I could only do so when comparing his performance to prior years. I’d say that ‘in spite of’ him having the best season of his career he’s still no where near the prospect radar. He’ll turn 25 at the start of next season. Perhaps he’s in the org next year, perhaps not, but I certainly don’t see him blocking any one

            4. We complain about the professional prospect guys putting too much value on where someone was drafted, but would we be talking about a 25 year old in AA with a .246/.295/.428 line with a 29% K rate if he was a 10th round pick? He is still a non prospect in my mind and shouldn’t be blocking even a fringe prospect like Perkins.

    2. Throw James onto that pseudo list soon too.

      You have to figure, with Howard being out at least 6 weeks, that Ruf is in the big leagues for good this year, so there’s an open spot in the Lehigh OF. Only problem is none of the Reading OFers are ready to promote. Maybe they’ll just throw Hewitt up there to see if he can hack it.

      1. Kratz had similar surgery and is rehabing now….they think Howard will be back by EOM August.

        1. If it were me, I’d shut Howard down for the season. Any value he might have going forward is dependent on him finally being 100% healthy.

          1. Agreed he rushed back last year not at 100% and has been playing injured this year not at 100%. the 2006-2011 Howard at less than 100% was a better option than what else we had. This years Howard and going forward he needs to be at 100% for the Phils to potentially get value from him. The only option they have to get any value is for him to play well so they need to maximize his ability to do that. Just like with Halladay we all can appreciate his determination to want to be on the field but Howard can not see that in his diminished capacity he is not helping the team. I know this is going to revert to the usual Howard hate from some people on here, I personally choose to see him for the effort he gives and not just his contract and short comings as a player that sometimes get over-exaggerated.

            1. and for the record Larry the only part above i am referring to you is the part of shutting him down.

          2. I suspect they’ll probably evaluate where they are in the standings in 6-8 weeks, and if they’re out of it/in the midst of a selloff, they’ll probably take the course of action your suggest. Or alternately, have him rest it until September and then activate him when rosters expand, so they can just let him play a few innings a game. I think that might be the best compromise if they’re not in contention, as they almost certainly won’t be.

        2. Yeah, 6 weeks is the middle of August. At that point the minor league season would have about 2 weeks left plus playoffs. I don’t think they’d bother sending Ruf down, only to bring him up 2 weeks later in September.

          1. Four to six weeks after surgery. Surgery will probably be later this week or Monday, they normally do not do it on Sat or Sunday. I see August 26th, included with the one week or so rehab assignemnt. Also, Howard is a slow healer based on the past few injuries. Plus he has another issue he said yesterday, the pain and tenderness on the bottom of his foot, but that might be referred pain from the miniscus.

  3. “Amaro ‘fleecing’ ” trading partners? Count me among the skeptics. Joseph is one certain error. Others, received more recently, show that HE was the one being fleeced.

    We can only pray that he uses our trade pieces wisely to bring a lot better looking future for this franchise.

    Start praying now. No time is too soon!

    1. Art can you name any of the Phillie prospects that were traded away that have been successful at the MLB level? The Ben Revere trade is looking better and better lately.

      1. phila. right now none, but remember houston is sitting on four future starter, Right now cant understand why, as good as he has been. Cosart isnt with big club, and only a matter of when that Villar will be there shortstop. and you stil have power hitter Santana sitting in double a , and Singleton is just rounding into baseball shape, so its early they could all stink or be really good players, they are all young, I Believe that cosart is the oldest at 23.

        1. I’m as critical as anyone of the Pence trade, but 4 regulars is … unlikely. Singleton yes. Villar is likely not going to be a regular even for a second division team like the Astros. He might make it as a bench guy. Santana is a long shot because of K rate. Cosart probably more likely than Santana, but unless he can get his K rate down, he’s looking at either a move to relief (where he could be quite good) or a back of the rotation starter.

      2. Ben Revere….as a metric guy…are these empty slash/stats?
        Minor league stats for 1755 PAs: .326 .383 .404 .787
        Major league stats for aprrox 1300 PAs: .283 .323 .329 .652

        1. His hitting, despite the good BA, is pretty bad because, as you say, it’s kind of empty – no power and mediocre BB totals (though the latter is a secondary consequence of the lack of power, not lack of plate discipline).

          But among “metrics guys” the mediocre to poor hitting is redeemed a bit by plus base running, and, until this season, by plus plus defense. Interestingly, the subjective impression of his defense this year is also reflected in the metrics (both of the most used defensive metrics show him about average or even a hair below). The arm is not a huge deal for a center fielder, but his range has been off – seemingly because of a problem running routes. This did NOT seem to be a problem with the Twins.

          The whole package, though, now that he is at least hitting for average, grades out decently – not great, but decent. A slightly below average regular this season. If his defense returns to what it was, he’s an above average regular despite the mediocre hitting.

          1. I wonder if the change in home parks has anything to do with the decline in defense. Is there something different in the background that is making it harder for him to pick up the ball coming off of the bat?

            1. Probably more to do with the move from RF to CF to be honest. His speed made his range ridiculous in RF but not nearly as much in CF where most guys are fast. Also, SSS applies for defensive metrics with only half a season of data in CF for the Phillies. 2-3 years is fairer when it comes to OF defense data due to the relatively small number of chances they get. Granted, his arm is always going to be very mediocre but his range/positioning should get better with more reps.

              Overall, Revere is a solid role player that is great to have when his salary is cheap. Expecting him to be anything more than that is unfair and just silly.

            2. Move Domo to RF, Revere to CF and then trade Hamels for Trout! ….Tuesday mornin day-dreaming

            3. “I think I’ve found a way to get Griffey and Bonds in the same outfield and we don’t even have to give up that much.”-George Costanza

            4. The guy is hitting 340 since May 1, its time to realize how good he’s playing. His base running has been excellent also although the defense has unfortunately been less than expected.

        2. I also think that the metrics guys start with an assumption that, given his age, he might improve a bit over the next couple of years. This is one case where the standard age analysis might not apply. He seems to me to have about maxed out his tools unless he can find a little power, which seems unlikely.

        3. While I don’t think Revere is ever going to be a great hitter or a great leadoff hitter I’d say his line in the prime of his career could conservatively be .300/.340/.360. While not great that is the best option that the Phillies have right now. That line is much better than you are going to get from Rolins for the remainder of his career and close to best case scenario you would get from M. Young. Plus Revere is a much more significant disruption on the base paths than Young (Young is only a disruption on the base paths in that he will likely ground into a double play).

          I would love it for the Phillies to get someone like Joc Pederson who could challenge Revere for the Centerfield/Leadoff job in the near future (unless Gillies really gets it together and takes off).

          1. Is Gillies really that much worse than Revere? Revere lives and dies with BABIP. Gillies’ defense in center seems like its no worse than Ben’s, and Gillies’ bat probably isn’t too much worse either when you consider the fact that he can actually hit for some semblance of power. Granted, his hearing condition might limit his base running value, but it looks to me like Gillies can do everything Revere does, and can potentially be even better than Revere.

            1. Gillies can potentially do every thing that Revere does (other than superior baserunning) and more but the problem with Gillies is that it has always been potentially. He is very prone to injury, extended funks, lack of effort, and other personal issues. I would be happy to have him compete for the job next year but I definitely wouldn’t hand it to him and I don’t think he is ready this year after just finally making his way back to AAA.

            2. You guys are missing the biggest edge Revere has over Gillies – a 9.7% K rate in the majors versus a 20% K rate in the minors.

            3. I didn’t miss it, in fact, I implied it. I’m just assuming that Gillies power advantage will (at least) come close in making up for it.

    2. You really have it out for Joseph. I think you mention him every day. He hasn’t even been in the Phillies system for a year and he’s already a bust in your mind. You should give some of these guys some leeway, especially 21-22 year olds.

      1. It’s entirely consistent with his expectations regarding the trades of veterans. And I say that in an entirely non-critical way. I DO disagree pretty strongly with his expectations in that regard, but setting that aside, a guy who, like Art, expects our veterans to get us (collectively) 5 or 6 major league ready prospects is OF COURSE going to be critical of the second Pence deal.

      2. “Riggs Im getting to old for this shit , Mertaugh”, Joseph has concussion issues that I never heard about until this year and then I heard he has had 3 of them in what 3 years in minor league ball , his one good year with the stick came in a very hitter friendly situation , so maybe he is a great defender , nope , needs some work their, I think the real issue is we traded away guys we had stock in and had watched them grow and become good prospects , and what we got back has been somewhat disappointing , except Rosin , good for that guy , I dont blame that guy for being disappointed maybe he shouldnt voice it so much , but batting average and passed balls are disheartening

    1. Juggs, tell us why you have a thing for this guy, could you? Have you met him or his family? Do you just like his story? What is it?

        1. Juggs gets the PP Scouting Award for this season. Now analyze Franco’s plate discipline.

          1. Franco is from the native land where patience is not really taught. Its smash the ball and keep it moving. I think that the pure fact with reference to Franco is that he is great trade bait. Trade him and get premium for him. Asche will be your thirdbaseman. He is solid defensively and will be a corner stone to develop around.


  4. It’s been a long time since I was this excited about our short-season teams. You have to go waaaay, way back to when I was so filled with excitement and anticipation. Probably as far back as this time last year


    1. Last time I was gaga and not lady was a kid by the name of Tyler Greene. Boy was I desperate to be excited about something.

      (let’s see how many ways this post is misconstrued)

  5. Few quick questions:

    1. Agree Perkins needs to go to AA. Im just about done with any hope for Collier, even moreso than for Hewitt, who seems to hit the same at every level, so if he can hit .240 with pop in the majors, he can be a bench bat.

    2. Why is Jiwan James still in the GCL? He was rehabbing an injury, no? But its about time he starts playing with players in his own generation.

    3. Luis Garcia might be in pinstripes soon. Where did that dude come from? Hes been lights out though.

    1. The team won’t give up on Collier as he is on the 40 man. I wouldn’t give up on him either. If he has to repeat AA, let him repeat. There’s no rush to get him to the majors.

      I think James is still rehabbing.

      1. Collier has shown precious little as a hitter. He flashed some potential last year and in the AFL, but aside from that, there’s nothing there as far as I can tell. I think the odds of him becoming a productive regular are probably less than 1 to 2 percent. There’s no way I protect him this year over someone like Dugan. Collier and Hewitt have just about hit the end of the line. Don’t worry, we won’t miss them as prospects when they are gone.

        1. Does Dugan have to be protected next season? If so, I totally agree with you.

          I wouldn’t give up on Collier. Hewitt is just dead weight at this point.

          1. Yes, Dugan has to be protected after this season. And yes Dugan is the same age as Collier, at the same level, and hitting the same average, so far.

      2. James did not have any Spring Training at bats. Assume he will move up to AA or AAA fairly shortly.

        1. Just went to CLR. They need to find him a spot in AA or AAA and so why not give him some more time in Florida where he can rehab and they can evaluate him, I guess.

          1. I’d rather give ABs to Collier and, gasp, Hewitt. I’m fine with James being in CLW.

  6. The Phoulballz interview with Joe Jordan was a decent read if you guys didn’t see it. It was from this past weekend in Trenton.

      1. Below is a link, but it’s not even worth summing up – nothing that was said was anything we didn’t already know or assume to be true. It’s an okay read, but i doubt you’ll learn anything from it.

        1. Really? So you knew Morgan was going to be back in August and highly likely they would send him to Fall Ball….

          You should have shared that with us because I didn’t know and I didn’t see anyone else here on the board mention it anywhere.

        2. catch……….c’mom man! It is a gold-mine of information. Read betwixt the lines.

      2. HAHA there is a link to it here just above under the Phllies Blogs section. But if you fancy my summary is he sees no reason to worry about changing Franco and Asche out of their position. He thinks Morgan will be back in August and go to the AFL.

        And some other tid-bits about Colvin, Rupp and Dugan!

      1. I say this semi-jokingly, but as there has been a lot of talk on here about trading Papelbon (I don’t see Amaro doing this, unfortunately), and the fact that all other of the Phillie relievers have performed poorly in high leverage situations, could Garcia be, at least, a short term answer? In the same vein would anyone consider moving E. Martin to a reliever sooner rather than later to fill this same role? They could always convert Martin back to a starter later, ala Neftali Perez.

        1. The stuff is similar to De Fratus (De Fratus has the better slider and possibly a touch worst velocity), but De Fratus has shown better command to where I would lean that De Fratus or someone else (Bastardo) in that role. The best solution (which would need a better manager) is to have a bullpen of young arms who throw hard and you let it all fall into place (the KC approach) and Garcia certainly has a spot in that kind of set up.

          I wouldn’t move Martin to the pen unless you need that arm in a playoff run. Also because a lot hinges on changeup development and command the move to the bullpen is likely permanent when it happens

          1. I would have agreed with using De Fratus until his terrible week. If he can show he put it behind him maybe he can be given a crack at it. Although I think closers are over payed, I think the closer by committee just doesn’t work anymore in mlb. The days of just running whoever is fresh of McGraw, Reed, and Garber for a multi inning save is over. I think the pitchers themselves view the game differently and pitching is such a mentality dependent endeavor.

        2. That’s actually something I’ve thought about quite a bit, but Neftali Feliz might not be the greatest example at the moment

        3. Rich Dubee said the Phillies don’t have the starting pitching depth to allow Ethan Martin to transition to a reliever.

          If they lose another starter Ethan Martin’s going into the rotation.

  7. Surprised nobody’s mentioned Cozens and his fourth HR of the season. The BB rate’s hovering in the area of last year (12.2 percent, compared to 11.5 in 2012), and the power is legit. I have a strong feeling he’s going to be the club’s next big position prospect.

        1. 5 tool player. I love that BA didnt have him ranked in their top 500 coming out because he had an altercation with a coach. Personal bias unrelated to baseball talent.

          1. I’m glad he’s showing power because the strikeouts you would expect for a power hitter are starting to come with it. He K’d 5 times in his first 9 games, and 13 times in his last 9. He also walked 8 times in his first 9 games and just once in his last 9. Hopefully he can settle into the middle with that somewhere with both of those.

  8. Anyone have any info on the unsigned draft picks , Wetzler/ Monda/ Keys/ Jax and Martarano ?
    Have any of them committed to going to college ?

        1. Oh in the Draft Tracker thread said someone said Callis thought they would sign. So nothing official just that he thinks they will. What he’s basing that off of I don’t know

    1. Martarano is going to try to play baseball for us after his college football season completes. If football doesn’t work out we have his rights. Monda isn’t signing. Wetzler should be signing soon hopefully since the CWS is over. No idea on Keys and Jax.

  9. Monda is not signing, turned down $200,000 to go back for his senior year. Jax is at the Air Force Academy, he is not signing either. Wetzler was just interviewed on a Portland station and he sounds torn between returning for one more run at a college championship vs going pro but I think he signs, probably at almost the last minute.
    Keys is the “key” in my mind between this being an exceptional draft and one that is just very good. Phillies have a good track record of getting 2 HS hurlers signed and they just signed Viza so they have room for one more.
    If I was a betting man, I would say definite yes on Wetzler, solid yes on Keys, most probable no on Monda [guys have changed their mind at the last minute when they had a chance to cash a 200 thousand dollar check plus med school expenses paid!] and absolute no on Jax.
    We will know on Friday, thats the deadline. Funny thing though was that in the TV interview Wetzler was indicating he had till Monday the 15th, this is incorrect. I hope somehow lets him know soon!

    1. Wetzler should go back. and if I was keys i wouldnt sign either, not enough money to sign, for keys, he is a good prospect and should go to college, and improve his stock,

      1. If Wetzler is going back, it’s not baecause he wants to win a championship. The entire Oregon State pitching staff and starting catcher was drafted, and signed.

    2. I cant find anything on jax. what kind of prospect is he? air force academy baseball isnt a good program, just wondering, if he wanted to go pro, why go there.

      1. If he does choose the Air Force Academy he is saying loud and clear that being a pro athlete is not his biggest life goal. There is usually a 5 year minimum commitment (10 years for pilots)

        1. Right, but those academies are something like regular schools. You can drop out if you want to without the commitment some times, (or all of the time, maybe, not sure). Knew someone who left of their own choice after 1 year at Annapolis with no military commitment thereafter.

          Not to say Jax hasn’t committed beyond the point of no return. I don’t know his situation personally.

          1. From what I know, you are allowed to leave any of the military academies at whatever time you choose (this includes after graduating) without serving time in military, but if you don’t serve you are required to reimburse the government for your education which they value ridiculously highly (if I remember correctly, in the neighborhood of $50K per year?).

        2. Jar thats what I thought, so the kid didnt want to play pro ball. why did our scouts recommend him so high, makes me wonder, How good they are at talking to these kids and there parents on what they want to do. I mean a kid who is going to the academy, is a lot different imo to a kid committed to miami,

  10. Anonymous/ or anyone: Educate me concerning Galvis. I know he has good defensive tools and is very instinctive, but I can’t get excited about bringing him back up to play 3B if Young departs over a player who is out hitting him at AAA and is adequate at the hot corner. Not to mention the guy at AA. Sorry, Galvis just hasn’t shown me yet that he belongs in the big show.

    1. I think his eventual realistic role more super utility bench guy, not MLB regular. Would love to be proven wrong there and would love to see any stats that make me believe he can play everyday.

      1. I’ve gone back and forth about Galvis, more so than I probably should have given the importance that I place on sample size. At this point, though, I’m thinking utility player. I think if anything he may be going backwards a bit as a hitter.

        If he proves me wrong – I hope he does! – IMO it will be as a shortstop, not a third baseman. As far as I am concerned, he’s at best 4th on the third base depth chart at the moment.

        1. I think, given how good a defensive SS he is, and how bad most other ML SS’ are with the bat, Galvis can be at least a serviceable starter there.

          1. I agree with this, 2nd Level starting SS. On a good team he’s a defensive replacement.

          2. But even if his upside is “servicable starter”, that doesn’t mean he should be used as such. You can’t afford to have too many of those types in your lineup if you have any hope of success.

  11. GCL Phillies with 5 runs in their half of the 1st. Cord Sandberg with another hit off a lefty

      1. To me Sandberg was the steal of the draft. He only fell that far because of signability issues. The fact that the Phillies knew they could sign him to just a little over the slot where they picked him was tremendous. Just think, they have the chance of getting a guy like Hamilton with out the issues, lost development time, and wear and tear on his body.

        1. Josh Hamilton was a generational talent in the mold of Bryce Harper who likely could have survived a jump to the big leagues soon after being drafted. I get that they are physically comparable, but Sandberg has a loooooong way to go to be in the same area code.

          1. That said, I like him a lot and can’t wait to watch his development. And if he does turn into the next Hamilton, I will eat the above words with relish. 🙂

          2. I hate the term generational talent especially when Harper is only 10 years younger than Hamilton. Maybe Matt Holiday would be a better comparison though I don’t know exactly high Sandberg’s hit tool projects.

            1. True, the term is overused …

              Honestly, I have no idea who a good comp for Sandberg would be. I’m still waiting to see if they’ll use him in CF once James moves on, like was suggested when he was drafted (I’m also curious why they would be using him in LF right now when he’s got a Division I QB’s arm). I am excited about him as a player, though.

            2. I only used the Hamilton comparison because that was the one in the draft profiles. Other than that he is supposed to have plus raw power and was a multi-sport star (suggesting good athlete with multiple tools) I know very little about him.

            3. Heh- it does seem like a “generational talent” comes around a lot more frequently than once a generation…

            4. How long is a generation, though? In baseball, is it every 10 years, (or some reasonable shelf life of a big league regular). Hmm????

            5. Usually a generation refers to a 20-25 year span, but even if you go with ten years I still don’t like the term. If Ted Williams is a generational talent Joe DiMaggio is not. If Willie Mays is a generational talent, Mickey Mantle is not, If Ken Griffey Jr. is a generational talent Barry Bonds is not, ect.

        2. I like Sandberg as a prospect, but if the Phillies thought he was remotely close to being a Hamilton level talent without the addiction/head issues, they would have picked him in the first round and felt elated that he fell to #16. It’s good to be enthusiastic about our minor leaguers and draft picks, but it is just beyond the pale to compare a non-first rounder to a major league star, only without the baggage, based on really nothing. We’ll see how he does in his career and wish him well. Sometimes you get a Howard or a Brown outside the first round, but you don’t come close to knowing or expecting that a couple weeks after the draft.

          1. As I said, I just used that comparison because it was the one mentioned in the draft profiles.

  12. BA Writeup of Andrew Pullin(Free article):

    Andrew Pullin, 2b, Phillies: If you’re looking for a sleeper in the Phillies system, keep an eye on Pullin, a fifth-round pick last year out of a Washington high school. Pullin has the tools and aptitude to hold up against older competition, and he’s hitting .299 through 77 at-bats as a 19-year-old in the short-season New York-Penn League. Pullin starred in Monday’s doubleheader for Williamsport against Auburn, going 3-for-4 with two doubles in the first game and 3-for-3 with another double in the second. Pullin was an outfielder in high school but the Phillies converted him to second base last year in instructional league. He has stuck there with Williamsport, going 16 games before committing his first error.

    1. Some good stories developing this year. Hope a handful can survive the small sample size

  13. Jonathan Singleton is striking out in 33.5% of his plate appearances this year. Huge red flag on a guy considered a top 25 prospect.

    1. I’d attribute it to rust from the layoff and SSS more than anything. Historically, his K rates have been in the low 20s, and his BB rates are elite. He’s going to be a solid player.

        1. I’d trust his numbers from the previous four seasons over the sample from this year, regardless of the stabilization point.

        1. Also he’s an athletic outfielder playing in a notoriously pitcher friendly league. Sounds like you’re a hater.

            1. Walks don’t count towards your AB total. It doesn’t make sense to do a % off of his AB’s. You need to calculate it against his PA’s.

            2. Learn how the strikeout rate is calculated. If that’s too difficult fangraphs has it under ever player’s profile.

            3. I normaly dont like bickering on here, but this entire extrange made me laugh. From start to finish well played everyone…

  14. BA Writeup of Franco (Not free. So this is a summary:

    Killing the ball
    Plate discipline has been an issue(? I still don’t see this?) but he is getting better at recognizing off speed out of the zone.
    Defense is strong(Can we please get a consistent answer on this) with strong glove and strong arm.

    1. ‘Plate discipline’ is better (or less bad) than ‘pitch recognition’ at least. All in all, the BA writeup is consistent with what I have read

    2. That was from Jim Salisbury, I believe. Not sure if that leans towards optimism about the Phils or not. He seems not to be a homer, but I don’t read everything he writes.

      1. I’ve always thought he was “fair” with a SLIGHT bend towards optimism. But, not overly gushing or unrealistic.

  15. BA Writeup of Severino Gonzalez(Not Free. This is a summary):

    “Biggest Leap Forward”
    Led the Venezuela league in ERA and strikeouts last season
    Fastball velocity has increased into low 90’s.
    “Savvyness” and “Fearlessness”

    1. Low 90s might be acceptable if he’s a control artist. I’m optimistic that he’s more than the next JuRod.

  16. This Matt Smoral that lasted just 2/3 of an inning against our GCL club signed for 2 million bucks last season – 1st round pick. Real ugly numbers so far.

    1. It’s his first start of the season relax. You sound like the typical WIP caller with all of these over reactions…Franco and his arm bar swing comments, bashing legitimate publications and writers (BA, Law, Parks) when they write disparaging things about our prospects, getting giddy of Singleton’s K rate.

      1. There is also the fact that his velocity is way down. I appreciate the fact that you follow my posts so closely though, didn’t know I had a fanclub.

        1. Nik, I think Mark has a crush on you, either that or he is a major troll. Mark, did you figure out how to calculate K rates yet?

    2. Did you know that Matt Smoral. had a arm injury and didnt pitch last year, he is coming off a arm injury and its his first action, in two years, what do you expect.

  17. Ok, I’m officially impressed with Crawford. At least one hit in every game and at least 2 hits his last 4. Another XBH today as well.

    1. +1 … it’s exciting to see a top pick come in and immediately live up to his status. SSS, but his start is particularly impressive given the questions about his hit tool.

  18. What if we traded lee and papelbon and the youngs keep utley and give him a QO and then we would suck and get a top ten draft pick that is protected so then we could make a splash in free agency

    1. All that working under the assumption RAJ can make it work and not ruin our team for more years… That is the only caveat, RAJ has to be able to pull it off. Frankly the fact that HE would be in charge of a turnaround of this magnitude is horrifying. Yes this just occurred to me.

  19. So this is what it’s like to see a true 1st round talent play in the GCL. Maybe Crawford get’s moved to Williamsport in August, like they did with Biddle.

  20. Is it possible Crawford & maybe Sandberg are too advanced for GCL. Has anyone been promoted mid season (GCL) to Williamsports or Lakewood?

    1. What about Sandberg’s performance so far tells you he’s too advanced for the GCL? He’s hitting .314 with one XBH and has a 4/14 BB/K ratio.

    2. It’s only been about 10 games but, 14 strikeouts in 42 PA’s at the level, isn’t showing as ‘advanced’.

      1. It’s official, espn lost me tonight. Keith law on baseball tonight is awful, lends no credibility whatsoever. Took me 2 minutes to figure out who that little voice was then turned to family feud

          1. Harold Reynolds is a complete and utter moron, so is Billy RIpken and dont get me started on Mitch Williams. I prefer MLB Network because of live look ins ect… but out side of Eric Byrnes, Dan Plesac and Al Leiter they spout off non sense.

            What I dont like about KLaw being on Baseball tonight is he is afraid to be himself. Hate him if you want to but he is right about 90 percent of the time.

    1. I beg to differ. Tyler Greene had a good GCL and look where he is now…….. wait, forget i said anything

      1. Tyler Greene didn’t have a good GCL. He was striking out 40% of the time even then. Some guys here just chose to ignore that.

    2. That’s not true. They’re indicative of how far advanced they are relative to GCL players. But people expecting the GCL to translate directly to ANY other league (ESPECIALLY the majors) should calm down and be more objective.

      1. there is a lot more going on then just playing baseball for these kids… yes actual kids. Adjustments to everything they do are being made. Instructional league is where the decisions are made to how far along the organization thinks the player is in their development.

      2. I look at Dom Brown’s GCL slash line/peripherals and they were very pedestrian to say the least. No indication of a future all-star. However, the following year he started to blossom.

        1. I always take GCL stats with a huge grain of salt and, unless they are off the charts good (or show a clear plus skill – strikeouts, homers, walks, stolen bases), I don’t put much stock in them one way or another. Look at Cody Asche’s struggles in the GCL, by the next spring he was raking in Clearwater, a full three levels above the GCL.

            1. You are right – I stand corrected. I should say that I don’t put much stock in first year statistics after a player is drafted – between the small sample size and the adjustments that are taking place, the statistics are generally very unrealiable.

    3. I would say that they mean something at the end of the year, and even then (a) I would take them with a few grains of salt, and (b) I especially wouldn’t put a huge amount of weight on batting average.

      Not to take anything away from Crawford or Sandberg. I’d rather see them off to nice starts than otherwise, and, if nothing else, it has to help their confidence.

      1. Agree. I think they take on more meaning if they fall at the extreme end of the spectrum, but otherwise I don’t put much stock in them. Especially right now, when sample sizes are so small.

    4. For me they are fun stats to look at. New acquired talent that finally gets showcased. Considering the Reading (pre-Franco) & Lakewood box score the GCL and Williamsport was sight for sore eyes.

      As far as what does it mean? Well what does any of it mean. We have a guy who has raked for a year straight now and he can’t crack BA top 100 so maybe all of this is just for entertainment purpose of saying the guy you follow has done well. People placing an emotional bet.

  21. Does anyone have any reports on Steven Susdorf’s outfield defense? His speed appears to be okay as he has 8 steals and 3 caught stealing. His power is less than impressive, but he is hitting up a storm in not an insignificant number of at bats and his plate discipline is superb. I’ve dismissed him as any type of prospect previously, but he’s knocking at the door a little harder than he once did. Good for him.

  22. Jarred Cosart called up to the majors and will start today. I know some of you are rooting against the prospects we traded away but I am wishing for him to have a successful career.

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