Box Score Recap – 5/11/2013

That’s a good one from Ethan Martin – 2R on 4H 2BB and 7K in 6IP. Just 3BB over 12 innings in his last two starts. That kind of control will keep him in line to be a starter in the big leagues. Can he sustain it for long stretches of a season? Also did you know his middle name is Cash? 1 year ago we had…never mind.

Larry Greene goes 3-4 to pull the old average above the Mendoza Line.  His OBP sits at .388, and he’s been on base by hit or walk in 17 of his 19 games this season. And he hasn’t struck out in, hang on, I have it right here…one game. Seems less impressive when you phrase it like it’s some kind of a streak. Better than “has struck out in 18 games in a row”, which was true 24 hours ago.

Elsewhere, Cody Asche hit a grand slam. Cameron Rupp hit his third HR in as many days, (that’ll help your season stats), Cameron Perkins had 2 doubles – and his OPS is approcahing 1.000 for the year – and Nick Hernandez got knocked around a little.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB. The Reading 5-10-13 completion game is first.

5-11-13 boxscores

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  1. Asche and Ruf starting to get their knocks. Encouraging start from Martin in what has been a fairly discouraging season so far.

    Seth Rosin now with 5 BBs in 39.1 innings. He’s really having a nice start to the season. Still some projection in there despite his age-24 season.

    The Threshers are looking like a fun team. Shame on me for not getting over to Bright House more often. If 2 of Altheer, Perkins and Dugan can show continued success it would be a great plus for the system. It’s not out of the question that 2 of these guys show up in Reader’s Top 10 this offseason

    Larry Greene – it’s easy to write off guys who build a reputation for having a poor work ethic. But Larry’s another important guy for our system. I’ll curb my enthusiasm but three knocks yesterday is a nice sight

    1. There are a lot of guys who I saw breaking out. Perkins was not one of them – he’s a complete revelation to me as the guy I expected to break out in a big way was Serritella (and it’s possible he still might). I really like that the team now starts to be more effectively mining the draft for solid, second tier position players from the college rangks. Other than Howard (and perhaps Michael Taylor – I think Taylor is still going to be a major league player somewhere and might not be bad at that), it’s been a nearly complete drought up to very recently. A lot of organizations, like the Cardinals, do very well with this type of player – glad to see the Phillies seem to be on to something. We now have Asche and Perkins in successive drafts and Ruf a few years earlier. I like it. Organizations cannot fare well with a bunch of tool shed high school players and little else (I’m not slamming tool shed players per se – Brown was a tool shed player, as was Altherr – and they both are coming along well. But the Phillies leave a long – like 25-30 year long – trail of woe with their ill-chosen high draft pick tool shed players. Just check it out for yourself).

      By the way, what’s the scouting report on Perkins? I like his size and you can’t argue with the batting results. You’d have to think that another 100 at bats at around .350 and the organization is pretty much going to be forced to promote him, just as they were with Asche last year. Crap, it’s not like there’s really anyone meaningful blocking him at Reading – Perkins, Gillies and Collier can all get plenty of at bats in the outfield. As for Mitchell, Hewitt and the other cast of characters – guess what – I don’t care about them (as prospects anyway – as people, I hope the best for them, just not in the Reading outfield). Harsh, but true.

      1. ‘Organizations cannot fare well with a bunch of tool shed high school players and little else (I’m not slamming tool shed players per se….’–feel the same when they are FIRST round draft choices. In rounds 4/5th and lower, go for the risk I say.

    2. I keep seeing guys mention that Dugan is having early success. Dugan is just being Dugan. 30% Ks and without the power to offset the strikeouts.

        1. He’s sort of right though, right now Dugan is striking out too much and not walking enough. But I give him a break because he’s had to get up to speed after the injury.

          1. Not about him being right or wrong. Yes Dugan is nothing spectacular, yes he K’s at a high rate without the power you’d like to see. He also has a decent BB rate and gap power. It’s comments like “it’s just Dugan being Dugan”, like any success the guy has should be brushed off. When VOR doesn’t like someone, he’s sure to have a snide remark whenever someone gets a little excited about some success they’re having.

  2. Nunez shines bright again, 20 yr old kid doing very well. Martin backed up his terrific start with another good one, great sign. Perkins continues to produce and I see him going to Reading sooner rather thn later if this keeps up but with one caveat, can he play any position well enough for the majors.

  3. Given his advanced receiving skills, is there a chance Rupp arrives in Philly before Joseph?

    1. Yes, if they resign Ruiz I could see Rupp taking the backup job because he will need a 40 man spot this offseason. Still don’t think he is a starter long term

    2. And Rupp has homered in 3 straight games. He usually takes a little while to get going but pretty soon he’s hitting the ball well. His lefty/righty splits are messed up. He can’t hit lefties at all. It could be the 14 ABs (SSS) but he has 1 hit (a 2B). He does have 3 BBs and only 1 K. It looks like he’s getting good wood on the ball (no comments from the peanut gallery) against lefties but they aren’t falling in.

  4. And yeah, someone sneak into Delmon’s hotel room tonight and leave a couple XXX Grilled Stuffed Burritos and some Volcano Nachos because I think Ruf is ready, assuming the reports are true about his defense.

    1. Agree, the Phillies aren’t going anywhere this year. Bring up Ruf put him in left and Brown in right. D Young has not shown me anything. See what you have in Ruf, maybe he is only a AAAA, but you have to see. All he will cost the Phillies is a XXX Grilled Stuffed Burritos and some Volcano Nachos

      1. I think there will be a few moves worth making regardless of standings. Trading D. Young to make room for Ruff and possibly selling high on Kendrick to make room for one the young arms. It all depends on who is ready for the big club. I don’t want a team of rookies next year – bringing up Asche, Ruff, Joseph, and Hernandez at the same time doesn’t make sense. The team needs to be strategic in trading the the older players in exchange for younger ones in the lineup everyday and allow the young guys to get better. D. Brown batting 6th is a great example.

        Unless you are ready to give Kendrick 3 years $24M to $30M, he should be traded at the highest value this year. Ruff’s bat is major league ready and his glove has improved enough to get the chance. There are a few scenarios to trading Rollins including Revere being consistent at leadoff and Galvis hitting well enough to stay in the lineup. Can’t argue with the big game personality, 20 hrs, 65 rbi’s, and 30 SB Rollins brings to the team.

          1. Me too. Unless you think Kendrick is about to completely collapse (I don’t) or you can engineer a franchise altering trade with him as the centerpiece (does anyone really think this?), trading Kendrick makes no sense. He is a low cost, consistenly effective starting pitcher. Those guys don’t grown on trees.

          2. IMO, he will get three years, plus option at $55M…or almost 14 per. He can get a qualifying one-year offer at 13.3M, so you start from there annually.

            1. I agree. And I think the Phillies would be wise to do a deal like that with Kendrick if/when they feel they can’t make the playoffs this season.
              Kendrick may bring back the best value of any moveable piece, the Phillies have right now, due to his salary.
              Let someone else, be on the hook for that 13million dollar qualifying offer.


      “Here’s one scenario: the Phillies play a two-game series in Boston on May 27-28. They also have a three-game series in Minnesota from June 11-13. It might make sense to bring Ruf up for the Boston series, particularly if the Phillies are scheduled to face lefties Jon Lester or Felix Doubront. Ruf could serve as the designated hitter in those two games and in the three-game Minnesota series. In the 12 games in between those two series, Ruf could spell Ryan Howard at first base against lefties, and he could rotate with Young and Brown in the outfield. By the time the series in Minnesota concludes in mid-June, the Phillies should have a pretty good idea about what strategy they will pursue leading up to the trade deadline. And if the focus is on the future, then it would make sense to give Ruf the benefit of the doubt over Young.”

      I’m sold….

  5. So, I hardly post at all, but have been lurking on the site since the beginning.
    I had the chance to go to Durham to see the Pigs play.
    It was fun to see them win. My wife and I were the only people cheering when things went right, so that was awkward.
    Lots that can be said about that game, but the biggest take home messages were: NOBODY in the park could throw strikes to save their lives. Even though Martin only had a couple of walks, he had periods where throwing a strike was an issue. Same with Stutes, Archer and the rest of the relief guys for the Bulls. Next, pigs scored first 4, you read correctly, 4 runs on walks. Booing ensued after the second one. So really until about 7 inning, the Pigs were up 4-0, had double digit hits, were on the Bulls second reliever, and no hits have knocked a run in yet. It was bizzare. Other observations too, but would be a long post. Fun game regardless..

    1. I was going to make a similar point … Martin still struggled with control . Only 58 strikes in 102 pitches. Still plenty of work to do.

      1. Martin’s 58 strikes and 44 balls isn’t an awful ratio. Could be better, but could be worse. Best news was that Diekman threw 15 strikes in 21 pitches. Really need him to get it together. Would be nice to have a lefthander in the Phillies bullpen throwing 95+.

        1. That’s not an awful ratio if that’s a down game for you, but if that’s your best game of the year (control-wise), then that’s a huge problem.

    2. Thanks for the report. Martin’s lack of control — a hallmark of his professional career, the second half of last season notwithstanding — is going to be a weight on his prospect status. As far as the BBs for the Pigs go, it’s good to know the players are showing some patience at the plate (something the big club is known to struggle with).

  6. Its nice that Lakeland and Lakewood don’t play in the same league……..I’m full of insight today, anybody need advice?

  7. Anybody have a scouting report on Angelo Mora? 18 walks on the year to go with just 22 Ks. But he doesn’t seem to be hitting the ball very hard. If it’s a strength issue (listed at just 5’11”, 151) we could have something as he develops.

  8. Does anyone think Art Charles is maturing into something? Granted he is a little over-aged for the level, but his numbers are starting to climb, especially his power. If a few Threshers get promoted to Reading come mid-summer, maybe Charles can be promoted top Clearwater if he continues at this pace. Would help if first base opens at Clearwater, and then there is always the limited DH aspect.

    1. Think Jim Murphy, who set records for HRs at Lakewood. He is still mentioned as a possibility, but it probably won’t happen. Guys who are pretty much first basemen need more power than Art or Jim have shown.

      1. Jim Murphy was 25 years old, and repeating Lakewood when he was setting those HR records. Art Charles is 22 years old. Younger than Jim Murphy and Darin Ruf when they were at Lakewood.

    2. I don’t think age is the main issue, and he is doing some things better this year than in years past (e.g., lower K rate). The problem is, he isn’t really doing what a serious first base prospect needs to do in terms of offense. (age enters in only in the sense that, if he was young for his level, you would make more allowences for the only decent offensive performance; while not age inappropriate, he’s at an age where, for a first baseman, you would want to see a lot more from him)..

      He’s someone to keep an eye on, but I haven’t seen enough yet for more than that.

    3. I made a case for his being a prospect when we traded for him.

      I might put him around #25 in our system.

  9. kyle simon blew another save today. how many games has reading’s bullpen cost them this year???

    1. From the Arizona Fall League through this year so far, Simon has not done the job. I cringe when I see his name in late innings.

  10. Chace Numata has rather quickly turned his season around. Hitting .229 with an OPS of .660 on 18 April, he’s now hitting .315 with an OPS of .822 and now with 89 AB. Still SSS but this is a guy who hasn’t passed .700 OPS in prior years. He has a good rate of extra base hits, and both his walk and K rates are decent.

      1. I think Deivi Grullon could also be Chooch…..but somebody has to be the next Mike Liberthal!

    1. He’s definitely improved at the plate, but still weak behind the plate Eight passed balls and six errors.

      1. The throwing still needs improvement accuracy wise, it is a strong arm but he is still adapting to throwing from catcher and not SS. The passed balls obviously need work but also remember that it is an imperfect stat on the minor league level because of the fuzzy line between wild pitch and passed ball as well as how much low minors pitchers will miss their spots (not to say it isn’t concerning, just take it with a grain of salt)

        1. I agree with your comment about the pitchers missing their spots, but I’m still not sold on Numata as a catcher. He’s been behind the plate since they drafted him in 2010 so it’s not like he hasn’t had time to adapt to the position. I know that one of those years was spent recovering from a broken bone but it’s still been quite a while since he played SS so I’m not convinced. As for the hitting, he’s hitting against those 18-19 year olds that, as you said, miss their spots……a lot. He was really cold the first month, and has been really hot this month. We will see how he does later into the season as the other teams learn his tendencies. I remember last year when everyone was so hot on Astudillo. He lit it up the first month, and got progressively worse every month after that as teams learned what, and what not to throw to him. Let’s see where Numata is in mid season.

          1. Astudillo is a year older than Numata and was playing in the GCL, and he never walked. Numata is way more legitimate a prospect than Astudillo was/is.

            1. You are correct, but the organization was really high on Astudillo. Had he not blown out a knee early in the spring, he might very well have been playing in front of Numata at Lakewood. Everyone was enamored with his 3%K rate.

  11. Numata is on my radar now. Feels like we’re pretty solid in catching prospects, I really like what Rupp is doing after a slow start.

  12. Don’t look now but…

    * Yoel Mecias (last 3 starts is dramatically improving player)
    IP, 13
    ER, 3
    BB, 5
    SO, 17

    * Lakewood has won 4 out last 5 games.

    * Darin Ruf over last 10 games is hitting .371 with .500 OBP

  13. I Just don’t understand why.brown is getting so much playing time over ruf. 1.43 average with risp, cant throw,and his baserunning is awful. Brown is getting exposed by playing too much, and ruf should get his chance,

    1. roccom……today’s poll ….of the 900 approx voters….81% want Ruf brought up now.

      1. This. There is no reason to demote Brown this season. Getting rid of Donut Young would be a good start to bring Ruf up.

    2. roccom…btw…what is wrong with Dom Brown? He is playing like an established player of late, at the plate and in the field…and as a LF, IMO, he comps out as top five in the NL.

      1. He’s improved a lot, but top 5 is a big stretch. His NL left field competition includes Starling Marte, Justin Upton, Carl Crawford, Bryce Harper, Ryan Braun, Carlos Gonzalez, Matt Holliday.

      2. I’m not sure I’m ready to go that far (top 5). He’s having a decent year, especially of late though I’d prefer it be in RF given his offensive output. The main issue to me is his BABIP and walk rate, both need to rise. If he can get his OPS up to near .800 this will be a very successful year. .280/.345/.450 would make me very happy.

        He hasn’t taken a walk in 12 games… that’s not a good sign, especially when he’s only hit .282 over that span.

        As to the comments on his baserunning, he’s actually above replacement value for that, it’s the only thing he’s doing that is above average. Fangraphs has him at -4.1 in fielding value, absolutely brutal but I feel like I haven’t seen nearly that many issues in the field, so I have a hard time trusting UZR.

      3. Brown should definitely be the regular for the rest of the year. But he hasn’t really proven anything yet. There’s a number of things about his performance to date which merit some level of concern, but for a team in the Phillies situation, there’s just no downside to giving him a full time job. If you bring Ruf up, move Brown to right and bench D. Young.There’s no rationalization, none, for giving D. Young playing time over Brown.

    3. And when Ruf struggles when we bring him up should we bring up Susdorf to replace him? What about after Susdorf struggles?

  14. Numata and Charles are both looking very good. Walding is hitting. Starting to see some pitching and fielding (except for Quinn of course). Greene is starting to hit. Lakewood in a young team-let’s wait and see how the rest of this month goes. Finally got their bats out!

    1. Mayberry is invaluable right now as the only back up CF on the team. The last two games there has been situations where Nix as been called upon to be the CF for an inning or two and when the flanking OFs are Brown and Young that is a real problem. There is no way Mayberry goes anywhere w/o another CF on the roster or they can prove Galvis can play CF (this actually is a large question as Freddy has average at best speed despite great instincts, first step quickness, and insane hustle, the range may actually be a problem)

  15. Matt. he cant throw, the last week. I have seen him have to make throws from short rightfield and he wasn’t even close. He can’t hit a lick. based on his average with runners in scoring positon, he has made two bad running mistakes,in the last week. Charlie has exposed him playing him too much. As far as a center fielder he isn’t fast, and doesn’t get good jumps on balls. don’t see what you are seeing. Sorry he is nothing but a 5 th outfielder maybe, I really believe you are just overrating his outfield ability. You can find defense outfielders who can run a lot better,in the minors.Who will not hit a lot,but at least they can steal a base for you late in a game,and score from second. all things mayberry cant do.

    1. Lets walk through that:
      – It isn’t that he is good in CF but if you are exchanging him for Ruf, who goes into CF if Revere is hurt or he continues to hit the way he is now. There just isn’t a better option right now
      – He is a decent runner, nothing special, but not a liability (Delmon Young, Laynce Nix, or Darin Ruf aren’t scoring on anything that Mayberry isn’t)
      – He was exposed having to play CF and face a bunch of RHP. In this way he is entirely redundant with Delmon Young
      – The arm is concerning, it used to be plus, now it looks more average to below
      – He still can mash LHP and he really should only face that (again a bit redundant if you are bringing up Ruf and have Delmon)
      – He is 4th/5th OF who is best suited for a platoon and hitting for Howard against LH relievers

      The problem is that if he is going, who is your backup CF, you can have a team of lumbering corner OF types. There is no CF ready in the minors even for a bench job. Hence the statement that if Galvis can play CF then you don’t need him, but otherwise you would have real problems if Revere is not in the game.

      (also please use the reply function, it makes life a lot easier for following your points, you often are criticized for not making sense, because your posts are out of context and it would help your arguments to put them in the correct format)

      1. It is a real dilemma though. Assuming the brass aren’t just blowing smoke about his fielding, then I’m all for giving Ruf his shot. But whose spot on the 25 man does he take? There are IMO decisively strong arguments against him replacing every outfielder but one – the one exception being D. Young, and in that case it’s a no brainer, D. Young doesn’t give you anything that Ruf doesn’t give you, and, while he actually isn’t much younger, he is a little Younger, and, more to the point, at least he has some upside. With D. Young you KNOW that he’s essentially replacement level. I guess Young can kinda sorta play right field, but even so ….

        But does anyone really think they’re going to cut D Young loose? They should, but then they should have cut him loose before they signed him.

        1. “D. Young doesn’t give you anything that Ruf doesn’t give you…”.
          The same can be said in reverse. ‘Ruf doesn’t give you anything more, than Delmon Young already gives you’. So there is no tangible upgrade to the team’s talent, by replacing Young with Ruf. Ruf isn’t the kind of talent that impacts a team.

          1. I guess it depends upon what you mean by “the kind of talent that impacts a team.” He’s not what we would call an “impact” player, but it he is a 1 to 2 WAR player, he “impacts” the team by increasing expected wins by 1 or 2 versus a replacement level player, which is what D. Young is, if you bend over backwards to be kind.

            Ruf has more power and better plate discipline. He’s not going to be a star, but, IF he is adequate in left field, he can be an average major league regular.

  16. Just all goes back to Amaro.How in the world could he think that a outfield of mayberry, brown, young,and revere,makes them a better, same with the bullpen. Just hate the fact.that all I hear is that amaro is though of highly by the Phillies brass.

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