AA Pitching Transactions and Discussion

A couple reports from Mike Drago and Anthony Burkhart on Twitter, (sorry to them I don’t know who “scooped” who – they’re both getting the same info on these couple items, at least). Brody Colvin reinjured his groin during his start today, (where he lasted only three innings, but pitched fairly well – allowing 3 hits, 1 run, 1 walk, 2 HBP and struck out 3). Tom Cochran will join Lehigh Valley from Reading and start on Saturday, and Justin Friend is being sent back to AA Reading from Lehigh Valley. He’s not been very good in AAA this year and kind of imploded on the hill yesterday. 

Also, Brandon Erbe has been released, per Drago, and Hector Neris will get another spot start tomorrow, per Burkhart. Neris pitched 2 innings last night, so even though he’d been a little stretched out from starting a couple times the last couple weeks, it’s hard to assume much about how long he can go tomorrow.

Anyway, all of this leaves Reading wanting a starter later this week. If they leave Neris in a starting role for now, that plugs Cochran’s turn, but they’ll need to add someone to fill the space left by Colvin. I’d say Clearwater’s Perci Garner make sense – he’s repeating that league, he last picthed Saturday and was likely slated for this Friday due to rainouts, so if they need a starter to fill in whenever, he’s stretched out and rested to give you some innings. And frankly, he’s looked pretty good so far this year, with a few too many walks, a reasonable number of hits allowed and a good strikeout rate.

If they club wants to get Neris back in the bullpen, or really wants Perci Garner held back in A+, I’d bet a couple pennies on Mario Hollands taking that spot. He pitched out of the Reading bullpen a bit this year before being sent back to Clearwater, but he’s had experience at AA and would eat some innings. Or I guess Nick Hernandez could take the spot – he’d be on five days rest by Colvin’s next turn. I kind of doubt they’re going to want him away from the comforts of Clearwater for anything longer than a bus trip, at this point in his comeback. Maybe another month of success and he’s a viable option for promotion.

Either way, Reading might be wanting another bullpen arm. If so, maybe Ryan O’Sullivan gets the call as a well-deserved promotion, or Colby Shreve as an organizational arm.

4 thoughts on “AA Pitching Transactions and Discussion

  1. Hope Brody Colvin has a quick recovery. He really was doing better this year. Shame.

  2. Nice analysis Brad. I think either of Perci or Nicholas are reasonable choices. I would probably lean towards Perci as there’s no need to push Hernandez after being away for 2 yrs. Still, it’s easy to see them both at Reading at some point if they continue to pitch as they have

  3. I have now seen pettibone four times. And can’t figure him out, he is 92 fastball,cant control his off speed stuff, but is winning, projecting him is really hard.Is perkins a legit prospect.??.

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