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My Christmas/New Years/Birthday/Cinco De Mayo/Hanukah/Kwanza  all wrapped up in one is this Thursday as the Minor League baseball season begins, and just a few housekeeping notes as we enter our 6th full season here at Phuture Phillies. Over 10,000,000 page views later, this site has grown to certainly one of, if not the primary source for Phillies minor league information.  James grew this site with his credibility of verifying information and well thought out analysis.  I hope we continue the tradition he built for years to come.

The huge contributions of Matt and Brad will continue through the 2013 season as they each basically have carte blanche to contribute as they see fit. Brad will be doing the daily box score updates and a feature or two if he can fit it into his schedule.  Matt will continue with player profiles and features and will focus on the upcoming draft as we head into June.  Like I have in years past, I will focus on Lehigh Valley, but with renewed vigor this year as for the first time in the five years I have been covering the ‘Pigs, they have a dozen players that have legitimate shots at appearing on major league rosters if not this year, then next. As much as my schedule permits, I will continue the “Hot or Not” and “Around the System” series that people seem to like,  which gives a good overview of what is happening from top to bottom in the minor leagues.  I am also hoping to get out to several Reading games this year for “in person” analysis of the prospects in Baseball Town. 

Several pages will be continuously updated.  They include the “transactions, team rosters, and 40 man roster pages”.  I will do the best I can to keep these updated, but as we all know, action in the minors can be fast and furious, so please let me know if I miss something or make a mistake.   Please email me at if you see an error or omission. An additional page that has been added at the top of the main page is the “Phillies salaries” section.  The page gives an overview of the contract situation of each current Phillie, including when their contract expires, arb eligibility, etc.  When projecting the arrival of minor leaguers, understanding who is ahead of them and until when is one of the barometers that must be considered, so enjoy that feature.

Finally, I am looking for one individual to write for the site and help out Matt, Brad and I.  I am fairly flexible and willing to discuss the manner in which you can contribute but I do want someone who is serious about the site and the commitment.  Many from within the Phillies organization read this site as well as players families.  While criticism comes with the territory, we are committed here to be as fair as possible and have our opinions based on statistics, personal evaluation and discussion with those “in the know”.  If you have interest, please email me at the above address.

44 thoughts on “Opening Day Housekeeping

  1. So excited for this season! On the Major League level and most certainly the Minor League level. LETS GO PHILLIES/PIGS/FIGHTINS/THRESHERS/BLUECLAWS/CUTTERS/GCLPHILS

  2. This seems like the appropriate thread for all of us phuturephillies readers to say thanks for all of the excellent work you guys do (and a preemptive thanks to the new guy as well). This is an incredible website and (in my opinion) one of the primary reasons that Phillies fans have developed a reputation for knowing the game better than most fan bases (also for violence, racial epithets, and vomiting on children, but lets focus on the knowledge).

  3. Thanks for the excellent way all of you have maintained the site. I appreciate it very much.

  4. You guys do an amazing job with this site. Looking forward to greedily picking through the box score roundups each morning this summer!

  5. I want to echo all that, each day I can’t wait to go to this site and see the boxscores and everyone’s reaction to what is going on!! One of the things that has separated the Phils from the perrenial elite [Yanks, Sox, Cards, Dodgers, Giants] is the generational inability to follow up a period of sustained success [Ashburn-Roberts, 25 years, Schmidt-Lefty, 25 years Utley-Howard] with continued success…will Quinn-Biddle-Franco-Asche et al represent the Phils stepping into that class?

  6. Pops so true, if i am not mistaken the only back to back championship was the flyers in the fifth largest market, i am willing to bet we have less overall championships than all the top 10 markets, no superbowl. 2 hockey, 2 baseball. 2 basketball, the bulls have 6 just in basketball so do the steelers, lakers, shame, the fans derseve better,

  7. cant wait to see the real prospect this year, it will go a long way towards seeing the teams direction next year,

  8. Many thanks for a place to devour the Phils future and the players who will bring it. And not just for the summer season; all 365 days a year. Keeping us warm through the winter and warmer in the spring/summer.

    The enthusiasm of the site workers becomes the enthusiasm of we fans for which we are grateful and rewarding for the baseball soul this site brings.

    Congratulations for the BEST baseball site in the world!

    Thanks from all who visit here!

    1. Agreed.

      Thank you for all you do for no compensation, but to the thanks and appreciation of many. It was hard following in James’ shoes and you folks have done it well and without skipping a beat.

      This is a great site for some of the most dedicated fans in all of sports.

      Keep up the great work!

  9. Thanks to all, James, Greg, Matt and Brad. Longtime, dedicated reader who rarely posts (I think twice). I live in the SF Bay Area, but have followed the Phillies since childhood in Delaware.

  10. Really appreciate all the effort you guys put into this. I found this site almost by accident last summer and have checked it almost every day since. I’ve rarely posted but I have learned so much. Keep up the great work!

  11. Check this site daily. Definitely the best topics and discussion (most of the time). Just an awesome job everyday by all the editors on this site.
    Just another huge thanks to James for creating it, building it, and passing it on to a tremendous team.

    1. No need to announce it, the team is poorly attended and the players are staying in Florida (that is more about how good the Reading, Lehigh Valley, and Lakewood teams are as businesses than how bad the Threshers are)

      1. Agree…their website sucks (rarely updated, and if it is it is about promotions and not baseball) , no live radio feed of the games and a general disappointment. Too bad, because I am sure all those guys who worked hard to make the Clearwater roster this year out of ST would at least like to see their names on an official list, as would their families and friends.

        1. I believe there will be radio this year in Clearwater. Sorry you weren’t happy with the team’s site…I ran it last year and did the best I could while doing about 37 other duties on an average day. They are in a transition of replacing me this offseason and that’s a big part of why there hasn’t been much fresh content.

          1. I think Jslasher88’s comment sums up the real problem – the web site is one responsibility of a person who has a multitude of other things to do as well. The site is evidently not considered enough of a priority to devote adequate resources to it – it’s an afterthought.
            Note that the fundamental difference here is that Lehigh Valley, Reading, and Lakewood are affiliates – they’re separately owned, and run on a business-like basis by their owners/managers, to provide a product and make some money. The Clearwater club is owned by the Phillies, and doesn’t appear to be governed by the same concerns about customer satisfaction.

          2. I visited the Threshers site when they made their playoff push in the second half and thought it was very informative. Are you still going to be involved with the Threshers this year? Your insights to Clearwater were very interesting and appreciated.

            1. Thanks for the positive comments. I definitely tried to keep the website as relevant as possible! Like Dave said, the Clearwater operation is run a little differently in that they are not privately owned and operated. That stated, the staff there is really full of wonderful people who all work really hard with a ton of responsibilities (including a lot of things for the Phils up north).

              I’ve moved on from working in Clearwater for now…I do miss the job and will definitely regret not being able to watch Threshers games all summer. I’ve moved on to a new opportunity back in my home state which is a bit more career-focused with a stabler income. If it doesn’t pan out though, I may end up back in baseball at some point. Even if the pay isn’t great, it’s a wonderful thing to be paid to be at a ballpark every day!

            2. Wow…sounds like your new gig is better..I had no idea that the person in charge of the Threshers’ website was so overworked. No offense intended, and a good reminder not to critique until I’ve walked a mile in another man’s cleats.

  12. Ahh, new year, new life, the smell of hot dogs cooking on that rolly thing. Beer kegs tapped and ready to go. A winter’s final gasp, nipping in the air. The sun is up and the first sunburn is on the way… or is that wind burn. Who cares? Hope springs eternal! Everyone starts .000. They’ve made no outs. They have no hits. I wait humbly for that first, “PLAY BALLLLL!”

    1. And if I don’t say it enough, Thanks Gregg, Matt, Brad, Andy and everyone who contributes to this great site. And thank you James for starting up this site with a vision and forethought that makes it the number #1 site for Phillies Minor League players.

  13. When does the minor league season start?

    Also thank you all so much for your hard work, not just the posters who are amazing, but the regular commenters who give different points of view. Keep up the greAt work everyone!!!!!

  14. matt gelb noted in his article today on the phillies’ prospects that larry greene, who’s in extended spring training, was selected one spot ahead of jackie bradley jr., who’s starting for the red sox. greene might eventually be good, but with the success of guys like morgan and asche, maybe the phils will stop going so much for the high school guys who take five years or more to make the majors.

  15. Plus bradley cost 100,000 more. I think that went into the selection of greene over bradley,,just like them letting workman walk over 75,000. a third rounder. imo they have done a lot of bottom line,when it came to the draft and international market,

    1. It was a surprise to everyone that Bradley signed for so little. Coming into 2011 he was a Top 10-15 pick, but he had an injury plagued season that saw his stock drop. Going into the draft he made it clear that he would go back to college if he didn’t get what he wanted. Many teams passed on him because of the price and injury. I can see what the Phillies did because Greene was their first choice and they wanted to get a player signed there, but Greene ended up costing more than expected and Bradley was way cheaper than expected.

      1. Bradley is also a college player, so he should get there much more quickly than Greene. This spring has been disappointing for Greene, but let’s not read too much into it till we see how it plays out. The team might want him to work on something for a few weeks and he’ll be in Lakewood by May. I think the Phillies legitimately liked him when they drafted him. It was not a signability pick per se. They did not want to blow the budget too much, but legit HS picks in this range are not a sign of trying to save money.

        1. also let’s not forget that while Bradley has become quite the prospect I don’t think he has any skills that near 70. he is just 55s and 60s across the board. Greene Jr. was supposed to have 70 power (if not more). the phils really liked the potential to develop that plus plus skill

          1. Jason Parks grades Bradley out as a 7 overall defender (package of glove, position, and range) with 5+ hit tool. Bradley is going to be very good but much of his value well be on the defensive end.

            1. I saw him play in person in ST. He is very, very impressive. I hate to tell you this, but his ceiling as a hitter is definitely higher than 5+, I’d say it’s more like 6+ or even 7. As a player, he reminds me a lot of Andrew McCutcheon. The only thing to me was whether he could handle good breaking pitches, not a small issue of course. That said, I think they are rushing him and that might be a big mistake (or a stroke of genius – who knows?).

            2. The one thing not captured in tools is his command of the strike zone. It is Domonic Brown’s hidden talent as well. Of course few teams actually draft for this. The Red Sox may be one of those teams however.

            3. Eventually he will be the Sox’ CF. His power does not grade as high for a corner OF.

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