Pettibone Gets The Call-Up

Multiple media sources are reporting that Jonathan Pettibone has been called up to AAA Lehigh Valley.  First report I saw was from @anthonyburkhart of The Republican-Herald in Reading.

Pettibone put forth a strong performance tonight, going 7 innings, giving up just 1 earned run, 3 hits and no walks, and striking out 6 Altoona Curve(s?).  On the season, he was 9-7 in 19 starts for Reading, with a 3.30 ERA, gave up 115 hits, 9 of them homeruns, allowed 27 bb and struck out 81 in 117.1 innings pitched, for a WHIP of 1.21, a k rate of 6.34/9, a very good bb rate of 2.07 and a HR rate of 0.69/9.

For the record, I also saw a report tonight that Jarred Cosart was just called up to AAA in the Houston organization.  So 2 of the 5 so-called “Baby Aces” aces are now in AAA, 2 remain in AA, and one is still repeating A+.

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  1. A well-deserved call-up for Pettibone. He has been their best pitcher. Good luck to him at LHV. Will we see Morgan promoted to AA?

  2. Congrats to Pettibone. Wasn’t really expecting it but he’s earned it. Hopefully he’s in the mix to start some games for the Phillies next year.

  3. Congrats to Pettibone. Sinker baller who throws reasonably hard.
    I’d love to see him progress like Worley but I think his upside is more like Kendrick.

    Ugh, why’d someone mention Cosart. I was not a fan of that Pence trade.

    1. If that bums you out then definitely don’t look at where Domingo Santana is on the Cal League leaderboard in OPS. And don’t look at how much older most of the guys in front of him are.

      1. Its totally normal for 19 year olds to dominate the competition in A+ ball…right? Right? RIGGHHHHHHTTTTTTT????

        ~starts sobbing~

            1. Rick, on Cosart, Santana and Singleton lets see them in the big leagues before we trash the trade for the one millionth time. The only reason people are criticizing the Pence trade was that he was hurt against the Cardinals and did not have a good series against them.

            2. That is definitely not the only reason. I had actually forgotten about his playoff performance.

            3. What other reasons do you see why the Pence trade was bad? Not trying to be smart but just asking.

            4. Yeah, ah – that definitely wasn’t the only reason that trade was and is viewed as awful.

        1. Sucks to think that at this point in his development he’s probably worth enough to be the main piece in a trade for a guy like Pence instead of the 3rd piece. A lot of things could happen in the next 3-5 years to dampen Santana’s prospect status but if he’d developed this way in the Phils organization we’d all be ecstatic right now.

        2. NEPP….last year many posters who went to Lakewood games and saw Dom Santana up close and personal, wondered and questioned his very mature look for a then 18-year old.
          There have been birther date issues with DR born players in the past.

    2. No, not at all. The reports are that Pettibone’s upside is as a very solid middle of the rotation pitcher. He throws in the low to mid 90s. We could be looking at a very, very good pitcher – one that may end up starting a lot of games for the big club. Personally, I think they haven’t ruled out bringing up Pettibone this year.

  4. Cloyd to Philly
    Pettibone to Allentown
    Morgan to Reading

    They are 1/3 of the way there

  5. I think the most obvious comparable pitcher for Pettibone is Kyle Kendrick. However, I think Pettibone’s ceiling may be Jon Garland. I think he has a slightly higher ceiling than Kendrick, but it probably more realistic to expect Kendrick like performance and hope for better.
    From my perspective, Pettibone has passed May,and is well ahead of Colvin, as a prospect. I was shocked to see May’s FIP was well over 5. They’ll probably promote Colvin, to save him from 3 straight seasons in the FSL, but he’s still putting up ugly lines.

    1. KK because of his peripherals or KK because of his pitching style?

      Based on the reports, Pettibone has a plus change-up so I think he’s better equipped for sustained success in the majors.

      1. KK’s change up has been pretty solid this year. That is the big reason for this 2+ K/9 jump this year. His biggest issue has always been bad location/command.

        1. He didn’t learn the change-up until after his promotion to the majors. I just think with a change-up Pettibone is better equipped from the start. KK’s change is improved but don’t think it would be characterized as a plus pitch.

          1. Though, to be fair, that was mainly the result of him being an emergency callup in 2007 when he was still supposed to be developing in the minors. He basically shelved his not ready changeup for 2+ seasons as a result of that.

            1. Isn’t emergency call up about the only way for a phils prospect to get a chance. When does Cisco get a chance????????????

      2. The main difference is that Pettibone throws a faster fastball. I don’t know if he has less, equal or more control. Those two factors could vault him well above KK.

        1. I’d actually put money on KK throwing a harder fastball at the current moment. Hopefully JP can locate his a bit better.

          1. Pettibone sits at 92 mph and his K rate at Reading was lower than Pettibones. For a sinker baller like Kendrick their ground ball rate is nearly identical. Pettibone is a much better prospect than Kyle Kendrick ever was.

            1. I like JP’s upside as a prospect more than KK, but I doubt that he is ‘sitting’ at 92, from all reports I’ve seen, more like 90-92.

    2. I’m not sure what to make of Pettibone. His numbers are awful similar to Kendrick’s when he was in AA. But if a guy who’s a potential Kyle Kendrick is our top pitching prospect then we’re in a whole lot of trouble.

      1. Not exactly. Kendrick albeit scrutiny has been a solid big league pitcher. He is formidable when starting, and can pitch in any role in the bullpen. I don’t expect Pettibone to be Kendrick, but a solid big league pitcher wouldn’t be bad either

        1. Kyle Kendrick is “formidable when starting”? He has a career 4.51 ERA/4.98 FIP/4.62 xFIP as a starter. I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

  6. I think these player comparisons, in any sport, are an exercise in futility. It might be fun to compare a prospect to a MLB regular, but what value does such a comparison have in predicting a prospects future performance? I’d say none.

    Anyway, well deserved for Pettibone who has the makings of a MLB starter. He might not be front-line caliber, but he should certainly be able to hold down a rotation spot provided he continues to develop. BTW, he just turned 22 last week. Pitcher of the Year perhaps? He’ll certain give Biddle a run for his money

  7. It’d be nice if he could continue to perform and put himself on the radar as the 6th starter next year (first man up).

  8. Pettibones ! Interesting what costume would they wear in the Grandstand?

      1. Misch, and Wright. btw Rosenberg will not be a starter going foward, or at least big leagues, he doesn’t have the stuff.

    1. According to Benny Looper he was never really in the rotation. They had him start to work on some off-speed stuff. They have always him targeted as a reliever.

  9. Actually, Pettibone is bigger strike out pitcher and threw less walks than Kendrick at this point in there career.

    I think Pettibone’s upside is bigger. Also, Kendrick was pulled out of the minors as an unfinished product. I do not think he is as bad as everyone thinks on this board. He would be a legitimate fifth starter on most rotations.

  10. With May and Colvin going through growing pains, Biddle and Pettibone have moved to the head of the class of pitcher prospects. We now are less sure that these two will become significant additions to the starting staff. A solid season in ’13 is called for to rejuvenate their possibilities.

    With fewer superior pitcher prospects in the org, the FO will/should concentrate on pitching in the ’13 draft. It looks like –barring a miraculous second half of the season– that they will be picking no later than the first fifteen of choices, so getting a good one would be opportune.

    It seems that outfielders and infielders have been plentiful in our last two drafts; many offer high hopes. But those choices being required, now is the time to enrich the mound corps, even with any expected trades, and a righty good hitting outfielder ASAP.

    With the seeming re-emergence of Asche at Reading, the FO may give him the rest of the season at Reading followed by a few weeks off, and then to the AFL. The FO dilemma is to decide whether to forego trading for a 3rd baseman hoping/believing that he could open ’13 as a candidate for the position on the big club. A risk worth taking?

    1. Don’t forget Watson and Guellar in 2012 and in the first 10 rounds…half pitchers and half position players selected….Rash only, pitcher, unsigned.

    1. ‏@SosnickCobbe
      #Phillies RHP Brody Colvin has been promoted from High-A Clearwater @Threshers to Double-A @RPhils. #MiLB

      That is absolutely bizarre. I would have thought that Morgan, Biddle, or Wright would easily be up there instead of him.

    2. It makes sense, it seems the stuff is still there, he just needs to not have his mechanics fall apart. The front office must continue to have a ton of faith in him, which is great. It is also nice to see them push pitchers up the system, I don’t think Morgan is far behind because they can make a spot for him if they want.

  11. Morgan is slowing becoming my favorite pitching prospect, love pitchers who give up less hits than innings pitched, and strikeout a batter a inning or better.Really love to see him moved up, to see if he can continue these numbers.

  12. Putting Colvin at Reading gives him a chance to make up for time & games lost at the higher level due to his recent struggles. He has given us some good, well pitched games in the last several weeks; his move up is a kind of reward for his recent success and could help his damaged self confidence.

    Hope he responds with further progress. Everybody is looking for a return to his former high prospect rating.

    Good move by the FO.

  13. Good for Colvin. I am surprised at the move though, given that Morgan’s performance has been better and he’s a little older. But if the Phils think Colvin can handle it, physically and mentally, then it’s a good sign.

    1. Still a little disappointed in this though. Colvin’s shown some improvement but I don’t think he’s quite earned this. But I guess they are sticking to the plan they had pre-season for him, so he doesn’t lose too much time in development. I would have sent up Morgan, Biddle or Wright before I sent up Colvin.

    2. This probably shows how the Phillies value his upside. He is potentially the best of the group. They will see if he takes the challenge.

  14. It seems likely that the FO doesn’t want to push Biddle too quickly. I agree.

    As I had said when he was our #1 draft choice then, he could turn out to be their best #1 choice in many years. It looks like he is fulfilling those expectations. But he is only 21 and admittedly still learning a new pitch or two and perfecting his change-up. Until he gets a “better grip” on them including an ability to spot them along with his fast ball (which may gain another mph or two), his rise to AA should wait at least until the last part of this season.

    “Too fast, too soon” has put unnecessary barriers to success that more experience and refinement would cure. In September maybe. Give him some time; he could end up imitative of Kershaw said some evaluators. But no rush. Give him time and refinements where they are now needed.

  15. Another reminder that the organization is looking at a lot more than results on the field when deciding promotions. Not that that will stop folks around here from obsessing about Marginal Player X being too old for his league.

    Anyway, good for Colvin. As another poster said above, can’t take this as anything but a good sign for his future.

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