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ICYMI – Couple media reports I found interesting this week so far:

Mitch Rupert interviews Joe Jordan Williamsport Sun-Gazette (7-23) Notes on Quinn, Asche, many others, etc.  Good long interview with the man in charge.

Mike Drago on Tyson Gillies Reading Eagle (7-24)

Drago on Trevor May Reading Eagle (7-24)

Mike Newman on Mitch Walding FanGraphs (with defensive drill and BP video) (7-23)

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  1. Thanks for gathering these articles here. I would have missed a couple of them otherwise.

    As for Gillies, I didn’t realize he also hurt his hammy again. My faith that he’ll ever stay healthy is very, very low.

    1. Yeah, there comes a point in which a player might have to accept that a career in professional sports might not be in the cards. I think he’s gotten past the point of saying that he has bad luck – he just might not be physically up to the rigors (even if baseball is not that rigorous) of a pro athlete

    2. I am more concerned by the fact that there seems to be a really nasty side to this guy and that he may be something of a jerk. The Reading article indicates that his situation with the bus driver was not an isolated incident. Which leads one to wonder what the hell he has been doing and say. I’ve been one of his biggest defenders because I think his talent is truly special. I guess we’ll see. I hope he stops this stupid nonsense immediately.

      1. I have to say I cautiously agree with this concern by catch. I think we all agree that none of us have the facts and the firsthand knowledge to definitively state what is going on here, and there is a fine line between being an edgy, cocky 22 year old that has that special something to succeed vs being a 22 year old immature $^%&. I certainly can’t speak to which of those Tyson Gillies is, but as I keep adding up the data points from the stories I read and the people I talk to, including Tyson himself last year a little bit, I’m growing more concerned.

        My observations for what they are worth is that he has an edge to him that he feels as if circumstances and people are out to get him, and even though it’s near impossible for him to overcome, he’s hell bent on doing it. That’s where I grow concerned though becuase the things I read about him, I don’t get that same determination and I wonder if it’s more talk than action. And as I stated on here last week, there is no way the Phillies suspend him for 2 weeks because he had one single argument with a bus driver, no matter how nasty it was. I’m certain there were other minor incidents that in isolation are no big deal but part of multiple instances become a bad trend. I’m sure the organization sat down with him and had “the talk”. I’m sure they hoped that would work. They probably had another talk. Then this happened, they got together and thought about what they need to do to get through to him, and they thought giving him a suspension would hopefully give him the wakeup call he needs.

        This is not the end of the road for Tyson with the Phils. This is an interim step by the organization to gauge his reaction and response to it. Going 2 for 4 when he returns won’t tell us it worked, just like going 0 for 4 won’t tell us it didn’t work. It will be determined by his work ethic, preparation for games, the way he treats others and carries himself, etc.

        I sure hope he pulls it together because he has a great deal of talent that this team needs to exploit in the coming years.

        1. If he remains healthy (a big “if” indeed), I will go on record that Tyson Gillies’ talent is such that he will play major league baseball. His talent is superb. But controlling the rest of his life, including his approach to baseball and his dealings with other people, will determine as much as anything the quality and duration of his career. Even really talented but mean-spirited people can have some type of major league career (see mean guy Milton Bradley and homocidal maniac Ugueth Urbina, the guy I refer to as the “murderer to be named later”), but if he wants to stick around, he is going to have to get his act together, particularly if he wants to be a Phillies. They don’t tolerate jerks for long and good for them – it’s part of the reason the team succeeds and is popular with the fans.

          1. RIGHT The Lee trade should be called “two and a half head cases”

      2. I have to agree also. Sounds like he was really laying into Bus driver for no apparent reason. Wondering on side of the road last year. Whats going on here? Starting to think he needs therapy more than he needs baseball. He could have been major role model for those with disabilities but he choose to go down a different kind of path.

    1. If they move Pence for a return that’s less than what they gave up for him last year, Amaro deserves a slap in the face.

      1. I would imagine that you will get something less, as they Phillies were paying for 2.5 years of control at a lower average salary vs a team paying for 1.5 years of control at a higher average salary.

        Might as well just slap him now!!

        1. Phillies gambled that Pence would make WS difference in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Came up empty in the first two shots. In such a trade, you are trading a lot of future for a better shot to get to WS in present. If you don’t make it, then the trade was a failure. That doesn’t make it a slap-RA-in-the-head trade though, if he doesn’t get back as much now as he traded in 2011. That is the price of taking two shots at WS. It’s a shame that came up empty, but I wouldn’t expect it to be free. I was never in favor of this trade, but I don’t expect the chance to control Pence for 2 potential pennant races should be free. Now someone else gets to give us prospects to take 2 shots at a WS with Pence. If they don’t sign him after 2013, and only take one comp pick as their return on him… well that will be the price they pay for 2 shots at the WS.

          1. Pence did well last year but his success was amplified by hot streaks by the other right handed hitters in the lineup

      2. Well, it is very likely it will be less since we recieved 1 year of service from him, as well as him having a year less of control…

        1. True, but there also seems to be less sellers this year. It seems like most teams that are trading guys this year have gotten good returns. Plus, half the slap can be for trading for him in the first place.

        1. Now that Brown has practically been transferred to Left and Center. Why trade Pence now? Who is out there that we can get that can put up the same numbers, for either less money or less front line prospects? I say hold on to him until at least the offseason, then swap him for a third baseman

          1. Brown won’t be our LF if there is a way around it. He is far more comfortable in RF and plays better there.

            1. Then who plays left and center because we are sure as hell not going to bring Victorino back

  2. I really think that the phillies would benefit from hiring a sports psychologist part time this fall. It seems to me that some of these kids arent dealing with their frustration issues in the right way and its snowballing for them, especially may and gillies. Learning the mental part of the game is just as important as the physical aspect and it would pay major dividends for them in the long run.

  3. I know RAJ and Charlie’s performance has some weak areas and some moves that haven’t worked, so I’m not writing this post to defend them. But it would be interesting to think about where the Phils would be in the standings if just the health of the bullpen was different. Forget Howard and Utley and Galvis and Nix and Halladay and Lee and Worley. Let’s assume all those injuries occurred, and let’s assume Papelbon, Bastardo, and Qualls performed as they have.

    The difference would be this – let’s assume Michael Stutes pitched this season like he did last year, and the same for David Herndon, and Jose Contreras came back healthy, and Justin DeFratus was healthy and pitching all season. With the high number of games the team has lost either in extra innings and/or by 1 run, I have to think there would be at least 5-8 games that would have swung in our direction, meaning we’d be maybe 2-5 games back in the wildcard race and 5-8 games back in the division.

    I have to think that with a healthy bullpen in the above hypothetical, and with the return of Halladay, Howard, and Utley, the Phils would be favorites at this point to make the playoffs with a second half run. We’ll likely never know this because those guys aren’t healthy and the odds remain that the team will sell at least some players off this coming week. But tying it back to my opening sentence, I think we are probably all being a little bit hard on RAJ in particular for writing a death sentence on this team as it relates to the offense and the philosophy behind the composition of the team. Either way, I agree the team is at least gradually moving in the wrong direction, but not sure it’s as significant as we all think, myself being guilty of this as well.

    1. WAR for relievers is significantly lower, usually 0.5-1.0 for middle relief. However, most of the guys we’ve trotted out this year are a big into the negative WAR. So I would probably put it at about 4 wins, which is pretty significant.

  4. According to wip phillies relief pitchers have blown close to twenty games, If I am hearing it right, they have came in with the lead,and given it up.if the phillies won half those games,they would be in the race,but not having one kid in the minors, who can get people out for one inning, imo is very poor scouting and development.

  5. It seems that a post containing articles about minor leaguers has turned into another General Discussion.

    1. Agreed
      Walding has come down to earth. Still great to hear though.
      May at least knows the problem, but it is the same problem he has had his entire career.
      Gillies just needs to get healthy. I am sure he is frustrated that he is always hurt. If he can stay healthy and playing hopefully his emotion will go into his play. I am rooting for him almost more now that before.

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