Pettibone Named EL Pitcher of the Week

A quick note that Reading starter Jonathan Pettibone was named EL Pitcher of the week for his efforts between June 18-24 during which he was 1-0 with a 1.29 ERA and 15 K’s in 14 innings of work.  Pettibone is now 7-5 with a 3.27 ERA in his 14 starts for the RPhils this year.

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  1. Pettibone reminds me a bit of Kyle Kendrick as a prospect. Don’t see great upside, but stick him in front of a good defense and he can be your fifth starter right now.

      1. Kendrick: ÀA, 22, era 3.21, whip 1.23, hr9 0.3, bb9 2.0, K9 5.5

        Pettibone: AA, 21, era 3.27, whip 1.29, hr9 0.5, bb9 2.4, K9 6.1

        1. I think that putting up (eerily) similar numbers at the same level while a full year younger implies that Pettibone is a better prospect than Kendrick.

          Pettibone also does have a better track record of strikeouts than Kendrick did at the time (Pettibone 6.4 K/9 in A-; Kendrick 5.7).

          However, were Pettibone to get promoted now, I think we should expect a similar FIP to what Kendrick had of about 5. He really needs more development time.

          1. Slightly better, but catch, I just don’t see a #2 prospect there with those K rates…

      2. No, he does not project as a 2. Guys like Biddle and May on best projection, project as a 2. Pettibone projects as a 4 or 5, or in middle relief.

        1. Exactly. Guys throw out future #1 and #2 like it is every pitcher’s possible ceiling. I like Pettibone’s chances of becoming a productive starter better than Trevor May, actually(due to command and control). But that doesn’t make Pettibone a potential #2.
          The pitcher that most resembles Pettibone’s ceiling is John Garland, and he is no #2, but has been a good pitcher. Kendrick is a lesser version of Garland and is no insult to Pettibone.

    1. I’d like to think his upside is a little beyond Kendrick, but you may be right. I think he’s a year younger than Kyle was in his AA season but the numbers are similar.

      1. He’s a better spec than Kendrick. Putting up similar numbers while having better raw stuff. That projects much better at a higher level.

  2. Hi it is kinda sad. Could someone please put this years draft up top and sticky. People get busy, no worries, but not being able to really follow this years’ draft when it was so great in the past is no fun. Thanks PP and the other helpers on the site.

  3. The thing to take great notice of is his jump in Ks. Formerly, he was about 5.5 (?guess)/9 inns. Now he is at about 9/9. Seems like he may have developed a pitch vs. lefties…
    That is a BIG climb…that helps him to a status just about even with May, or even a little ahead. He, May and Biddle, with possibly J-Rod, form the likeliest starting pitchers to vie for the ’13 rotation. Certainly Kendrick and Blanton will be gone…and maybe more.


    1. He’s at about 6 Ks per 9 for the season. He had two starts with a lot of Ks but lets not overreact to that.

  4. This is where the scouting reports come in. Pettibone is said to have much better stuff than Kendrick, includung a much better FB, better coomand and more pitches. Much better. At that point in his career, all Kendrick threw was an 87-89 Mph sinker. Pettibone is also surging after a slow start.

    1. Agreed. Having same stats does NOT mean same level prospect. We have seen that over and over again.

    2. In 2007 when Kendrick got called up his FB averaged 89.5 in the majors and his slider/change averaged 80.8. He threw the slider/change about 30% of the time.

      Pettibone can throw a little harder and apparently has a plus change, so that makes him sound better than Kendrick was in 2007. That said he still needs an average third pitch (so I’m told).

      1. Thanks for the info, allentown! Reading’s gun is supposedly 1-2mph slow, but even so that does not put Pettibone in the mid-90s.

        1. Pettibone was mid 90s pitching in the SALLY championship a few years ago. Perhaps that was addrenaline but diminishing velocity has been an issue with a few of our prospects of late.

  5. Whenever we hear sinker ball pitcher low K rate we immediately think of KK. But the scouting report Pettibone sounds much different. Low to mid 90s fastball with a plus changeup. He’s been more effective against lefties than righties this year. Doesn’t sound like KK to me.

    Pettibone’s trajectory to AA was a bit more clean as well. Slight uptick in the era and other peripherals this year facing AA pitches but a pretty smooth transition in the most difficult level jump.

    KK didn’t really jump into the prospect scene until he was 21 and quite frankly the premature promotion probably stunted his growth. It’s taken him a long time to develop secondary pitches.

  6. I know May’s Strike Out potential is still there, but without watching all 4 of the Phils top pitching prospects (May Pbone Jrod and Biddle) it would appear to me that both Pettibone and Biddle have passed May with their performances this year, as far as top prospects in the system. Ive read several different scouting reports of Pettibone throwing the mid 90’s that would definitely make him have a higher upside than Kendrick.
    Need to start developing some younger guys now.

  7. cholly,its so confuesing about the velocity on these guys, and not seeing them in person makes it so hard to evalute them.I remember when petitbone was drafted ,he to my knowledge wasnt thought that high by other teams, and i asked about him and pp really though he was a good pick,seems he was right so far,like watching some of the minor league games, how can you judge walks when the umpires to the most part are all over with there strike zone,fields are mostly not major league and hard and ground balls that would be outs are hits, lighting isnt what it is in majors and some of the fly balls are hits, so stats can be misleading to me, but i am a idiot to most, so its only a opinion,

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