Draft: Day Two

Rounds 2-15 will take place today and this is your place to talk about it.  I will unfortunately be out of the loop until this evening because of work commitments but will try to gather what info I can to post tonight.  Feel free to post whatever you all can find in the comments section during the day. Things get underway at noon, and Victor will be providing updates as the day goes along.

Round 2, Pick 77 ($659,800 slot): Dylan Cozens, OF, Chaparral HS, Scottsdale, AZ, bats left/throws left

23rd best prospect in Arizona per Jim Callis, “athletic big kid who throws hard”. Says the Phillies are more than willing to go off the board than other teams. Not a surprise, here folks.

Not in the top 500 on BA, certainly not on Top 100 in Mayo’s list. Looks to be about 6’5”, 235 pounds, played football at Chaparral as well, but looks like the Phillies are convinced he will sign and play baseball. More coming when available.

From an ESPN HS report back on April 26th:

Dylan Cozens, Chaparral (Scottsdale, Ariz.)
As we were finishing this week’s honors, Chaparral grad Paul Konerko of the Chicago White Sox was hitting hi 400th career homer and had just moved to No. 48 on the all-time major league list. It’s just one reason we couldn’t resist choosing a player from his high school. Cozens, in fact, just broke Konerko’s school record after smashing a pair of homers last week for the Firebirds in their 19-0 romp past Camelback (Phoenix). Cozens’ two blasts upped his season total to 14 and moved him past Konerko’s previous record of 13. The 6-foot-5, 235-pound Cozens is a transfer from Desert Mountain (Scottsdale, Ariz.) and was MVP earlier this season at the Cleats Sports Classic. He hit two homers in the title game to lead Chaparral past Cactus (Glendale, Ariz.). Cozens also is a defensive end in football and had 7.5 sacks last season. He has signed a football letter of intent with Arizona, but could be coming up the charts quickly as a prospect for the upcoming MLB draft.

Round 2, Pick 95 ($500,000 slot): Alec Rash, RHP, Adel DeSoto Minburn HS, Adel, IA, bats right/throws right

“He’s the best prospect to come out of Iowa since Jeremy Hellickson. 6’5”, 195 pounds, fastball up to 95, slider around 83, athletic, plays multiple sports, still trying to figure out repeating delivery and command.”-Jim Callis

“Moved his way up the boards as things went along.”-Jonathan Mayo

Ranked #76 on Mayo’s list, #72 on BA list.

From MLB.com:

Baseball in Iowa starts later than in most places, so it’s not uncommon for a prospect from there to rise up as their season gets into high gear. That’s exactly what happened with Rash.

The big right-hander was drawing a lot of attention as Draft day drew near. Tall and thin, there’s room for growth and Rash already can crank his fastball up into the mid-90s with plenty of movement. His power slider has the chance to be an outstanding breaking ball in the future as well. A three-sport standout, Rash is very athletic, but still very raw, more of a project who will have to work on his mechanics and improve his command.

While it might take him a while, the raw stuff is bound to intrigue many, especially teams that have a track record in developing young pitching.

Round 3, Pick 125 ($374,400 slot): Zachary Green, SS, Jesuit HS, Sacramento, CA, bats right/throws right

Callis and Mayo:

“I don’t think he’s going to stay at shortstop.”

“Power in his bat and arm strength. Inconsistency with hitting, very few high school players are consistent day in day out, this is a typical Phillies pick.”’

Listed at #385 on BA as a third baseman. .417/.538/.556 this season at Jesuit.

Round 4, Pick 158 ($272,300 slot): Chris Serritella, 1B, Southern Illinois-Carbondale, bats left/throws right

“Guy with a college power bat”-Mayo

Drafted by Kansas City in the 31st round in 2011, went back to school for this season.

From Southern Illinois site:

SIU first baseman Chris Serritella has been named a Louisville Slugger NCAA Division I All-American, Collegiate Baseball newspaper announced Thursday. The Saluki slugger was named to the Third-Team. He is the 13th All-American in SIU baseball history and the first since Doug Shields was a Third-Team All-American in 1990.

“It’s a great honor being named one of the top first basemen in the country,” Serritella said. “It’s definitely a great feeling, and it’s above my expectations.”

Serritella led the Missouri Valley Conference with a .389 batting average and tied for the conference lead with teammate Jordan Sivertsen with 13 home runs. In addition, Serritella led the MVC in slugging percentage, on-base percentage, runs scored, hits, doubles and total bases.

“Obviously Chris had a great year and it is nice to see him recognized for his accomplishments,” SIU Coach Ken Henderson said. “This is a tremendous and well deserved honor.”

His 24 doubles and 156 total bases in 2012 set new single-season SIU records, and his 91 hits were one shy of the school record.

Last week Serritella was named First-Team All-Conference in the MVC. He finished just two RBI away from becoming The Valley’s first triple crown winner since 1999.

Round 5, Pick 188 ($203,900 slot): Andrew Pullin, OF, Centralia HS, Centralia, WA, bats left/throws right

“This is a guy who has shown that he can hit a little bit. There is some power there. Pretty good prospect from an area in the Pacific Northwest that has come on strong in the draft in recent years.”-Mayo

“Corner outfield profile, unusual set-up, where he points the bat towards the backstop, but he’s hit everywhere he’s been”-Callis

PG had his best fastball at 91, but being projected as an outfielder. Came in at #257 on BA list.


Round 6, Pick #218, Cameron Perkins, 3B, Purdue, Unanimous First Team All Big 10 in 2012. Power hitting 3B who is a free swinger. Academic All American as well.  Very good arm.

Round 7, Pick #248, Hoby Milner, LHP, Texas

Round 8, Pick #278, Josh Ludy, Catcher, Baylor

Round 9, Pick #308, Jordan Guth, RHP, Wisconsin

Round 10, Pick #338, Kevin Brady, RHP, Clemson

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  1. Hey guys, I can actually cover round two for a good part of the day. Maybe all of it. So feel free to check back here for updates.

  2. What time does it get going?

    Since there obviously wasn’t anyone available at our picks who was going to come in and set the world on fire in the next two years, I’m fine with them taking best available. Both pitchers they got seem very highly regarded and it sounds like it wouldn’t have been THAT crazy if someone took them in the first round. Certainly like those picks better that I did Hewitt or Dugan.

    1. I agree. Baseball America speaks highly of both of them. The 2nd pick might be the best player in the Pac-Northwest they assert…..that is a Phils favorite draft ground. Even though they wanted a position player I understand that there may simply have not been any good bets left as per some experts.

      1. I’m not real sure what to think of Gueller. The fact that he’s more touted for his hitting and OF kind of smells like Joe Savery.

        I understand he’s further along in pitching but when you’re ranked higher because of your hitting and lower because of pitching I’m not sure how to think about it.

        Then Wolever putting all the added pressure on these kids saying Watson reminds him of a young Brett Myers (can’t tell if that’s good or bad?) and Gueller reminds him of Roger Clemens, that’s high praise but it also puts a lot of expectations on their shoulders.

        Look at Zach Collier everyone was calling him the next Garrett Anderson and he’s done nothing but struggle with staying on the field.

        1. yes, a HS pitcher who hit a little bit is exactly like a college pitcher who went to a school famous for shredding arms

        2. You are thinking about this like the NFL or NBA draft. The vast majority of MLB draft picks will not make the major leagues. And even fewer will be any good.

          1. And factor in that approx. 30% of the MLB is Latin born players (free agent signees), the North American player does have steeper odds to the big leagues as a star player.

        3. Even if it smells like Joe Savery, you have to remember that Joe Savery is in the big leagues. Based on the hit and miss in the draft, that makes the pick a success. Even though we all want these guys to turn in to more then useful bullpen arms, it’s still a positive

        4. The report on ESPN preferred Gueller as a pitcher and everything I read says he can hit but his chance to make the majors is as a pitcher.

      2. Phils Selection, Watson was mentioned in the writeup of Chase DeJong a Round 2 Selection:

        DeJong, Chase Woodrow Wilson HS, CA RHP L/R HS 6’04” 185lbs DOB: 12/29/93 | Full Scouting Report
        If Shane Watson is the puncher among the Southern California high school arms in this year’s Draft class, DeJong is the boxer. The two have had some memorable meetings this year, with DeJong throwing well in both, and all season long. Tall and physical, DeJong will throw his fastball in the 87-92 mph range. He has a very good curve, comparable to Watson’s and a very good feel for his changeup. He has a feel for pitching beyond many high schoolers, though his delivery, while improved, still needs some work. Watson has the better pure stuff (the puncher), DeJong the better pitchability (the boxer). Watson is thought to be going earlier, but both USC recruits could be off the board in the first few rounds.

  3. Lets git r done!!! Thanks in advance to everyone who posts info on our upciming draft picks…makes it easy!!!

  4. And with the 77th pick in the 2012 draft the Phillies pick Dylan Cozens, OF from Chaparral HS, AZ.

    1. You could say that about every pick and probably be right with the attrition rate of prospects 🙂

  5. 2nd round: Dylan Cozens OF, Chapparelle H S, Scottsdale, AZ. 18 years old, MLB had ranked as # 23 in state.

  6. From what I have found he seems to be more recruited as a football DE, I am guessing a toolsy power prospect. Maybe a less recruited version of a Larry Greene.

    1. I like it, they probably figure that Greene and Cozens can push each other and hopefully one of them makes it to the majors. Worst case, they make for a good D Line…

      1. Sorry Murray…Greene was recruited by Crimson Tide and Bulldogs as a LB. But still a good portion of a front-seven defense.

    2. Cozens wasn’t even playing football until he was suspended from the baseball team… he transferred and played football (also played baseball despite cries that he should not have been allowed to play). My opinion – the fact that he was able to perform the way he did under a cloud of intense scrutiny tells me that he has some killer instinct. Not sure why he was suspended in the first place (breaking the athletic code of conduct…) but maybe the disciplinary concerns had something to do with his low ranking. I like the pick but I’m also a sucker for power.

  7. Looks like more of a football prospect. Maybe a guy the Phillies would take a run at, but if he doesn’t sign would pay off with an overslot bonus elsewhere.

      1. I think he meant elsewhere in the first ten rounds, since the team can allocated the $4.9m however they want over the first ten rounds.

        1. no, if they don’t sign a pick, that allotted money goes away. At least, that’s my understanding.

          1. My bad, I think you are right, i.e. you cannot sign 9 guys for $4.9m, you have to sign all of them or you don’t get the $4.9m. I understand now, Nik and Jbird are right.

      2. He will sign. He’s already told the UofA and the Arizona Republic he is ready to get going on his baseball career. He has great power, but allegedly a bit of a slow bat. He is also quite a power pitcher so he can pull a Savery if necessary. Broke Paul Konerko’s school record for HRs this year.

    1. Or earlier. Maybe they know Watson’s number, and feel they need someone else in the draft who will sign a few hundred thousand under budget to get the money to sign him.

      1. Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. This is probably the primary reason for the Cozens pick.

  8. Dylan Cozenshttp://www.eastvalleytribune.com/varsityxtra/article_05d35a28-64a8-11e1-924e-0019bb2963f4.html

  9. Sounds like he was kicked off his high school baseball team because of disciplinary reasons and transferred schools and played football instead. Looks like a major reach or his 6’6” frame has some big time power.

  10. #77 Dylan Cozens, OF, from an Arizona HS. Draft Tracker says 6’6, that’s it. Any experts can fill in more information.

  11. per perfect game

    DYLAN COZENS, 1b/of, Chaparral HS, Scottsdale.
    His massive 6-foot-6, 235-pound build suggests a big power threat and lumbering runner tied down to first base, but Cozens doesn’t fit the mould. A two-sport athlete who has committed to the University of Arizona for football as a defensive end, he moves surprisingly well for his size, both at first base and in left field, and with average arm strength has drawn interest as a pitcher. Cozens’ most attractive tool is obviously his massive power potential. He has good leverage in his long lefthanded swing, and even though scouts say he doesn’t have an overly-quick bat and his present power shows up mostly in batting practice, his 11 home runs this season for Chaparral High rank second in the state. The powerful Cozens didn’t even play baseball a year ago as he was suspended from the baseball team at Desert Mountain High for disciplinary reasons. He has continued to be in a swirl of controversy this spring after transferring to Chaparral High as it has been challenged whether Cozens is even eligible to play at his new school in the aftermath of his 2011 indiscretion and subsequent transfer.

  12. likemike7
    Apr-05 @ 9:46 AM

    Cozens actually got in a fight with a coach and teammates which got him kicked off the team. A kid got off a bucket during a game, called spits, and then Cozens took the seat, but when the kid returned, he kindly asked Cozens for the seat back. Cozens got extremely upset and went after the kid who called spits but a coach interfered and Cozens punched the coach. This got him kicked off the team; no kid who punches a coach should ever be allowed to play again.

    Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/sports/preps/articles/2012/03/28/20120328chaparrals-dylan-cozens-middle-query-no-one-talking-about.html#ixzz1wwDqrjyS

    1. Definitely a reach, but I think the Cozens pick is all about sign-ability for under slot.

  13. Well, I assume the Phillies did their homework on Cozens and see something. But the more I read, the less I like.

  14. Shoot. Well, I assume the Phillies did their homework on Cozens and see something. But the more I read, the less I like.

    1. Dude broke Paul Konerko’s high school home run record. I’d be pretty happy if this guy turns into Paul Konerko!

  15. Last year if they had taken him in round 18 and paid him 800 k to sign you all would be like this is an amazing pick. They CANNOT do that this year, they took him now and will get him signed.

  16. The phillies will say we like his potential and checked out the incident, and are satisify that it was a one time thing, he is really a good kid, joke, wouldnt have touch any kid who hits his coach, let someone else handled that problem. and the reaching continues for this team. i like the first pick, but this pick makes no sense,

  17. It seems that when in doubt the Phillies are taking the best projectable college pitcher on the board. I like it, normally they stock up on these guys late and sign some of them, now it seems they are just taking them now and hopefully they will sign them on. If they play this year they could all make it to Lakewood next year and that would be an interesting rotation

  18. 1. ALEC RASH, rhp, Adel-DeSoto-Minden HS, Adel
    Rash’s evolution into a top pitching prospect hasn’t taken a conventional route. Not only did he move from Iowa to Alabama and back to Iowa while in high school (all the while playing three sports), but he also changed his arm action, with positive effect. When Rash left Iowa after his sophomore year at ADM High, he had an extended, straight-over-the-top release point, a downer curve and fastball that was just starting to reach the 90s. When he came back a year later, he was throwing from a tight, three-quarters release point with a fastball that touched 94-95 mph and a fast-developing slider. Rash has been very consistent all spring pitching in Perfect Game’s Iowa Spring League, maintaining plus velocity on his fastball while showing significant improvement on his slider and flashing feel for a changeup. His loose 6-foot-5, 195-pound build and his superior athleticism give scouts reason to believe that there might be another tick or two of velocity in his future, as well. Tampa Bay Rays righthander Jeremy Hellickson, the 2011 American League Rookie of the Year, was the last Iowa pitcher to be picked in the top five rounds (4th round, 2005) and Rash seems almost assured of surpassing Hellickson.

    1. PROSPECT ON THE RISE: Alec Rash, rhp, Adel-Minden-DeSoto HS, Adel. Rash disappeared off the upper Midwest prospect landscape last year when he went to live with his mother in Alabama. He was also slow to reappear when he returned to the state as a senior as he played football (wide receiver) last fall and was a dominant basketball player this winter. But once Rash took the mound after basketball season ended, he quickly established himself as the best prospect in Iowa and one of the best in the region. With no high-school baseball in the spring in Iowa, Rash typically threw a series of 2-3 inning outings in the Perfect Game Iowa Spring League while also appearing in a couple of Perfect Game showcases before making his first high-school start of the 2012 season on May 21 (6 IP, 1 H, 12 SO). His fastball, which now frequently touches 95 mph, and slider have taken big steps forward this spring, consistent with his rising draft status.

      1. ranked 72 on baseball americas top 500

        An Iowa native who moved to Alabama with his mother as a high school junior, Rash returned to Iowa for his senior season and is the state’s best prospect since Jeremy Hellickson pitched at Des Moines’ Hoover High in 2005. He’ll go higher than Hellickson (fourth round) if a team believes it can sign him away from his commitment to Missouri and get him to control his electric stuff. Long and lean at 6-foot-5 and 195 pounds, Rash throws a 91-93 mph fastball that hits 95 and features heavy life, and he’ll push his hard slider up to 83 mph. He is a quality athlete who also starred in football and basketball, but he is still learning to repeat his delivery. His arm is so fast that it gets ahead of the rest of his body, resulting in scattershot control. Scouts grade his present command as a 30 or 40 on the 20-80 scale, and his development will require patience. Rash’s upside could drive him up to the second round, but his rawness and his signability mean he might fall significantly as well.

    1. Was thinking that too, though of course one could question why they did not just flip the 2 picks. Sounds like Cozens would have been more likely to be there than Rash at 95. Hopefully we got lucky and they like both of them equally. Would love to get Rash for slot and spend a little of Cozens’ slot on someone else.

    2. you usually seem overly sanguine with the phils picks. why do you like these selections?

    3. Hey James, I guess we really won’t know the full impact of the changes to the draft until after the signing deadline, but I’d love to hear your opinion then on if the reforms had a net positive or negative effect on how the draft works?

  19. Why are we drafting HS? We should be drafting prospects who can help us win this year!

    Unless we’ve picked the next David Clyde, these picks are wasted.

    (joking, joking…)

  20. phuture phillie did you hear of cozens before the draft> you usually have some dope on these kids, any word on this kid before we picked him< and why isnt he a top 500 prospect?? ty

    1. because he’s probably not a top 500 prospect. The idea is to try to hit the lottery with him while at the same time making room for other guys to sign.

    2. I think the main reason we picked Cozens was mostly to bank space for later, harder to sign picks.

    3. Probably the football commitment combined with the suspension kept him off most lists. He sounds like someone with clear top 100 athletic tools though I imagine his path to the big leagues will be long (like his swing now). He appears to be much rawer than a Singleton or a Larry Greene were at this point.

        1. Greene was a well known prospect whose first sport was baseball. Cozens is more of a football player with some baseball experience. We are definitely going to win the bench clearing brawl if all these mid 90s HS pitchers are a little wild.

            1. Let me just say something about Cozens. I posted on philliesphans back in mid-May that he was going to be coming to Philadelphia for a workout at CBP. They say he showed a lot of power with several opposite field homeruns–hmmm, is that indicative of a somewhat slow bat?

              Here is the kind of athlete he is, and is coming from a UofA alum: Cozens played football in his senior season for Scottsdale Chaparral under Coach Charley Ragle (who is now on Rich Rodriguez’ staff at Arizona in an administrative capacity). He was athletic enough to be coveted and recruited vigorously by half the PAC-12 for FB. He was an absolute beast at DE after falling under Coach Ragle’s influence where he developed a work ethic and some maturity. He also has a plus arm. I have no concerns about his being grounded now and believe he will be a non-problem on and off the field. With Green, the pitcher from Iowa, the first baseman from SUI, the first two picks yesterday, they are really having a good draft.

  21. 125 SS Zachary Greene for Phils. Plus power and arm…questionable hit tool. MOst likely will outgrow SS position.

    1. Let’s not rule it out completely. Jeter is 6’3″/195, Tulo is 6’3″/215, Reyes is 6’1″/200, Castro is 6’0″/190, Andrus is 6’0″/200, Alexei Ramirez is 6’2″/175, A-Rod played a long time there at 6’3″/220. It’s possible to play short at that size.

    2. Off the top of my head I can think of 6 SSs who are 6 feet or taller and weigh 180 or more – Jeter, Tulo, Alexei Ramirez, Reyes, Castro, and Lowrie. Count A-Rod too if you want. It is possible to play SS at that size, let’s not give up on it yet.

      1. If Green remained at 185 lbs., maybe. But chances are he’ll grow bigger than that. And at 6’3″, the only shortstops to have real careers are Tulo, A-Rod, Ripken and Jeter. Not that Green can’t do it, just saying the odds are long against it. But I actually do agree with the Phillies giving it a shot. There’s little downside risk.

        1. Who told you the Phillies don’t like tall SS? Just because Jimmy isn’t tall doesn’t mean thats the case. Plus the Phils drafted 3 SS last year so someone was going to move. The scouting report on Walding when he was drafted was that he was likely to have to move off of SS so he was a logical choice to move. Plus he potentially has the bat to stick at 3B so that helps.

          1. Wow reply fail. I have no idea why that replied to Alan instead of Anonymous. It was correctly set to respond to Anonymous when I hit enter. Weird.

      2. The problem is the Phillies don’t like tall Short Stops,that’s why they moved Walding.And Green is all of 6’3 & weighs 200+.He is from our area.And is known as a power hitter.

    1. Look guys, we fortunate to have a professional baseball scout show up to comment here. Thanks for the insightful analysis.

      It’s Cozens, by the way.

    2. You are going too see some ‘weird’ picks from all the teams in the first 3 rounds.

      Every team already knows the max amount they can possibly spend on these picks. If a player does not sign you lose the budget for that slot. Strategically the right thing to do is get a few easy to sign (for under slot) picks early so you have money to go over slot with your riskier guys later on.

      Also you dont want a risky sign player in round 2 because then you could lose a huge chuck of your total draft budget if that kid goes to school. If you lose that same tough to sign player in the 8th round you are losing much less money.

      My guess is the Phils know they can sign him for 1-200k under his slot value which gives them flexibility for the rest of the day.

      1. People should read and understand this post, because it does a great job explaining the Cozens pick.

        The kid is definitely a reach for the 2nd round, but you gotta figure the Phils feel they can sign him for under slot. Plus, he is clearly a good athlete and has a legit power tool. I don’t like reaching in the 2nd round, but I understand the pick.

    3. KG said he’s a “Phillies Pick type pick”, has an “Elite” power tool and described him as “absolutely HUMONGOUS”.

  22. Cozens may actually be a pretty savvy pick. Lowball him so you can go overslot later. If he doesn’t sign you get an extra pick next year (correct?) in what will most likely be a much stronger draft.

  23. Let’s all get a grip. i don’t care who you pick, we aren’t going to know much for a few years. Would you rather have Tory Luvullo?

  24. this year is the opposite of the Tyler Mach draft. Anybody remember that year? All kinds of 4th and 5th year college guys were taken early…I’m loving the HS picks

  25. Philliesphans posted a link to an article where Cozens has already said that he is going to sign with the Phillies.

  26. The guy is 6’6, 235lbs. and a Division 1 athlete in two sports; at least he has the size and athleticism to have a shot. Let’s see how it pans out. What were these people thinking when the Phils drafted Ryan Howard???

  27. Second round pick Cozens is a real reach . Not in BA top 500 and the 23rd best prospect in AZ
    Wow I’m excited !!!
    What happened to all the college kids ?

    1. Maybe you can spring for a gift subscription to BA for Marti Wolever and the boys so they’ll have access to that top 500 list at next year’s draft. Why bother with scouting?

  28. I wouldn’t mind going after a college bat with the next pick. I was hoping the Phils could get Brandon Thomas from Ga Tech, but the Pirates just grabbed him. Maybe Preston Tucker from UF? He’s a senior but has shown pop (15 HR) and a pretty decent approach (31 BB to 26 K) this year.

  29. The one thing I like about the new system is the signing deadline has moved up to July15 so we could get to see more of our picks in WPT and GCL playing and getting a few AB’s/Innings!

    1. What? Won’t you miss hearing about how the HS kids have already bought their textbooks for the classes they are really looking forward to and how they have met their roommate who is a totally cool dude?

  30. 1B Christopher Serritella Bats Left Throws Right went to Southern Illinois Carbondale

      1. MLB.com’s breakdown is he had a wrist injury last year but had he not been injured last season probably would have been a top 2 round pick last season. Flashes good power from what has been said.

  31. I don’t think people should get worked up by Baseball America’s rankings. I respect their opinions, but they have less data and resources to devote to scouting than the individual MLB teams. The Phillies have their own proprietary information on their draftees. That they have a different view of a prospect than BA doesn’t make them wrong necessarily.

    1. It’s my understanding they don’t do any scouting. They are journalists who compile reports from sources who are scouts.

    2. Truth is that BBA’s own staff are wannabes, without any field or developmental experience; as a consequence, BBA has long relied on a few sources in the mgmt & scouting staffs of a few MLB clubs. This is well known among scouts, and they know who the sources are….notoriously, Billy Beane has long been one of them, they also have depended upon leaks from the Red Sox, Rockies, Cardinals (on college players), Orioles. Most notable thing about BBA sources (and one of the reasons why BBA has a long history of over-valuing the more hyped college players) is that the organizations where seemingly it gets much of its rmors & leaks are NOT notably among the MLB clubs with rpven records of drafting well (Phillies, Rangers, Braves, Rays, Expos-Nationals, Angels, etc.

      The thoughtful fan certainly should be giving more credence to Phillies draft selections than BBA predictions–which over the 12 months prior to a draft are all over the place, depending upon the most recent scuttlebut from camps, tournaments, etc.

      1. Last year he was coming off an injury. I think he’ll sign below slot, though not too far below. His talent level does justify the pick though few players want to return for that 5th year at age 23 unless they have injury concerns this year. That is not the case with Serritella.

        1. According to the chicago tribune he was told last night by the Phillies that they were going to draft him and that he even agreed to a contract.

  32. we could have gotten cozens in the 30th round……he beat up a teammate and coach for gods sakes….2nd round?????? terrible

    1. Umm well you cant go over slot after the first 10 rounds without being docked for it. Cozens said take me in the top 100 rounds he will sign so philly did that plus if he doesnt sign we will get next years 2nd round pick after this spot! They know the kids worth more than you could ever imagine so sit back, wait and see what happens!

      1. remember you can go overslot after the first 10 unless it exceeds 200K then the overage is applied to your top 10 amount.

    2. Look at the positive. We know he can beat up his coach. Would you want a player NOT strong enough to beat up his coach?!?!

      1. Sheesh, can we give it a break on Cozens. I admit I am biased because I know how highly regarded he was by Rich Rodriguez and who felt like he could an impact frosh in football this year after playing only one year of high school ball. Admittedly there were problems at his first school, but he got under the influence of one of the best coaches for demanding excellence in Arizona high school ranks in FB in Charley Ragle and his work ethic and maturity have been outstanding. We are going to be pleased with this pick over the course of time.

    3. The Cozens selection was astutely explained in previous posts in this thread, and one post in particular. You should read said posts.

    4. Not saying punching you’re coach is acceptable, but lets remember that this is a high school kid, not a finished product on the field or in life

  33. BA write up about Rash:
    95: Phillies: Alec Rash, rhp, Adel DeSoto Minburn HS, Adel, Iowa: Long-toss monster gets out to 400 feet at times, which explains 95 mph velocity.

    Hey sounds a little like Bauer.

  34. 3. CHRIS SERRITELLA, 1b, Southern Illinois University (RS-Jr.)
    The 6-foot-3, 210-pound Serritella is technically a red-shirt junior, but big-league teams are treating him like he is a senior under new rules in place in this year’s draft, and that may raise his stock a few rounds—if he is agreeable to signing a below-slot signing bonus. Serritella hit .374-13-64 as a sophomore at Southern Illinois in 2010, but missed the entire 2011 season with a broken hamate bone in his wrist. Despite not playing at all last spring, he was still drafted in the 31st round last June by the Tampa Bay Rays, though they wanted to see him perform in summer-league competition before committing to him. Serritella missed the first three weeks of the Prospect League season, but still led that league in homers (14) and RBIs (60), including a three-homer game, and yet was unable to strike a deal with the Rays. He has further cemented his reputation as a power hitter this spring by being nearly a one-man team for SIU, leading that squad in every meaningful offensive category, including average (.394), slugging (.667), doubles (24), homers (11), RBIs (56) and walks (33). While no scout questions Serritella’s raw power potential, he has a long swing, occasionally struggles against high-velocity pitching and has struck out 48 times this spring.

    1. They must really love this guy – it’s unusual for them to take a college first baseman so high in the draft. They usually leave the lumbering college sluggers for the 5th round and later. He follows the Phillies pattern of trying to get value where a player was injured and/or played for an under-the-radar school.

      1. Maybe they’re not so confident that Howard can’t learn to “hit” and/or can return successfully from his on-going injuries. A replacement sooner than later for the position.

  35. 188

    Pullin, Andrew

    Centralia HS, WA




    6’00” 185lbs DOB: 09/25/93 | Scouting Video

  36. 42. ZACH GREEN, ss, Jesuit HS, Rocklin
    Green has been one of the highest-profile players in northern California since the beginning of his high-school career. He doesn’t necessarily have standout run/throw tools with 6.9 speed in the 60 and a fringy throwing arm from shortstop, but excels in all aspects of the game from a pure skills point of view. Scouts have been consigning Green to third base for two years, but he has a knack for making athletic plays and is extremely reliable on anything of a routine nature. The most-important consideration for keeping Green in the middle of the field is that he has consistently shown hitting potential, both for average and power, and his bat would really stand out if he remains at shortstop. Green will expand the strike zone more than the normal top high-school hitter, especially against breaking stuff, but the ball explodes off his bat and he has excelled against top-level pitching during the summers.

    1. Make him an outfielder; certainly if he can’t handle throwing from SS, he isn’t likely to have enough arm for 3rd base.

      With good baseball instincts his bat would be his ticket and he’d play a good LF.

  37. 8. ANDREW PULLIN, of, Centralia HS
    The 6-foot, 185-pound Pullin is a very similar talent as former Central Kitsap High outfielder Drew Vettleson, Tampa Bay’s supplemental first-round pick (42nd overall) in the 2010 draft. While both are generally righthanded-throwing/lefthanded-hitting outfielders in game competition, they possess the unique ability to switch-hit and switch-pitch at an advanced level, an extremely-rare skill that speaks to their athleticism. Pullin has exceptionally quick hands at the plate and packs more punch in his mid-sized frame than one might expect, though is primarily a contact-oriented hitter with a line-drive approach. He is also a 6.88 runner in the 60 with big-time arm strength, and has the ability to throw in the mid-90s from the outfield and low-90s off a mound. Pullin also has shown to elevate his game to hit high level pitching at numerous national showcase and tournament events, including last summer’s Perfect Game All-American Classic.

  38. just watched Pullin’s video. Hasten to say he looks a bit like Chase Utley in the box-once he brings his hands back to the trigger point. He has a funky load with his arms, but does get the bat into a better position just prior to pulling the trigger.

  39. From the Baseball Draft Report:

    OF Andrew Pullin (Centralia HS, Washington): above-average arm; above-average speed; big raw power, but inconsistent in swing setup; more solid across the board than a standout in one area; little bit of Utley in swing; 6-0, 185 pounds; L/L

  40. I actually like this draft by the phillies. I don’t see any obvious blue chip prospects (no suprise when your first pick is 40) but becuase such a large portion are 18 years old, any of them could turn into one. (and then be traded of course!)

    I much prefer outside of the first 20 picks or so to draft high schoolers. Longer to develop but the sky is the limit. The exception here for me is relief arms, and they aren’t hard to find.

  41. We may see some great Tyler Greene-ish picks coming up soon. High profile guys who fall to the later rounds. I guess we’ll wait and see….

  42. seems the phillies are really targeting power in this draft. actually kind of makes sense considering the fact that power is down league wide the power hitters become more expensive. developing them yourself is the only way to get power cheap

  43. Since it hasn’t been updated…

    Round 6: Cameron Perkins 3B Purdue
    6’05” 205lbs DOB: 09/27/90 Purdue’s third baseman’s calling card is his power. All throughout college, he has shown the ability to hit home runs and drive in runs. He doesn’t have great strike-zone discipline, and he’s very aggressive at the plate, but he rarely strikes out. Some scouts think that he might have to move away from third in pro ball, but he has the speed and arm to handle a corner outfield position if needed. Perkins has good makeup as well. That, plus the power, should allow him to come off the board in the first several rounds.

  44. Just got on, man the Phils have drafted some big boys. Especially Cozens. Holy hell, if this kid can put his bat on the ball it’s going to be a home run threat every time. I’m definitely going to keep an eye on him. If his hit tool is average or above he could rocket up lists really fast.

  45. Matt Gelb Tweet:

    All you draftniks out there, start gushing over Dylan Cozens. Ruben Amaro Jr. is smitten. Had the kid workout in Philly last week.

    1. According to one of the articles about him being drafted by the Phillies, it said he hit 10 bombs during his Phillies workout, I can see why RAJ is smitten.

  46. Here’s hoping this is wrong. But it seems to me that this analyst is saying the guy isn’t going to hit.

    Cozens: He has good leverage in his long lefthanded swing, and even though scouts say he doesn’t have an overly-quick bat and his present power shows up mostly in batting practice,

      1. I wonder if his power showed up mostly in batting practice how the hell he managed to demolish Paul Konerko’s Scottsdale Chaparral school record of 13 home runs by whacking out 18 or 19 this year including 2 in the state championship game. One of those, btw, was a walk-off winner.

  47. Matt Gelb Tweet:

    All you draftniks out there, start gushing over Dylan Cozens. Ruben Amaro Jr. is smitten. Had the kid workout in Philly last week.

    Sadly, I can still remember Arbuckle and Wolever gushing over Hewitt. Absolute man crush.

    1. I’ll say this. Much better to use the 77th pick on this type of player than the 24th. With the 77th pick, you’re more likely than not to get a bust, so you can afford to go on a limb and take a lottery ticket.

  48. A team in Japan had a $2 million offer on the table for Cozens, Cozens’ mom, Sandra Michele, said.
    Now I’m wondering if he’ll sign under slot. Mom’s already started moving up the ask.

      1. Not a big issue, only one guy in the first nine looks like an overslot. The rest should sign at slot or under. Not sure what the Phillies are thinking here……not saying they’re being cheap, they may just give all of these guys the slot and move on. Have to trust their scouting.

        1. This is not past years, there really is not a lot of spending they can do beyond slot. Because they didn’t pick until pick 40 their budget was set by MLB at ~4.5million for the first 10 rounds. Lets just say the two comp round guys cost 1mil each. That leaves them 2.5million to sign the next 10 guys (two 2nd rounders) and as any overage protection should they choose to pay someone 10th or later more than 100k. This is not them being cheap it is just not having the resources within the system to go draft a bunch of unsignable players.

        2. The only way to be cheap with the new system is to not even offer slot. Offering slot to all your draft picks is the best any team can do anymore.

        1. The loss of James’ input and excellence in covering this day, it’s just not the same. Not knocking anyone, but all the work pp put in made this day special.

          1. agreed. I think we are all making blind statements based off nothing. James had some really detailed insight.

          2. I don’t think you understand the concept of “Jumping the Shark”. James leaving isn’t a case of “Jumping the Shark”. It means that the subject matter has devolved SO MUCH that it’s basically just a parody of itself. Unless you think the site really HAS become a parody of itself. Which is absurd.

          3. Right, I agree. We are working hard to maintain this site as something Phillies fans can check every day and have something to read.

            James was fantastic, and I wish he was still around. We will work hard though to keep things going.

            1. And in some ways the site is now much better with the more frequent updates, box scores, and coverage.

    1. I don’t think Japanese league teams can even do that. I know our teams are prohibited from buying amateurs out from under their pro-teams. Just look at the brouhaha The O’s caused when they tried the same thing with a Korean high schooler. The deal was overturned because . . .well, just because.

      1. I don’t know if it’s expressly prohibited, but I seriously doubt a Japanese team would want to get involved in that kind of chicanery regardless. The survival of their league depends on MLB respecting their right to retain native players.

        1. There is an agreement between the leagues to prevent that so it is technically against the rules on both sides.

  49. or they could be looking to take a chance on a number of signability guys in the later rounds

  50. Lets stop the james has left talk. we have someone who has taken over, show some respect to the guy,we are getting information and box scores, no one else came forward to keep the site going,so lets move on and get out there and post some information from other sources, to help people instead of complaining

    1. James did a great job. I miss his input on this site too. This is still the best phillies minor league site there is.

  51. Seeing some negative comments pop up about cheapness, right after the Phillies took a couple college seniors in the first ten rounds. I really can not understand why some can’t get the concept off a bonus pool.
    The Phillies have 4.9 million available. They took highly rated HS pitchers with 3 of their 1st 4 picks. It will take 3 million to sign those 3 pitchers, alone. Dylan Cozens, Zach Green and Andrew Pullin could take 1.2 to as much as 1.5 million to sign. That leaves 400-700K to sign the 6 college guys. They had to take the seniors to stay within the pool amount.

    1. VOR, you’re probably wasting your time. Some guys prefer to b*tch rather than try to understand the bonus pool concept and its implications.

    2. I actually saw someone complaining that they weren’t taking ENOUGH college players. “The Phillies need to win now!!121!”

  52. thanks to all who have posted today, there’s nothing else like this site out there, love it

  53. RAJ loves the Cozens drafting? even more reason to hate it…RAJ=worst GM in the league…

    1. Some people just can’t win no matter what they do-yeah its Ruben’s fault the players get injured in the playoffs or don’t perform.

      1. when you don’t fix your ongoing issues (bullpen, lineup, bench, aging roster), then yes, it is Ruben Minaya Jr’s fault. Regular season wins mean nothing. He has proven he can build teams capable of beating the crap of the NL. When the games really count his teams have shown their true colors.

        they need gillick back. He knew how to build a championship roster. Amaro has done nothing but ruin Gillick’s work.

        The howard, kendrick, and papelbon contracts alone (not to mention failure to sign hamels) are grounds for termination. Amaro is terrible

        1. “When the games really count his teams have shown their true colors.”

          Spoken like someone who doesn’t understand the concept of sample size.

  54. I dont think this cat is far off from the truth. What has RAJ ever done? I think he is awful. He inherited a great team that Gillick put together, and yeah they had success under RAJ’s watch, but he completely killed the foundation. He acquired a bunch of average or below average players, aside from Pence, who he overpaid for, and Lee, who they never should have gotten rid of in the first place. We have literally no farm system. And any chance of us improving by going on a spending spree is nixed because RAJ gave two of the 5 worst contracts in baseball to Howard and to Papelbon (as much as hes been great, you don’t pay for saves like that). Not to mention how he had no regard for the mental handling of our top prospect in Dom Brown. I really dont like the guy, and think he gets credit for Gillicks work, and his body of work is bad. I agree with this post.

      1. I agree Dan. Amaro has doomed the Phillies to 500 baseball for at least the next 5 years. Horrible trades and even worst drafting.

        1. Yeah, right, when a move is a bad one, it’s on Amaro, when it’s a good one Pat Gillick is magically transformed into the Avatar GM. Give me a break.

    1. The only glaring problems are the Howard contract and the timing of the Papelbon’s contract (I cannot imagine the bullpen without him right now). The drafting is on him because he is the one in charge and sets the budgets, but the players selected go on the scouting director for wrong choices.

      When it comes to drafts they cannot be judged after only a couple of years but Biddle in 2010 is looking like an absolute steal.

        1. That’s because Nick Castellanos was still on the board. Across 2 levels he’s hitting .408/.462/.560 as a 3b. Biddle is turning out better than expected, and I’m willing to give the scouting dept. great credit for that, but Castellanos would look mighty good in the system right now too.

          1. They weren’t going to spend 3 million on Castellanos, and everybody knew that’s what it was going to cost. So why be angry about something that was never going to happen?

            1. “They weren’t going to” is merely acceptance of an erroneous approach to the draft that the Phillies have stuck to, to their detriment. To expect the team to do what it did is not the same as agreeing with it.

      1. amaro’s secondary moves have been mostly awful as well

        blanton extension, ibanez, thome, wigginton, contreras, baez, kendrick (especially horrendous to give him two years, 8 mill), nix (why two years???), wigginton, polanco, etc

        I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they haven’t won since gillick left. amaro stinks

        1. lets not forget re-signing rollins when he was clearly on the downside of his career.. if RAJ was not liking the SS market then roll with galvis or re-sign rollins for one year, he woulda taken it because there was no other teams that wanted rollins. but no, he gives him a 3 yr deal and i have to watch 1st pitch pop-ups for at least 2 more years leading off every game. yes indeed, RAJ has made some “interesting” moves to say the least.

          1. Revisionist history. Rollins had a good season last season and there were tons of rumors about him signing elsewhere (especially Milwaukee and San Francisco).

            It should also be pointed out that Galvis hasn’t been very good. He’s hitting .228/.255/.365. His defense is making him a barely serviceable player (0.4 fangraphs WAR, 0.6 b-r WAR.) At least one can reasonably expect Rollins to improve. Galvis is doing pretty much as expected.

            1. Any agent worth his salt makes sure there are lots of rumors about alternative suitors for his client. Often the agent is the only one who knows of these non-existent opportunities. Rollins 2011 wasn’t all that good. His defense is on the downgrade.

        2. Other than Baez and the fact that he gave Ibanez one more year than he should have, I don’t see how any of those moves are “awful”.

          “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they haven’t won since gillick left.”

          There’s 30 teams in the MLB. There’s about a dozen teams in the league that have a realistic chance of winning the World Series in a given year. A team not winning a World Series for 3 seasons in a row isn’t a total failure. If Cliff Lee doesn’t have an uncharacteristically bad game in game 2 the Phillies would have probably been in the NLCS. Instead they lost in 5 to the eventual World Series winner. The best team doesn’t always win a 5 (or 7) game series. No GM is going to change that.

          The Phillies have had a better record every season since Amaro has become the GM. That will change this season because 1. winning 103 games is extremely difficult and 2.) they’ve had 11 (or more, I may have missed a few) players on their 40-man roster on the DL at some point in the season. If you can show me a team that can survive so much missed time to so many key players then I will call you a liar.

        3. Ibanez was Gillick’s boy — RA was just the puppet for that one. Kendrick not a bad deal. He was misused early in year, but now that he’s starting again, he looks reasonably good again. Nobody will confuse him with one of our aces, but he is a solid #4 on a lot of teams. Blanton was a mistake. Thome was an interesting gamble. Your question on Nix is a good one. I think the Phillies were overly jolly with their big wallet for a time and have gotten the reputation around baseball as an organization from which an agent can always pry an extra year to the team’s severe detriment. Wigginton was reasonable insurance against a seemingly always-hurt Polanco. Contreras and Baez are the sort of gambles on aging relievers that are not at all uncommon. I’m not sure Contrares had the extra year offer from anyone else. I think Papelbon is the biggest error. Resign Hamels first! Perhaps he new Hamels was already not re-signable. Papelbon is a very expensive luxury. A year like this one makes him seem even more a luxury.

        4. Since when did Draft Day get confused with Ruben Amaro bashing? Please stay on topic or get the right thread.

    2. How easily people forget that Gillick signed Adam Eaton and traded Gio Gonzalez and Gavin Floyd for Freddy Garcia…

  55. I’ll admit when the Phillies took Dylan Cozens I said who? Then when i didnt find info on him and he wasnt even in peoples top 500 I thought it was a terrible pick. Im kind of warming up to it now having more info. Big time LH power is rare to find. I just hope he can make enough contact to tap into his power. I also worry about him being able to stay in the OF. He is already 6’6 235 in H.S. Everyone wanted more power in the system and they got it. Im kind of dissapointed that every year they say they want to improve the middle of the diamond 2B, SS, C, and they dont even draft any C or 2B. I just cant wait to see these guys along with last years guys play. Good luck to them.

    1. I’m not sure you have to draft 2B. Many 2b are converted SS. Same with 3B. Many guys that are drafted as HS 3B, eventually get moved to OF or 1B.
      I’m with you on catcher though. I was hoping they could find some catching. Maybe they have faith Chace Numata will develope into something.

  56. Round 8, 278th overall, C Josh Ludy: Ludy, a right-handed bat from Baylor, is hitting .368 with 15 home runs and 69 RBIs in his senior season and is a Big 12 Player of the Year candidate. Ludy helped the Bears advance to the 2012 NCAA Waco Super Regional this weekend.

  57. You know how in some scouting reports it says that Andrew Pullin has a little Utley in him in his swing. Well i just read a article and Andrew said he will sign and that the Phillies are interested in moving him to 2nd.

    1. So the GCL Phillies now have Utley(Pullins) Rollins(Quinn) Howard(LGj) and Myers(Watson).

    2. I wonder why the Phillies think he can play 2B well. If he can’t play it well defensively, he won’t make it with Phillies. His bat suddenly looks a lot better if he can be a good defensive 2B.

  58. I think the Phillies have done a solid job with the 2012 draft so far. The Phillies needed to re-stock with more HS pitching, and the system was / is seriously lacking power. The Phillies addressed both areas.

    As to RAJ, he recognized that the Phillies had an incredible, once in a generation, run in the draft from 1996 thru 2002. In that respect it made sense for him to try to go all in and trade farm system prospects for MLB stars that could help them win WS now. It hasn’t worked out exactly as hoped…but the Phillies lost to the eventual WS champion in 2009, 2010, and 2011. So it isn’t like the team has been bad during the RAJ years. In general, I don’t have a problem with what he has done. And Utley started to break down on him in 2010.

    My only beef with RAJ…which I have voiced many times over the past 3 years…is that while he was trading away the heart of the farm system to help the MLB club, he went waaay too cheap on the draft budget. The Phillies ranked 26th in MLB for draft spend from 2007 thru 2011. If it wasn’t for their spend in 2008, the Phillies would have been 30th…dead last…in MLB over that 5 year period.

    So for me, that is where RAJ has not done a very good job. He was a little too penny wise and pound foolish for me when it came to the draft. I expect the impact of his meager draft budgets to show up at the MLB level over the next 5 seasons as legitimate replacements for Utely, Rollins, Polanco, Howard, Victorino, etc are required.

    I don’t expect the Phillies to be terrible in future seasons. But I do expect them to drift back to the middle of the pack due to a farm system that has been absolutely strip mined over the past 3 seasons from trades.

    1. I agree with your assessment of RA spending too little on the draft, with 2009 and 2010 being the glaring problems. Equally serious has been underspending internationally. Still, I think what will go down as RA’s biggest blunder is spending his $ on Pence and Papelbon, rather than getting a deal done with Hamels. That will really hurt the team over the next five years. Pence or Hamels plus the minor leaguers we traded away to get Pence? Not a hard decision.

      1. Has it occurred to you that maybe Hamels wants to go to Free Agency and test the waters? None of the prospects traded for Pence has made the majors yet.

      1. Correct. I am assuming that. If RAJ can get his way to trade for guys or sign guys that are going to cost $50M up to $125M contracts, I am thinking he wouldn’t have had to beg all that hard for an extra $2M to $3M per year for the draft. It would have been an easy sell. The Phillies built CBP and challenged for WS titles 4-5 years in a row largely due to their incredible draft success from 1996 thru 2002…and trading away the cream of their drafts from 2003 thru 2009 for veteran players.

        The whole reason they became the powerhouse they did…and started making the money they did…was because they finally turned it around in the farm system under Mike Arbuckle.

        So yeah…I place most of the blame on RAJ. It happened under his watch.

        Of course, it is all a moot point now probably with the new draft system in place. All they can be criticized for now is not spending their full allotment in any given year. In that respect the new draft system affects the Phillies spends under RAJ much less than it will affect other teams (Red Sox, Nationals, Yankees, Pirates, Royals, etc)

  59. Hey, here’s a thought, since this thread was supposed to be about day 2 of the draft, how about some posts on day 2 of the draft? I don’t see anything about picks 11-15. Did people think the day was over after 10 picks? Buckle down.

    Draft so far, the 1st 2 picks of the HS pitchers, who knows if they can avoid injury and best the other HS pitchers they may have taken there? Educated guess on their part, maybe they win, maybe no.
    The most promising picks seem, to me, to be Cozens as another OF power threat and LH bat, he can be Larry Greene’s stable mate. Also, another pick, The redshirt Junior 1B- bats L throws right, since he was born in 1990, he’s right around the age of some of the Lakewood guys, if he can establish himself at Lakewood prior to the end of the season, maybe you can work with something there.
    Same with the Clemson 3B. Looks like they added some power potential.

    And in the 11-15 range. You got HS OF Zachary Taylor LH hitter, what about the traits of someone named after a former U. S. President. Richard Bielski, HS RHP, named after a former Philadelphia Eagles Tight End. Went and looked the Football Bielski up, was also a Full Back and Kicker.

    1. Forgot to mention the other Green(e) who looks to be the Just after HS plug in for 3B. Maybe another potential power hitter.

    2. Cozens is intriguing, but strikes me as a long shot. What has me excited, and what I see as the key to the draft, are the three HS pitchers we drafted at the front of the draft. The Phillies draft and develop HS pitching as well as any team in baseball. Our record on HS OFs hasn’t been nearly as good, in fact it’s been quite poor.

    3. Part of the reason I think this is the case is other then finding a “diamond in the rough” No one is going to be drafted after the 10th round with a high forecastable upside. The phillies went all prep at first, then all college towards the back end of the 10th round. That to me is an indication that the draft’s later rounds are going to be significantly less entertaining then in past years.

      1. Definitely, especially since you can only sign guys for $100k. Any HS player with a good college program lined up is unlikely to take pass up college for that amount. Maybe we get some JuCo guys? Other than I foresee a lot of college seniors…we shall see…

        1. according to what I’ve read (including the BA article I posted below) teams are not capped at $100k, but anything over $100k counts against the draft pool.

  60. BostonPhan-wrong…
    Let’s see. Just last draft. 17th round- really a HS pick- Jesen Dygestile -Therrien signed for $100,000. People raved about the “steal” . 49th round Jon Knight- HS pick- signed for $100,000. 27 th round- Broden Shull, LHP, signed for $187,000, but maybe some of these types of player will adjust to the new paradigm and lower their expectations. Hailed as a “steal” on here. If not team could go over by a small amount without penalty.

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