The Draft, Day One, Phils Pick Shane Watson, Mitch Gueller

An official post that will be updated throughout the next couple of days with draft information. Please use this post exclusively for your draft comments.  No doubt with the loss of James, draft coverage will suffer.  That being said, I will do the best I can to keep everyone updated with what is occurring over the next three days…..

And with their #40 pick, the Phillies select……P Shane Watson, a high school pitcher from California.

The Phils go for Watson, who is a big right handed pitcher with a lean body has been clocked up to 95-96 MPH and generally throws around 92. Watson has a good deal of raw arm strength, but like most high schoolers must work on his consistency.  The MLB Network put his comp at Jordan Zimmerman. Watson adds what scouts say is an excellent 12-6 curveball that he throws in the low 80’s.  Watson is working on his secondary pitches that include a change and slider.  Watson is committed to playing at USC.

With their second pick in the Supplemental Round (#54), the Phils pick high school Mitch Gueller, who is committed to Washington State. A big guy, many are calling the Gueller the best pick from the Northwest in the draft. Keith Law ranked Gueller as the 39th best prospect in the draft as an OF, while Baseball America ranked Guellar #107 as a pitcher.  As on the mound, Guellar throws his fastball in the low 90’s with a good change up and a breaking ball that is improving.  While Guellar is considered more advanced as a pitcher, Guellar has also shown very good potential as a hitter.

More to come tomorrow.

183 thoughts on “The Draft, Day One, Phils Pick Shane Watson, Mitch Gueller

  1. With the bonuses slotted, does anyone see high school players getting drafted after the first round or two? It seems like teams are handcuffed with the bonuses and won’t be able to throw bonus money at them to keep them from college. I see a ton of college guys getting drafted. I would get nervous that you draft a guy and he doesn’t sign because he thinks a couple years from now, he will get drafted higher (and get better bonus money) So for me, too risky to take high school guys. They have all the leverage. Does anyone else feel this way? Am I reading the new draft bonus rules wrong?

    1. I don’t see the first few rounds being effected. This is probably the worst class of college position players in the past decade, so we’ll probably see an increase in high school and prep players to lead it off. We’ll probably see less of the Jarred Cosart type deals though. If a team thinks a guy is worth $500,000, he’ll probably be taken in the appropriate slot instead of 20-30th round and breaking the recommended bonus.

      I read this article over the weekend. Very interesting that the Wolever said they plan to use their entire bonus pool. Last year they spent $4.7 mil on their first 30 picks. If they stay true to their word, they’ll spend $4.9 mil on their first 10. Leads me to believe that they’ll take some guys with large signing demands instead of filling up the first 10 rounds with college seniors.

        1. Interesting that the article is all about how the Phillies will target position players in the early rounds and then, of course, they draft pitchers with the first two picks!

      1. Top three rounds there is no risk to have a player not sign… So I don’t think we will see a Kelley Dugan type. There is not a lot more upside for a top ten pick. It’s picks outside the top 10 for whom it may be worth waiting. It may be a large bonus or two may be given to a lower draft pick without losing a pick or paying tax… But I would expect not a lot of that.

        1. Rumors have Lucas Giolito slipping all the way down draft boards due to injury and signability concerns. I doubt he’ll be there at 40 but wouldn’t mind hitting that 10% over bonus to sign him.

      2. The Phillies have 12 picks in the first 10 rounds so the allotment is for the First 12 picks. Not a big deal though. Just clarifying

  2. The Phillies need a good draft. This organization is largely devoid of impact talent in the minor leagues and needs to hit a few homeruns on players this year.

    1. The Phils need three or four good drafts to really replenish the farm system. It’s not a one year fix.

      1. Why is that? One draft (2008) + Singleton in 2009, vaulted the system from the bottom to the top just recently. All it takes is one very good pick, to change perception.

  3. So are international players selected in a different draft? Why is soler a FA and not in the draft?

    1. There’s a new signing system for international FA’s under the age of 21? I believe where each team based on their overall standings (same as draft order) is alloted a max amount of money for their international spending pool. This goes into effect July 2nd I think. Soler pre-dates the new system so as long as he signs with a team prior to July 2nd he doesn’t count under the new system. This being the first year every team will have a max pool of $2.9m to spend on international FA’s from July 2nd until June 15th? of next season.

      Starting next season the team with the first pick in the draft(worst record) will have a international FA pool of $4.7m and the team with the best record in MLB the prior season will have a pool of $1.7m to spend. With the other teams spread within that range.

      I expect within the next 2 or 3 years MLB will go to a full international draft (separate from the current draft) where players turning 16 that calendar year are eligible to be drafted. MLB has said the earliest an international draft could be implemented in is 2014.

      1. I wonder if this is why Soler has taken so long to be given FA status. Maybe MLB was trying to yank him around until july on purpose hoping he would not get signed in time.

        1. It has taken Soler so long to be given FA status because of legal issues with residency and such. It has nothing to do with the MLB.

  4. The guy I want is David Thompson. I am a U fan, so I know what kind of athlete this kid is.

  5. This has to be a huge draft for the phillies. They need to get guys who can help in the next couple of years because our farm system is too weak. We should of had players who could step in when Utley and Howard got hurt. I know Galvis has done a good job but he was forced. This team needs a fresh start. They need to find players like singleton and brown….and keep them. This team can no longer afford to trade away young talent.

    1. If they’re going to take a college hitter early, they should look at Mitch Haniger, OF from Cal Poly with one of the first two picks.

    2. That would be a really bad strategy. Drafting for immediate need(and guys to advance quickly) usually means predominately college-aged. This is a weak draft for college players.

      It would be like a NCAA football team signing a ton of prep-school players who are already 19/20 because they want players to step in immediately instead of building with HS prospects. Temple did that with Bobby Wallace and it drove the program into the ground and out of the Big East.

  6. I should like to take this space to clear up the long running fallacies regarding Best Player Available (BPA). No team in any sport will draft best player available as the term is understood by the average dupe on the internet. A team will usually select the best player available on their draft board. Some of the factors for a team placing a player on their draft board- economic considerations, active roster positional needs, organizational positional needs (in sports with feeder systems,, time needed for training, and myriad other factors. It is not as if there is some magical book of formulas somewhere that will exactly list the degree of worth for various types of players who do different types of things. Or, maybe there is such a book- if you search the Library of Congress- it would be listed under the authorship of Kieth Law- as told to Nobody,.
    Teams that try to place a hierarchical ranking of players as the basis of selection have make many a horrendous mistake over the years, the proof is in the reading of results from past drafts and the relative status of players and where they were drafted. The general view of Best Player Available is true in the sense of a team should not reach in situations in which there is a massive drop-off in talent just to take a more desired position. Irregardless, it is a fool’s errand to attemp to forge a hard and fast list of the relative talents of prospects.

    1. All MLB teams have draft lists. They have overall draft rankings, position draft rankings, etc… If you are in the 5th round of the draft and you have gone by your overall draft ranking and taken a SP, SS, 1B, SS and your current overall draft ranking has a HS SS as your highest ranked player available, but the guy right after him on your list is a HS Catcher. What do you do? BPA means SS, but you’re building a team and the logical thing (in my mind) is you take the catcher.

      I agree with a lot of what you said on BPA. It’s definitely a guide, but it’s not the end-all be all because every team has different draft rankings. They are often taking the BPA viewed ‘by them’ as the BPA for them. Signability factors into things, and position factors into things. Once you get to the 4th or 5th round of the NFL draft the BPA is usually a kicker or punter. You don’t see every team drafting kickers or punters though.

      1. Well, it’s not like they feed the draft board into a computer and let it do its thing while they spend the night playing Diablo III. Of course there will be some human interaction and adjustment to the list as the case may be.

    2. Looks like Jeith Law was right on the Phillies pick of Gueller but just at 54. I bet you’re mad!

      1. Don’t recall nobody saying anything about Pitcher Gueller being drafted by Philly at pick 54, but there was something about Outfielder Gueller at pick 40.

        1. Now you’re just ridiculous. After your strange rant about me stating what Law said, they picked him at 54. Still got their guy for better value.

  7. omg, not one person on this site doesnt know that bpa is your bpa on your board, that goes without saying, reaching for position is the thing that drives me crazy. i still think dugan was cheap and signabliity over more talented players and that bugs me.

    1. I’m more surprised that Keith Law is talking to Nobody; that dude comments on this site!

  8. Here’s why drafting for positional need is ridiculous. The Phillies are picking #40 this year (for their first pick). In the last 25 years, two productive major leaguers have been taken in that spot. It’s foolish to draft a player expecting him to fill any specific role. You just take the best player you can get and hope for the best.

    And if you’re at the top of the draft, is it better to draft Josh Vitters because you really, really need a third baseman? That move kills your franchise.

    1. Reaching for position is something the Phillies have done in the past. Mike Costanzo was like a 4th or 5th round talent they reached for in the 2nd round because of the continuing search for a Scott Rolen replacement long-term at 3B. They also got attached to him because of local ties and believing that would make him an easier sign (which is a trend they have continued over the years). I believe Chase Headley went a couple picks after Costanzo that draft.

  9. The most consistent name I have seen linked to the Phils is Mitch Gueller. ESPN reviews him as a pitcher, but Wolever talked about drafting hitting prospects. As a hitter, ESPN has only one sentence on him, featuring the phrases “searing line drives” and “deep fly balls”. He plays the OF. As a pitcher he sounds solid but not a potential ace. None of ESPN’s grades of him as a pitcher are above 55.

  10. Gueller is the most common name I’ve read lately, regarding who the Phillies were targeting. It might be smoke screen, though. In 2008, Collier was the name leaked as the Phillies target, then they took Hewitt 1st. In 2010 Biddle was leaked, then they openly stated they wanted Yelich. They may be doing the same thing this year. The team does like it’s NW scout though.

    I would guess catcher Clint Coulter, if they stay in the NW and he is still on the board. If not, I could see either Clate Schmidt or Duane Underwood, RHP from Georgia as the 1st pick. My Guesses for tonight:
    40. Clint Coulter
    54. Duane Underwood

  11. my favorite day of the year. excited we have extra picks this year, and i’m really interested to see how things play out in the first round with everyone worried about signability.

    1. A much more succinct preview than in past years (ha ha).

      Nice to see you on here and I’m curious to hear your thoughts after the picks come out.

        1. We would miss your own insights about the draft and your favs , who they did draft, and the analysis overall.
          Glad to see you here for all that.

          Looking forward to the discussions.

  12. I’m inclined to think that KLaw is right. So I think it will be Gueller at 40 and at 54, hopefull one of the college OFs fall.

  13. I agree the Phil’s have reached for a pos. for a number of years now and have targeted a position with multiple picks. That could be a lack of confidence due to their inability to draft outstanding position players lately. It may be time to also think about reassessing their theory on drafting athletic, speedy outfielders with little track record. They are now reaching the top of the system and I don’t think any of them are setting the world on fire. I think I like the Braves theory better . Draft athletic middle inf’ers you can always move them to 2b, 3b, or the of if one blocks the way. They have been quite successful lately. I think the have three ss in their top ten now. Let’s see if that boast of spending their bonus comes true. I have seen a digression for a while now on spending in the draft and internationally. Free Agency got us where we are now. If they don’t replenish I see a down ward trend. Solar was signed wrongly by the Cubs and was just put back on the FA market after an investigation. The Cub’s signed him underage. According to the MLB bylaws the Cubs should lose either money or draft picks. Baseball America reported this in the spring. MLB has not spoken on the matter except to put Solar back on the FA market .

  14. Random draft stat. By measure of WAR, the best 3rd rounder the Phillies have ever drafted is…Vance Worley.

  15. That would make 100% of yours inaccurate. Thanks guys for posting that film of the prospects not long ago.. It is always better to see a prospect than read someones opinion that hasn’t even seen them.

  16. I really like SS-3B Tanner Rahier, 3B Trey Williams, C Clint Coulter, 3B Corey Seager, OF Nick Williams, CF D.J. Davis. Any Thoughts?

    1. I like Rahier, Coulter, and Seager too. i worry about Trey Williams because it seems like he really struggles with breaking ptiches

  17. I tend to think the Phillies will go for another Raw Toolsy type player but a college toolsy player. I see Barrett Barnes as a guy that sounds like someone the Phils target. Relatively raw, hasn’t played baseball for a long time. I’d love to see Coulter fall but Catchers are such premium players the fact that we don’t draft til 40 I don’t see him making it that far.

    I know we don’t need 1st baseman but Christian Walker would be nice to have at one of the 2 sandwich picks…

      1. no deception in his delivery, gets hit around a bit too much for a guy with a 97 mph fastball. just feels more like a #3. i bet they cut a deal with correa, will save like $2M on the bonus and then spread it for the rest of their picks

    1. If you have the #1 pick, go with the guy who could be special. I agree PP, great pick.

    1. In the past James did a nice job of profiling a lot of these guys. I think right now there are a lot of people that don’t know a thing about any of these guys who will be around when the Phils pick. I think after the pick, it will heat up. This has always been the first place that I have gone for info and it will continue to be this year. Hopefully it is as informative as it has been in the past.

  18. yeah I was hoping for more info since I know so little about these players being taken…..but Im sure once we start making picks the info will pick up.

  19. I’d like the Phillies to take Avery Romero if he’s still around when they pick, he looks like he’ll be a great hitter.

  20. I think it would be amazing if Lucas Giolito slid all the way to #40, but im not going to get my hopes up

    1. It’d be a risky pick since he’s had injury problems lately, but he’s certainly got a lot of potential if he’s healthy.

  21. What about this guy at 40?. (I’m just looking at profiles on This guy was ranked 18 and is still on the board.

    Stephen Piscotty

    Already on radars following a sophomore season that saw him hit .364, Piscotty certainly helped his status with a strong Cape League season, where he won the batting title with his .349 average.
    Piscotty has an easy swing with good bat speed, making consistent hard contact and hitting to all fields. He’s shown raw power to all fields as well and with some added strength there could be more there. An average runner, Piscotty is a good defender at third, with an accurate arm, good hands and decent range. He also can play the outfield, giving him a little flexibility.

    He hasn’t shown much in-game home run power to date, but a team that thinks it will come with maturity will jump at the chance to add his bat and excellent baseball instincts to its system.

      1. Law was high on him-signability (he’s committed to USC) may be a slight issue. They did pass on McCullers who was even more touted, but since he fell so low, he could be an even tougher sign. Watson’s good-he’s been talked about a lot in the local papers here in SoCal

  22. Shane Watson…nice movement on his pitches it looks like. Easy looking delivery and throws hard. At 40, sounds good. Any thoughts?

    1. Saw his name at the back of the 1st round in a lot of mock drafts so there must be something there that has him as such a high pick.

      I’m going to guess bat with the next pick

  23. Jim Callis ‏@jimcallisBA
    #Phillies at 40 grab HS RHP Shane Watson. Projectable type that could have gone in 1st rd w/a few clubs. #mlbdraft

  24. Houston just took McCullers right after the Phils…I would assume the Phillies would have a better shot than the Astros at signing him, no?

  25. Could this mean we have some flexibility to trade one of our more established pitchers for a big league bat? He seems like a nice pick though.

    1. I don’t think lack of depth is going to stop Ruben from doing anything if we need a bat. Only guy I think is truly untouchable is Biddle.

  26. My thoughts are, IF they are truly going to spend the total amount they are allotted then they are going to spread it out over as many players as possible. Instead of taking kids in the later rounds and offering 200K+ they are going to do it in the first 10 rounds!

  27. Looks like he has a pretty sick curve/slider combo. His fastball looks a bit erratic. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  28. was hoping this Watson guy would be on Twitter so I could ask for an interview… Had questions for Gallo ready to go. Whatever, on to the next one, haha.

  29. looks like a pretty nasty curveball, but in that video above he seemed to use it way too often. Seems like he has more faith in that than in his fastball, which showed good movement but it looked like he was struggling to locate it.

  30. years past there was a page that listed all of the phils picks. any way we can get this again this year? makes it easier to follow when their picks are coming up, who they took, etc

  31. per BA

    30 Shane Watson [-d] [-] RHP HS Lakewood (Calif.) HS Calif.
    Drafted with the #40 overall pick by Philadelphia Phillies
    Watson’s two showdowns against fellow Southern California signee Chase DeJong were among the most heavily scouted games of the spring. DeJong has better feel for pitching presently, but Watson has higher upside, and he elevated his stock into sandwich round territory during his strong first half. Watson pitches with an 89-93 mph fastball and can reach back for 94-96 even in the late innings. When he’s on (as he was for most of the spring), his 77-80 mph curveball is has tight rotation and sharp bite, and most scouts project it as a second plus pitch. His stuff wasn’t quite as crisp in his second matchup against DeJong, when he pitched more in the 88-90 range and bumped 92, while his curveball has less power in the 73-78 range. Still, he has shown quality stuff often enough this spring, and scouts like his prototypical 6-foot-4, 190-pound frame and his competitiveness. He has some feel for a changeup that shows decent tumble at times, though he tends to throw it too hard at 84 mph. He has tinkered with a cutter at times as well, but the curveball is his bread and butter. While he has decent control, he needs to fine-tune his command. But his delivery and arm action work, suggesting his command will improve over time.

  32. Not an exciting pick. I think the Gallo kid going one pick earlier may have been the guy they wanted there. But hopefully the Watson kid works out and they can get a good bat with the next one.
    I know it’s crying over spilled milk, but watching the draft on a night when Paps blows a game just drives home once again the panic move by Rube. And now I’ll try to forget that it ever happened.

    1. I don’t think one game defines a signing either way.

      That said, it’s pretty much a given Ruben goofed by signing Pap a week too early.

    2. AK, where would the Phillies be without Papelbon and signed a hurt Madson? Let’s hope that Watson turns out well and helps the big team. Maybe the Phillies wanted Gallo or not? Are you still living in Las Vegas?

    3. And where do you find the absolute truth that Papelbon would not have been classified among the higher compensed group of players regardless of when he was signed? If you look at the 2 groups of potential free agents side-by-side it seems to me that Papelbon belongs in the first group.
      Also, since the general consensus was that they should keep Madson in lieu of Papelbon, where is the proof that Madson was not fated to be injured this season no matter where he was located. Perhaps he was even fated to be injured and in Cincy no matter the Philly intent.
      And where is the guarantee that the player the Phillies would have taken at 31 will turn out better than the players they pick at 40 and 77(? is that the one)?

  33. Gueller is on Twitter… Just sent him a tweet, hopefully I can set up an interview

  34. Little MLB write-up :
    Mitch Gueller 6’03” 205lbs DOB: 11/10/93 | Scouting VideoThe Pacific Northwest typically produces some good Draft talent, and Gueller had some serious helium as the Draft approached, with his name popping up as early as the end of the first round. A very good athlete who hit and pitched in high school, it’s clear his future is on the mound, with a fastball that consistently sits in the 92-93 mph range to go along with a breaking ball that will show glimpses of being above average. He has some feel for a changeup but doesn’t use it very much. His athleticism helps him on the mound and should allow him to refine his command and make his secondary offerings more consistent.

  35. Who is their Washington State scout and does he have pictures of Rube?
    Kid looks like a good prospect. But drafting from Wash. State hasn’t exactly yielded the same results as the Braves drafting every kid in GA.

        1. Pictures of Rube? More like “has already produced one major league arm, with another on the way.” I’d trust that NW scout all day.

  36. Wonder what Marti Wolever will do w/ the rest of the draft now that he started the draft with rhp.

    The kid from Garnett High School would be nice in the 2nd round if he lasts to their pick. He sure as heck won’t be there when the Phils draft in the 3rd

  37. I hope Tanner Rahier falls to #77 tomorrow. I like him a lot and was hoping we took him at 54.

    1. I don’t see them taking another high school short stop this early. Being that they took 2 or 3 depending on what you classify them as last year.

  38. I like the picks, two HS pitchers with a lot of upside. Last year they took a whole bunch of position players and with the new signing rules I would like to see these guys in the GCL pitching with last year’s class.

  39. 1. Don’t you have to assume that the Astros got Correa to accept a deal below the 1-1 assigned value and they are going to use the extra money to get McCullers signed.

    2. Am really OK with going for 2 prep RHPs. Last year we used 5 out of our first 7 picks on bats that we signed plus Tyler Greene. All of those guys are still viable.

    3. You don’t really know who is signable at 77 but still some intriguing bats for fair value.

  40. I like both picks. They should be ready to slot into the rotation right around the time Tyler Cloyd is threatening to leave as a free agent.

  41. Listened to marti wolever interview he said they are potential mid rotation starters. i like Shane and Mitch but Would have much perferred some bats. I think this has Ruben written on it. He said he wanted pitching while Marti said he wanted bats. Lets see what happens tomorrow. Damn Texas Joey Gallo would have been sweet. Top guys still on my list 1.Tanner Rahier 2. Trey Williams 3. Wyatt Mathisen 4. Avery Romero dont know if he will sign 5. Rio Ruiz/ Carsen kelly/ Nick Williams. Have 2 picks next round got to make them count.

    1. He said he wanted bats but if they didn’t like anybody on the board, they’d look at pitching. Gotta take the best available players.

      He compared Watson to Myers coming out of highschool.

    1. As good of a year as Jason Donald appeared to have last year, I suspect his career OPS is more likely to be in the low/mid .600’s given he had a BABIP of .423 last year. I’m not sure I see the logic in drafting a 500k+ bonus player in that “mold”.

        1. Ah I see what you mean. But on the flip there, is there a such thing as a potential star college short stop being drafted outside of the first 10-20 picks or so? By 22, you’ve lost quite a bit of projection and if a player is that good at that point at such a premium position I can’t imagine he’d make it to pick 40/54/77. I wonder who the last college junior/senior draftee to make it to an All-Star game not picked in the top 20 picks of the draft was… (I’m sure it’s happened at some point or another, just curious). google here I come.

  42. I really like the picks. I am pretty sure that the employed the “best available” tactic. Which, in my opinion, has to be your philosophy in baseball. There seems to be a good deal of college bats still available, and I think that the Phil’s will adress that need in the next few rounds. I would rather them do what they did, then reach for a need.

  43. 2. MITCHELL GUELLER, rhp/of, W.F. West HS, Rochester
    The 6-foot-3, 205-pound Gueller is a three-sport standout and largely flew under the national scouting radar until early this spring because of the time he has devoted through high school to football and basketball. Most scouts who saw him last August at the Area Codes Games, the biggest national stage he has played on, evaluated him only as a righthanded-hitting, center-field prospect with a nice, balanced package of power, speed and athleticism. But the highly-athletic Gueller is also a pitching prospect of some consequence, and he opened a lot of eyes to that fact over the last two months, though he remains raw in his approach to pitching. With a lack of standout prep righthanders on the West Coast in this year’s draft, Gueller threw as well as anyone this spring, according to scouts. His fastball has been clocked up to 96 mph, and has sat consistently at 92-93 in every start. His curve has picked up significant velocity and power since he threw an inning at the Area Code Games and now has the potential to be a second plus pitch. With all of his recent prowess as a pitcher, it’s unclear now where Gueller’s future lies. Scouts are pretty much split down the middle on his worth as pitcher vs. position player, but with some claiming that he is the best potential 5-tool talent in the Northwest, and Gueller’s own preference for hitting, that may be the swing factor in where he ultimately plays.

    interesting he prefers hitting

  44. I like the two picks. Watson seems like a good value at #40 and the system needs pitching. Lakewood doesn’t have any good prospects and unless Miguel Nunez and Kevin Walter come back strong from injury, the crosscutters don’t look that good either. The team needed some good RH pitching, after concentrating on LH pitching, the last two years.

      1. I’m pretty sure he meant pitching prospects. I think Manzanillo, Giles, and Stewart can be considered prospects, but not really top-flight ones (yet).

  45. I dont know a lot about the other guys, but based on the video of watson, he has a chance with that knee bucking curve, and enough of a fastball to be a good pitcher, but like with all pitchers he must stay healthy and get better command, projecting where he is in a rotation to me is nuts, wonder where guys like lee, hamels, and doc, and others were projected, with a high school kid, you just never know.but the basic stuff is there for this kid to help us,

    1. He really needs to tighten up that deliver. Choppy with a very big leg kick. But to be expected from a HS arm.

  46. Does anybody have any video of these guys pitching? Can you tell me if they throw with the inverted “W”?

      1. I’m a real believer in the “W”, I’d take all the guys who throw like that off my board

  47. A very good first day of draft, assuming they both sign. The Phillies system does best at developing HS pitchers and we’re also light on them in the low minors. These guys seem to be good now and highly projectable, prototypical Phillies HS RHP prospects. You have to take what the draft gives you and this was a good haul for supplemental round.

  48. 43. Shane Watson RHP Lakewood (Calif.) HS – Watson has a wide range of projection with a fastball that has ranged from 88-96 this spring and a curveball that has flashed plus to below average. He has a solid frame at 6’4″ and 190 lbs and mechanics that could be easily smoothed out. He currently has a leg kick similar to Kevin Gausman and the mechanical nature of it could be the reason Watson has seen so much disparity in the fastball velocity from start to start. He also throws an excellent curve at times but lacks a changeup.

    Our Instinct – His frame and flashes of premium stuff will get him drafted high and he seems signable at the first 3 round level or better. It’s a balance between having that 3rd pitch and a lack of consistent premium stuff that has Watson drop to this level, but he could be a steal here.

  49. I guess this draft will be more satisfying in some ways. Should get to see the kids actually play since they have to sign pretty early.
    Just going by video and reviews, I think I like the second pick better than the first. Should be an interesting second day.

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