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    1. May got hit hard in the first inning, no doubt about it. But I like that they kept him in there and he settled down and recorded some strikeouts. I expect May to turn it around pretty soon – his stuff is too good for him to continue struggling like this. He was probably having problems with his command.

      As for Biddle – wow!!! What can you say? If he keeps it up for another month, he might get promoted to Reading this year.

      1. As for LhV, again, people are missing the fact that Brown has retooled his entire swing. The hitch and the loop are gone, as is the huge hole up and in. He is seeing the ball well and making very good contact. What Brown is struggling to do now is to make up the power he sacrificed by shortening the swing. That part of his game is a work in progress and will continue to evolve, but he is definitely showing more power over the last ten games or so.

        As for Aumont, coming off the injury, the concern was whether his arm is okay. It appears that his arm is fine. He continues to struggle with control, but goodness, his pure stuff is as good as it gets. He was throwing 94-97 MPH on the slow Lehigh Valley gun – which means he was in the high 90s. All of his breaking stuff is filthy, but he is inconsistent with his control. It seems that, for the short run, the best plan for Aumont is to get some basic command with his fastballs (2 and 4 seam) and then throw his nasty breaking stuff to make guys chase. Over time, he can improve his command and control of the breaking pitches, but for now, a well placed 95-99 MPH moving fastaball is not a bad place to start. In any event, he will probably need at least another 2 months in AAA. At worst, he probably joins the team as a September call-up.

        Steve Susdorf continues to intrigue. He hasn’t had enough at bats to draw any significant conclusions, but the high on base percentage is a huge plus in his favor. I expect, before too long, he will be joined by his former teammate Darin Ruf. I am not sure there is much more that Ruf can do in Reading. It’s about time to promote him and see if he can continue his success at AAA.

        1. Hey, nice reasonable take on Brown. Have you seen him in person? Any reports on his defense in center?

          1. I agree, and if what you’re saying is true, and I have no reason to believe it isn’t, they should let him make that adjustment and have success with it in AAA rather than in the bigs. Despite hoiw well he starts hitting, they should be patient if he’s made that significant of an adjustment.

            1. I dont understand why there was any need to ‘retool’ anything. He didn’t struggle in the majors, so its not like anyone was exploiting any kind of ‘hole’.

            2. When he got sent down he was hitting close to .300 in July that year, but his power was gone (likely due to the hammate bone surgery). However, he would have to fix his swing eventually because like most players who are his height it was too long of a sword and was easy to throw inside on him. Jason Heyward has been going through the same thing with Atlanta and has tweaked his swing to be shorter and still trying to refine it while at the MLB level.

            3. Exactly. We are not talking about a little hitch or something unorthodox (see Hunter Pence), but a big loop in his swing which, admittedly, helped him generate power, but which made his swing too long and left him very vulnerable to hard stuff inside. He needs something else in his swing (perhaps a little step or a hip turn) that helps him make up for some of this lost power, but which leaves a more compact swing intact. The good news is that Brown is much stronger than he used to be – he hit the weights hard this winter. Give him some time to adjust – he’s a super athlete and, heck – WE NEED HIM.

  1. Biddle with 12 Ks, 6Gbs and a DP. Only 2 flyball outs, the whole game.

    Nice to see Villalobos get off to a good start. I’m surprised he wasn’t one of the middle-infielders sent to Lakewood at the beginning of the season, based on his performance last year.

    1. Holy cow dung! Biddle’s on fire. In his last 8 outings, which includes a 1/3 of an inning start, he has a 1.17 ERA. Also did anyone pick Drew Hillman as the 3rd baseman of the future? Although he’s playing 1B so some guy named Asche can play 3rd. Just so the Cody for President contingent don’t burn down the site, there’s a lot of tongue in cheek writing above.

    2. Agreed on Villalobos. On paper he looks pretty good. Glad to see him getting a shot, although I’d prefer to see him playing SS.

      1. He’s definitely a 2B only but I really expected him to start year at LWood. He hit in spring training but its great to see him hitting now.

    1. Roberts wasn’t local, he went to HS in Illinois and college in Michigan.

      Moyer is from the area of course. Dallas Green was from north Delaware. And Dave Bush if he ever happens to make a spot start. And Rawly Eastwick was from Camden.

  2. Another multihit night for Cesar Hernandez. I realize its a fairly empty .322, but I’m excited.

    Nice to see a multihit night for Alther, with a dinger. May’s continued struggles are concerning.

    1. Agreed on the BBs. He is on pace for about 30 2Bs, so that is not a worry to me hitting in CLW.

    2. I am not concerned about the BBs, his history (WPT stats) says that he walks fine, right now he is clearly seeing and hitting everything so he has little reason to be passive and walk. I expect when he moves up that his walk rate will go up while his average drops

  3. Here’s a video of Brown’s 2nd home run of the year:

      1. Last week I bought a month’s subscription to MILB TV and I’ve been watching Brown a little bit – not all the games and ABs, but enough to notice the big differences in his swing. In the game yesterday, I thought he looked very comfortable at the plate. He showed his usual patience. I believe his first AB, in which he struck out, he battled back from behind in the count and saw ten pitches. If you look at his splits, too, he’s hitting lefties just fine – last I looked he actually had slightly reverse splits. The two recent homeruns were both line drives that left the park, not big blasts, which again seems promising to me – he is not trying to do too much, and his new swing is beginning to bring some power. Lastly, the singles I have seen have been line-drives to right or smooth hard hit balls up the middle. He’s not going to the opposite field, but he is not trying to pull the ball all the time either.

        SSS disclaimer, etc. Just some observations.

    1. his talent is undeniable. Just sweet swing and he looks like he added some muscle. This guy will hit at major league level just not sure it will be with phillies.

  4. Why is Dom Brown in CF ? Is Victorino on the trading Block ? Is RJ Rosenberg injured , he hasn’t pitched in awhile? When will they promote Casear Hernandez to LV ? If he is the future DP combination with Galvis he needs to be challenged at AAA ?

    1. 1) If he has the athletcism to play CF why not? Mayberry has seen some time in CF.
      2) I don’t think Brown would play CF this year for the Phils, but I think the Phils know Victorino will not be part of their team in 2013 so they are planning accordingly. If they have a ‘stop-gap’ solution in 2013 at CF perhaps Brown would play there 1 or 2 nights a week and be a corner OF other nights.
      3)What rush is there to promote Cesar Hernandez? This whole idea of the future DP dombination being Galvis(SS) & Hernandez(2B) has a couple wrinkles in it. Rollins is signed for another 2 seasons and unless he misses 2 or 3 months of 2013 or 2014(which could happen) his option could vest for 2015.

      I know there’s been some talk about moving him to third, but with his slugging % sitting at .312 this year I just can’t picture a 34 year old Rollins at 3B next season.

    2. Shane has worn out his welcome with the Phillies and has not played well this year. I really do not want him back especially if Brown and Mayberry can play the position adequately. Then we use Victorino”s salary to help keep Cole Hamels in a Phillies uniform.

        1. second that “what?”

          If Victorino is not back, it’s because of $, not a worn out welcome.

    1. I stopped watching until Utley/Howard/RH are back. Utley should be back in 3-4 weeks, I’ll pay close attention there for sure.

  5. While May is getting me nervous with his last several starts, I don’t know how anyone wouldn’t be excited by what Biddle is doing. He is really dominating right now, even more so than last year. There’s no reason to promote him, just let him continue to do well and build confidence. Morgan and Wright are both older and either could get promoted. Knigge is another one to get excited about although the real test for him will be when he gets to Reading. Anyone else notice how Valle has started to hit? He seems to like that 3rd spot in the order and is finally hitting better. Asche and Hernandez continue to hit too so we have at least a few .300 hitters in our system. Also, anyone who doesn’t look at Dom’s stats first isn’t really paying attention. Yes, he most definitely has changed his swing to be much shorter and quicker and it looks like he’s getting better swings now. It takes time to retool a swing and yes he really needed to. He also looks better in the OF but he’ll never win any awards out there… They now just need to leave him alone for another month and allow him to get his average and confidence up.

    1. I disagree with you about biddle. He’s a blue chip prospect, great pedigree, has a bb/9 in the 2’s now and a k/9 of 10+…(a sign that he’s not being challenge at A+). He doesn’t even come close to comparing to Morgan and Wright. They don’t have the stuff, the stats or the pedigree biddle has. Further, it has been said biddle’s makeup is excellent. Competitive, confident, willing to work hard. I’d rather see biddle spend the rest of the year at AA, pick-up there next spring, and if his dominance continues, he’ll either be an injury call-up (if there are any 30 day DL’s in the rotation) or plan for him to start out of spring training the following year after finishing the year at AAA.

  6. Rollins is an asset that the Phillies will look to trade to a west coast team once / if Utley comes back . Galvis is their SS

    1. I actually wouldn’t mind this at all… Rollins is one of those infuriating players that just out-right disppears at times. I don’t think it’s a talent problem either…

    2. Oh and I forgot to ask, is that just opinion or do you have some kind of facts behind it?

  7. The Phillies also thought Rollins would hit .285 and be more disciplined at the plate . Neither has happened . Plus they didn’t know Galvis would be better defensively than Rollins . Put it this way, if they knew Glavis was this good they never sign Rollins for 3 yrs . They use that money for Cuddyer or a power hitting 3B

  8. The more I think about it, the less that I like the idea of moving biddle now. let him stay and get some success, move him,if he is doing good to reading in late august, give him one or two starts, and next year if he continues to pitch well at reading, there is no rule that saids you cant go from reading to bigs,

  9. That hit by pitch on Mitchell was costly to say the least. Jeff Schuler of the Morning Call reports that he has a broken wrist and is out 8 weeks.

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