53 thoughts on “Box Score Recap 5-23-2012

  1. Anyone know what happened to Austin Wright that he only pitched 2 innings last night?

    1. From Sunday (5/20) through today (5/24) he is hitting .550/.609/.850. Perhaps he could be in line for making the hot sheet at Baseball America? Let’s start marketing him to them!

  2. Wright left after a rain delay. I didn’t mention that in the initial post with just the links.

  3. Nice night for Dugan and Harold Martinez and I’ll echo Gillies seems to be bouncing back.

    1. Dugan had a great night. I’m wondering when the Phils are going to tell him to stop switch-hitting as he can’t hit lefties batting RH. His splits are god awful.

  4. Why was Hiomarvic Colmenarez replaced at C in Venezuela before getting an AB?

    Also the SS’s William Cuicas and Jair Morelos, not hitting much and made some errors also. Position ought to be one of the better ones. Some thought Morelos ought to have been sent to States off of last season.

    Team , overall, scoring some runs , though.

    1. Biggest news is the 2nd good start by Sergio Velis. It is always nice to see the larger bonus players start nicely. Morelos has taken a step backwards unfortunately. No reason to think any of the SS are really good prospects, though we probably took care of that position in the draft last year anyway.

      1. Velis has posted great peripherals, although it is a very small sample size. 12 IP, 14 K, 5 BBs, 0 ER, 9 Hits. Needs to keep the walks down as he progresses (4 last night), however.

  5. It is nice to see Gillies, James and even Castro hitting a little better for Reading. I would love it if Gillies could become a true ML prospect. Still waiting on Valle to step up at Reading. I nice catching prospect would be an important chip for the Org.

    Harold Martinez has been stroking a bit better,. Perhaps he is getting more comfortable at the full season level. I would like it better if they could find a place for him in the system at 3b. He would be much more valuable there than at 1b. Could he jump to Clearwater if they move Asche to Reading? Would that be too much to expect? I am assuming that moving Franco up to Clearwater is unlikely given his age and less than stellar start at the plate.

    1. I’d think that they’d try Martinez at High-A if Asche moves up. Especially if he’s making good contact between now and then. Right now he’s just under 18% K Rate. Not terrible. Hoping his power starts to show up a little more as we get further into the season.

    2. It does seem logical that if Asche continues doing what he’s doing he could end up in Reading sometime this season, with Harold pushing up to CLW.

      However, what seems logical to me from reading box scores does not always translate to reality.

  6. Asche, Martinez, Franco, Walding…………..things looking up at the hot corner.

    1. True but the Phils will still need to sign someone for at least 2 years, after this year, while they wait for someone from this group to get to the majors. (Polanco for 1 more year doesn’t look very enticing to me.) Asche has had a great start but he has to get moved up to Reading later this year and keep it up throughout next year, as he gets moved to AAA, to even be considered for 2014 at the earliest and that assumes no setbacks. Martinez could move quickly also if he picks it up a bit more. Franco and Walding (my personal long term favorite) are young and years away. 3B has been such a black hole but all these prospects will prevent the Phils from signing anyone to a long term deal at 3B.

      1. Move Rollins to 3B for 2 years if Utley can play 2B, and unleash Freddy G Shortstop

  7. Here’s a positive sign. There are only 14 pitchers in the organized minors with a K/9 ratio of 9.0 or better. The Phillies have two of them (Trevor May and Austin Wright).

    1. Agreed. Rough seas lie ahead for RAJ. To me they appear to be caught in no man’s land. Not good enough to contend for a WS and aging fast and not much help on the immediate horizon at key positions.

      We need one of these kids to step to the front of the class and demand to be noticed for a spot. I’m getting tired of seeing the RAY’s run on these rookies producing at the MLB level to a degree that allows them to contend in the AL East.

      1. I’m sure you would have been more tired of dealing with a last, or close to last, place team for upwards of ten years to get all those rookies.

        1. We were less than .500 every year except 1 from 1987 until 2001 where we popped above .500 again. Tampa had their first 10 years from inception under .500 and the last 4 over. The difference i see is that the Rays still have a lot of good young talent with more guys coming in, while we have a huge gap of aging players and far from ML development prospects. Maybe in a few years they will end up in the same boat as us, but who knows. As of right now, it seems like their player development and drafting is much more effective.

          1. I get the trade off and I’m ok with it and I’ve said before we really haven’t given up much to enjoy the winning we’ve experienced. I think D’Arnaud still has a real good chance but if he equals Doc I’d do it again in a heart beat.

            My concern is RAJ and his ability to make the right moves for the future. And I really liked RAJ at the time they hired him. I thought a bi-lingual Stanford guy that played the game a little and grew up in a baseball family was a great resume for GM.

            But hindsight is what it is and its how all GM’s are evaluated. We’ll see how it plays out. I guess he has a plan.

  8. Glad to see the outfielders in AA starting to come back. Love to see all three get to that 275-300 ave. Looks like James and Castro have found something and have responded well.

  9. You make it to the 2nd Wild Card, and your contending for the WS. Just get there.

  10. Cesar Hernandez is 3 for his last 20. That constitutes a slump, right? Hope he breaks out of it soon; it’d be nice to have a true .300 hitter somewhere.

      1. I know, my point is just that his average has been dropping a lot over the last week. I hope it doesn’t become a prolonged slump.

  11. Today’s boxscore doesn’t do anything to dissuade my notion that Gillies and James are proving to be essentially the same so-so player. Hopefully one of them will be able to hit with some consistency from here on out.

    Hey, speaking of speedy no-hit outfield prospects, did anyone see on MLB Tonight last night that Quintin Berry made his major league debut? Bunted for a hit, turned it into a 2B when the infielder messed up the play, came around to score. It’s nice to see that there’s life after Reading for him.

  12. Gillies with 5 straight multi hit games.

    Bonilla with some crazy k numbers so far in Reading. He’s walking too many but the K numbers are promising. Hope they stretch him out at some point to start.

  13. Nice to see Gillies come back after slumping for a week, and getting that OBP back to .350. 3 triples, 2 singles and 2 walks in 2 games will help your slash line a little.

  14. Ok, this has been bothering me… Delmarva is 3 states (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, for those who didn’t/wanted to know). Where is the team located? I’m sure it would be easy to find, but I’m lazy, so if anyone knows off the top of their head I’d appreciate you telling me.

    1. Salisbury, as someone above said. Kind of a Camden type town, high crime in parts. Big time historical low level baseball town though. Had a team in the ’30s that had to forfeit 21 games and still won the pennant.

    1. Yeah, just came in here to post this. Hope somebody’s at the game.

      I mean, it makes sense, right? When somebody excels at defense in the corners, it’s only right to try them up the middle! #what

      1. Per the Phillies broadcast, Utley is getting reps in LF with the thought that it will be easier on his knees going forward (similar to what happened to Chipper a few years back when he had leg issues). Thus, in that light, it makes a bit of sense.

        1. Haven’t they yanked Dom around enough? I know he’s talented enough to play in CF, but he can barely hold his own in left as it is.

          1. Supposedly its easier to read the ball off the bat in CF but it’s a more difficult defensive position because of amount of ground to cover.

    2. It could be nothing, or it could be indicative of where they think they will need to replace a player next season. Or maybe even at midseason.

  15. I know this is about rospects, but anyone watching the big league club wouldn’t advocate Rollins at 3rd over Polanco. Placido is ripping the ball, Jimmy can’t buy a line drive.

    Love to see Gillies doing well. Was hoping he could be ready to replace Shane, but he wont be ready.

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