Rich Thompson traded to Tampa

Reports are circulating that Lehigh Valley OF Rich Thompson has been traded to Tampa Bay for 26 year old OF Kyle Hudson. With an injury to Desmond Jennings, it appears that Thompson (perhaps my favorite IronPig of all time because of the way he plays the game), may get his long awaited, and much deserved second chance at the big leagues.  He had one AB for the Royals back in 2004. Thompson, 34, has been very hot recently, and is now hitting .307 on the year for Lehigh Valley (.412 over the last 10 games).  He has stolen 7 bases in 9 attempts and is one of the perennial leaders in the IL in stolen bases.

If reports are true the Phillies receive Kyle Hudson, 26,a speedy OF, who was originally a 4th round pick of the Orioles in 2008. Hudson was playing for AAA Durham this year and was hitting .291/.378/318 in 110 AB’s with 0HR 8 RBI and 7 SB. Hudson has played predominately LF, but can play CF as well.



30 thoughts on “Rich Thompson traded to Tampa

  1. Was there just an article on rich thompson in one of the local papers?…maybe tb gm reads the philly news.

  2. “He had one AB for the Royals back in 2004”

    Rich Thompson gets promoted – the revenge of Moonlight Graham!

  3. I’ve always like Thompson but this seems like a good trade considering we get a younger player with similar stats. And Kyle is definitely not related to Kyrell Hudson.

  4. I know it gets lost in a prospect driven site, but Thompson has been a tremendous asset to the Phillies organization. Here’s hoping the move leads to a big league job for Thompson.

    1. I think this is more of a courtesy move. Tampa called and said they had a big league need, Phils did the right thing and let him go.

      1. Rich entered the game as a pinch runner in the 8th, advanced on a balk, remained in the game for the 9th as DH.

      2. I had the exact same thought. I was thinking maybe Thompson asked to be traded to a team where he thought he might get a shot or the Phils just did him a favor in thanks for his service to the club. Either way, good luck to Rich.

      3. Agree. I think this is one of those moves that is both good for Thompson and also gives the Phillies a “marker” with the Rays to make a comparible swap at some point in the future if a sudden need hits.

        1. This will also open up more consistent playing time for the younger prospects such as Gillies in AAA. Rich Thompson was a class act and the Phillies did the right thing all the way around. Good Luck Rich!

      4. Exactly. Kyle Hudson is a mediocre tootball player who has even less ability in baseball. He was a fast WR for Illinois who didn’t block, didn’t have very good hands, got on the field for an under-achieving Illannoy team. He also played Big Ten baseball, where he showed no power & not much of an arm. It was mind-numbing that the Orioles wasted a 4th round pick oh him–but then Baltmore spent twenty years not drafting smartly.

  5. Sad to see Rich go but I’d never hold a guy back from a great opportunity. He was an asset to the organization. He showed the younger guys and even some of the veteran retreads how to play the game with honor and dignity. Good luch Rich!!

    1. And he gets to be close to the family and home….lives driving distance from Rays home field.

  6. Non-story really. Not a prospect and was never really a future Phillie.

    Either way, good for him but I’m sure he’ll be down in Durham in a few weeks when theyre OFs starting getting healthy.

    Good for him getting a major league chek for a few weeks though….

  7. Obviously I’m thrilled to see Thompson get some major league time. Not only is he a longtime Ironpig, he’s also a local product of Northeast Pennsylvania.

    When people refer to “replacement level”, this is really the type of thing they talk about. A decent minor league player, easily acquired for little by the Rays to fill a need. They didn’t give up significant talent to acquire Thompson. Any team could have him for a song. Play someone worse than Thompson and you’re actively hurting yourself.

  8. Classy move by the Phillies to give Thompson a chance to play in the majors before he is too old. Good luck Rich!

  9. no…he cant be traded…i mean im happy for him but now i have nothing to look forward to to going to the ironpigs…i love rich thompson n i dnt want to see him leave…the ironpigs will no longer be the same… ❤ 12 ❤

  10. I believe he’s starting tonight for the Rays, hoping to catch the game if its on TV

  11. I think Juan Pierre would like Ruben and the Philies to take a flyer on his bud O-Dog Hudson who the Pads released.

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