Sunday: Around the Horn:

–Domonic Brown was out of the Lehigh Valley lineup yet again, continuing to recover from his hamstring issues.

David Buchanan, who started the season very strong for Reading has been struggling lately and had a nasty line last night: 5.1IP 10H 7ER 3BB 0K.

Darin Ruf has another multi hit game last night and is approaching 50 hits on the young season. His average stands at (.387).

Cody Asche had three more hits last night for Clearwater, raising his average to .364.

Stephen Malcolm made his debut at SS for Lakewood last night and went 1-4, with a run scored and stolen base.

Gotta go gear up for Mothers Day.

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    1. Thanks for posting this. It’s very interesting to read Joe Jordan’s comments on Hewitt. Could it be true? Should I dare to dream?

  1. I guess this spot would be a good one to give my firsthand report of Saturday’s Lakewood 5-3 win.


    Kenny Giles started and was throwing HARD. He was pretty much all fastballs , sitting around 93, and topping out at 98. He only occasionally mixed in offspeed stuff, which was in the low 80s. From where I was sitting, he didn’t seem to have too much movement on his pitches. The first two innings, none of the Greensboro guys could catch up with him. He seemed to either get tired in the third or just lose control since he then walked three batters which was followed up with a three run double and a quick hook from Morandini.

    In came Gabriel Arias who I admittedly was pretty unfamiliar with. However, he very efficiently pitched 3.1 innings. He was mostly throwing low 90s.

    Morgado, Murray and Campbell each came in to toss scoreless innings to close it out. I forget who was who, but Morgado (I think) seemed to have a really nice curve, and was sitting around 88.


    Kyrell Hudson: Attempted to bunt in the fifth with two runners on and nobody out, botched both attempts, then followed with a bloop single to right that was about six inches fair and three feet in front of the rightfielder (“Couldn’t have thrown it in any better, Harry”). He also was hit and stole a base. He’s fast too but not Michael Bourn-fast. Still, he stole a base after getting HBP earlier in the game

    Aaron Altherr: He is really long and lean. Seemed to work the counts pretty well in his at-bats, and had a huge double to tie the game in the fifth. The double was a shot to the wall in left-center.
    Also drew a walk

    Mikael Franco: Roped a line drive single to left to score a run in the first, and also hit a little dribbler to third to plate a run in the fifth. Hopefully he is just a really slow runner – I think I could have beaten out the dribbler, and he was out by a few steps. It didn’t look like he was running too hard. I watched him closely in his next at-bat (another groundout) and he still looked pretty slow, so maybe he is just leadfooted.

    Hraold Martinez: Really didn’t do much at the plate. None of his at-bats were particularly memorable. Needs to produce some more.

    Brian Pointer: Was hit in one at bat and drew two walks. His other at-bat he was robbed of at least a double when the outfielder made a leaping catch at the wall. Seemed to like running the bases: Was caught stealing (I think on a hit and run), stole second, took third or a wild pitch and was generally pretty active. He has that “ballplayer” look about him.


    Pointer had a few flyouts in left that he easiliy tracked down. Hudson made a decent running catch in right-center. Franko looked pretty fluid at third base – a nice play that he had to range really far to his left. He did make a slightly errant throw on a grounder, but H-Mart came off the bag and made the tag. Martinez also made some really nice scoops on balls in the dirt – he did make an drop a throw after Carlos Perdomo made a whale of a play on a grounder to his right. Arias also had a couple of balls hit right back to him that he took care of nicely. Altherr didn’t get much action, but he did make an excellent throw to third but the runner wisely held up at second

    So it was great to get a chance to take in a Lakewood game on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, and a very entertaining game.

    – Jeff

      1. Heh – you know, I didn’t notice one way or the other. It would be pretty odd for a starter to throw out of the stretch, I would think. Do any other starters do that?

        1. Starters who are actually relievers that they give starts to try and get them innings and experience.

  2. Thanks for the report, very informative. And yes, Franco will not win many foot-races.SO when it comes to tools…the speed one is not a Snap-On!

  3. Question for anyone who’s seen Asche this year: are all these hits bloopers, or is he really driving the ball? The relative lack of XBHs suggests to me the former, in which case I’m not going to get too worked up about his start, but I’m hoping there’s evidence that I’m wrong.

    1. I haven’t seen him, but he does seem to be mixing in some more XBHs lately, with 3 doubles and a HR his last 10 games.

  4. Nice to see J-Rod giving up only one hit, though the BBs were high and Ks low.

    There’s a part of me that wants to believe in Hanzawa, but I just can’t. His BABIP the past two years was .274. This year so far it is .341. I haven’t looked at the components thereof, but something tells me his average will normalize.

    1. Need to understand if he’s hitting more line drives. It’s more than just straight babip

      1. His power is miniscule. But even if it’s anything real, he’s 26. Realistically this just changes his profile from “liability” to “productive AA regular.”

        1. I would disagree, because he’s supposedly always had a very good glove. If he becomes a legit .300 hitter in AA, he’d probably have MLB potential as an extra man. A Wilson Valdez type. It’s not much but, still.

      2. I know, that’s why I said I hadn’t looked at the components thereof. I didn’t feel the need to – it is out of line with his historical performance and what we know of him. But good for him for having a good start to the season!

        1. Agreed. Its difficult because he has NEVER been productive in minor league ball and the first production we are seeing is at age 26….

  5. who is james birmanham from pine hill nj> was he drafted or free agent?? never heard of him before

    1. Grad of Overbrook High School in Pine Hill, N.J., played at U of Penn in 2007 then transferred to Coastal Carolina.

  6. Any JC Ramirez believers yet? It doesn’t seem like luck to me, it seems like he figured something out.

    1. Agreed. He seems to be where he belongs as a reliever. He doesn’t have to worry about throwing as long, but as hard as he can. He can throw hard.

  7. So what is the story on Aumont..he hasn’t pitched in 11 days..not on the DL…are they working on things w/him since his control was awful (10 BB in 3 innings over 5 appearences)…Julio Rodriguez keeps may not always be pretty (5 BB) but right now he is 3-0 with a 2.25 ERA after his 1 hitter today. He is now 27-13 in his minor league career. I hope Asche gets the call-up soon. Franco 5-16 in his last 4 games with a hr and 6rbis

    1. Couldn’t care less what J-Rod’s W-L record is, but some of his peripherals are still solid. The hits are low and the Ks are solid, but too many walks. I’m surprised he hasn’t given up more HRs with his GO/AO ratio.

      1. His curveball is so 12-6, that it breaks down out of the strike zone..batters swing and miss or walk.

    2. I read Aumont has a back injury. (I think I read it on here) Unknown severity. Would explain the lack of command and recent struggles.

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